Chris Cuomo: Trump looked like a loser

CNN's Chris Cuomo blasts President Donald Trump for his response to Sen. John McCain's death.

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ThE DuCk
ThE DuCk:
Trump, arms crossed hugging himself looking like a bloated old toad digging his heels in , is an ugly image . I hate looking at him.
The Truth
The Truth:
What's worse is that Fox News had to disable the comment sections on every report on McCain because they deplorable viewers would not respect a true veteran hero like McCain because he did not vote to repeal obamacare and create a disaster for Americans
Marcus Gradington
Marcus Gradington:
That just it Trump has no respect for no one..he's self-centered and a naersacist. These are not leaders qualities. What has America come to😔😔
Rick Ammon
Rick Ammon:
Lets send Donald Trump, a man who says he believes in torture to GITMO, and see how long it takes for him to break while being tortured. Donald Trump speaks poorly of a man who was tortured in horrendous ways and yet refused to leave without his fellow POWs. John McCain endured torture that left him with the inability to raise his arms above shoulder height and yet Donald Trump feels superior enough to condemn him. Apparently, Donald Trump believes he is a mighty warrior with the ability to endure more pain than most humans since he feels he has the right to denigrate a man who honorably served his country and suffered the rest of his life because of it!

Many Americans support Donald Trump, a man who refused to serve his country in time of war. A man who accepted five deferments and a man who suddenly developed bone spurs when his deferments ran out. A man who was unable to tell a reporter which foot had the bone spurs that kept him from serving his country. A man whose alleged bone spurs never affected his ability to golf, a sport that requires healthy feet in order to swing a golf club. A man who never served his country in the military but had the audacity to proclaim that he likes heroes who have never been captured!

Donald Trump is a hypocrite, a liar and a conman whose only ideology is the love and greed of money!

Mr. President, do you measure up to John McCain, a man who spent his entire life serving his country or are you more like Donald Trump, an immature petulant coward with a big mouth?
Nicci Lewis
Nicci Lewis:
Trump never served his country like we did, so he knows NOTHING about honor and integrity towards those who did! We were taught to NEVER leave a brother on the field wounded. What does that mean? It means you go back and get him, even if it's just his body. You honor him by giving him the proper tribute and respect he deserves for laying down his life for his fellow man. Trump would know NOTHING about that, because the only man he's ever served was himself! He is deplorable and unfit to lead this nation. He can't even be faithful to his wife and lead his house!
Connie Smith
Connie Smith:
Old bone spurs was jealous of McCain!
Trump could have risen above any conflict they had in life, but did not.
He reacts like a petulant child. Arms folded.... refusing to answer.
RICHARD Stevens:
Trump displays “next level narcissism”..!
Arms folded, sitting in his chair like a sixth grade bully on the worlds stage.
Chris Cuomo you have described a sad, deplorable, situation (man) in an eloquent manner as usual.
Eris Goddess
Eris Goddess:
Very nice, positive thoughts. How rare they have become these days
Mak Chris
Mak Chris:
I liked McCain's honesty and his will to fight back against trump rip brother and we thank you
Think how differently and graciously Obama would have handled the situation.
Fredo Cuomo just wanted Trump to take him fishing, but Trump said he was too busy.
The death of senator McCain should have been above any political or ego fight, but Trump, like always, behaved like a poor teenage.
Dear americans, we're not watching a NFL match were supporters hate each others during 2 hours.... we're living in a country where a president can't respect the death of an american hero. We're living toxic times....
RC Jabroni yup
RC Jabroni yup:
Oh fredo you're the best
oscar hernandez
oscar hernandez:
Fredo.. You broke my heart 😄 hahahaha
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams:
Folded his arms and shut down like a giant baby. One of his calling cards.
Felicia Santiago
Felicia Santiago:
Anyone with common sense knows how petty trump actually is!,he’s a nasty human being.
Seoul Man
Seoul Man:
Fredo, you lost in 2016 and you will next year too
Yebo Screbo
Yebo Screbo:
Fredo, who cares what you think?
sound life dirt
sound life dirt:
Fredo the guy that isn't .....

A guy to believe...
Bernard Barnett
Bernard Barnett:
#45 is not a person who's known for his humanitarian ways. He is a racist raging narcissist and a traitor to our country and the constitution of the U.S.A.
Tim Brady
Tim Brady:
The worm has turned , Fredo .
Fredo, Fredo ,Fredo!
Hau Ho
Hau Ho:
Chris do a good job using death man to Benefit your

Agenda smart guy
Po Tato
Po Tato:
Well said, Cuomo.
Misanthropic Kat
Misanthropic Kat:
Fredo seems to have a hard on for Trump as well as being disingenuous and a fraud. He’s not very smart. Maybe he was passed over again?
Chris Teet
Chris Teet:
Well-said, Mr. Cuomo. You and McCain exhibit class and decency that Trump and his thugs could never even begin to comprehend.
Ivan Ivanovitch
Ivan Ivanovitch:
My wife said of Chris Cuomo, "This guy can't be married. Well... to a woman."
E Clouston
E Clouston:
Trump being petty isn’t a’s a feature.
Steel Rain
Steel Rain:
came to see fredo!!!
James m
James m:
Fredo looks like a looooozer
RFI-Crypto Lab
RFI-Crypto Lab:
Fredo Cuomo is angry cause he got passed over.
Sharon Riley
Sharon Riley:
He will never be as STUPID AS YOU, CUOMO.
Chris you said it all brother, God bless the journalists/reporters who have far more grace than the demagogue who belittled Senator McCain.
James m
James m:
Is it frado or fredo
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith:
Chris FREDO cuomo
sarcasmostheGreat slayeroffools
sarcasmostheGreat slayeroffools:
only Trump supporters dislike this video bunch of losers rest in peace John McCain God bless you🙏
Ivone owl
Ivone owl:
Senator McCain will he immortalized as an American hero, Cadet Bone Spurs will only be remembered as a stain that tarnished our country!!!!!
Daniel Apaza
Daniel Apaza:
Oh shut up Chris!!
Shame you honor a war-criminal who admitted on the media he killed women and children. Plus he used chemical weapons!!
Did he ever apologized to the vietnamese for his crimes against humanity?
Ha ha ha, the senator didn't even want Trump at his funeral - I thought McCain forgave people - Nope.
my music
my music:
Dopey don looks like a loser because he is a LOSER! CC blessed be fine sir!
Doctor Otis
Doctor Otis:
He was called the song bird of the Hanoi Hilton.
Captain Bone Spur's disdain for a national hero. What an absolute looser.
Mr Emoji
Mr Emoji:
Lmaoo😂😂🤣😂 my president was golfing during the whole event
turkey sandwiche
turkey sandwiche:
U look like fredo
Lal Chand.surela Surela
Lal Chand.surela Surela:
My.service charg.1crore..
Yes.or no
Old and Still Here
Old and Still Here:
So beautiful! I love how eloquently and forcefully you gave your opinion. Bravo!
keith wilson
keith wilson:
S.M.C. Kennels
S.M.C. Kennels:
Fredo, please!!!
Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki:
Thank you, Chris, for those beautiful words!
That was a wonderful mark of respect - sincere - eloquent - so appropriate.
I'm a vet and I am appalled at Trump's disrespect. During my 21 years of service, there were plenty of officers that I had no respect for personally but I assure you I respected the uniform. If Trump had answered the call like my brother and myself did (instead of claiming bone spurs), he would have known how to behave like an adult during a time like this. I have let my VFW and the American Legion know my disgust.
Mitchell Fleming
Mitchell Fleming:
Hey Chris how bout change your sloggan let's get after it to #LETSGETACCURATE
Fredo in the cut, that's a scary site
sierra lynn
sierra lynn:
Hahaha Fredo!!!
Sparky Wirenut
Sparky Wirenut:
From another youtube post -

Let’s remember what John McCain's real legacy is: His father was the Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet prosecuting the war in Vietnam. Because of this McCain got preferential treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to become a Navy pilot. But he was a terrible pilot. McCain crashed two navy Jets in his early career. Then while aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal, McCain got angry because he had to wait in line to take off on a bombing run. He shut off his engines, opened the cockpit, and in his haste to exit the aircraft to chew someone out about his having to " wait", he hit the button that released his live bombs onto the deck of the Forrestal. He took off running, as the bombs exploded, which set off a chain reaction of bombs from adjacent aircraft, and the ensuing explosions and fires killed 133 sailors aboard the Forrestal. While his fellow sailors were fighting the fire, McCain went to the pilot's lounge below decks and watched the men fight the fire on closed circuit TV. Hours later, McCain took off with a New York Times reporter buddy of his, and went on to say that after seeing the effects of those bombs on the Forrestal, he was beginning to question the morality of dropping those bombs on the Viet Cong. McCain was the direct cause of 133 deaths on his own ship, and was never reprimanded. He was nowhere to be found as the Forrestal had to limp to the Philippines for months of repair work.

McCain was married then. His wife was stricken with debilitating injuries in an automobile accident. And was hospitalized for more than 5 months. McCain was off gallivanting with anything in a skirt. Upon returning from Vietnam Nam, McCain found his wife was disfigured by her injuries, which included a shattered pelvis, arm, and legs. In order to save her legs, doctors performed 23 surgeries on her, and had to remove significant portions of the bones in her legs, which left her shorter, and unable to walk, and in a wheelchair, she had to use a catheter. McCain was disinterested in his first wife's predicament. She had to go through grueling physical therapy to learn to walk again. After McCain left the Navy, he was intent on a career in politics. He and His wife Carol had gotten to know Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and McCain was eager to jump into politics. But he decided he needed a more visually pleasing young woman by his side. He callously divorced Carol, the mother of his three children, and immediately jumped into the sack with new wife Cindy, who was 18 years younger. Upon learning of this, the Reagans were shocked and angered by how he had treated Carol. While campaigning for congress, McCain used pictures of himself posing with Mr. And Mrs. Reagan, but there was no hearty endorsement offered by the Reagans. McCain's new young wife was also an heiress to an Arizona Brewing fortune.

And let us not forget McCain was one of the Keating 5, who had helped swindle life savings from countless Americans in the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980's. McCain was in it up to his eyeballs. Yet McCain was well-connected in Washington, and parlayed his connections into a seat in the United States Senate. So before the tearful tributes to John McCain, be sure you remember the facts about this self-proclaimed Maverick. The facts do not agree with that portrait of a heroic patriot and great American. With due respect to his family, John McCain was never the great man so many portray him as. I do not wish the man any harm or ill-will. But neither should we allow this false narrative fairy-tale about this scoundrel of a man as he faces his eternal fate.
dboii carter
dboii carter:
They knew exactly what Trump was all about before they voted him in. Now they act shocked at his behavior.
Crimson Halo
Crimson Halo:
Yeah, we should 'forgive.'
The same way conservatives 'forgive.'
Start those impeachment proceedings already.
1slandgirl Caribbean
1slandgirl Caribbean:
Great closing thoughts, especially for the McCain family. God bless!
Freedom Patriot
Freedom Patriot:
My father before he passed away told me to vote for mecain. We both did on élection day.and im glad i did.he is a true américan hero and a patriot may god bliss his soul .no one is perfect but he did his best to put his country first. May he rest in peace.
Kyle 7K Christensen
Kyle 7K Christensen:
McCain will get better ratings in his death with the funeral coverage than disgraceful Trump ever gets in life. That's going to drive Donnie mad!
Billy Corporan
Billy Corporan:
How ridiculous CNN is keep up the good work...I be voting for trump 2020 thanks to your personal agenda
Good job Cuomo unfortunately the president stopped listening 1 minute in!!! He isn't capable of doing the right thing but it was well said👏☺
Ernest Valdez
Ernest Valdez:
I didn't like McCain politics, however as a Veteran 🇺🇸 myself, I respect Mr McCain/ God bless him and rest in ☮️ peace 🤔.
Go-go Akins
Go-go Akins:
You said it buddy👍you are the man Chris!
mina panahy
mina panahy:
You used a word that Trump doesn't have in his vocabulary " selfless".
Matt Hanchuck
Matt Hanchuck:
....says FREDO. Bwahahahahaha
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker:
Your daddy is in so much trouble 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones:
To celebrate Trump's passing, when we know the traitor that he is, we'll have parades in the streets. He's a truly evil man, deep down into his core.
Laura Borgmann
Laura Borgmann:
AMEN no needed to say more!
Man just be a Do Right Man. Show some RESPECT!
star cruiser
star cruiser:
Fredo Como loser ultimato!
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar:
McCain RIP- Roast In pieces
TJ Burns
TJ Burns:
Trump and Caligula will go down in history together
Julio Orantes
Julio Orantes:
Cuomo for President please. Thank you.
Bárbara Negrón
Bárbara Negrón:
Andrew Cuomo Halted Probe into Weinstein Case After $25K Donation
James Johnson
James Johnson:
Arms crossed like the little brat he is. LMAO
Eb theDoc
Eb theDoc:
Lordy, Chris Cuomo. These times have brought your format to the fore! Thank you. I honor him, too!
Noah Barrett
Noah Barrett:
I'm no fan of Sen. McCain but I will never forget the time someone called President Obama a Muslim and McCain yanked the microphone out of their hand and defended President Obama. McCain was the last of the Honest Republicans that actually stood by their principles. Whether you liked his principles and policies or not, Sen. McCain was always honest about them. And to me, he truly was a war HERO for not leaving his men when the North Vietnamese offered to let him go. I dont think I could have done that, voluntarily stayed a POW. That takes balls the likes of which would make Rambo himself jealous. Rest in Peace Senator McCain, and thank you for your service to our country, Sir.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
the jaramogi
the jaramogi:
Well said MR Chris Cuomo
Thanks again for another lecture on how everyone is supposed to feel and behave Chris. We are just about shamed into submission, so keep up the good work with your browbeating of us constantly. 👍
Caleb Mitchell
Caleb Mitchell:
Paper block protest choose everything travel industry uncertainty importance.
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus:
left wing goofs
spitting on soldiers, calling them baby killers

same left wing goofs
mc cain was a war hero, a great american

and they mock trump for not going !

Linda Grossi
Linda Grossi:
Thanks for your voice of reason Mr. Cuomo! I echo your sentiments!
Lars Van Essen
Lars Van Essen:
Gérard Lefrançois
Gérard Lefrançois:
Diction...) The closest word to impeachement is IMPECCABLE and that is the proper word for the President of USA.
K. Shepard
K. Shepard:
John McCain was a national hero! This ISN'T about poor picked on djt!
Dana Easterday
Dana Easterday:
Very nicely said, Chris. ❤
Ines Almeyda
Ines Almeyda:
Cuomo couldn't be more bias if he tried. Looser! True heroes are the ones who put their lives on the line without perusing political nor personal gain.
shi tan
shi tan:
Well said. Trump is an unspeakable embarrassment to America.
william robinson
william robinson:
Two words for two people. McCain = hero Cuomo= class.
Lol And this is the man that's going to "make America great again"?

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