Boxer Errol Spence Jr. In ICU After Dallas Ferrari Crash

Welterweight boxing champion and DeSoto resident Errol Spence Jr. is in the intensive care unit after he was involved in a rollover crash in Dallas early Thursday morning, police say.


Joseph Armenta
Joseph Armenta:
I think it depends on the definition of life threatening Hopefully hes not paralyzed
Adrian H.
Adrian H.:
Hope u pull through ESjr. You’re one of the best to ever have done it
Wowwwww this is so sad and unfortunate smh
Tanner Scanlan
Tanner Scanlan:
He will be okay 👌🏽
J. Luper
J. Luper:
If vinny Paz could come back, so can Errol Spence. We believe in you, champ!
Mick P
Mick P:
Get vinny Paz to that mans side
Jeff Jordan
Jeff Jordan:
Praying for Errol's recovery, God bless!!
Marvin Bennett
Marvin Bennett:
Damn I drive 18s and I go through Dallas every week and I know exactly where Spence crashed.
I take that route to go to atomic drop yard.
Sherie Oneil
Sherie Oneil:
Praying gets well🙏
Lord Nelson
Lord Nelson:
No seat beat. Ejected. Unbelievable.
Lyquana Sims
Lyquana Sims:
Jojo Batralo
Jojo Batralo:
Hope for your speedy recovery...
Blazeyaface Durante prince
Blazeyaface Durante prince:
Demons Lurking
Demons Lurking:
Rumors are he lost his right knuckle? If true damn..
sperm monkey
sperm monkey:
I hope that he can continue his boxing career.
Ki1la 187
Ki1la 187:
Got scare of manny and crash his car
Dj quagmire
Dj quagmire:
His career is over
feint Cantu
feint Cantu:
Man down