Bagel Boss Bully Bites Back

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Jeff McLeroy
Jeff McLeroy:
Imagine if this were a fat woman complaining. I bet they would not be laughing
Mac Alton
Mac Alton:
He totally told the dude to attack him
AJ Cee
AJ Cee:
Why do people feel like it's perfectly appropriate to mock short men?
Now he's famous,
all the bit*hes gonna crawl him..
Yo..bitc*es get low, GET REAL LOW!!!
Baby Mommy With the Clip
Baby Mommy With the Clip:
An American hero
Josie Whales
Josie Whales:
Little man syndrome
BEAUJAN Peester:
When short dudes get to raging just call em mighty mouse
Dietrich Nelson
Dietrich Nelson:
"Patting him on the head"? 😎
Action News Network
Action News Network:
I'm glad the tall guy didn't discriminate against the midget and delivered an unbiased ass whopping. That's all lil guy wants right? To not be treated differently because he's short.
Charles Myers
Charles Myers:
Now he'll get a date! Right!
Mac Alton
Mac Alton:
He totally told the dude to attack him
asen lipska
asen lipska:
He is a complete and utter sociopath and a nut job he needs to have an evaluation
Dan Zykam
Dan Zykam:
Another instance where people don’t like something someone says so they feel the need to physically assault them to get them to shut up. I bet you that big tall man felt really manly after tackling a 5 foot man because he doesn’t like what he saying. He should be arrested for assault. That little guy didn’t touch him. Just sayin
Tony C
Tony C:
Phil Mante
Phil Mante:
Man to man advice? Let it go, man! Let it go! If you accepted it and tried to play the role of cute guy you might have found a nice 4'something girl. But no, you chose to get fat, dress like a child, and behave like a child.
Charles Myers
Charles Myers:
Seriously, there are millions of short women, and yes some of them actually discriminate against short guys but a lot want a guy their height.
DJ Strych9
DJ Strych9:
So it's not ok when this guy acts out like this but it is for every black person in America?

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