Boston Marathon 2019 Cherono out-leans Desisa for FIRST

The closest finish in Boston marathon men’s race ever!


I felt the lactic acid watching this
He didn't lean in for the win. He was two steps ahead. Close but "out-leans" is inaccurate. Best kick won.
RunFor OurLives
RunFor OurLives:
Just when you think 4:30/mile was fast Kipchoge drops a 4:20s in London.

Ludicrous speed
Fik Desta
Fik Desta:
Disappointed Desisa didn’t win for 3rd time the Boston Marathon. He could have preserved energy for last sprint finish . But it was a great finish at end!
thanks for uploading so quickly!
Paoby Obounou
Paoby Obounou:
Humans performance the greatest engineerings ever
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol:
Saw it live, phenomenal performance from both down the stretch
Jeffrey Richardson
Jeffrey Richardson:
a winner
They’re form is perfect. I need to run 2 miles at this pace
Cocktail MusicDance
Cocktail MusicDance:
when are Americans going to win again? it's about time it happened!!!
Nai `Son
Nai `Son:
If I wear those colour shoes, will I run as fast as them?
Running Through It
Running Through It:
This was excitement personified... I had goosebumps watching this! I love it!
Nicola Vivarelli
Nicola Vivarelli:
Wonderful finish. Congratulations!
people need to put some respect on Lawrence cherono. I have been following him for a while and he's been great. not forgetting the course record he set in Amsterdam last year.
Luther Hendricks
Luther Hendricks:
I would argue that was more of a win by a kick versus a lean.
Joey Williams
Joey Williams:
Unbelievable athletes. Awesome run and so inspirational.
Mary Wambui
Mary Wambui:
Proud of being a Kenyan but also an Eastern African,,, if it's not Kenya it's Ethiopia
Gabe Heck
Gabe Heck:
Those darn police cars!!!
kss rider
kss rider:
Anyone noticed one of the male runners took a quick pee @ 1:36?
tom millia
tom millia:
Tried to throw his hand's to prevent being passed but didn't work. .
and the sound????? DISLIKE!
Michael Grimes
Michael Grimes:
What a finish...congrats to every runner
Average Squares
Average Squares:
Hope they don't take this video down
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson:
Sorry, I was checking out that hot chick in the red top & blue bottoms - who won? 😂
Teo Teo
Teo Teo:
This marathon is a joke with many cheater chinese allow to run hahahaha
Wild Wilder
Wild Wilder:
Sorry if I'm ....!!
But I wonder why the black r so good in race ??
I'm black too
Gang Of Four
Gang Of Four:
Who were they running from ?
Soeni Rono
Soeni Rono:
Congrats Cherono
Chris K
Chris K:
Nice audio.............
Dumb question: Why do all the runners have the same colored shoes?
Definitely need to try out these Compression Socks from
Ethiopian Athletics, Culture, Language
Ethiopian Athletics, Culture, Language:
Wow, what a thrilling completion. By the way all middle and long distance are left for Kenyans and Ethiopians. I am proud of my country men and women runners and i am proud Kenyans brothers and sisters bringing the competition to a higher level. Kenya and Ethiopia inseparable when it comes to middle and long distance. I hope their economical development competition would have the same chemistry like the distance running.
Lwanga Gikonyo
Lwanga Gikonyo:
What do these Africans eat, running the whole race like they've just started
juan ixtla
juan ixtla:
Pinches viejas no les ven ni el polvo a estos vergas
Fred Mutua
Fred Mutua:
Can one be allowed to run under influence of legal drugs like mkombero!
M Detlef
M Detlef:
It was NOT out-leaning, you GODDAM LIAR!!!!! He won by five lengths.
You become a very good runner when being chased by lions and elephants
Alfred Neuman
Alfred Neuman:
GENDER DISCRIMINATION!........and you will notice that no one complains about it, not even those on the Left. There is a male winner, and there is a female winner - not just one winner. That's gender inequality - which, by the way, is ok! Treating men and women differently is ok.