Chris Cuomo Loses Cool After Being Called 'Fredo'

CBS2's Marcia Kramer has the latest on the profanity-laced tirade caught on camera after Chris Cuomo is called 'Fredo' by a heckler.

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Janet Airlines
Janet Airlines:
He just sealed the deal of him being called fredo for the rest of his life
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan:
I’m of Italian ancestry and I think it’s freaking hilarious this overly sensitive lefty lost his mind.
His name will forever be Fredo
French Vanilla
French Vanilla:
An "ethnic slur" 😑 Yeah ok!!! Fredo is basically challenging his manhood, not so much his ethnicity!
Human After All
Human After All:
Fredo has more class and intellect than Cuomo
John Williams
John Williams:
Poor Chris Cuomo his spaghetti got all tied in a knot..
Genecop Coppola
Genecop Coppola:
If anyone sees Fredo, I mean Chris, yell out Fredo...
Rob Perry
Rob Perry:
Cuomo is a big antifa supporter and deserves every public rebuke he gets.
Him and his brother are Fredos lol.
Coumo should be banned from possessing a firearm.
mark roberts
mark roberts:
I love it how the far left automatically calls it a race thing. Cuomo has called Trump far more offensive things than that.
Gallopin' Galumphus
Gallopin' Galumphus:
There is NO "Chris" any more. From now on it's ONLY . . . FREDO!
Bronson Mateo
Bronson Mateo:
A discussion about ethnic slurs? How about a discussion about unhinged CNN anchors?
South West
South West:
Here it is folks - the 2019 definition of racism.

“If it offends somebody, it is.”
steve gant
steve gant:
Hey CBS, watch CNN sometime, they called Don Jr "Fredo" multiple times! If it wasn't for double standards,, Democrats would have no standards at all!
This reminds me of Stripes... ‘anyone of yous call me Francis, I’ll kill ya’

Easy Francis...
Larry sant
Larry sant:
How can you compare the N word which was used during slaver to fredo definitely not the same in anyway. Soft skin loser
David Council
David Council:
A real "Fredo" would be someone who got a TV news anchor job because his brother is governor of New York
Oh, wait
John Becker
John Becker:
On his CNN show, Cuomo is constantly referring to people, on the right, as Nazis and White Supremacists, yet he can’t handle being called Fredo? 😂 I like the way CBS inserted those clips of Fredo Corleone together with the clips of Fredo Cuomo.
Some how calling a person Fredo has become a ethnic slur. Looks like mainstream media cant handle getting trolled and looks to leftist and "minorities" to side with them.

James Madison
James Madison:
He IS Fredo! Perfect fit. White guy has thin skin! Now he can cry with Dawn Lemon and Brian "Crybaby" Stelter. Fredo is evermore.....Cuomo.
whatsyurprob ?
whatsyurprob ?:
If anyone is guilty of an "ethnic slur" it's, FREDO CUOMO.
Jasper Perrywinkle
Jasper Perrywinkle:
He will hear it every time he steps outside his home. Probably inside too. 😎
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
His reporting is as inept as Fredo was... Slabbin on Bidens knob all day
News Flash- Fredo is NOT an ethnic slur. If it was, why has CNN allowed it SEVERAL times. And its obvious CBS NY had labeled it as such when they asked ppl on the street.
Beck Haleen
Beck Haleen:
Is not about his race... is a about his success compare with his brother... jajaja.
Johnny Espinal
Johnny Espinal:
A millionaire latte drinking pretty boy w a very bad temper
Jason Blake
Jason Blake:
The actor who played fredo,,was a great actor,,died way 2 young in the late 1970's
Blackpill Reality
Blackpill Reality:
Oh the irony. It's cool for Sarah Sanders, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Kristjen Nielsen, etc to get harrassed in public every day, but it happens one time to Fredo and he acts like the fragile little snowflake he is 😂
Angel Messtanoffski
Angel Messtanoffski:
Apparently Chris' mother never taught him "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"
David Mcconnell
David Mcconnell:
Cuomo is obviously an unstable very easily triggered person & most likely a very violent person, I hope he never has access to firearms.
Mr. Pitch
Mr. Pitch:
They should invent a Cuomo screaming Doll. Every time you call it Fredo, it screams out all angry noises and swears at you.
Alex Johnstone
Alex Johnstone:
He can't handle things he's a poor man's fredo
H G:
“Fredo,” the name of a movie character, is now an “ethnic slur” Homo-Cuomo. CNN has threatened to dox the Covington Catholic kids as well as the guy who created the CNN/WWE meme. Fredo, or should I say ‘Freda’, needs to sit down and stop being such a hypocrite.
Steven Paul
Steven Paul:
He seemed awfully sensitive to being called, “Fredo”. Hit a nerve. 😱

The ironic thing here is that his over-the-top response confirms the voracity of the disrespectful nickname. 😁

“Methinks the lady doth protest too much!”
Sam Michaels
Sam Michaels:
FREDO CUOMO will forever be FREDO CUOMO. That's funny.
Jay Pique
Jay Pique:
Lol - what a thin-skinned pansy. That guy touched a nerve. Defensive much, Fredo?
And So the truth comes out lol 😂
It’s confirmed he is the flaming fairy Frado in his family. It makes sense now 😂😂
David Smith
David Smith:
Chris really doesn't like bein reminded if his brother wasn't a Clinton cronie, nobody would know who he is.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith:
“Don’t Fredo me bro”! 😲😂🤣🍆
RED FLAG LAW!!!!!! Put Chris on the list of people who can't own guns and if he owns one take it away from him
Edward Terry
Edward Terry:
I love you, Cuomo, but don't ever take sides with anyone against the family, again,...ever. 🖕😁
bella roja
bella roja:
Man, we all needed some levity today!!!!!! Fredo Cuomo, for life!!!!
Would have been interesting if all his bodyguards weren't there...
Alex Johnstone
Alex Johnstone:
He can't handle things he's a poor man's fredo
J L:
D. J.
D. J.:
This maniac needs to lay off the roids. And calling him Fredo is an insult to Fredo's everywhere.
"Fredogate" LMAO.😂 You just aint smart like Michael, Fredo!
Jeriba Shigan
Jeriba Shigan:
From this day forward he will always be known as Fredo
A Engo
A Engo:
Breaking News. A narcissist who cannot take criticism. Ever. Oh, but he can dish it out!
one sojourner
one sojourner:
Ethnic slur!? Please CBS! 😂
Once again, Fredo brings shame to the Cuoma nostra.
Oh, and now you will be called Fredo...forever! 😅
J W:
Cuomo has now and forever cemented his legacy with stupidity and dumbness until the day he dies. It will be hard to ever take him seriously now and I hope his stupidity lasts forever on CNN and after CNN.
Tony M
Tony M:
FREDO "ethnic slur" is bulls*it. All Corleone family is Italian. FREDO can only be slur of LOOSER of any ethnicity. Clearly, Como feels a loser in his family and that is why he exploded.
Hahaha!! He will FOREVER be known by this name!!
Mindy Stockton
Mindy Stockton:
Welp...bottom line here is that Fredo responded EXACTLY how the guy thought he would. Thus, he had the camera rolling. 😂
I can’t stand that piece of crap so I probably would’ve done much worse like simply flip him the bird.
I am an Alabama fetus hoes cant kill me
I am an Alabama fetus hoes cant kill me:
Hah CBS is really milking this.
" You are a much more reasonable guy in person then on television " lol!!
"I thought your name was Fredo"!
Haha..."You are in for it!"
The vast majority of your comments are always against the narrative you try to push
Ari Onassis-Sugen
Ari Onassis-Sugen:
Typical Lib-Dem.. .. . .they are all Fredoo ooo o . . .
I really hope the next time he walks out to make a big speech somewhere, the whole crowd starts chanting "FREDOOOOOOOO!"
No he basically called him the stupid brother. Nothing to do with Italian
tahiti treat
tahiti treat:
Do you see Fredo what it's like when you bother people in restaurants, airports and at their homes? What a Fe(king loser, Fredo Fredo Fredo.
Daniel Barry
Daniel Barry:
All I know is Johnny Cazale was a tremendous method actor. One of my favorites.
Jochen S.
Jochen S.:
Well what do we learn from this? That John Cazale made a great job in portraying Fredo Corleone! R.I.P.!
Logan 5
Logan 5:
Cuomo will forever be
Chris Cumho keeping the Italian stereotype alive ! “ I’ll throw you down the stairs”. Thanks Jackass!
Lord Of frog
Lord Of frog:
Loses cool? He threatened to attack someone lol
think it's hilarious! He took the bait and THAT tells ME that he IS FREDO! LMAO
Bon Chance
Bon Chance:
Respect is earned.....not awarded to aggressive foul mouthed people.
the Liberal Left race card pulled yet again.
Paloma San Basilio
Paloma San Basilio:
*FRRRREEEEEDOOOOOOO* from CNN (The Enemy of the People) has an apoplexy!

Forever he will be known now as *FREDO*
Lars Van Essen
Lars Van Essen:
Don Farmer
Don Farmer:
Just a couple questions. Cuomo is against guns right? Does he live in a red flag state or city? If he has guns they should be removed from his house! Because if he would react this way when he knows he is being vidioed how would he react if he knew he wasn't? Tell me what you think. My opinion is this guy's and idiot!
T St
T St:
All the Propaganda and Fake news Misleading Reports have caused stress in Cuomo
Tony C
Tony C:
2:09 He's Not Italian he's a Finnochio
Oh so Fredogate has a lot to do with racism just like the ‘N’ word, the ‘C’ word, the ‘B’ word, the ‘G’ word & the ‘T’ word then, right ?? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson:
Cuomo is thin skinned. Not a good quality for a...person in N.Y. politics.
Anyway, based on his response to the 'fredo' comment, he's more of a thug than a fredo. Not exactly new news.
Colleen Davis
Colleen Davis:
NOT the same as the "n" word - geez....NOT offensive to Italians because they are SO MUCH BETTER than this "character" represents!!! Amo i miei amici italiani!!!
Rags Toriches
Rags Toriches:
The Left: Get in their faces.
It's not social justice when it happens to them.
How much did CBS pay these "put in place street people" for interviews?
jcd ines
jcd ines:
Here we go again... never miss an opportunity to try to incite rage. Fortunately these guys didn't take Chris Cuomo's bait. Fredo was hoping these guys would hit him so he can have this all over the fake news!!!!
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones:
I bet the liberals blame Trump for this outburst!!! Like everything else.....
bob bob
bob bob:
tried to watch this last night but youtube took it down for bullying. But I can watch vids of Dems calling trump all day. Your a bunch of punks You Tube
dave best
dave best:
Hey Fredo.. does this mean Al Sharpton is Alfredo?
Cuomo is a Fredo type
Chet Carson
Chet Carson:
Funny, nobody worried about harassing Sarah Huckabee Sanders in front of her family - strange....
The end is near
The end is near:
This is how it all starts. Challenging so called "public authority".
Jono Shubitz
Jono Shubitz:
Ethnic slur my buttocks. The issue is Fredo's profanity-laced rant.
Bushkangaroo 1959
Bushkangaroo 1959:
“Fredo” meet “climate Barbie!”😂🤣😂🤣
Stanley Hudson
Stanley Hudson:
What about what Fredo said? He made threats and had to be held back. He said all kinds of bad words.
Bruce Conley
Bruce Conley:
Trump called a racist kkk member everyday but no one in news has issue with that shows what hipcritz they all are
BC Drummer
BC Drummer:
I'm of Italian ancestry also and guess what - it IS freaking hilarious (as President Reagans says below). All Cuomo did is cement the nickname to him for the rest of eternity. LOLOLOL I'm not DUMB, I'm SMAAAAAT and I want RESPECT!!!!! Ya ain't getting any from this Chris! But I must say Cuomo really DID sound like a stereotype Mafia Thug in the video!
Tony C
Tony C:
Chris thinks he's a Guido
Libs can dish it out,
But, can't take it....
“I’m an actor on CNN!”

-Chis Fredo Cuomo
Fredo is not an Italian ethnic Slur and I should know 100% Italian!
Comparing some movie character to calling a Black person the N-word there is no comparison period!
Fredo is hardly an ethnic slur compared to Fu Man Chu or Bojangles... maybe offensive because he's just an achorman vs his brother a big politician
Christian Minecraft Server 4 Homeschoolers
Christian Minecraft Server 4 Homeschoolers:
Gotcha, switching from Fredo to Shlomo, thanks for keeping me woke, Chris!
Idiots are offended, unless they are weak brothers, since that's the point of the insult.

People that try to make it racial are the actual racists.
Hes really brave with 6 body guards around him to hold him back.
Louis Bensinger
Louis Bensinger:
Philadelphia magazine reporter Colleen Campbell was fired for a drunken rant in New York City and CNN keeps Fredo Cuomo's job and you want to talk about fairness to women Fredo should be fired