CNN Chris Cuomo FREAKS OUT Over Being Called "Fredo" At A Bar!

Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor, has been filmed in a heated exchange with a man he accused of calling him "Fredo" — a term Cuomo said was a slur for Italians. Fredo is a reference to Fredo Corleone, the weak and facile brother in the movie “The Godfather.” The CNN host is the younger brother of Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York. The confrontation took place Sunday at a bar on New York's Shelter Island. A video of the confrontation, which originally surfaced on the YouTube channel "That's The Point with Brandon” and was circulated by Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra, begins with the man telling Cuomo, "I thought that was who you were." The CNN host clearly didn’t appreciate the comment and the clip quickly became a trending topic on social media. (ARTICLE: FOX NEWS/ NBC) ✅ Wooden Flags: *SOCIAL MEDIA* –––––––––––––––––––––––

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I knew Cuomo was insecure, but holy shit. He's a real baby.
Winter Guns
Winter Guns:
He will now be known as Chicken Al Fredo! 😂😂😂
Him Bike
Him Bike:
“IM SMART, I’m an anchor on CNN.”
Too funny
HarlowsKorner 101
HarlowsKorner 101:
Italian man here and yep love my Godfather films. Fredo is in no way shape or form an "ethnic slur"
Laurell	  LaurellBay
Laurell LaurellBay:
I'm 1/2 Italian and lived 75 years. I'm from Chicago and had no idea who Fredo is because I've never seen or read the godfather.
The N word for me, now , is if someone called me Cuomo.
Dave Z
Dave Z:
Fredo has some major insecurities.
kevin h
kevin h:
Chicken alFREDO. A chicken and wet noodle dish smothered in white guilt sauce.

I agree, all beta talk, and no alpha male action.
Weston Kenyon Music
Weston Kenyon Music:
As a citizen of NY, I know his brother stinks hard as governor.
Joe Donzi
Joe Donzi:
His name now is FREDO.  Make good use of it people. (tru dat)
K Jones
K Jones:
Wow hearing Chris Cuomo say "I'll wreck yo $hit" had me 🤣🤣🤣
Non ya
Non ya:
If Chris Cuomo was not known as Fredo before - he will be now. LOL.
elisa doyle
elisa doyle:
Cuomo is a NASTY PIECE OF WORK ! He hates the truth.
Michael RedCrow
Michael RedCrow:
If Trump had said exactly what Cuomo said , under the exact same circumstances, the Media would be having WW3 right now.That's a FACT.
Mama Bear
Mama Bear:
😄whoa where did that italian accent come from fredo???? LMAO
Cuomo threatened the guy. That's assault. The guy should press charges on Frido!
If you gotta threaten people for calling you Fredo, you just convinced everyone that it's a fitting nickname for you.
LOL! Cuomo *ucked himself up. Now wherever he goes people gonna be calling him Fredo. The public is relentless.
Everyone needs to call Cuomo "Fredo". The first one Cuomo assaults gets to sue him. Cuomo will have to settle soon otherwise his lawyers will milk him dry.
Cuomo was putting on such a phony tough-guy "mafia" voice. Pretty hilarious.
Carter Benton Jr
Carter Benton Jr:
Chris Cuomo is all bark and no bite. TOTAL MELTDOWN!!!
Butch Jones
Butch Jones:
Lmfao....the perfect name for’s gonna stick and really piss him off.....damn I love it....😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍
Raul Santana
Raul Santana:
Cuomo comes to the bronx we going to call you " fredo" #!!!😂😂😂😂
Why is “Al FREDO” so saucy. Have several seats pasta man, lol.
Randi C.
Randi C.:
Never heard the term Fredo lol ever
Edit: "it's like the n word for Italians"
Me: then why isn't it called the F word?
Spying Beast
Spying Beast:
I REALLY loved the way his "Italian accent" started from nothing at the beginning to a full on 100% Mook towards the end there... Forgetaboutit!!!

Chris is now known at Fredo the Mooky girl... From here until the end of time, PLEASE PASS THIS ON!!!
Chas No
Chas No:
Chris Cuomo shows his true self. Foul language and vicious threats of violence. He's a thug, like his thug governor brother.
Milf Man
Milf Man:
What the CNN boss said to Cuomo about covering for his tirade:
"Fredo, you broke my heart!"
Chicken Quomo Fredo, with a side of punk biotch lol!
Paloma San Basilio
Paloma San Basilio:
*FREDO* Cuomo.
Forever that will be his name.🤣
Raul Santana
Raul Santana:
Omg he definitely change his name#!! Next film scarface and fredo...
Steven Egner
Steven Egner:
I will now start calling Cuomo Fredo
Rivera is a racist and a brown supremacist, Fox needs to dump that clown now.
Fredo Cuomo just changed his profile picture on Facebook. Be sure to share it with your friends!
Rosita Venitez
Rosita Venitez:
Thank you Anthony, you're my information source as I don't watch cnn and others alike, in my previous comment I didn't thank you, sorry I didn't want to be rude. Thank you again and God bless you. MAGA 2020. How can I order a hat or shirt ,out of the United States. Thank you again.
Glenn Heiselman
Glenn Heiselman:
The left are melting, melting, melting...
PS: Fredo is Geraldoa girlfriend!!
NorCal OntheRight
NorCal OntheRight:
Cuomo/Fredo clearly has a Brother inferiority complex and some Daddy issues as well. He will never shake his new nickname!
"Is that why you slapped my brother around in public?

"I've got a business to run, I gotta kick asses sometimes to make it run right". We had a little argument Freddie and I so I had to straighten him out".

"You straightened my brother out?"

"He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time, players couldn't get a drink at the table"

Moe Greene & Michael Corleone speaking of Fredo (Godfather I)
Joey Boedeker
Joey Boedeker:
Someone should tell Fredo that words matter.
Fredo is gonna get his goomba's and tune yous up!)))))
Bad Axe
Bad Axe:
Fredo is the nicest thing I can say about that loser. He’s pretty full of himself. Like “I work for CNN” is a good thing.
Like so many young men today, Cuomo is so rage filled. I wonder if CNN will give him a time out for displaying such toxic masculinity.
John Matrix
John Matrix:
I cant wait to hear Trump call him Fredo 🤣🤣🤘🇺🇲🤘
Fabian Generao
Fabian Generao:
A A:
What a punk.
This says a lot about Cuomo's personality.
In my opinion he escalated the encounter. Were his wife and children witness to this behavior? Way overboard. He has opened the door to more trouble. He'll be challenged.
Gabriel Arnett
Gabriel Arnett:
Blessings from Nassau Bahamas Punch this Chris Cuomo aka FREDO down stairs man SMT, he should've been here in the Bahamas he would've get knockout long time..
That is an insult I'm a huge fan of The Godfather series and Fredo Is a important character this dude wishes he was half as cool as Fredo

Fredo wasn't even that cool
OK so, i grew up on long island, NY, am italian, and i never heard this Fredo term. "That's like the N word to us." Chris is mentally ill.
Ric B
Ric B:
This clown should be fired! If that was Hannity they would be calling for him to resign!
uomo d'onore
uomo d'onore:
I really believe guys on the left look for opportunities to try to act tough. It’s an overcompensation for the fact that they know they’re they’re not tough. It’s similar to the reaction of Cenk when Alex Jones showed up to troll him. Just look at the red faced hysteria Cenk shows compared to how cool headed Alex Jones is. Guys on the left are closet soy boys and they know it.
Michael Di Liberto
Michael Di Liberto:
I used to love his hip hop group F.W.A. (Fredoz wit Attitudes).
From now on everyone called him Fredo Cuomo. Good on you sir for calling him FREDO.
Franco Palumbo
Franco Palumbo:
I am from Sicily - Call Mr. Fredo all day long - Hey Fredo Cuomo - Take Your Medication!
Rob Miles
Rob Miles:
Fredo was played by John Cazale who died of lung cancer in 1978 after filming both Godfather films, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon and The Deer Hunter. The last was released after his death. What a legacy!
Random American
Random American:
And he's not fired why? Really CNN, THIS is acceptable to you?
Edward Smith
Edward Smith:
Sounds like the accuser knew Cuomo pretty well, and hit a nerve.
Roman Law
Roman Law:
Completely agree. Hannity really p*ssed me off when he came out in support of this FRAUD fredo Cuomo! 👈
Tiger Tough
Tiger Tough:
Cuomo on Nick Sandmann .. ‘he should have walked away’
Cuomo in reality ‘I’ll throw you down the f*cking stairs’ 😳
Louis Peters
Louis Peters:
Thanks ABL.... bless your voice may it travel far and wide...
Fresco gedime
Fresco gedime:
So if someone wants too insult a Italian just call them Fredo,,LOL we learn something new everyday
Mighty Boosh
Mighty Boosh:
Fcuk your feelings FRODO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joe D
Joe D:
And of course CNN defended Cuomo and they stated “We fully support him.”

CNN— Communist News Network.
His name now is FREDO. Make good use of it people.
Fredo being used as an ethnic slur?

Isn't that the kind of logic Fredo would come up with? Isn't Cuomo proving our point.
Sniper Dolphin
Sniper Dolphin:
Okay, we need to start calling him Fredo Cuomo because watching him get triggered is hilarious! 😂
Gy Bx
Gy Bx:
Now we have a new F-Word: F__do.
Chris Cuomo. That's like "Chris" Columbus, the Italian guy that all SJW's hate.
Seems like F__do Cuomo has some baggage.
I am 100% Italian...He is full of crap.
Daren B
Daren B:
Fredo being a racial slur is akin to CNN is unbiased.
Ryan Morales
Ryan Morales:
That’s Rush Limbaugh’s nick name for him.
Ok who has Cuomo "Fredo" shirts for sale?
yo ABL, you're using the term "unpack" a lot, bro. you're one of the kool kids now....
It's time to make some Fredo T-shirts with Cuomo's face on it! LMAO
This man truly represents CNN.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas:
Rush Limbaugh gave him that nickname, that why he's upset
Douglas Meyer
Douglas Meyer:
It's not a slur for Italians, it's a slur for YOU !
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown:
Fire Cuomo immediately. His behavior is unacceptable as he is a public figure representing CNN. No excuse for his rant.
Jefryt 67
Jefryt 67:
Ten bucks says Fredo is going to be the new chant at the Trump rally hahaha
Kenneth Bowers
Kenneth Bowers:
Fredo just means dumb, foolish, good, a failure. Now if he were called a wop, ginnie, greaser, greaseball then we can talk. But sadly Chris works for CNN, which is a leftist nut case new media.
Sr Chalice
Sr Chalice:
Chris Cuomo got that Toxic Masculinity thing going.
Hey Chris... “ Act like a man!!!”
Thanks ABL!! Godspeed brother!
Playing the Victim card like the foul ball up in Chicago, trying to boost his ratings. Looser
juan tomas
juan tomas:
Fredo works for CNN, no wonder I don't watch that CRAP channel !!
rattle head
rattle head:
I'm Italian. I never knew it was the same as saying the N word?
Brian Drake
Brian Drake:
Lil` Fredo you go girl!
Cuomo is Fredo, Truth is Truth!!! LOL
I bet his boy toy Don Lemon fawned over the vid wishing Fredo was in his arms...
American Dad
American Dad:
I’m Italian I’ve never heard of Fredo being an insult
Almost seems like he was mad about something else and the fredo thing just tipped them off.
I think we just witnessed the baptism of Fredo
*I've heard the Italian slurs like "WOP" (With Out Papers. Why is this a slur ?), "Dago", "Garlic Eater" and "Guiney".*
I think Chris Cuomo must've had a couple of drinks.
Chris Cuomo lifts weights everyday (he's a "Gym Bunny") so he thinks he's a "Tough Guy".
Ivo Zanette
Ivo Zanette:
As an Italian myself calling someone Fredo is not a slur, not even close.
Cuomo is just showing how dim witted he actually is.
Haiku Bandit
Haiku Bandit:
I am Italian and he's
Full of la merda
"Hey, i want to be a victim too!" - everybody 2019
Ruh roh !!
Ruh roh !!:
Guy "Can I take a selfie with you?"
Cuomo, "I'll (expletives) wreck you! Throw you down the stairs!" Good grief!!!
All leftist have that underlying anger and hatred because they know that they're nothing but assistants to Satan. They have no true happiness in their life, so they walk around with a chip on their shoulder all the time.I wouldn't worry about Cuomo he's going to self destruct sooner or later.
Shawn Nichols
Shawn Nichols:
I would knocked him out super quick no dought bro he git in my bubble and it's on
iB McFly
iB McFly:
I’m Italian, fredo is not a racial insult, it’s more of a reference to someone’s intelligence and loyalty, which would make calling Chris Chromo “fredo” quite accurate.
Kenneth Curtis
Kenneth Curtis:
Fredo 24/7 people!!!
shea whitey
shea whitey:
Simon T
Simon T:
Fredo Cuomo. It has a nice ring to it.
Itzahk Pearlman
Itzahk Pearlman:
Fredo isn't like the n word
Why do African Americans let him get away with that?
Kate M.
Kate M.:
In school every little girl and boy was afraid of becoming this. Now nobody will ever remember his name, he's Fredo forever.