AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 - Honest Thoughts After 1 Month!

AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 - Full Comparison After 1 Month! | AirPods Pro Review vs AirPods 2 The AirPods Pro were released about a month ago and after using them every single day since, here is my full review and comparison to last generation's AirPods 2. We cover the AirPods Pro battery life, gestures, build quality, sound quality with noise cancellation, transparency mode and much more! Of course, we also discuss the price of the AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 at the end, so you can decide which pair you should buy. Buy AirPods 2 for just $139 (Black Friday deal): Buy AirPods 2 w/ Wireless Charging case for just $179 (Black Friday deal): Buy AirPods Pro for just $235 (Black Friday deal): AirPods Pro - Unboxing, Setup & Sound Test vs AirPods 2: AirPods Pro - First 11 Things To Do: Apple AirPods 2 (2019) - NOT Worth Buying?: Apple AirPods Review (3 Months Later) - A $160 Joke?: Do you have the AirPods Pro yet? Planning on getting them, or the AirPods 2? ▶️ Subscribe Here (it's FREE!): ▶️ Become a

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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch:
Are you getting new AirPods this year or do you already have them?
Antonio Lomeli
Antonio Lomeli:
After having the pros everyone with regular AirPods looks like they’re wearing something clunky, especially the stem
Clayton Olden
Clayton Olden:
I’m on the fence about getting these I want the noise canceling and all that but that price is a little much
I just got my Pros about a week ago and experienced the same thing you did, I initially had the Mediums on and they fit fine but kept falling out and kinda hurt my ears so I switched to the Smalls, but overall they're great and I love ANC

I actually switched to the Larges because they fit better and feel more comfortable
I am so far enjoying the Pros but I would say they are not for everyone when it comes down to comfortability.
Marco B510
Marco B510:
0:00 I thought it was just engraved shape of the airpods 😅
George Harris
George Harris:
I work in a factory and in my experience the AirPods Pro is definitely an upgrade over the AirPods 2
Juan Medina
Juan Medina:
Just tried to pair my pros with my jailbroken iOS 12 device. “Set-up with limited functionality”... thanks Apple 😂💀🤣
Megan MacMillan
Megan MacMillan:
Is anyone else just binge watching airpods videos because you’ve ordered them lmao
I've had my AirPods Pro since October 30th, and I really should be using them more often than I do. Even so, they're my favorite pair of earbuds I've ever had, honestly probably the highest quality too, both in terms of general build and sound. I might've had some hiccups here and there with a few little things, but I usually brush it off as me being too impatient when trying to switch between hearing modes.

1:36 I really REALLY appreciate how clean the AirPods Pro keep clean compared to the older design, the silicone tip does push a bit deeper into my ear, but it also keeps everything out of the grills. I actually had my first pair of AirPods replaced because the sound was fading from the left one compared to the right, so even after cleaning it the grills still held onto some of the residue and it eventually wore it down. The AirPods Pro really improved on that not only with the silicone tips, but the tips ALSO have their own grill! They can be removed and cleaned out really easy. (Bit gross, but I pulled out one of my AirPods Pros a while ago and there was a clump of wax inside, but I was easily able to remove it all just by using a Q-tip)

I find that the small tips fit best and most comfortably, the only issue I have with them compared to the original AirPods is that I've noticed they're more likely to fall out when I'm laying on my side or something like that. Maybe I just didn't wear my AirPods that much when I was laying in bed, but I've noticed that it's been a more frequent inconvenience in my memory.

The noise cancellation is really good compared to the headphones I currently have. I'm not sure how they match up to the Bose 700s or Sony's WH1000XM3s because I don't have them, but for someone who's had a bit of experience with noise cancelling headphones (I bought my current pair for $60, so I can't expect so much from them) they're still a massive leap and they work incredibly. I believe the inward facing microphone also helps a lot with noise cancelling; I'm not sure if it's outside noise or if it's something with all in-ear earbuds, but I hear a low rumble when the noise cancelling is off, and when I turn it on, it goes away. It could be a combination of inner and outer noise, but I think the inner microphone still improves the noise cancellation a lot!

If you want a good set of headphones that you can use all the time everywhere, go for the AirPods Pro, but if you just need a pair of good headphones for convenient use while traveling, any of the AirPods will be good. AirPods Pro for a "daily driver" and/or noise cancellation, any others if you just need it for occasional or casual listening.
6:47 always remember to enable transparency before passing intersections/train tracks
Ronny Cox
Ronny Cox:
Started with the medium ear tips, my left air pod fell out of my ear on concrete and scratched. I chatted with Apple and they magically granted a one time exception and replaced the left air pod. Sent it to me with one day shipping! I didn’t even have to send back the scratches air pod!!!! Suffice it to say I moved down to the small ear tips and have had better results....
Jorge Almeida
Jorge Almeida:
I had to return them.. they kept slipping out of my ears when working out or just eating.
I don’t know. I kinda like the fact that I can run 10 feet without losing my buds. AirPods pro FTW. NUFF SAID!
BryanX 64
BryanX 64:
I'm on the fence. I like the fact that the 2s don't have the tips and are just straight-ahead in your ears, I was never a fan of silicone tips.
Victor Ryan
Victor Ryan:
More satisfying in the AirPods 2?? I have the pros and I’m literally addicted to opening and closing the case. I love that it sounds heavier than the older ones
Wire Master
Wire Master:
I went to moms house and I Saw a pair of those and I have been longing for air pods for Christmas
slendershoe5756 Caponegro
slendershoe5756 Caponegro:
I have to say from upgrading from the gen 1 airpods and from cleaning them every 3 days I clean my air pods pro every 2 weeks because a little bit of wax gets stored in the ear tip
jason banados
jason banados:

ive had my airpods pro for 4 days now because i got it for my birthday, and ive had this glitch happen with me where i think when you press the button for noise cancellation and transparency mode a lot at one time it just stops working and will be stuck on either noise cancellation or transparency mode. you can fix this by putting it in the case for a few mins but i wanna know it this happens to anyone else. this usually happens when im working out because after im done a set i talk to my friend so i put it on transparency mode but when i start working out again i put it on noise cancellation and after a bit the glitch happens. Please tell me im not the only one because i want to know if mine are breaking already! :(
Dayana Herrera
Dayana Herrera:
6:40 how to get kidnap part one 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️u in the street and can’t hear anything boom kidnap
Jaden Halstead
Jaden Halstead:
The test is very accurate. I don’t understand why people can’t comprehend the idea that multiple sizes of ear tips can create a good seal
Ramen Noodle
Ramen Noodle:
In my personal experience with these, there can be a tiny bit of discomfort. For example, on the right AirPod, if I push it back in if it somehow moves (the fit on these are amazing) it can cause pain. Otherwise, these are great!
Tim Othy
Tim Othy:
Y’all be careful you if you can’t hear cars just be aware
Uh Real Goblin
Uh Real Goblin:
Damn you making me want the pros 😣
Mannat Nayak
Mannat Nayak:
Thank You So Much Bro I Was Eagerly Waiting For This Video😊1st Viewer😍
flavio herrera
flavio herrera:
6:00 3d tough? lol
I still have the first gen after 2 years and one of the ear pieces gave up on itself and don't work anymore.
T.J. Evans
T.J. Evans:
Brandon you need a manicure.
Damien Kinder
Damien Kinder:
Great review!! Do you know when Apple is gonna release the AirPods in different colors, like black or red etc?
Carl Ladd
Carl Ladd:
I have AirPods 2. Id like the pro so I can shower with them in and
Clif Smallwood
Clif Smallwood:
I’ve had mine a couple weeks. They’re great as far sound and functionality. I’m a mechanic, I don’t like white only. They’ve fallen out on me in some bad places too :/ The color is my biggest dislike.
mike miles
mike miles:
Great 👍 Review❗️I am getting the pros, I couldn’t keep the right ear in place with the originals ❗️✅
Forgot to say that the AirPods pro allow air to pass through them to release the pressure on your ears when using ANC
ALecKs _
ALecKs _:
My AirPods pros comin till January 3 Apple always sell out
Guido Diaz
Guido Diaz:
I bought my AirPods Pro like 3 weeks ago and then I lost the charging case 2 days ago went to apple store to find out how much it would cost me for a new charging case $99 tax included great...
Mr Yoda
Mr Yoda:
The fit yet doesn’t tell you what size you should wear it just tells you if that certain size you are wearing gives you a good seal.
Troy Cruz
Troy Cruz:
I got the AirPods 2 and I love them and got my partner AirPods 2 also for Christmas
Excellent review. I purchased the AirPods Pro (had original AirPods) and find the noise canceling a really great feature. The fit is much better as well and I also now have the benefit of wireless charging. Overall very satisfied.
Talia Katayama
Talia Katayama:
10:34 Summary of entire video + pros and cons
LZS_ salmon
LZS_ salmon:
Getting the pro for Christmas
Free iPhone 11 Pro - Best GiveAway
Free iPhone 11 Pro - Best GiveAway:
Thank you so much for your review
Livendi Zuck
Livendi Zuck:
My original gen 1 AirPods fall out so I bought the pros. Hopefully these fit properly or I’ll probably return them to Costco.

Thanks for the video. Duuuuuuvall!! 👍🏻
hafizul alif
hafizul alif:
I switch to the smaller tips too, works great for me
Shane Persad
Shane Persad:
Worst price to sound quality ratio I have seen and used... Bought for my wife's birthday. Spend 249 + 29 for apple-care and 18.60 tax comes around $296... I had a chance to tried them out and was first blown away by the noise canceling feature but sound quality is horrendous... The 7.99 wired Panasonic air buds on Amazon sounds better than these.. Also, I tested them out with $10- $15 wired ear buds that came with my Samsung Note 8 ( AKGs) and they blew these out of the water. I did a sound test and try on all ear tips and was underwhelm. Can't believe people are spending that type money for poor sound quality at this price when there are VModa, Sennheiser, Bose, Klispc, Sony etc.. Since they kept falling out both of my wife's and my ears, I returned them an order the Air Pod 2nd gen for 129 which more reasonably priced.
Nehemiah Jenkins
Nehemiah Jenkins:
I brought some AirPod pros yesterday. At first I was hesitant but after using them for an hour, I’m happy.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts:
Air pods pro get so moist in my ear and it’s not very comfortable
Muggy Duke
Muggy Duke:
Does anyone else worry for this guy he can’t hear anything outside just me or should be more careful Bc a car could hit
This is what the AirPod 2 shoulda been
Mehmet Can Gökçimen
Mehmet Can Gökçimen:
Hi Brandon, have you noticed any hissing sound on pros while using noice control modes?
Locust-. Heat
Locust-. Heat:
Weird flex’s but ok
Debo Minor
Debo Minor:
I went and got got my AirPod Pro’s yesterday & I absolutely love them! I would recommend anyone to upgrade! It’s expensive but it’s well worth it!
Jack Grennan
Jack Grennan:
I have AirPods Pro and Beats Studio3. Hoth fantastic, and it’s great having both because they’re for totally different situations. The beats have overall better sound, but the AirPods are much more convenient for everyday use.
Juicy Alex
Juicy Alex:
i want to buy the airpod pro but im too poor 😂
Scar A
Scar A:
I have both and must say I like the Pros more. They sound better, feel better and look better in my opinion. Also the fact that I don't need to clean them every day, as I did the normal AirPods, is a huge relief for me personally since I'm a clean freak. Also, another mindless positive is accidentally dropping them. They slipped off my hands twice and dropped right on the silicon tips, which protected from impact. Mindless positive there, but worth noting. Please note that they never dropped off my ears since I got them, the fit is really good.
Duzif Fuxgx
Duzif Fuxgx:
I am getting them,and there coming dec 4-6,but I’m scared I won’t like them I got worried when you said that some things were better on the AirPod 2 ,but over all I hope there good
Christian Stefanovski
Christian Stefanovski:
i really wish i had airpods😔
Brandon Butch - I'll give you an honest thought, you can't compare AirPods 2 to AirPods pro's, they are two different types of ear buds, one isolates the sound and the other doesn't, they were designed that way, you want to compare AirPods Pros to something, compare them to Powerbeats Pro's, Galaxy buds, Sony's, you know other enclosed ear, ear buds that are in the same category.
I really want the AirPods pro But i dont know if they are worth it or if they are comfortable
H S:
I have problems with controls with iphone X. Especially press and hold does not work most of the time.
Which has better audio quality for phone calls?
Isabella Jimenez
Isabella Jimenez:
I really want AirPods Pro for Christmas especially after all of the great reviews
giovanni rosario
giovanni rosario:
On the apple site how I know that the AirPods apple is selling is the AirPod 2 what’s the deferente of the 159 and the 200
Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott:
The fingernails and earwax are a no from me dog 😷
The pros aren’t worth the asking price. I just switched to iPhone 11 from a galaxy s10e and I held onto my Samsung Galaxy Buds and they pair up just fine and are way better than AirPod pros. Just sharing my personal experience not trying to hate 🤷🏽‍♂️
Raquel M
Raquel M:
now how u going to clean the silicone tips
Eva Marie
Eva Marie:
Wait, so if you have the pros on off, does that make it like the gen 2 AirPods? So not noise cancellation or transparency mode, but just normal
Matthew Mills
Matthew Mills:
What case is on your main phone in the video?
Check This Tech
Check This Tech:
Where is the cheapest place I can get the AirPod pros
clayton's gaming Channel
clayton's gaming Channel:
awesome video man keep up the good work I love your videos
Eric V
Eric V:
No mater which tips I put on the AirPods pro always fall out of my ears..
David Centaura
David Centaura:
Just got pro 2 and will be sending them back. Not what I expected, for 250 bucks you think the volume control would be on the ear buds. No difference in the sound to me. I like my Bose much better.
Terence Tai
Terence Tai:
Pro tips - use blue tag to clean your airpod!
Naomi Alex
Naomi Alex:
The fit test only tests the seal at the time of testing not the fit in all future scenarios or the comfort...

EDIT: My point being that for what you’re judging the fit test on “accuracy” has nothing to do with it. For what it was made to detect it IS accurate. If you had done a fit test after a workout when they came loose it would’ve told you that you don’t have a good seal -_-
Varoon Jhaa
Varoon Jhaa:
Who is here in 2045
*Thanks* 😊😍
Greg XD
Greg XD:
“Gets dirty with dirt” Nice
Sarthak Agrawal
Sarthak Agrawal:
Useless to pay more for Airpods Pro
Tech In RL
Tech In RL:
When I first got them, all three ear tip sizes passed the Fit Test. Now none of them do, and I don’t know why. They feel like they have a tight seal, so I don’t know if the ear tips or the buds themselves are defective, or whether the latest firmware upgrade caused problems. I’ve changed tips frequently, so I don’t know if I’ve damaged them. They look fine and click into place nicely. Has anyone else experienced a failure in the Fit Test for all ear tips? If you solved it, how did you do it? Thanks!
imran khan
imran khan:
Does anc and transparency mode work with windows 10/ laptops
Zach Lloyd
Zach Lloyd:
Ive had the the airpods 1st gen for a little over a year, and they’re starting to sound wonky. My left AirPod sounds way lower than the right. I talked to Apple and they couldn’t do too much for me other than saying I could pay for a replacement. do you think I should just upgrade to the pros?
Are anyone else’s AirPod pros $400 from apple? I remember going I. The website and seeing $259 but then a few days later it’s saying $400? Have they upped it up for Christmas or something?
Elle 12345
Elle 12345:
I dropped my AirPods in a puddle and left it there for abt 2 min and they worked perfect after
John Himmelberger
John Himmelberger:
That comment
That comment:
Get air pods 2 then wait for the pro 2
Cheers man
Price is waaaaay too much
BoiXd • 34 years ago
BoiXd • 34 years ago:
I would have wanted the airpods but earpods dont fit my ears,so the airpods wont work. Then i saw the Airpods pro and now i want them soo much! Do they fit small ears well?
M Wade04
M Wade04:
Does this have the feature that the AirPods gen 1 and2 had where if you take it out it pauses
Frenchiest Cuisine
Frenchiest Cuisine:
I just recently got the AirPod 2 non wireless charging case for 140 at Best Buy
Frank Sakurai-Cook
Frank Sakurai-Cook:
800th like
hey brandon what’s that light purple case your sporting on that iphone 11 ?
Edward Lee
Edward Lee:
Anyone airpods pro’s ANC got weaker after updating to the latest firmware (2B588)?
Shaheer Syed
Shaheer Syed:
I’m 2:00 in so far but I’m dying to ask, is there noticeable wobble in the case hinge?
AXN Films Official
AXN Films Official:
It has been a month and it is still not available in Malaysia

Joshua Byrd
Joshua Byrd:
The only downside is the AirPods pro comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable I don’t have a iPhone 11 so can’t use the cable 😂 other than that the Pros are great I work in a very noisy environment and I couldn’t even use my first gen AirPods but I can hear everything perfectly and clearly with the pros definitely worth the price!
100k subs with 3 videos?
100k subs with 3 videos?:
Fun fact

We all are watching this without fullscreen
Mike DeCarlo
Mike DeCarlo:
Should I get these or wait til they come out with new ones??
I want AirPods but I’m to poor
Markell Blake
Markell Blake:
I want the AirPods Pro
For some reason, the original airpods are a much better fit for me than the Pros were.... And the whole pressure thing didn't work for me that well either....