CNN backs Chris Cuomo after his rant over "Fredo" insult goes viral

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo unloaded a string of obscenities at a heckler who called him "Fredo," an insult Cuomo said was like the N-word for Italians. CNN said Cuomo had the right to defend himself. CBSN's Anne-Marie Green has the story.

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Reynold gc
Reynold gc:
Take a seat Fredo
David Council
David Council:
A real "Fredo" would be someone who got a TV news anchor job because his brother is governor of New York
Oh, wait
Edward Terry
Edward Terry:
Sorry, but you don't get to take every word you dislike and declare them "racial slurs." Life doesn't work that way, Fredo. πŸ–•πŸ˜œ
Veritas Est Lux
Veritas Est Lux:
Never mind that "FREDO" threatened a person with PHYSICAL FORCE. Yeah -- let's ignore that, CBS.
CBS News supports violence and bullying, where's the YouTube ban?
"I'm an actor on CNN" - accurate.
If I ever see this clown on public it will be the first thing I say.
See Everything Now
See Everything Now:
Hey Cuomo. You are now Fredo for life. Calling someone Fredo is not an ethnic Bye Fredo.
Poor excuse for CNN...they're so down on rating they'll do anything!
Tony From Syracuse
Tony From Syracuse:
I'm Italian, and thats SOOOO not " a thing". I wouldnt want someone with his temperament owning a gun. what kind of liberal threatens to throw someone down a staircase? you really do see behind the sham of their facade. these liberals are as Trump as they think Trump is.
Greg Gergen
Greg Gergen:
"Fredo" is not about being Italian, it is about being incompetent.
Lt. Frank Drebin
Lt. Frank Drebin:
Fredo "Chris" Cuomo is best at fake news on CNN.
Huh? Cuomo was out with his wife and children and he thought a guy insulted him so he decided to launch into an out-of-control irate tirade and repeatedly "Fbomb" a guy and try to start a fist fight in front of his kids. So, Cuomo was protecting his family? Oh, OK. I'm sure CNN would say the same thing if Trump did the same thing. Sure they would. Just more proof that CNN is Fake News!
Stephen Velez
Stephen Velez:
FREDO, you'll forever be known as FREDO. So ,sorry FREDO
M T:
Cuomo is such a tough guy.

He is a joke, a clown, a pagliaccio, a chooch - just like his network cnn.
Todd Wentzell
Todd Wentzell:
He will forever be known as Fredo LMAO
Metropolis 2026
Metropolis 2026:
Notice how Fredo goes into the racial "I'm Italian and I'll kick your
a$$ mode". He watches too many movies. Humm, I'll bet I can find an Asian, Mexican, or German that will rub Fredo's nose in his own πŸ’©
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill:
Fredo is an ethnic slur as much as the main stream media are actual journalists
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez:
Chris "Fredo" Cuomo lost his mind. I bet it's a side effect of TDS he also suffers from.
Brother Ed
Brother Ed:
You can see how much class and maturity he has compared to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

He can dish it out but can't take it.

Twinkie Toes is a better fit.
Meow Cat
Meow Cat:
Whoa, Fredo sure was triggered
Heinz Ruedi
Heinz Ruedi:
Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo....Cuomo, the Name will stick forever!
David Keppler
David Keppler:
Fredo is not an ethnic slur at all.
It refers solely to the weak character of an individual and his inability to make the right choices on important decisions. It could also be used to identify a slower mentality or child like mentality that can't make sense of important issues or decisions.
Cuomo's response, in this case, is exactly the kind of reaction a Fredo would give to justify his own ignorance and try and make himself seem more intelligent than he actually isπŸ˜„
I always thought Lemon was the Fredo on CNN but I guess there can be 2 so their feelings don't get hurt.

Keep up the low ratings boys, I won't be watching.
Gallopin' Galumphus
Gallopin' Galumphus:
There is NO "Chris" any more. From now on it's ONLY . . . FREDO!
mike diamond
mike diamond:
Popcorn,peanuts, buy your Chris the Fredo,Cuomo t-shirts!
The Depraved Epoch
The Depraved Epoch:
Hey CBS, you left out the part where Fredo threatened to throw the guy down the stairs.

You are just as fake and a wannabe like Fredo.
Fred Gonzalez
Fred Gonzalez:
Great job Fredo, you show ratings were bad now they are going down the toilet. Congratulations that guy beat you up without touching you, Fredo you dig your own grave.
Kevin Solo
Kevin Solo:
Fredo is an ethic slur ahhhhahahahaha
Fredo needs to relax.
I'm glad Fredo said who he was. No one would know if he didn't inform.
Andie Eleven
Andie Eleven:
Chris Como should be fired from CNN, threatening to throw the man down the stairs. Really CNN you support one of your news anchors that is threatening such violence.
Dallas Cowboys Highlights
Dallas Cowboys Highlights:
That’s nickname is going to stick like glue! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rodney Armstrong
Rodney Armstrong:
Chis Cuomo is the Fredo of main stream news.
Tom Lauris
Tom Lauris:
I bet that in the next days Twitter or Facebook will ban you for #fredo
Duane Yoder
Duane Yoder:
Cuomo defended himself when confronted with an ethnic slur an we completely support him cnn. I'm sure you do. I'm sure you do.
Richie Lavariere
Richie Lavariere:
BREAKING: Chris Cuomo ordered Al Fredo for dinner β€” thought it was Carbonara
Jory Lopez
Jory Lopez:
I love it, Cuomo is such a TOOL!!!
Nicole Blackwell
Nicole Blackwell:
"Go ahead push me down the stairs I'm not ofredo you"! T shirts for sale!πŸ˜„πŸ’‹πŸ’©πŸ€ͺ🀑
Sweetpotato Johnson
Sweetpotato Johnson:
Actuallt Fredo is the bird Kramer killed on Seinfeld. I am offended.
Fredo demands respect!! He is smart! Not dumb like everyone says!
Richard Miller
Richard Miller:
So liberals don't like being bugged at dinner the way liberals have called for others to do to conservatives. #unts.
Jeremy Dollar
Jeremy Dollar:
Hey CBS, why did y'all leave the threatening parts outπŸ€” biased much?
one sojourner
one sojourner:
And this is how Chris became Fredo....forever. πŸ˜…
Jr Garcia
Jr Garcia:
So Fredo is equivalent to calling someone of color the N word? CNN supports this ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tf is going on over there
why did fake news cbs censor the part
Can't wait to see what Mark Dice says about the liberal Fredo!! Haha. Golden!!
Now CNN owns the three stooges......Lemon, Anderson and Fredo.
Heinz Ruedi
Heinz Ruedi:
Hey! Fredo made It back from his fishing trip!? What went wrong?
John Matrix
John Matrix:
Fredo got so mad, he thought his name was chris πŸ€£πŸ€˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ€˜πŸ»
Hahaha. Cuomo will now forever be known as Fredo.
Steve Xyz
Steve Xyz:
Ban Fredo from Walmart.. just to be on the safe side
This is not what Fredo wanted!!
I know it was YOU, Fredo! You broke my heart! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bertud Lupon
Bertud Lupon:
Fredo Cuomo: it's MA'AM!
Loki Dog
Loki Dog:
Fredo Cuomo! Big tough guy....NOT!
And just like that a beautiful baby meme was born πŸ€—
dustin jones
dustin jones:
your dad called you fredo on live t.v I guess your god father hates you and your weak blood fredo Cuomo fredo Cuomo fredo Cuomo fredo
R X:
Hey, isn’t that Fredo the ACTOR from CNN (Cynical News Network)? πŸ€”
T Dawg
T Dawg:
The steroids finally got to Fredo Cuomo
Fredo means weak and incompetent. That's all!
Anthony S2K04
Anthony S2K04:
Fredo is Italian for Watta Snowflake.
Johnny Tramain
Johnny Tramain:
CBS has about as much credibility as CNN & CNBC.
Jasper Perrywinkle
Jasper Perrywinkle:
His wife even calls him fredo!
Sargon. Sargon.
Sargon. Sargon.:
LolπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒwhat's up Fredo!!!!!!!
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey:
Only a Fredo would say Fredo is a ethnic slur!
Whirlpool Appliance Fan
Whirlpool Appliance Fan:
Love how the cut out most of the cussing and threatening he did as well as the name calling no bias reporting here good job CBS, NOT!!!
Tatts Bk
Tatts Bk:
If CNN really wanted more gun control foe everyone they would demand Fredo had his gun rights taken. This tells alot about what they really want.
CI Ag:
LOL!!! cuomo is the NEW FREDO for sure! he acting like real Italian incompetent gangster! Hi FREDO... LOL
Scott Nagelberg
Scott Nagelberg:
Always Right
Always Right:
Fredo is an "anchor" on CNN. No he's not. Fredo is a commentator and Don Lemon is Fredo's buttbuddy!
100 subscribers challenge
100 subscribers challenge:
Liberals are the laughing stocks of the modern day πŸ˜‚ I am an indian but this is too much
Joseph Chargualaf
Joseph Chargualaf:
FREDO Cuomo for life now!! Fredo you are a joke and now my new Fredo!!
He's right its "like" an insult... NOT, exactly like. C'mon people let's get it together.
Good Fella
Good Fella:
Lol, what a chump. Chris might have been on the verge of getting fked up
So cnn says Fredo is an ethnic slur
Yet they’ve used the term multiple times on their own channel !!!!
Mark Mustoe
Mark Mustoe:
I know it was you Fredo .. You broke mama's heart
Wow. Tough guy. Needs to back off the roids
handy1 arnwald
handy1 arnwald:
Limousine liberal leftist behavior seems uniform across the movement.nice editing. Wonder how you could ever be called fake news
AB Mia
AB Mia:
I can hear the cops now,FREEZE FREDO!
Joseph Mingle
Joseph Mingle:
Off screen: tough guy.

On screen: crying SJW tears every other week.
FDS - Fredo Derangement Syndrome. CNN is going Hindenberg in the ratings.
RIP Chicken Noodle News.
You didn't play the part about him threatening to throw the guy down the f'in stairs. CBS is horrible.
Valley Girl
Valley Girl:
Love how you don't show the WHOLE VIDEO, ..... Way to Go FAKE NEWS CBS.... You and FREDO, SUCKKKKKKKKK..... πŸ˜œπŸ˜³πŸ§πŸ€“
Mark Millers
Mark Millers:
Fredo is now the new n word! Lol.
Don Present
Don Present:
Wow, Cuomo compares the N-Word to a fictional movie! Where's the liberal outrage???
Mikey mike
Mikey mike:
"Fettucini al N Word."
Jimmy Dore said he orders that at his favorite Italian restaurant.
What a lame piece of crap, hot head loser completely out of control. Yes he should bear the name Fredo....fits him very well.
Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers:
CNN backs Fredo
"We bought him a gun" ---CNN
IL Scrapple
IL Scrapple:
Ha! Fredo Cuomo has a nice ring to it.
Calling CNN offices now to ask for Fredo. Let’s see what happens
eric sorenson
eric sorenson:
From this day forward Chris will be known as FREDO.....what an idiot
acting like that lol πŸ˜‚
Soccer America
Soccer America:
We are calling him Beta Fredo! Love his new name.
Geoffrey Lane
Geoffrey Lane:
Hence forth your name shall be called Darth Fredo. Til the end of time that is his name now, he gave himself his own nickname.
Chris Cuomo isn't smart enough to be called Fredo!
Voice Of Reality
Voice Of Reality:
Maybe Fredo can find Epstein, or MOSSAD agent Maxwell?
dearth vader
dearth vader:
His name is Fredo and he is an actor on cnn. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha
Aaron Weiser
Aaron Weiser:
Awwww, poor baby got Butthurt.
Ryan Gettig
Ryan Gettig:
Yo Fredo!Any fishing tips as I head out to Lake Tahoe?Yo?:)
Fredo is an ethic slur? Lol
William Wolski
William Wolski:
Fredo has Masculine toxicity!! He also said Lets go meaning fight and I'll throw you down the f- ing stairs!
The Madone
The Madone:
Hey FRODO I mean FREDO can't take what you dish out eh !
arizona tea
arizona tea:
chris cuomo is a fredo,
butter soft like a play dough.
What sauce he said tomato,
trashing trump you wanna play tho?
The N word im gonna say no,
Full of spaghetti now hes prego.
*Fredo fredo fredo fredo*