Bill Burr - Breaking bad | Full standup special

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Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder:
Bill Burr is on my top 3 list of comedians for sure.
Eric Siggins
Eric Siggins:
Curing crippling depression one joke at a time
"That's the funny thing about Hitler"
smith kole
smith kole:
Whenever I think I need a girlfriend..
I watch this..
april s
april s:
Bill Burr is funny as hell, and tbh woman need to hear how real guys feel.
Samantha DiGrazio
Samantha DiGrazio:
"They're going to steal the paddles!" Hot damn I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Asian Octopus
Asian Octopus:
if your girl doesn't find this guy funny, dump her
Brandon Coleman
Brandon Coleman:
Bill Burr is our George carlin
When you realize that Bill Burr is Thanos
d davis
d davis:
the funniest thing is most these people clapping are the same people he is talking about
William Minyard
William Minyard:
We got that guy!!! Stop making that guy!!!!
Noforgiving Rebecca
Noforgiving Rebecca:
If you get the chance to see him live it .... I was lucky to have seen him at punchline sac. when he was moving up the ladder .... he will not be playing a club that small anymore..Seen him in Reno and at Thunder Valley ... never the same material and always brilliant.... Best comic at present in my view ..... I know Kevin Hart has the big bucks now and Chris Rock is great ...... but Bill just tells it like he sees it .....
Wiesda Naweer
Wiesda Naweer:
Can't we have some more R-Kelly's peeing on kids?... So ahead of his time man.
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us:
Bill "the truth" Burr.
Not as think as you drunk I am?
Not as think as you drunk I am?:
"Sat around all day an watched TV"
**2 seconds later**
"Man I hate Pedophiles..."
Eibee Cue
Eibee Cue:
Im a woman and I really agree about everything Bill said , like,seriously, why is it okay for us, women, to slap, kick and spit at men ,but when they do the same to us,they get arrested?
Kevin Snyder
Kevin Snyder:
Bill burr's best all encompassing relationship advice to every guy in the world.
*just rub one out*
Seriously. So simple. Yet the realest advice you could ever get
Wafa Hatter
Wafa Hatter:
" don't you realize after your third loser kid, you don't have the DNA to make somebody special" lol my best line,, I've always complained about that too.
GoobMaster 420
GoobMaster 420:
We need more comedians like Bill Burr, for real
Chris Johns
Chris Johns:
I liked him more when he was in The Smashing Pumpkins
Darren Goddard
Darren Goddard:
I'm embarrassed to say that I've only just discovered Bill. But the positive side to it is that I get to watch all his stand up now
Jake P
Jake P:
I don't laugh often but when I do it's watching Bill Burr
Phoenix 21
Phoenix 21:
Bill Burr is on a whole nother level.. talking about seeing a therapist dude the therapist should be paying you.. if ever I think I might be in need of a therapist I'm just going to watch one of your videos that's the only therapy I need he's right up there with some of the greatest comedians of all time like Richard Pryor, George Carlin gone but not forgotten also a few others that are still around I have mad Respect for comedians who keep it 100% .. he's one of the best out there today love him every time all the time..
Dianne Coffey
Dianne Coffey:
Love this guy, I get everything he's saying, and Yes Ive thought the same F Upped shit he has LOL This is one of my favorite stand ups he's ever done
"He's muhshing the muffins!"
Dom Eden
Dom Eden:
Gotta love the "Concerned white lady" voice Bill pulls off 😂 classic
Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips:
Up and coming comedians, Bill is proof that if you are truly funny, you can say anything you want no matter how much the PC Police might object.

I'll add what I always say, Bill should run the world.
Style Bender
Style Bender:
Honestly Dave Chapelle and Bill burr are the only comedians that can make me laugh.
Andy P
Andy P:
One of the best all time stand up deliveries ! the guy is brilliant !
Sina Danmark
Sina Danmark:
I agree with Bill in everything. Except his take on racism. He kinda puts it as low as feminism.
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor:
Fucking epic bro. Thanks for cheering me up on this dark day of mine.
Hollywood Stacks
Hollywood Stacks:
Bill in my top 5,when he tell joke I be on the edge of my seat
This is the the guy who talked about suicide and everybody laughed, berated a hostile audience for half an hour and still came on top.
Bill Burr: Solution BALANCE THE RACISM
Nik Zimmermann
Nik Zimmermann:
He‘s just insane funny. Born comedian 100% 🙏🏼
He speaks out every mans crazy thoughts straight🤣🤣🤣
Crossfyre smith
Crossfyre smith:
Crazy thing is I actually know a guy who does this goes around inner city neighborhoods helping kids out getting them jobs and so on and so forth his name is Russell real cool dude
Hey billy ball breaker Sorry for stealing this but I already watched it once on nutflox
Natasha Thompson
Natasha Thompson:
Another great one. Can't wait to see him in Vegas. December 21 not coming fast enough.
Keith Hiew
Keith Hiew:
24:00 Bill's talking about it being unacceptable to hit women.

True story two days ago:

A lady parked her car outside a coffee shop in a very busy business district. She was actually double parking i.e. blocking someone else's car which is in a legitimate space. She then went to eat in the coffee shop.
Pretty soon City Hall came and started issuing parking summons quietly. She rushed out to move her car but was too late. She then came back and berated everyone in the coffee shop, especially the food sellers, for not informing her that City Hall were coming.
A guy said, "If she were a man , I'd have punched her face."
Chimaera Underground
Chimaera Underground:
Stanhope, Burr and Louis CK. The goats. You need not
Grisha #1 Daddy
Grisha #1 Daddy:
i like how he just tell stories, fact, and truths and make the 10 times funnier
Meredith Ann
Meredith Ann:
“Hands up high, terrified, not aroused” hahahahaha
Dave Chapelle, Bill Burr and the old Eddie Murphy top comics
Shamiq Parker
Shamiq Parker:
Str8 fool... The way he imitates a woman voice🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
57th American
57th American:
Anyone else think bill burr would make a great president
Jason Weber
Jason Weber:
38 dislikes??? 38 jack offs! how do you not like Bill Burr?
Cody C
Cody C:
Our next president better be pro dogballs!!!!
I was depressed before I watched this and about 5 minutes into it I totally forgot what was bothering me. Bill is so hilarious and never fails to make me laugh; all he has to do is speak and he's funny!
new t
new t:
WOW a great comedian please come to England.
Funniest man alive hands down.
They put a du-rag on her😂
jim is i
jim is i:
i used to like bill burr.....i still do, but i used to to!
Aimee M
Aimee M:
He would have been great on the sopranos
Telios Abraxas
Telios Abraxas:
Bill Burr represents and captures the fractured Self so well. That's why I love him, no homo lol.
Tarun Kureel
Tarun Kureel:
I have watched this Stand up probably 10 times by now and I still laugh at those jokes...
He was amazing to see live--he wasn't just repeating jokes it was new stuff he is already a legend.
Flying Pig Broadcasting
Flying Pig Broadcasting:
Bill Burr: Breaking Bald
Per Hansen
Per Hansen:
Hes fucking brilliant, best stand up..🤘💪
Is it really cheating in sports when everyone does drugs? *hmmmm*
Richard Lynch
Richard Lynch:
I like his shirt.
Kevin Dillon
Kevin Dillon:
Yo I was literally doubled crying over within 3 min of this special.
Dan Chris
Dan Chris:
I love the kick he threw sideways at the kid
365 Black
365 Black:
In my mind his voice is the definition of betrayal all because of the matrix lol. I love this dude
Isn't that illegal?
Isn't that illegal?:
I died laughing. Got resurrected and died again laughing
Casper Christensen
Casper Christensen:
Nice, some Burr I hadnt seen before.
Lizzy In Hawaii
Lizzy In Hawaii:
Seen this many times and it’s still fucking great just like all his stand up.Bill you are the best comedian ever and I thought this for at least the last six years.
Reclusive Saint
Reclusive Saint:
Bill Burr: I'm not saying...just saying
this had nothing to do with breaking bad 0/10
Ganesh Aravindh
Ganesh Aravindh:
The psycho robot thing is hilarious. "gaga gaga gaga...
Daniel Stefanov
Daniel Stefanov:
This is the "Why do I do this" show, idk where that "Breaking Bad" came from.
Meredith Ann
Meredith Ann:
The deer bit had me actually crying
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
If you have to blow off some steam buy a six pack kick back and watch bill burr he will say everything on your mind
Ryan Godfrey
Ryan Godfrey:
I agree with Bill on almost everything except when a woman hits you in the face with a close fist more than once, rules go out the window
Mr Paul
Mr Paul:
"hey Bill wanna come to the cook out, maybe you could bring that potato salad? it was a real hit last year.....(One twitch of the steering wheel).... OH MY GOD! ONE OF THE MOST HORRIFFIC SCENES WE'VE SEEN IN YEARS, BODIES GET STRUNE ABOUT....LMFAO
"I stayed single too long" 😂
Joseph G. E Okello
Joseph G. E Okello:
how he makes you shed tears laughing on a very plain story! that's special - and kudos man!
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry:
Prime Burr right here.
Mark Mckeown
Mark Mckeown:
I pull faces and stuff at young kids. Bit mad when you think about it.
Do it to them before they do it to you. Funny
Archangel Revelations
Archangel Revelations:
Comedy is such a tough act now a days. I think he did well considering.
bite me
bite me:
"no reason for that guy, we got that guy." So so true!. I met that guy and his cousins EVERY DAY.
Jeff Porcaro Groove
Jeff Porcaro Groove:
check out his podcast w tal wilkenfeld...he makes his stand up seem like it is easy...this is extremely difficult...he gets very close to the edge especially today...yet gets out every time w/o racial slander...this is a talent not taught tell stories seamlessly in front of 1k people is so hard...most cannot tell a good joke at a party well...
Ananthan K.r
Ananthan K.r:
He is just telling the truth 🤣
Adam Mommo
Adam Mommo:
That deer joke sounds like ralphie may.
Brady Bunch12
Brady Bunch12:
Freedom Writers was a excellent movie tho man 😂😂😂😂
DJ Oruga
DJ Oruga:
9:32 funny thing is, he actually was helping a couple of hood schools lately
Yash Bajpai
Yash Bajpai:
Humans controlling population of other animals, hilarious
stop making that guy! lmao
Tom OConnor
Tom OConnor:
I'm so glad Americans can take the piss out of themselves. I love it.
I love when white people are honest
Carolina Sosa
Carolina Sosa:
That’s my solution for global warming ha wish I said it back in high school to my teacher
Quanchy Plimp
Quanchy Plimp:
Oh jeeez, I'm a psycho, thanks Bill - you only think it, no one does it, except the psychos!.......yep, I mounted the pavement to mow a particular asshole down, luckily for him, he leapt over a small wall as I sailed past in my 3.5 ton van, 2 wheels on the pavement!......he was on crutches with a broken leg, my focus was to break the other leg with the front of my van, I missed!, it was broad daylight - what was i thinking? :D
Muffins lives matter lol.....amazing stand up.
Marty Flagg
Marty Flagg:
BB classic......
Meredith Ann
Meredith Ann:
450 pound 8 year olds can’t get them in the car ohmygod can’t stop laughing
9:42 audience member: "hell yeah!"
Patrick Herman
Patrick Herman:
It’s great how much he says “ya know?”
Hleketile Chauke
Hleketile Chauke:
9:43 hell yeah😂😂😂
Tiger Diesel
Tiger Diesel:
Bill Burr and Thanos had a pretty good idea.
Sean S.
Sean S.:
“There’s no reason that guy should exist, we already got that guy.” Classic BB
Beauty on a Barn Budget
Beauty on a Barn Budget:
What year is this??? Like 07?