CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Threatens Heckler

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100+ Comments:

whatsyurprob ?
whatsyurprob ?:
If anyone is guilty of an "ethnic slur" it's, FREDO CUOMO.
Luis Aros
Luis Aros:
At CNN they have called many times other people FREDO.... how is it ok then?
James Berton
James Berton:
"I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!"
fredo is more feminine than butch madcow
Gary Diggins
Gary Diggins:
This,my friends, is why I never go to bars.
Fenway Park
Fenway Park:
Best part of FREDO went down his mommy’s leg.
A. Junior De los Santos
A. Junior De los Santos:
That wasn't a heckler. The left is SERIOUSLY out of control. And FREDO, is not an ethnic slur. Cuomo is nuts and out of control!
"I'm gonna make you a deal you can't refuse. Eh, Fredo, you lisning to me"?
Ahhhhhhhhhh, so refreshing to see the Real Cuomo Bervaducci come out. This is a typical CNN anchor. BULLSH_T!
Dean Christos
Dean Christos:
Not surprisingly, lib media presents only a slanted view. But, against one of its own? Reportedly this mindless heckler approached Cuomo while at dinner w/ his family. Though many might not agree w/ most of what Cuomo represents, hard not to back him up. Time and place for everything, not putting a man on the spot in front of family. Rodney Dangerfield would say, No respect. Some old Greeks I know would say, Good for him (he deserves what he gets)! My thoughts: one should ask the gentleman to kindly b back off w/ respect to his family. And, if he persists, and Cuomo would throw him down the stairs as threatened, according to radio talk; good for him & Cuomo in this limp wrist, mouthy, lack of respect society. Hope Cuomo takes his new Nick name w/ some good hearted levity. He might make some new friends!
jeffrey mcaleer
jeffrey mcaleer:
Trump calls him Fredo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roils rageee haha love how these people are defending physical threats ... I wonder how they would feel if it was a trump supporter saying the same thing..
jcd ines
jcd ines:
This guy is TOTALLY lying....NO FREAKIN WAY would Cuomo's 'job would be over'...the left NEVER gets reprimanded for ANYTHING. The left gets rewarded.
And it was actually Cuomo that took this opportunity to bait these guys into hitting him so that these parasites can then accuse trump supporters of being violent.
Fredo has no idea the what the future holds for him But WE DO! LOL
Keke*from* Shh-cago
Keke*from* Shh-cago:
Lmao sounds like Fredo has some deep seeded family wounds lol
Martin van Staden
Martin van Staden:
"I'm an actor on CNN" at least his got that right.
Richard Daugherty
Richard Daugherty:
Fredo?? Can I slap the white from this dude??
Roger Ward
Roger Ward:
I'm Irish and I'm a Paddy
Rich Smith
Rich Smith:
I can hear James Earl Jones voice right now "THIS IS CNN". Yikes. I never would have put two and two together on Chris like this guy did--well done!. Cuomo is FREDO. Just say these words Chris: "I can handle things. I’m smart. Not like everybody says, like dumb. I’m smart and I want respect!" Say it a 1000 times a day--like a wish. Then one day, the wish fairy will come into your room and it will come true. But only after 50 years or so. Practice Chris. Be "Smart...not like dumb".
Ivan Shivolski
Ivan Shivolski:
Fredo Cuomo and Don lemon are doing the fettuccine weenie alfredo.
Diego L. Kaipat
Diego L. Kaipat:
Play the Fredo montage on CNN, it wasn't the "N" word when they were promoting it.
Rob Lucas
Rob Lucas:
Jesús said “ turn the other check” no Christians on this channel.
Juana Lopez
Juana Lopez:
K a r m a
Tad Andrew Cabigon
Tad Andrew Cabigon:
I dont blame FREDO also 😂😂😂😂😂
Ray Christensen
Ray Christensen:
I'd like to see that punk FREDO try that on a U.S. Marine, bring it boy. Anti-American civilian shitbag. SEMPER FI
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia:
Austria Germany
Austria Germany:
fredo cuomo is digging his own grave
Shouldnotof Closedtheasylums
Shouldnotof Closedtheasylums:
Dad should of rolled over and shot FREDO on the wall
Tomcat Hamilton
Tomcat Hamilton:
Ps maybe you should not use moter oil to wash your face lol
Michael Schuenemann
Michael Schuenemann:
Ranger Don
Ranger Don:
Hey Fredo how are things going for you.
Scott Mccardle
Scott Mccardle:
Hey FREDO!!! You are weak! Weak minded!!
America First
America First:
Hey Fredo!
Ilidio Francisco
Ilidio Francisco:
Fredo needs to go and see a doctor
Maria Badillo
Maria Badillo:
Fredo, Cuomo should never carry a gun. It was good he didn’t have one last Saturday And people should stay away from him when he is on the escalates.
Andrew Hajik
Andrew Hajik:
mark scarbrough
mark scarbrough:
An actor on CNN - Fredo!
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith:
oh my god, Cuomo  is a douche. lefts do it all the time, they are doing it right now.
theonlyeasyday wasyesterday
theonlyeasyday wasyesterday:
That black lady makes it seem that people are just yelling the n word every min of the day lol I very rarely almost never hear anybody call anybody the n word in a derogatory way.... Just so everybody knows body calls fredo Chris anymore it's fredo from now on forever
Poor Fredo is now messed up!😜😅🤪
What does the "N" word stand for?
james thetruth
james thetruth:
Fredo name is to good for Cuomo!!
Fredo had his bodyguard
Cyrus Slapatich
Cyrus Slapatich:
Leftists always find a way to justify their violence.
Fredo is a loser we know you know it
Jay Muller
Jay Muller:
He was only Brave cuz he had all those bodyguards around him
mike tr
mike tr:
You called me fredo lol
Etnad Yarag
Etnad Yarag:
What you gonna do about it. That was hilarious LOL
Henry Quenin
Henry Quenin:
AlFredo E. Newman is from Mad Magazine, not The God Father.
Zandra Bey
Zandra Bey:
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Mike Owens
Mike Owens:
fredo funny fredo a creep
Repsychler 808
Repsychler 808:
I disagree.
An adult, no matter the status, who acts like CC did is childish and immature.
Unethical. Unstable. Undesireable.
Man cave
Man cave:
Yall do it to trump every day..
Big Mike
Big Mike:
SNN= Sensitive News Network. This panel is weak
Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson:
if you do not know the cultural reference of "Fredo" in USA , you for sure should not be a talking head expert on a talk show.! its the Modern American Judas back stabber, or traitor especially : one who betrays under the guise of friendship. Funny Right Wingers using it on people, because they seem to be Judas to American Democracy itself in supporting the demagogue turmp
Michael LeSage
Michael LeSage:
James Anagnos
James Anagnos:
becarful your brother does not kiss you on the lips Cris hahaha then takes you out fishing lol
David Lynch
David Lynch:
Fredo gets upset.
BetsyRoss BetsyRoss
BetsyRoss BetsyRoss:
It’s the same thing Fredo is doing in CNN. He’s weak.
A A:
I just stepped on a crack and broke fredos mommas back. Idiots living in movies; and on grade school playgrounds.
Jay' Jay
Jay' Jay:
Oh yeah sure you're on Fredo /chris C side, What else would we expect, (Fredo /chris C)can do and say whatever he wants with out repercussion, God knows what would be said if the table were turned. Fredo chris C himself has told people to get in the faces of folks he has said it ok for antfia to do what they do, then it happens to Fredo / chris C and he cry's like a unstable nut bag, The guy is a loose cannon, If he has any weapons they should be taken away from him. Completely unstable. This guy is suppose to have it together... Clearly Fredo /chris C does not!!🔫
Schutzstaffel Hastag
Schutzstaffel Hastag:
Time to red flag Fredo.
He has steroid rage.
Thomas W. Brinkley
Thomas W. Brinkley:
Oh yeah FREDO!!
Fredo was there to eat alfredo.
Hey Fredo. When you were in diapers and your corrupt father was Governor of NY, he extorted the builders of the Jacob Javits Convention Center for kickbacks. When one union refused to pay his demand, your corrupt criminal of a father switched the heating of the entire place from steam to electric to get his kickback from another union. So Fredo, the name, which suggests a corrupt mafioso, fits perfectly.
The end is near
The end is near:
Why are people so stupid today? It can't be just a function of humanity.
Brenden Shea
Brenden Shea:
Robert balibrera
Robert balibrera:
Chris Como Reveals His real character for one moment I never knew he was that trashy he sounds like a little kid
Lmao fredo means nothing bad. Chris is just roid ragging.
Joe Kasprzak
Joe Kasprzak:
Stop the steroids fredo
Caterina Martino
Caterina Martino:
It’s ok to call him Fredo because he DOSEN’T know what he is talking about it’s not anywhere near the N words yes you would stand up for him. Yes you always do. All this time it’s ok for the Hitler the mafia hitman oh and I believe Anna called trumps son Fredo very sad very sad fake News
Jake Black
Jake Black:
Me macho man, says Fruito.
Wayne Owens
Wayne Owens:
G And
G And:
Why was the video cut short?
fake name
fake name:
AZ Shark
AZ Shark:
He will always be known now as Fredo Cuomo. 🤣🤣🤣
Milf Man
Milf Man:
Andrew Cuomo comments: "Fredo has a good heart, but he is weak and stupid."
Ido A
Ido A:
it's a joke!!!!!
Ivan Shivolski
Ivan Shivolski:
Fredo cuomo is an actor on CNN Fake news.
Remove those dislikes goy.
David Nye
David Nye:
Sticks and stones break bones words never hurt stupid punk
Jennifer Arigo
Jennifer Arigo:
Aa1 Bb2
Aa1 Bb2:
Ur a woman, sit down and shut up
blegh bleghinson
blegh bleghinson:
"It's like the n-word to us"

Okay, frigger
Jack Me-Hoff
Jack Me-Hoff:
It's not a term.... it's a name... and if someone is offended, its on them. This is a snow flake panel.
And why would they switch to what it's like being black in America all of a sudden?
Also, nice display of weakness (sort of like Chris Cuomo) by turning off your likes and dislikes. Pussies
Doug Green
Doug Green:
CC  is a big  baby actor not an anchor  .....CNN is mostly fake news and false agenda driven  narratives all day ...they have been caught in numerous lies and have staged certain stories , research and see.....wake up or waste your time  !
Mad Cow Mark
Mad Cow Mark:
G-day, now that Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are suing just about anyone that don't agree with them, I heard off the Lemon Tree that CNN is bringing out a new show, it's aimed at the Looney left and the lgbtxy community's. It's called Fredo and the Homo!
J W:
Cuomo just cemented himself with a new nickname and every American will forever acknowledge his stupidity only as Fredo.
Millions Social Media
Millions Social Media:
The very same people who say they love Trump for “telling it like it is” are the same snowflakes saying how offended they are by Cuomo. Dumb MotherFers.
tall guy
tall guy:
WHAAAAA! Im so offended. BOO HOO.
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson:
Cuomo needs to stop taking all them steroids like trenbolone
Elaine Koh
Elaine Koh:
See the thoughtless Trump emperor with no clothes is tweeting away. When he says nasty things about others, it is because he IS THE VERY PERSON that he negatively labels and comments of others. Such a small unintelligent man, Trump. "Stable Genius"?????😂🤣😱 Linsay Graham Mitch McConnell, Kellyaane Conway are happily not cautioning you of your shameful nakedness 😭😅. Unprecedented leader, classless and unprofessional weighing in negatively on others. Spewing slimy garbage 🤮.Go and put your house and the country in order. Do what youa are paid for. The 3 years you are in the Oval Office has set the country back by 3 decades and more already. Enough damages to America.
Bill Macy
Bill Macy:
Lighten up Fredo
Dan Shop
Dan Shop:
Again all of this looks so staged. Come on people do not fAll for the propaganda. Will the nonsense ever end?
Spring Lamb
Spring Lamb:
Fredo CUMO ? IT has a nice ring to it !
Al Olsen
Al Olsen:
Funny how they are defending his actions. Someone calls you a name and that justifies provoking violence like Cuomo does? Oh yeah, that’s what the left does...
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness:
I believe that Chris Fredo is addicted to body enhancing drugs. Explosive anger and violence are hallmarks of drug abuse for a massive body. Chris "I put down I pick up" is in for a rude awakening.  If he doesn't clean up his act divorce and cops coming to your house are not too far out there. By the way I'm Italian and Fredo is NOT NOT a racist word. It just means you are stupid.
sjaak paardekaak
sjaak paardekaak:
Fredo Cuomo thinks he's tough. He would last 1 hour in the real world.
Hey Fredo. When you were in diapers and your corrupt father was Governor of NY, he extorted the builders of the Jacob Javits Convention Center for kickbacks. When one union refused to pay his demand, your corrupt criminal of a father switched the heating of the entire place from steam to electric to get his kickback from another union. So Fredo, the name, which suggests a corrupt mafioso, fits perfectly.
gregor cvetko
gregor cvetko:
If it talks like a Fredo, and talks like a Fredo, than it must be Cuomo!
Troy Stone
Troy Stone:
Chris Cuomo is my spirit animal from now and henceforth 🙌🏾
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher:
Cuomos favorite dinner , Shrimp alfredo .

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