Cadesha Bishop, woman who pushed elderly man off bus, arrested (Video)

Elderly man dead after being pushed off bus.Las Vegas police have released disturbing footage of an elderly man being pushed off a bus by a female passenger. Serge Fournier, 74, is seen arguing with Cadesha Bishop, 25, before allegedly being pushed off the bus by Bishop and hitting the sidewalk. According to police, Fournier died a few weeks later from his injuries. Bishop was arrested and is facing a possible murders charge.


I hope she never sees her child again
Jon Anthony
Jon Anthony:
This savage should be encaged for a very long time.
There will be no marches or protests for this poor man. There will be no cars set on fire, storefronts smashed or demands made. There will be no 24-7 news coverage, and we all know why that is.

It's the same reason almost no one knows about the situation in Philadelphia a few years ago where a Black 10-year-old kid went home and told his mom that a White homeless veteran who hung out at a local gas station washing windows for money hit him. It was lie, but that didn't stop his mother, two other black women, the kid, and two other minor Black children from coming back to the gas station in a minivan. They all jumped out and the women, armed with a hammer, the leg of a wooden rocking chair and pepper spray beat the White man to death. After he was on the ground, the children stomped on his head. Then, they calmly drove away. It was all caught on video and completely horrific in the beastial way they just savaged that old man. The kids, since they were minors, all went into juvenile detention. The women were tried for murder...and they only got TEN years. The ONLY reason this case did not receive the coverage (and OUTRAGE) it deserved is because of the race of the victim and the race of the murderers.
Mitch !
Mitch !:
No amount of torture is enough for this beast. Just imagine..

A CNN headline, "white man pushes elderly black woman off bus, and later dies".

There would be marches, non-stop media coverage, and an overall indictment of every white person in the states.
Anthony Lamb
Anthony Lamb:
You aren't savage when you prey on the defenseless you're a coward. Lock her up for life he had no way to fight back.
average shmo
average shmo:
Flat out race crime .
kitty cat
kitty cat:
I guarantee she is on welfare
she's even worse than the black she-monster that beat that old man with a brick in california and nearly killed him, because she thought he bumped her demon spawn while walking down the sidewalk.
Gojira 5337
Gojira 5337:
It's sad that she's gonna end up pulling the race card and claim this man uttered a racial slurr and go on and on about how everything she's been bottling up about feeling racially oppressed all came out in that moment to this "racist" she'll have all the sjw's and BLM's behind her. She'll get off with next to nothing and be seen as a "hero"

I really don't give a fuck if that man straight up called her a n*gger it's a fucking word it can't kill you resorting to physical violence is wrong what she did can't be justified
Anthony Lamb
Anthony Lamb:
Lucky I wasn't on that bus
Cindy Brown
Cindy Brown:
She is a beast and she needs to pay for her crime.
Janos Merges
Janos Merges:
In Austria and Germany she would get probation since she is a woman. They would argue that it was spontaneous, and not planned. In my country justice is a joke.
DeVon Carter
DeVon Carter:
What she did was mess up and as a black man, I don’t tolerate that behavior and all she had to do was to walk in the back and mind her own business, let it go and squat that stuff and it ain’t worth the trouble and it could be somebody’s dad and grandpa, she mess up bad.......smh.
H Siu
H Siu:
I wonder what the old man said to her.
Erwin Gaming raps contests and more!
Erwin Gaming raps contests and more!:
Cadesha bighog should learn her lesson in jail
Mary Jameson González
Mary Jameson González:
This is why I approve when cops shoots the blacks.
Jefferson darcy
Jefferson darcy:
13% of the population makes up 50% of violent Crime... Uh mmm
Moses Elijah
Moses Elijah:
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust:
Black lives matter
Well....................her name *does* end with 'esha'.............soooooooo.......are we really surprised at her behavior?
Guy Ko
Guy Ko:
Vu Le
Vu Le:
This is America. Should we be surprised? Blame the parents. This past weekend in America we celebrated Mother's day. At our family Mother's day celebration lunch, my wife asked her nephew why he was so sad and grumpy. He responded, "Because you always made me hug you!" This came from the mouth of a nine-year-old. Who should we blame, him or his parents?
How is she charged with murder when all she did was push him? The old man was a Lemon. She needs to get probation or attend an anger management course.