Chris Cuomo: Do you see pro-life in your politics?

CNN's Chris Cuomo argues that if you're pro-life, you should be willing to treat all lives equally.

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Bike Whitley
Bike Whitley:
FREDO CUOMO is the enemy of the people
Jon Snow
Jon Snow:
Eeeey Frado why don't you try and intimidate more people with violence.
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness:
Fredo -- I'm Italian and this is funny and true.
Fredo. You’re trying too hard to sound smart!!
Justin Jones
Justin Jones:
Outlaw cnn for their bias and lies
Benny Harriston
Benny Harriston:
.......chris.........people have the right to their own choice......they do not have the right to take others choices
Elliot Agosto
Elliot Agosto:
LOL I'm Italian and Fredo isn't an ethnic slur will use it as a term of endearment for that weak-minded loser family member
mark busch
mark busch:
hey Fredo, push me down the stairs.
"What is best in life?" *To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!* _Conan_
Inner Me 🌟
Inner Me 🌟:
Pro life should continues after birth and throughout all the life.
Andy G
Andy G:
He's using Satan's logic which is I guess, how Satan would try to twist things. Bad Fredo.
Im a Proud KKK Member -Bleak Tiger
Im a Proud KKK Member -Bleak Tiger:
this guy name is fredo!
he is smart
Robbzzi C
Robbzzi C:
Hey, Fredo Cuomo! Where the label proudly!
Misty Blue
Misty Blue:
Cuomo go kill a new born puppy that is a 12 week fetus...
Bob Travis
Bob Travis:
It's FREDO the fake news anchor man.
chris mas
chris mas:
Fredo, pro life also is for not throwing people down stairs and threatening to ruin their life. Nice acting, slaves were real.
giggsy 11
giggsy 11:
Fredo are not man on earth is scared of you homie. Just because you take a few beginner mma classes and lift some weights at LA fitness doesn't mean you can actually fight. We call guys like you fake tough.
Jarvis Tech
Jarvis Tech:
Oh look, it's Chris "Grease Ball" Cuomo! What a spicy little meat ball!
Smoking Gun
Smoking Gun:
Fredo where is your shine box you little punk :)
Rod Buster
Rod Buster:
Fredo! Such a fugnut! With Out Papers to say the least!
BetsyRoss BetsyRoss
BetsyRoss BetsyRoss:
I’m pro life fredo. How bout you fredo? Don lemon is Freda. Anderson Copper is Fredie. Jim Acosta is fredo dida and Brain Stelter is Freda dida.
Blue Steel
Blue Steel:
FREDO!!! Did you say something? FREDO!!! I can't hear you. FREDO!!!
Wombat Op
Wombat Op:
Fredo, yep your definitely a Fredo.
Misanthropic Kat
Misanthropic Kat:
"Please tweet me!" Lol! You're regretting that now Fredo
Francisco Dumont Duvauchelle
Francisco Dumont Duvauchelle:
Fredo, why so serious!? we need kisses!
Joe P
Joe P:
He is talking but all I can see is Fredo now.
Xao Xao
Xao Xao:
I texted “Fredo” to 88022 😝 This is so funny! Good job!
Jack Me-Hoff
Jack Me-Hoff:
No wonder fredo Cuomo supports antifa. Hes all about trying to intimidate through violence
Jimi Jam
Jimi Jam:
Frado, go to Anderson Cooper’s house ,, he and uncle don are waiting for you, they want to help you out
Misty Blue
Misty Blue:
Fredo never heard trump threaten u after ur bashing him almost every show..
Dan Backslide
Dan Backslide:
bob scott
bob scott:
fredo stick to blaming russia for everything
Concerned Gamer
Concerned Gamer:
Here’s Fredo at his acting job.
Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes:
FREDO ruined his career because he will forever be know as FREDO. 😂
Dan Backslide
Dan Backslide:
Does anyone think that CNN is purchasing “subscribers” from YouTube each week to hide the fact that they are bleeding actual viewers who have left?
Hey look, it’s Fredo! Lol😂🤣😂
Anyone else went here after watching the Fredo video?
Landy's Channel
Landy's Channel:
Your brother Mario Cuomo the governor legalized infanticide in N.Y.S.
Mr Smith
Mr Smith:
Whistle whistle whistle. Come here boy. come here Fredo over here Fredo. GOOD BOY, GOOD BOOOY.
Fredo needs to take a seat
Logan 5
Logan 5:
His show is unwatchable
Ratings in the toilet
He let's his lefty nature come out every chance he can get
Tay Tollefsen
Tay Tollefsen:
"I'm not stupid, I'm smart".... Chris Cuomo a/k/a Fredo!!
TR 360
TR 360:
Fredo you can't compare an innocent baby's life to that of an adult who's on death row for whatever horrible crime or crimes they committed.
Jarvis Tech
Jarvis Tech:
My bad. That's Fredo Guido Cuomo.
Ahahah Fredo what's UP ?
🤡 🤡 🤡 It's Fredo! 🤡 🤡 🤡
Kyle Hibbitt
Kyle Hibbitt:
Hello fredo. Ticktock
Calm down Fredo.
Seoul Man
Seoul Man:
Fredo, I know it was you who sold his soul to betray our country
Hallands Menved
Hallands Menved:
Hey, Cuomo? I think you may be in a little over your head on this subject... But okay, nothing unusual in that, I guess.
What would Fredo do??
John Spinelli
John Spinelli:
Cuomo you have so many flaws in your argument...
Taril Slater
Taril Slater:
Great question Cuomo! Politics tries to take on everything and the matter becomes very bias. It also becomes quite hypocritical. Be pro-life about all life.
FREDO pushing unborn babies down the stairs since 1970!
Trump is Winning all day Long for America!!! And some DON´T GET IT!!! Corparate controlled Fake NEws CNN!!!
Forty One
Forty One:
Hey Fredo!!!
Landy's Channel
Landy's Channel:
Fredo Cuomo
Oh look It's FREDO!!!!
Buford T. Justice
Buford T. Justice:
He takes it up the butt at CNN.
Joe Haberer
Joe Haberer:
Screw you YouTube.....and your reply format ....can't wait till you get broken up for being a monopoly. time is coming YouTube.
Frank Goozie
Frank Goozie:
When it comes to color? Wow I can not believe he slipped that in there so low key
ted kaczynski
ted kaczynski:
Kacey R.
Kacey R.:
Trump has been pro-choice his entire life and openly praises Planned Parenthood! His secret liberal side, for his blind supporters who don't know
nikesh shahi
nikesh shahi:
this comment section is gold
john hendrickson
john hendrickson:
i love the Italian hour.!!.. Cuomo, panetta, Giuliani!! whens Mario and Luigi gonna be on?
GodFather 17
GodFather 17:
F R E D O !!!!
Clayton Wiffen
Clayton Wiffen:
Sack this gangster
cool south
cool south:
Cuomo is talented enough for one thing: to be a stripper in a gay club. Idiot. Maga.
this guy is a little off his rocker.
When I see CNN..I usually think of contraception.😂
Flat Top
Flat Top:
William Grayson
William Grayson:
Cuomo sucks just like his father the governor the mook Cuomo
sound life dirt
sound life dirt:
Mr Fredo the actor 😂
Khomiko ow
Khomiko ow:
"Pro-life" is just the slogan for "pro-opportunity at life." I would also assume that these "pro-life" people are "pro-justice". Comparing the growing life in the womb to a serial killer is like comparing the 'n' word to "Fredo". It take's a real Fredo to do something like that.
C Schroeder
C Schroeder:
Omg he is literally a complete MORON.
Niki Saraswati
Niki Saraswati:
Hadeeeh, only 543 comments, where are your energy to destroy your opponent?
Ricardo Holster
Ricardo Holster:
I am dumber just watching this guy bring back Alex Jones!!
Jimmy B
Jimmy B:
See you never FREDO. 🖕
Praz Yeah
Praz Yeah:
Fredo Forever
Chris Cuomo is a communist!
NEshroomin_____ ____
NEshroomin_____ ____:
Fredddddooooo freddddoooo fredddddddoooo
Dan Wipper
Dan Wipper:
My take, You work for a fake news outlet. There you go.
SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder
SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder:
dogo dogo
dogo dogo:
hi fredo please keep your faggotry somewhere else dont push on my next generation
Pratik Thebe
Pratik Thebe:
Alright, Fredo.
Um, Chris. You know the Pope and God is a giant scam right?
Alysia Mer David-Wasser
Alysia Mer David-Wasser:
How about a fetus, how about a grave felon..HOW ABOUT AN *ANIMAL* ?

*ALL LIFE IS LIFE.* As a buddhist, i need not reconsider my "quick answer". As someone who provides sanctuary to immigrants, does not eat or wears ANIMALS, i think i'm more "pro-life" than the pope.
~Namaste 🎋💞
M S Race
M S Race:
Cuomo or Fredo
turkey sandwiche
turkey sandwiche:
Michael Francisco
Michael Francisco:
What's up Fredo? Pathetic £ussy
"Creepy Clown sighting at CNN!"
Fredo exposed as Security personnel trying to remove his Cuomo facepaint!
2016 Joshua Vergara
2016 Joshua Vergara:
Cuomo you are special don't bring God into this. Shame
David Staley
David Staley:
Let's not forget, the only real gov't shutdown this year was in January when @SenSchumer said amnesty was more important than funding the troops.
Gil Cortes
Gil Cortes:
Haaa Fredo
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson:
communist new network ....
fake new .....
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson:
CNN sources confirm CNN is fake news.
0ptimistic cynic
0ptimistic cynic:
pro-sperm is the correct term