CNN Anchor Lashes Out at Man Who Called Him ‘Fredo’

CNN's Chris Cuomo was caught on camera lashing out at a man who he said insulted him using an ethnic slur. “You called me f***ing 'Fredo.' It's like I call you punk b****, you like that?” Cuomo said. "Fredo" refers to Fredo Corleone, the brother who betrayed his mafia family in “The Godfather” series. In the films, Fredo was seen as weak and dimwitted. Because of that, he was passed over for Godfather because he wasn’t as smart as his younger brother.

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Jeriba Shigan
Jeriba Shigan:
Chris Cuomo will now forever be known as Fredo.
Landmark Advisors, Inc
Landmark Advisors, Inc:
Calling Cuomo Fredo is an insult to Fredo...
Pearls & Swine
Pearls & Swine:
"They said something they thought would trigger him"

No, baby doll, they said something that absolutely triggered him.
If you don't want people calling you some nickname you don't like, reacting like that guarantees they're going to continue calling you this for the rest of time.
C J:
Chris Cumho keeping the Italian stereotype alive ! “ I’ll throw you down the stairs”. Thanks Jackass!
Nikita Khyuvenen
Nikita Khyuvenen:
“It’s like the n-word for us” smh you compared a racial slur to an insult. Big yikes
“I’m an actor on CNN!”

-Chis Fredo Cuomo
The Earth is Round
The Earth is Round:
Fredo wasn't weak he was stupid with a short temper. Hmm, coincidence?
That Guy
That Guy:
He still has a job after threatening someone?! Oh, yeah, it's CNN...
Scott Lowman.
Scott Lowman.:
Chris never says anything about anybody does he?? Reap what you sow!
“Fredo” is an ethnic slur? 😂. I feel bad for those people whose name is “Fredo”.
Zaid Holl
Zaid Holl:
Since when being called fredo an ethnic slur?
Give me a break
W C Guy
W C Guy:
"NEVER compare me to a CNN employee" -- Fredo Corleone.
Marnee Wolfrath
Marnee Wolfrath:
How do they know the guy is a Trump supporter?
Tommy Forde
Tommy Forde:
Welcome to @AlexJones world Mr Cuomo.. you dishing dirth every night and can't handle it lol.
Brad Carpenter
Brad Carpenter:
Trying to say Fredo is a racial slur 😂🤦‍♂️
Gray Schezwan
Gray Schezwan:
Lmao "Compared to the N Word" Get this clown off the air.. He has a right to be angry, but that comparison ruined his reasoning.
jardeus maximus
jardeus maximus:
LOL.. now Chris Coumo is Fredo... He will now be forever called Fredo everywhere he go.
Peni Parker
Peni Parker:
I really hope the next time he walks out to make a big speech somewhere, the whole crowd starts chanting "FREDOOOOOOOO!"
Sam Spodofora
Sam Spodofora:
He also lied about Fredo being like the N Word. It is not! Great example for your children FREDO
Burim Saliji
Burim Saliji:
So a name of a movie character is a slur now, well done, let me find a big mountain to jump of
Mr Man
Mr Man:
CNN plays the race card and victim card at the same time. SHOCKING. HAAAAAAAA
Chris 'Triggered' Fredo & The Don 'Sticky Fingers' Lemon
Sir Bang-a-Lot
Sir Bang-a-Lot:
"Fredo Cuomo"
Pawnee Pleines
Pawnee Pleines:
#DumbAzzFredo said this shi* himself...
#CNNFredoFakeNews looks like an A** kissing contest
Erik R
Erik R:
Waiter at Cuomo's Table: "I don't know why he punched me. All I did was recommend the Fettuccine AlFredo."
E James
E James:
But it's okay when 'Chris Cuomo' busts on President Trump all day long on CNN?
Lorraine Irwin
Lorraine Irwin:
Always twisting things. The leftists can get away with anything, and there’s ALWAYS an excuse!!! If someone on the right did that there would be a gun grab!
So suddenly it's not okay to confront anchors outside a TV studio. I don't remember cries of outrage from CNN when angry mob besieged Tucker Carlson's house.
Nick M
Nick M:
LOL- typical psychotic CNN employee. Actually he is the Fredo of the family- ETHNIC SLUR_ LMAO
Jay Paglia
Jay Paglia:
Cuomo threaten physical violence because he got owned by a random person. CNN literally promoting violence yet again.
Rodney Armstrong
Rodney Armstrong:
Chris Cuomo is the Fredo of the main stream media.
Tommy Arnold
Tommy Arnold:
CNN makes me wanna puke....maggots
Rags Toriches
Rags Toriches:
The Left: Get in their faces.
It's not social justice when it happens to them.
tom SMITH:
news anchor? who told you that FREDO You're a talk show host
Bas Koning
Bas Koning:
'Fredo' Cuomo is not bothered that people see him as part of the (clinton) maffia. He is bothered that he is seen as a LOSER of that family.
John Doe
John Doe:
Chris Cuomo spread lies for years and there is no accountability
Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson:
Good job, CNN. Fredo Cuomo and Stink Finger Lemon.
his new nickname is FREDO ,peeeeeeriod!. 😂🤣
1 spin
1 spin:
Cuomo is smart and wants respect! ....hahah fredo is not like the N word to us 🤣
rev scander
rev scander:
CHRIS FREDO CUOMO!! beautiful name, nailed it man!
Pigroach Man
Pigroach Man:
Chris Cuomo is a weak FREDO PEDO 😂😂
Saevo Pectore
Saevo Pectore:
Cuomo - what an idiot --- Fredo would be a compliment to him.
Here comes the new fredo memes! 😂
Arthur Lager
Arthur Lager:
Cuomo is such a pos he makes fredo look like the godfather
Ehnic slur? Hardly. Fredo is smarter than Cuomo.
M Jones
M Jones:
Little princess Chris Cuomo hahahaha what a prima donna. FREDO forever now pal!!!
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson:
I love it.
From this point forward he will ALWAYS be FREDO.
Ray Maresh
Ray Maresh:
This guy should be arrested for making terroristic threats.
anonymous s
anonymous s:
Cuomo is an anchor, Fredo was weighed down by an anchor, everything fits.
Alan M
Alan M:
What a coincidence it was a trump supporter who was talking s*** to him
Norma D
Norma D:
It's so funny to hear the president criticized Cuomo for doing the same thing
From now on he is known as -

To think how many times Trump has been insulted, just remember a comedian holding
a beheaded head in blood representing Trump, or the play some actors played in NY
stabbing Trump, etc etc. I N C L U D I N G the insults and false accusations on TV
by, YES, Fredo Cuomo... but when somebody says something to him... it is racism ! ! !
Grow up F R E D O .....
Reginald House
Reginald House:
Whether Fredo is actually an ethnic slur or not is irrelevant. The guy who called him that did not come from a frame of positivity. Why did he call him Fredo? He wasn't complimenting Chris when he said that! He called him Fredo to disrespect him. He came at him with malice intent. The reaction he got was warranted!
Chris C
Chris C:
FREDO cuomo is a TOOL! 🍆
Trump: "[Cuomo] looked like a total out of control animal."
*Well, boss, you're one to talk...*
Rob Rob
Rob Rob:
Good for Cuomo!!! Far right extremists seek out trouble
Bryan G
Bryan G:
Lisa Guerrero would’ve confronted the Trump supporter
Darksnake 87
Darksnake 87:
He said "Fredo is like the N word to us"
LOL. Democrats can dish it but they can't take it. They love calling Trump Jr. Fredo but if anyone calls them that they lose their $hit.
Glade Cornelius
Glade Cornelius:
The guy who called Chris that had a statement

"He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time!!!!"
Willis J
Willis J:
Guy shouldn't heckle him. I am a minority and have been called equal to N word but not in front of my wife and kids which also would push my buttons. But I agree Fredo is not even close to N word.
Briane Alt
Briane Alt:
Hey FREDO grow a pair calm it down
Free Gedanken zur Baukunst
Free Gedanken zur Baukunst:
Fredo Eric VS Fredo Cuomo . PS/ Andrew is a Zionist Fredo , too
Lora A
Lora A:
Fredo Cuomo: he can dish it out but apparently can't take it!
they called Don jr. Fredo on CNN. Navarro called don that on Cumos show?
Scott Nyob
Scott Nyob:
Went from Fredo to Sonny in 2 seconds flat.
Dennis Long
Dennis Long:
Fredo, lmao, that's the funniest vid I've seen all week. Actually I think that's a slur to fredo not Cuomo.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall:
His new name is now officially Fredo!!!!!!
So ridiculous ... Fredo is a name, not a racial slur ... Plus i saw footage where he called people Fredo on his CNN show many times ... :-)
Next will be calling someone *creeper aw man*

*Did you just assume my ethnicity*
Outta World Productions
Outta World Productions:
What a Fredo. And President Trump owns the media now, CNN sux.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt:
Chris is not justified, he is a t v celebrity, he should act better than this. He just acted like fredo.
Jay Muller
Jay Muller:
He's only Brave cuz he got body guards with guns around him
azaiah quigley
azaiah quigley:
I think I'll buy one of Trump's FREDO t-shirts.
Sam Spodofora
Sam Spodofora:
Would he prefer being called “that guy who lies for a living”
Adrian Becker
Adrian Becker:
Go CHRIS!!! You put that RUSSIAN punk in his place!!! 😝😝😝
John Wick
John Wick:
LOL I love how Trump turned this around on Cuomo, "swearing" hahaha
Italia 458driver
Italia 458driver:
Of course CNN defended him.
Please Do Tell
Please Do Tell:
They baited Chris Como because he's a twit telling Bias garbage every day on the news
Big Daddy
Big Daddy:
Fnn Fredo sends you into triggered . Well fine example in front of the daughter. Sounds like a verbal threat to do physical harm. Just a typical TDS reaction from the left no big deal . Now the whole country needs to jump on Fredo . Wonder if he will try to throw everybody down the stairs. Hey Fredo go to sleep with the fish .
Rick j
Rick j:
Cuomo the cu.xt.... still getting owned!!
Carrie Dowling
Carrie Dowling:
Fredo Cuomo.....has crazy eyes🤪
Brad Carpenter
Brad Carpenter:
Anything Cuomo disagrees with is an "ethnic slur" 😂
Hey Chris, go home and get your shine box.
😘 I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart. 💔🇮🇹
neha doe
neha doe:
'Any of you Italian? You should be offended' THAT THAT RIGHT THERE IS HOW THEY DIVIDE US
Cpl Kirby
Cpl Kirby:
when you talk stuff to someone you don't know, anything can happen. in this particular instance, cuomo was a couple of "f's" from beatin the brakes off that dude. good for chris.
And Chris Cuomo just proved that he is FREDO !!
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher:
We should call April , miss piggy , for obvious reasons . We should call Lemon , Petunia , because that fits him . We should Brian Stelter , "liddle zuckerboy" , and Zucker
"Liddle biggy" .
Fredo Cuomo
Fredo Cuomo:
I will through you down the stairs
I'm a conservative, and a Trump voter... and I guarantee you if this was a FEMALE CNN anchor, the network would not have jumped in to the rescue to back her up.
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher:
Must have been a liddle guy . Fredo fits him . The weak Cuomo .
If Cuomo constantly dishes it, he should be able to take it.
don brassco
don brassco:
Fredo is Like The N Word😨😉😄
x x
x x:
Come on. Admit it. Chris Cuomo IS the "Fredo" of the Cuomo brothers.
I know it was you Fredo; you broke my heart. You broke my heart!”
Calm down Fredo!