AirPods Pro Review! Everything New vs AirPods 2

Apple AirPods Pro Are Here! Everything new review & AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 full comparison. Active noise cancellation, transparency mode, new design & more features. 6 AirPods Giveaway Here. (3 Days Left) (Follow, like & comment)

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Lewis Morra
Lewis Morra:
This guys even starting to dress like Steve jobs LOL
he's dressed like steve jobs when he introduced the first iPhone lmao
Robin Liu
Robin Liu:
2016: AirPods

2019: AirPods Pro

2022: AirPods Pro Max
Taco Eater123
Taco Eater123:
Normal AirPods user: sorry I don’t talk broke

AirPods Pro: sorry I don’t hear broke
Apple: They have 100% noise cancellation.

6ix 9ine: their lying
dheeraj vella
dheeraj vella:
He’s dressed like he’s about to launch some new Apple product live.
Scott Maday
Scott Maday:
Every time he says “that alone is worth $50” it feels like he’s trying to justify to himself how he spent a quarter of a grand on a pair of headphones
1000 Subscribers With A Little To No Videos.
1000 Subscribers With A Little To No Videos.:
Me: Me and my wallet aren’t going broke today.

Wallet: *Uh, yes we are.*
Zaynah Rafiq
Zaynah Rafiq:
AirPod User: Are those the new Airpods?
AirPod Pro User: Siri, turn of noise cancellation, sorry, what was that?
Martin Jarquin
Martin Jarquin:
Pro tip:
If you click to end of the video when it starts and then you click replay you wont get any ads 👍🏼
Normal AirPods user: sorry, can’t hear you

AirPods Pro user: I literally can’t hear you.
Was never given A name
Was never given A name:
The fact this dude casually has every iPhone 11 color just chilling on the side of his desk when I still have the iPhone 6...
Olando Anônimo
Olando Anônimo:
God, he dresses like Steve Jobs now.
AirPod users: i can’t hear you

Airpod pro users: i forgot to turn transparency mode on
Mr. Razor Doge
Mr. Razor Doge:
I’m keeping the shower head I don’t want the hair dryer
Miran Iseini
Miran Iseini:
2009: EverythingApplePro
2019: Apple names all their new products “Pro”
This man was 10 year ahead of Apple 😂
Toxiic Invasion
Toxiic Invasion:
imagine if someone broke into his house😂
Welcome back to a episode
“To I can’t afford that”

I copied that xoxo 😚
Who else is watching because you don’t have AirPods
Keith Hernandez
Keith Hernandez:
He would probably explain to the robber that the one he’s steeling isn’t the best product lmao
You wearing the Steve Jobs clothing collection now? 😂
I actually creased when you put the old AirPods back in, because they actually look weird again now like they did when they first came out... 😬
Sam Mukhin
Sam Mukhin:
I think Steve would really enjoy you as a friend. You’re doing good things for his legacy
when he was shaking his hand while talk right by the edge of the deck i thought they were gonna fly out of his hand lmao
"I love that about apple, constantly refining, constantly improving" O-Okayyy buddy Lmao
Daniel Pesetsky
Daniel Pesetsky:
He’s really going for the Steve Jobs look
Christian Chai
Christian Chai:
Who else is watching with air pod 1s?
Terrence Brown
Terrence Brown:
Bangin that "Jesus Is King" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
내 계정도눌러줘
내 계정도눌러줘:
You really made “everything apple pro”🤣🤣
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen:
I have the first air pods but I bought my girlfriend the new one an man I don’t want them I just wanted to open the box something about opening Apple products make’s me happy😂
nichbuns 37
nichbuns 37:
“It’s a little bit more egg shaped”

What rectangular eggs are you eating?!
Nick _3
Nick _3:
I’m really concerned with how it’ll stay in my ear, I’ve never had those kind of buds that didn’t fall out, but maybe the design it better for it
Chloe Sophia
Chloe Sophia:
Him: has a literal phone display case on his WALL

Claire LaBrec
Claire LaBrec:
me watching this with my apple earbuds: ._.
Awilda In Luv
Awilda In Luv:
IYSAAC aka. Lucius Loboskus
IYSAAC aka. Lucius Loboskus:
My boy dressed up as Steve Jobs himself to halloween damn
McKenzie Cross
McKenzie Cross:
Dang i love this channel and ive been saving up for airpods... I would love to enter the giveaway but im not allowed to get Instagram
Guys dont even bother paying that much 😂
Got my own fake pair that's exactly the same at, don't even waste ur money
12:29 Can't we just use the lightning cable that came with the older iphones to charge to airpods pro! 😂
hey there! would love love love to win the giveaway, i’ve entered into many of yours before but sadly have never been lucky enough to win. and also as allways a top notch video💓💓💓
Carmel Chris Brown
Carmel Chris Brown:
I got these today and the noise cancellation is amazing, I can barely hear my dad beat my mom. To me that alone is worth the extra $50
Declan The ghost
Declan The ghost:
Who else watches reviews about things your getting for Christmas
Shane Persad
Shane Persad:
Worst price to sound quality ratio I have seen and used... Bought for my wife's birthday. Spend 249 + 29 for apple-care and 18.60 tax comes around $296... I had a chance to tried them out and was first blown away by the noise canceling feature but sound quality is horrendous... The 7.99 wired Panasonic air buds on Amazon sounds better than these.. Also, I tested them out with $10- $15 wired ear buds that came with my Samsung Note 8 ( AKGs) and they blew these out of the water. I did a sound test and try on all ear tips and was underwhelm. Can't believe people are spending that type money for poor sound quality at this price when there are VModa, Sennheiser, Bose, Klispc, Sony etc.. Since they kept falling out both of my wife's and my ears, I returned them an order the Air Pod 2nd gen for 129 which more reasonably priced.
Zorin Puii
Zorin Puii:
I am genuinely impressed by your reaction alone that I’m getting myself those pods
Naila Rahim
Naila Rahim:
I want those and my phone back
Ana K.
Ana K.:
apple in 2019: EverythingApplePro
Echo 2019
Echo 2019:
I just bought these today. Great investment, but too pricey
Noname Was available
Noname Was available:
Can u tell me how he has a AirPod in 1 ear although he holds up the case with 2 AirPods in (look at thumbnails
Nafisa Suallah
Nafisa Suallah:
Hi bro, please, i need one of airpods you are given away. Im in Ghana. i love technology, so i cannot stop watching your videos, Keep the good work. thank you
Myron Qwantez
Myron Qwantez:
I have the Bose 700’s also! Love them. I was sold on the Powerbeats Pro before I saw this video. Now I’m no longer sure, I could really see myself with these! Thanks!
Bakr Shotah
Bakr Shotah:
I really wish to win.
I never win anything in my life 😭
Jay ward
Jay ward:
Trying to figure out why my AirPods pro case have a weird smell. I’m not the only one going through this
amy rohr
amy rohr:
“its just me and my music”
-phillip 2019
What a awesome name right??
What a awesome name right??:
*Gets AirPods*

Non AirPod Bluetooth wireless earbuds ad shows up
*Imagine someone breaking into his house and seeing 20 iPhones and accessories on his wall*
Slaatt Jay
Slaatt Jay:
The first AirPods got noice cancellation ‘ lmao turn on live listen and listen to your music 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson:
Honestly, when Apple announced noise cancellation with AirPods Pro, they had my FULL attention.
J C - D I A Z
J C - D I A Z:
2:00 I was waiting for him to say that ! “Pokémon Bellsprout” lol !!! Everyone is comparing them to that Pokémon . 😃😃😁
Ko Ma
Ko Ma:
Omg this is steve jobs in turtleneck. Hes alive!
Kyle Fecik
Kyle Fecik:
“I didn’t think that I would love them.”

*has every color iPhone 11, a plethora of iPhone cases, and an entire apple themed room*
Mohammed NYC Vlogs
Mohammed NYC Vlogs:
If you plan on giving away an iphone 11pro let me know bro I would love to have one> Thank You for the Vids
mohammed Rasel
mohammed Rasel:
if you plan on giving away an iphone pro let me know I'd love to have one bro. thank you
Excited about ANC. Hoping to when a pair so I can drown out my neighbors at night lol
kyle swatton
kyle swatton:
4:02 best part of vid change my mind
Auvik ahmed Chowdhury Auvik
Auvik ahmed Chowdhury Auvik:
Airpod 2 people : I can’t hear poor

Airpod pro people : I literally can’t hear you , let me turn on transparency mode
Wearing my AirPods 1 while watching this lol
This dude trying to look like Steve Jobs😂. Great review brother!
David Hron
David Hron:
Next gen will be definitely shorter until finally comes into 100% circle :)
LEs vLoGs bS
LEs vLoGs bS:
I would like to win the airpods pro giveaway. I've never even try other airpods. Your the best Filip, keep up the good work bro!👍😁
Who ´s watching with the unprofessional Airpods ?
Hudu Bushiran
Hudu Bushiran:
Great improvements and according to your experience I can also confidently say they are worth the price tag
So this is going to be a shock but I just watched for the first time. Amazing review will continue to watch future videos and reviews.
Amazing! Hope I get one. ")
Shot Pig
Shot Pig:
Hey that comment I made about the iPhone, I really actually need one now I just cracked my phone bad!😂
Spyder 8000
Spyder 8000:
His channel: EverythingApplePro

Apple products are going Pro...
Coincidence? I think not.
Rafinha Posta
Rafinha Posta:
Im getting mine for Christmas, I was really scared of getting them and not being worth it but I am convinced .
Loved your review! Can’t wait to pass down my older AirPods and get the pros!
🍁 🍂 🍃 Also, love your environment!
Adrian Stjrnfldt
Adrian Stjrnfldt:
The reaction oh woow jeeeze how dumb can it sound
Freddie C
Freddie C:
Actually I just received the email yesterday saying my AirPod 3 the engraved ones, have shipped...
Me:”sells Kidney to buy airpods”
Apple:“launches airpods pro”
Me: *There is another*
Brooke Navarro
Brooke Navarro:
Borrowed my cousins for a run and they were great!!! Would love a pair.
Jack S
Jack S:
Alright I’m changing my name to Everything AirpodsPro 😆
Naila Rahim
Naila Rahim:
I think Technolgy is amazing
Canadian in Tokyo
Canadian in Tokyo:
love the hairstyle man, great content, cheers
Axel Sunnqvist
Axel Sunnqvist:
This video could have been called EverythingAirpodsPro
HOunDz GAminG
HOunDz GAminG:
The same thing every year cough cough 🤣🤦‍♂️
Dude you look like a super villain.
Literally bro
Literally bro:
Just returned these things after they fell out of my ears 20 times at the gym. Complete overpriced trash.
Jay Dye
Jay Dye:
Rocking the turtle neck in 2019 🤓
Lii Chris
Lii Chris:
Ready to see the fake AirPod pro videos already🤷🏽‍♂️.
Joseph Isaacs
Joseph Isaacs:
I would love a pair of the new AirPods i have never won one of these before i would love to win ijs 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Tomas  Gonzalez
Tomas Gonzalez:
First time comment. Thank you for the content over the years. It's been quite insightful. Here's to the give away, cheers mate.
Jackson Potter
Jackson Potter:
1:40 “happening in the future most likely”

No, it’s gonna happen in the past my guy smh
Jay Ross
Jay Ross:
First, you need a manicure man!
Second, what case do you have on your iphone. Lol
In surprised apple hasn't got sued by nintendo they literally are bellsprout
For Christmas I’m probably going to ask for airpods 2, as my mum says she’s happy to get me them
I haven't been on Youtube for a long time but I really wanna say this haircut is damn handsome mate
Jannah J
Jannah J:
Got them last night OMG :) as a gym addict, this is crazy sound improvement, and no matter how much I sweat they will never come out and have to look for them under my treadmill :)
With noise cancellation, now you literally can’t hear broke.
Twice Na Jeong Mo Sa Ji Mi Da Chae Tzu
Twice Na Jeong Mo Sa Ji Mi Da Chae Tzu:
You so handsome with the turtle neck *.* (hearts eye emoji)