Catch and Cook - SNAKEHEAD FISH! First time tasting!!

I take you guys with me to explore a local fishing spot, and things got a bit interesting.. This was my first time ever cooking/tasting a Northern Snakehead Fish!! Let me know what other fish you guys would like to see me do a catch and cook for! (comment below) ►►MYSTERY TACKLE BOX $10 off your first box with promo code: FIRSTSTATE ►SHIRTS: Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! At the time of this upload we just passed 150,600! I'm having so much fun making these videos, lets keep this rolling! Film/Edit Equipment: -GoPro -Final Cut Pro X ►Instagram: FirstStateFishing ►Facebook: ►Merch: ►Vlog Channel: ►►Send me something! PO Box 8070 Newark, DE 19714 Fishing was done in Delaware Music: & Kid Ocean & tight lines

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Extreme Philly Fishing
Extreme Philly Fishing:
Sunfish. Bass. Snakehead...brooo...the Multi-Species is real! xD
Luziaf the Loner
Luziaf the Loner:
"let me stop talking and try this." Talking for another 5 minutes
Slam’n Sam 56
Slam’n Sam 56:
In pa a snakehead is considered an “invasive species”
You must kill it immediately
Just getting started on this video. But by the thumbnail. I can already tell this is going to be a banger. Keep it up buddy.
Hunter fisher Outdoors
Hunter fisher Outdoors:
Do a carp catch and cook
Logan Gorham
Logan Gorham:
do a gar catch and cook
Ms Lyons
Ms Lyons:
OMG just eat it already! The suspense is killing me ughhh
Ty Barrett
Ty Barrett:
Your editing gets better and better 🔥
Radames Guerrero
Radames Guerrero:
Bowfin catch and cook pls
10:20 the tasting
Hunter fisher Outdoors
Hunter fisher Outdoors:
I always like before I watch
Casey P
Casey P:
This guy is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harrison The Outdoor Guy
Harrison The Outdoor Guy:
Do a gar catch and cook
Hannah Guevara
Hannah Guevara:
boul barely seasoned anything 💀
michael btw
michael btw:
Brooke Buchanan
Brooke Buchanan:
First Love your channel I love how you can have so much fun while filming it thanks like if you agree
Leila Thompson
Leila Thompson:
41st u are my favorite YouTuber
Geri Gerardo
Geri Gerardo:
Rub and wash it with salt🧂 👍🏾
Logan S
Logan S:
I’ve never caught one on a rod and reel however here in Maryland we bowfish lots of them. You did everything right except you forgot the old bay bro 😂
netronan the offencive
netronan the offencive:
You should absolutely always kill a snakehead. But they are great to eat
Michael Cornelius
Michael Cornelius:
Do a fishing challenge
raWr Fishing
raWr Fishing:
LOl that broken spinner doing u well haha! gj man
Stephen Stilwell
Stephen Stilwell:
Second 💪💪
Michael Hazell
Michael Hazell:
Snake head reminds me of frog meat
Gaming Clips
Gaming Clips:
4:01is when he catches it
Tristan Forbes
Tristan Forbes:
Been watching u since 25k subs man keep up the grind bro!
Jayden Cox
Jayden Cox:
U should do a bluegill takis cqtch and cook
Jesse Waters
Jesse Waters:
“Lemme stop talking here....oh, one more thing”
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog:
Best fishing YouTuber ever ♥️❤️
I love your channel please like ❤️
Bro I love your vids. I’ve watched almost since you started. (Also it would make me so happy if you hearted my comment because I’ve never been hearted before.)
Been watching all your vids recently. You’ve got the same bday as my mom hope to see you upload tomorrow bud
Brandon L
Brandon L:
Just caught and cooked one this morning, amazing fish, super happy I got one
Chasey Waset
Chasey Waset:
My favorite YouTuber and its awesome that I live and fish where you do and I learn so much from you. Another fire vid.
Keep up the vids❤
Next video "BIG FISH VS ULTRA LIGHT CHALLENGE" hahahaha thanks for the content!
Dude, I was subbed when you had 1500 subs. You're big now
Tyler Norwood
Tyler Norwood:
just subbed to MTB with your code, thanks homie!
Adventures with Conrad
Adventures with Conrad:
Someone get this chap a fillet knife 😂 great video man as always entertaining thank you. Really though get the 4 inch repala fillet knife from walmart its a game changer!
Freeflow Lifestyle
Freeflow Lifestyle:
Flinched at 4:49 lol
Been watching since 2 subs
jesse Garlick
jesse Garlick:
You should go to Walmart and buy the most expensive reel and expensive rod i think that it could make an interesting video maybe a series??🤞
Puppy on the Moon
Puppy on the Moon:
Yum im moving to japan and starting up a channel
Do a draw my life plz
Jack ordway
Jack ordway:
Love your vids
CEO fishing
CEO fishing:
Great job my man!
Ben's Channel 2004
Ben's Channel 2004:
Each time i watch a fishing video with cool catches i wanna go fishing.
Ivan Malupet
Ivan Malupet:
Here in my place we roast them alive on charcoal best way to cook em
The Fishin hippie
The Fishin hippie:
Slow mo frying 😂😂
andrew elliott
andrew elliott:
Good job my Delaware brother. I'm from southern Delaware.
Nathaniel Silbersack
Nathaniel Silbersack:
At my favorite YouTubed back at it
Dude another awesome video and I haven't even finished it. Your awesome!
hdowding 33
hdowding 33:
Great vid I would love to fish with fsf some time
Jersey Joel Fishing
Jersey Joel Fishing:
Awesome catch & cook!!! Congrats on 150K brother!
Jack Dickinson
Jack Dickinson:
Where is this I’m moving to Delaware and looking for some good spots
Jayden Cox
Jayden Cox:
Love the vids
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
Congrats on 150k subs:)🎉
Firza Ardhana
Firza Ardhana:
Snakehead is my favorite fish dude
garlic salt or adobo seasoning in the flour my dude
Kaden Dohlman
Kaden Dohlman:
I’ve caught some snakeheads in Wisconsin and Minnesota on the back water of the Mississippi
GMB Angler
GMB Angler:
Tarpon fishing. Catch and cook.
Rasheem Grant
Rasheem Grant:
Always dropping a dope video my brotha! I have some beats on sound cloud u can use for videos check me out Draztyk Grant on Sound Cloud
bike show
bike show:
love vid
TJ Bingnear
TJ Bingnear:
I love that spot for diversity! It's great to canoe or kayak the topside
Jay Lawrence
Jay Lawrence:
It makes sense that it would taste good, being an aggressive predator that eats all the other fish and crustaceans in that lake. It’s probably full of vitamins!

Keep it up. I love how you make fishing look cool, beyond the fact that it’s a really fun sport!
The Outdoorsman
The Outdoorsman:
Never caught or eaten a snakehead, now im going to have too. Great video!
Cgraves 04
Cgraves 04:
Favorite fishing YouTuber great video I always enjoy watching them keep up the good work
Timothy Haun
Timothy Haun:
I am now looking to where I can find snakehead in my region. They are invasive and need to be removed from the ecosystem, fight like hell and taste great. What more could I want. Keep up the sweet content man!

Put your seasonings in the flour and when youre coating your fish, use one hand for egg and the other for flour. Less messy
C-Rod Dipping And Outdoors
C-Rod Dipping And Outdoors:
Awesome vid
SEMO Outdoors
SEMO Outdoors:
Great video!
Should try breading with cornmeal and flour sometime the cornmeal gives it a great flavor and better look and crunch to me personally.
Regardless nice job I wanna try snakehead sometime
Great video buddy! Keep up the great work!
Jack ordway
Jack ordway:
Nice it's awesome I love your videos so much
Jon Smith
Jon Smith:
Good vid!
HockeyMan 101
HockeyMan 101:
Thanks for making the best vids on YouTube
Adam Sobolik
Adam Sobolik:
You should do a video on how to us a spinning reel for some of us new fishers
furry lover
furry lover:
Loved the vid ALWAYS🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Ye boi
Ye boi:
I’ve caught an 8lb bass on a yellow and silver inline spinner as you call it but down here we call it rooster tails no hate but yea pb bass on an inline spinner btw love you’re vids
Vincent Lekanoff
Vincent Lekanoff:
I am pretty sure you are the first youtuber I ever subscribed to here and you never let me down. Catch and cooks, challenges and specific targeting all the way to taking us with you on vacations you do it all. Keep up the great work man and thank you!
Bobby Alexander
Bobby Alexander:
Love the vids but how many times u gotta say " so pretty much guys". Lol all good tho. Gonna keep watchn ur vids
Sam Mendez
Sam Mendez:
Dude I love your catch 🎣and cook 👨‍🍳 Do More My Brother Epic Content awesome video 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏!!! I’m a chef 👨‍🍳!!!
150k! Keep climbing brother.
mrX cLoWN
mrX cLoWN:
love your vids
No ads blocked me seeing you eat and telling how it tastes
Edward Thayer
Edward Thayer:
I bet your mom loves that fish tail between the stove and counter! Lol
Santis Trends
Santis Trends:
Looked delicious. My mouth was watering.😌
sdq sdq
sdq sdq:
predatory fish always taste good
aaron cohenour
aaron cohenour:
What brand inline spinner is dual hooks?
Ashar Ali
Ashar Ali:
Youre my idol
william stocker
william stocker:
Video editing for the cook section was spot on.
Gold Just Gold
Gold Just Gold:
I wanna go fishing now... 🤔
Chicken GOD!!!!!
Chicken GOD!!!!!:
I’m you’re first comment
Shafiq Roslin
Shafiq Roslin:
I love your vids
Steve Dimond
Steve Dimond:
Gf vs Bf grocery store challenge. You each pick one thing. Great videos. I really enjoy. Good stuff.
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva:
Beautiful *Fish* Congratulations Fisherman!👍🎣🐠🐟
awesome video! Love your catch and cooks!
David Massetti
David Massetti:
Come fishing with me in Newark. Got a sweet honey hole part of muddy run with bass and chain pics galor
Mohammad Yaqoub
Mohammad Yaqoub:
You are really fun to watch.
Great job. keep it up
Great video looks really good might have to try it one day..😃🎣🎣GetItGotItGood
They’re delicious!