Analysis of Isaac Kappy’s final video

Is the message and tone of this video comparable to that of Kappy’s last Instagram post? What exactly was his “stupid, petty, vile” act of betrayal? The full video:

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Speed it up man come on!
Ursabruin 1
Ursabruin 1:
I wonder if he had info on whereabouts of John F Kennedy Jr..and let it slip.
Huru Duru
Huru Duru:
What he did was He sold his soul to the Devil, In the blink of an eye "Now I'm one of them"
Louis Peek
Louis Peek:
Dude, clean your screen.
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston:
Never heard of Isacc Kappy..i am from the UK. R.I.P.. sir. I clicked on because i thought it was Mo Salah. A premier league football star. He is a ringer for him. Anyway sad for his family and his friends.hope he is at peace now.
Lynn Paul
Lynn Paul:
We will never know probably. I watched him a few times but he was too weird for me. Made me feel uncomfortable
He says he’s alone but you can hear someone telling the dog to “shut up” in the background.
Harry Hubbard
Harry Hubbard:
This video isn't as much fun as watching paint dry.
Why would his dog be constantly barking and whimpering throughout this whole video. That’s a huge tell. The biting of the lips, the constant stretching, heavy breaths. This is someone under A LOT OF STRESS.
James Tucker
James Tucker:
Wacky times we are living in man
Maybe he realized he's a major fraud. He screwed over America? Narcissist don't kill themselves.
Just learned about his demise...very sad.😟
Isaac talks about "betraying" the "cause", I think he could mean the hidden power structures in Hollywood. He looks scared in that last video... and I saw lots of videos where he said he wasn't suicidal. R I P
Marban Marban
Marban Marban:
Doesn't he looked a bit jumpy when the dog makes noise? Around 4:20 on the video.
M K:
It's obvious he felt he had done something he could never come back from.
Is he laying on a floor?
He felt that what he'd done was coming out to the public anyway... and wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that he was sorrowful about what he did. It has something to do with betraying the Q movement... he agreed to someone's question online that Q would probably have him in 'brackets'... He talked to a 'very good man'... and he also makes the remark about 'Jr' doing something great...and that he hates he was going to miss it. I kept wondering if he was talking about jail instead of death at times... yet he said he was in danger (but of his own doing). He said he didn't hurt a child...but he also said he was now 'one of them'... What did 'they', the enemy, have in common other than the children?... They were all trying to take down Trump. Did he get so 'clinical' as he says... that he got tired of waiting for arrests and lost hope that anything was happening behind the scenes?... and maybe did something he thought would expose what he thought might now be a LARP? Whatever it was, he realized immediately that he had been duped/scammed/tricked etc... and hates himself for it. I still wonder if he wasn't thinking he'd be dealing with jail time and not death... remember when he was asked if he was going to leave the country... he said 'maybe'. Just some of my rambling thoughts. By the way, I did watch the whole thing.
Tiffany Jade
Tiffany Jade:
In my opinion, he accepted money to protect someone who was likely compromised. Which will likely come out when indictments happen. Which is how he let down the Q movement.

Excellent analysis on your part!

RIP Isaac. You were a good man with a pure heart.
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine:
Seems like he's just babbling bs no real answers no real statements just running around the Bush
MKed out
Harry Hepworth
Harry Hepworth:
He's seen something and he's been payed to stay quite, and that decision has come back to haunt him, Time will tell .
uluvhere !
uluvhere !:
Ok this idiotic idea of everyone is alt-right is getting old. It's becoming obvious 80% of people have no clue what the alt-right actually believe
Sheriff of YouTube
Sheriff of YouTube:
*i made a video 🍕on my channel 📌to answer the questions you raised in this video. God Bless*
warning. today, a lot of street drugs have powerful ssdi type drugs cut into them for a more intense high. these drugs can also make you crazy.
Huru Duru
Huru Duru:
He sold his soul to the Devil
Later in the video he actually says something that he did had to do with something digital that he did impulsively
Bianca blast
Bianca blast:
Scammed viewers out of money for drugs and self gain
i am love
i am love:
He is just waffeling and blabbering.saying nothing.
Katherine Leclerc
Katherine Leclerc:
😒This is what i imagine james Charles real apologie video gonna look like ...❤️rip Isaac !
Sofii Trojanowski
Sofii Trojanowski:
Ready Reckoner
Ready Reckoner:
Man you are a really well read dude. Nice to hear.
Anna Believe
Anna Believe:
satanic ritual perhaps? now he regrets it? unfortunately satan got to his head. i hope his with Jesus as he seems sincere.
wayne sharp
wayne sharp:
He mentioned in the act, digital trace and money. Digital trace as in video?
Denise T
Denise T:
When you join a cult they make you do things or they threaten your family. These devils have to be stopped. Jesus is coming Lucifer can't hide any more. I hope he's with Jesus now Where no one can hurt him.
Hillbilly Redneck
Hillbilly Redneck:
To me being someone that watched many of his older vids more less analyzing to see how sincere or legit he was this actually looks like a subliminal confession that what I would suspect the ones he told on made him admit that how he knew what he knew was he was there too. I mean think about it he would not know these things unless he participated in it
I think when he said “in a blink of an eye” he gambled his money left in one hand of black jack. Idk... if he’s been drinking and doing drugs maybe he’s having guilt and now comparing himself to being like one of them.
He is an actor after all. Maybe he was acting mentally bizarre in past videos on purpose. The Illuminati thinks he’s crazy they won’t kill him. Start acting normal, well that’s a different story.
Ace Edmond
Ace Edmond:
I wonder if he was compromised or set up somehow.. seduced.... can't imagine appears he has some shame and frustration for something... who knows.
Matt Roy
Matt Roy:
Thanks for posting this, I hope it stays up.
Gorillatour Booking
Gorillatour Booking:
Rest in peace, We will miss you.
Maria Muniz
Maria Muniz:
He believed in Christ but not so much in His mercy. I wish he would’ve reconsidered. Pray for his soul.
Great analysis. What could be SO bad? He said it wasn't to do with children or killing anyone. I kind of wonder if this is so confusing and he keeps repeating certain things, blink of an eye etc. because it's like an acting brief, or something he's been told to allude to but there's actually nothing behind it?
Under duress but under threat to in no way betray that? Threats to family would achieve that.
Or he was bipolar or something and mountain molehill?
The alleged terrible deed he said:
- was for money
- was thoughtless, quick, stupid, a heartbreaking betrayal.
- seems to be implying it's something very shocking which will make people hate him.
I doubt we'll ever find out, to be honest.
You know what?
I believe the affect but I don't believe he 'did' anything. There's something really off about the referencing to this supposed action.
He really does seem to believe that he's doomed, but I think here he might be doing the acting job of his life because he's been cornered by some very ruthless people who he KNOWS will harm his family otherwise.
So, he did this to a brief and then they offed him.
Suicide, sullying of his own reputation, job done, case closed. 😡
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me:
I also think there might be some meaning behind "in the blink of an eye".
He mentions it multiple times and with emphacis.
There is something about that phrase that is nagging my brain.
I think he is referring to himself his own betrayal he says he looked at his life and evaluated his things he has done through out his life the devil can beat you up into thinking your not worthy it’s called despair cappy did not trust on gods mercy for forgiveness cappy had one weakness and he bite the apple 🍎 god rest his soul
Monica Solar
Monica Solar:
So sad.... you can hear his pain. Im not sure if someone's there the dogs seem locked in a room. His blinking and hand jestures are telling us something. God rest your soul Isaac.
vicky w-o sullivan
vicky w-o sullivan:
he looks sad and upset?
Is John Brennan the one Isaac kappy sold out America to, gave John Brennan some info about Trump/Q?
Didn't Isaac Kappy say he got a phone call from John Brennan after he was running from Seth Green and his friend?
earl pipe
earl pipe:
R.I.P. Isaac Kappy. I hope his pains over in whatever afterlife exists
flat earth squirrel girl
flat earth squirrel girl:
When he says "now Im one of them"... its like one of those foot in the mouth moments, where your intention doesn't come across as clearly as you think it did. Happens to me daily.

Anyways- it seems highly unlikely that he committed suicide. Much more probable that he was 'suicided'. Which Im assuming most of us have hopefully figured out by now.
Vickie O.
Vickie O.:
Maybe hes talking about choking Paris. Maybe it was some Satanic ritual or something.
VFS Goodwin
VFS Goodwin:
Good analysis Sir. Thank you.
30 pieces of silver
Denise C
Denise C:
Big difference between him in this video vs his past live streams where he’s more animated, speaks w/ conviction and gets to the point... its hard to say w/ actors tho
Bob Causey
Bob Causey:
Keeps saying eye, as in singular, all seeing eye, Illuminati!
Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda:
He says: I am one of "Them " !
vicky w-o sullivan
vicky w-o sullivan:
we cannot determine what he did bad. beating himself up. he came out of the darkness. he relapsed back into darkness.
GameOn4Funn Game
GameOn4Funn Game:
RIP telling the Truth.and now he is Gone.and humans dont belive..monny.monny..facebook.etc..pedos..
you are my sunshine
you are my sunshine:
I am thinking that he's had a life of extreme ups and downs. I think that he has made a series of impulsive decisions over the coarse of his life and he just couldn't find a way out (there is always a way out and forgiveness in Christ). Perhaps he regrets the way he's handled things. I heard that he allegedly choked Paris Jackson. Afterwards, she moved and beefed up security. That's a hard thing to realize you've done. Domestic violence experts will tell you that if a man does this, the chances of him killing you is almost certain if you don't leave. I know this to be true. So, I think that he had demons and a hatred that scared even him. I'm not saying he had a realization of this particular incident, but his personal demons were in general were overwhelming him. I believe he's just spiraling out of control from the guilt of his past mistakes.
I heard he doxed some patriots working under cover to the cabal for money. That's just what I heard.
Vickie O.
Vickie O.:
I dont recall him ever standing where he is standing now or maybe I missed a few videos.
Sarah Sanarah
Sarah Sanarah:
He directly mentioned the Illuminati! First time from a celebrity
NowA NevA
NowA NevA:
I was relieved that whatever he did that he didn’t hurt a child.
S A:
A David Oats Reverse Speech session would be telltale. I imagine someone on earth knows what he did so soon we may hear of it.
I liked your comments, thx
Dude Man
Dude Man:
No one believes in satan anymore, they are sadly mistaken.
Cassi Dee
Cassi Dee:
Don't do drugs, kids, mmkay.
The Great Cornholio
The Great Cornholio:
stop interrupting
Johnny Olson
Johnny Olson:
Interesting vid. Never heard of the dude, but it seems like his legacy will be used as a tool to blur the lines between the repentant and the repentless.

Who knows..? besides Jesus Christ, of course.

We'll see when everything is revealed, I guess... Matthew 10 : 26
Harley Carver
Harley Carver:
Waaayyu too much commentary
Kronickillness Nikolaos
Kronickillness Nikolaos:
That's why I couldn't keep watching his videos was they were ALL the same just insert blank name and then the way he goes on about what he's done so vague u CAN'T tell WTF he's actually talking about and he's ALWAYS like "oh it's bad guys irs really bad it's really really bad u guys" n I'm like ok well I've already done my research so if anything significant comes out of this dude then we'll pay attention when something new or significant & or actually relevant or actionable etc etc. Till now which makes it seem like he was telling thr truth to those who seek it &stay up on this stuff and tjen also make it look like he was just a crazy person to be written off ignored crazy n suicides but idk THIS huge change in format and he says "might be the last video" it almost looks like in a way that he is held at gun point off camera maybe and they made it look like suicide. Or im thinking he had a choice of suicide or murder chose suicide and this was the apology for being weak or a coward idk tho I'm missing a lot of pieces still.
Theory: I think they approached him with money to be quiet. He mentioned Judas. Who would you betray? Someone important to him or source. Just a theory.
Hyper Girl
Hyper Girl:
Someone forced him to make the video
Mike White
Mike White:
this channel total waste of time
Stinz Maynard
Stinz Maynard:
you see how quickly he answered that chat comment about being threatened. No hesitation no facial Que's moved on quickly spent no time on the question. Practiced answer if you ask me.
cbjoey321 IG
cbjoey321 IG:
Clean ur computer screen lol
Matthew Wells
Matthew Wells:
His YouTube channel gone ?
please sort the sound out so I can watch pleas
Is your computer in a sawmill? Wipe it off!
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster:
Secret societies, blackmail, Lucifer, return of the King.
What if the cabal paid him to implicate Trump? Could that be the betrayal?
He seems to have a scab near his right temple, as if he fell or was hit and it broke the skin.
Ready Reckoner
Ready Reckoner:
The only guess I can venture in reasonably good conscience is that he handed over personal information on some goodguys, perhaps having been tricked into doing so.
Micky Jones
Micky Jones:
dead man switch?
Vickie O.
Vickie O.:
Who was the person or persons that made him feel he was Judas?
So the guy said
He screwed over America
WE would all suffer for what he did
And then he committed suicide or was suicided.

He took money for something that is going to impact all of America and make us all suffer.
That’s what he said.
Dumb games 7
Dumb games 7:
Maybe he is ashamed of being apart of HOLLYWOOD and all its darkness, and couldn't live with who he has become.
vicky w-o sullivan
vicky w-o sullivan:
mkultra victim?
M.J. Bodhi
M.J. Bodhi:
Scapegoat, most likely. Who knows. I suspect he was to be a scapegoat from the beginning when he started outing people. Then again I only follow this stuff tangentially anymore. It seems to be an episode in this weird life imitates art imitates life drama playing out on the Internet the last few years.
It's like a more complex, drawn out version of lonelygirl15.
The Otherme
The Otherme:
Isn’t it too warm now to wear a lined denim jacket?
Denise C
Denise C:
Traitor to who?? Alex Jones?
Is it possible that he was making this video against his own will?
Fallopian Tube Formula
Fallopian Tube Formula:
Forced. Under duress. His family was in harm's way.
Cindy Fairbrother
Cindy Fairbrother:
This poor guy was m k cade
I bet he went and gambled all the donation money he received from the cause and lost all that s***. He was murdered for the video he put out I think he released his insurance in a blink of an eye just like the Press of a button
Polska cat
Polska cat:
He is talking with his back against the wall, is that pertinent to the video?
goose e
goose e:
He was killed and already dead when he was tossed over the bridge
The way he was talking about Judas, Im thinking maybe he ratted out a source...
Sol Invictus Pais
Sol Invictus Pais:
Issac Kappy sure won't happy!
This is why Chris and Chester faked their deaths to disappear from the pervs.
Apollo Desho
Apollo Desho:
Dude, I just want to watch the video. I can’t find it anywhere. If you have it can you upload it without the commentary.
we are princes of the power
we are princes of the power:
I think he recorded himself at the bath house knowing the little girl was gonna tell on him. He may or may not have endulged in the bath house video with the little girls
machine thesun
machine thesun:
"in the blink of an eye" and all the blinking. It feels like a coded message.
m d
m d:
He admitted what he did. He sold out America.
Maybe he got recorded offering to recant -- or he did recant -- in exchange for some hush money? Or he destroyed the evidence he was sitting on for money? Then "they" flipped on him and hit him with the ultimatum... kill yourself or we hurt/ kill your family?

Or he got caught trying to blackmail someone?

It really could be anything though when you think about it, because even though he denied certain questions, he was pretty adamant that he wouldn't/ couldn't tell even if he wanted to for fear of the repercussions... so even if someone did guess it, it's not likely he would have said anything.

Beyond that, the article that's floating around about his death says that he contacted Trump and said sorry, and it said that he promised Trump he would testify in a public court about his "many crimes," and that he would "commit to execution," whatever that means. So he might have been a lot deeper in than what he pretended like... which makes sense because I don't think one of these Hollywood cults are just going to invite some square in and "hope" hes ok with the satanic ritual abuse of children. Even if that's not what this is about, it must be related to it in some way, or something like it... because no "small thing" is going to make you put out a video like this and then get thrown off a bridge and killed by a passing truck a day later.

...Then again the whole thing could just be one big psyop like Q so ya never know.

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