09.11.01: The towers are hit

Bryant Gumbel reports on the explosions at the World Trade Center towers and talks to eyewitnesses. (This report was from a DVD included with the tenth anniversary edition of the CBS News/Simon & Schuster book, "What We Saw: The Events of September 11, 2001, in Words, Pictures, and Video.")

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ashley parrillo
ashley parrillo:
it’s so crazy how if you ask any of your teachers or elders in your life they can tell you exactly where they were and how they felt when they heard the news
Dominick Gonzalez
Dominick Gonzalez:
To think people were burning and dying while they were recording this
at 6:10 everyone realized, this was no accident... RIP.
“Why do you say that was definitely on purpose?” Gee, idk, how often do you see two planes crash into two separate buildings within 15 minutes apart?
Why Oscar
Why Oscar:
*_5:52_**_ when I saw that airplane in the top left , my heart stopped_*
How About No
How About No:
WOW. Almost 18 years since I last saw my brother. He was in the east tower. Top floor. He jumped. Along with his 2 other friends. They hit the concrete and when I saw this on tv my life ended. His friend. Who had left the building 20 minutes prior told me he had been in his best mood ever. It was just so depressing knowing that he had to finish a great life in the worst way. RIP Jake ily❤️
i remember in my school in greece we had 1 minute silence , the whole world was in shock back then
This is true that everyone thought this was a accident in beginning.....
Thomas Morton
Thomas Morton:
7:02 between the twin tower and the Empire State Building you can see a dot that is the airplane
ThePhynex Water
ThePhynex Water:
The terrorist brain wash a man to think they can go to heaven they are
Suicide bomers
AppleHeadLover ♥
AppleHeadLover ♥:
My uncle was working on the 98th Floor , rest in peace uncle Mark 😔
“Why would you say it’s on purpose?”
C’mon man, two planes hit two slim buildings on a non-cloudy day?
Stuff Thangs
Stuff Thangs:
I hope the guy who was calling from The Marriott got out in time.
Daniel Trevino
Daniel Trevino:
*The most haunting words in US history.*

_We understand that a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center._
Let's Games
Let's Games:
Rest in piece FireFighter, Civilians, Paramedics, Police officers,and my dad

In 2019
Megan and Friends
Megan and Friends:
My friend told me that he had a brother that worked in the twin towers. On 9/11 his mom was really worried because she thought he was in the tower. He told his mom that he didn’t go because his alarm didn’t go off. It saved his life 😌

Edit- guys please stop hating on me for sharing this story. I just thought I would say something about it because it basically saved his life. I’m not looking for looking for likes. Please don’t say you don’t believe me because lots of people are being rude about me asking for likes. But I’m not. If you don’t believe me then just don’t say anything. I’m sorry if I made people mad
Buzz Lightning
Buzz Lightning:
6:10 people realized that this was not an accident , they were being under attack ....

RIP to those beutiful souls who lost their lives on that day
Nicole Chavez
Nicole Chavez:
Oh no my teacher was alive when this happend
Here after reading a comment "9/11 was not a major attack"
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira:
After 18 years, this still scares me, and makes me cry.

R.I.P. To all of the firefighters, police men/women, citizens, and children.
me la
me la:
Imagine how much mone the camera man won after he gave the recorded video to the news
Victoria xo
Victoria xo:
Did the pentagon get destroyed in the same day??
Still Makes No Sense How They Imploded
-;Shy Sky;-
-;Shy Sky;-:
My mothers cousin was on the 83 floor.And she didn't make it out. For anyone who has lost friends and family you have my sympathys.
lateephah ifedolapo
lateephah ifedolapo:
18yrs tomorrow... May the souls of all the heroes rest in perfect peace.
Anthony Washington
Anthony Washington:
My dad said “when I saw I was like what kind of CGI is this” he woke his roommate up then that’s when he realized America was under attack.
Abigail Totus
Abigail Totus:
5:52 my heart stopped
Valerie ♥
Valerie ♥:
I remember sitting on the floor in my room and watching this on TV and just crying. It was so emotional to be watching it even though I was in Texas and not New York.
Bree A
Bree A:
In 2001 I was almost 3 years old.... in school when we would watch this stuff in history class I was always so emotional. And still am. I hate that this happened I hate it so much
Today is 9-11 may everyone rest in piece. And thank you for your help ...NYPD NYFD EMTs everyone who helped.
Dezaray playz
Dezaray playz:
Im trying to find footage of the the plane hitting the towers and I can only find after it hit what it lookes like
Alexis Odimle
Alexis Odimle:
6:12 oh wow really britney i wouldve never known that tysmmm
"Why do you say that was on purpose?"
Me: Seems self explanatory to me?
5:53 who else saw the plane.
Leslie Aragon
Leslie Aragon:
Remembering September 11 in 2019 ❤️🙏 God bless all survivors and workers
1738 clan
1738 clan:
Did they not see that second plane in the back
Ariana Grandeee
Ariana Grandeee:
5:52 you can see the 2nd plane coming 😭
7:02 the plane is there it coming from the right of the two towers.
brooker smith
brooker smith:
6:09 out of all the reactions, this was the most calm.
Big Bubba
Big Bubba:
Absolutely stunning how the woman on the phone maintained her composure.
Priscilla Sandoval
Priscilla Sandoval:
I'll remember that day I was almost 9 months pregnant with my son and had a doctors appointment this was on the news so sad 🙁
on this part you can see a flying object that looks like a plane 5:51
Galaxy gammer
Galaxy gammer:
I'm praying for everybody that lost their lives including on I forget the name on the channel but a man lost a loved one and I lost my mimi she passed away cause of like sickness I trie to stay strong
"why do you say that was on purpose"

there is such a thing as a dumb question
jon laymon
jon laymon:
Never forget. 17 years later and watching these reopens the wounds like it happened yesterday.
mk. maddisen
mk. maddisen:
7:03 made my heart drop
"Why do you say this was on purpose?" Lol...you are quite the sleuth Gumball.
Santtu Myllys
Santtu Myllys:
I'm born 06 but stil I have respect to all of the people that died and helped at 9/11 rip everyone that died
Watching this gives me goosebumps, the fact that this actually happened is so crazy to think about...
James Luardo
James Luardo:
The day when my father died in the east tower, right now that still affects me till this day!

Krypt Brxydon
Krypt Brxydon:
I love how he says good morning 😂
Filip Slepowronski
Filip Slepowronski:
2:53 if only they knew:(
2019 anyone
gr8 unknown 111
gr8 unknown 111:
6:07 I was scarred for life
hurricane watcher
hurricane watcher:
That last woman on the phone puts all of our media to shame. Great observation skills and reporting on her part. Ice water running through her veins too. Impressive.
Luis .-.
Luis .-.:
Yesterday was my bday and I saw this a lot of times😭😭😭😭😭
Delmar Small
Delmar Small:
R.I.P to all the lives lost blessings to the NYPD AND NYFD
Claire Murray
Claire Murray:
Much love to anyone who lost loved ones 18 years ago! ❤️ We will never forget the people we lost. 😔
And a great thanks to all the heroes on ground zero. For the fallen heroes, we will remember your honorable deeds to save lives. 🙏
Ł Ø N E Ł Ý:
r.i.p. my cousin. Rest in peace everyone❤
Who's watching this today remembering all the heroes who sacrificed their lives this day 18 years ago.
Boon’s Clocks and Antiques!
Boon’s Clocks and Antiques!:
May peace rest in the souls of those who were lost in this incident💕❤️
Mad_Dog 05
Mad_Dog 05:
7:02 there was a second plane I can see it a little
I just shed a tear still remember where i was in ps school 2nd grade all i remember was confusion in class and the teacher walking out with another teacher
Vrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs
Vrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs:
All this time and still chills along with horror. I breaks my heart
honey edits
honey edits:
I can’t stop watching this 😭
This is so sad may they rest in peace. Glad one of my family relatives missed the train that day
Kasia Cotter
Kasia Cotter:
May everyone’s loved ones be in peace ♥️♥️
B.B Calsko
B.B Calsko:
"Gone, but not forgotten"
May all the souls lost on this tragic day rest in peace ❤
jule c:
jule c::
i think the most chilling part about this is the calls/reports before the second plane hit bc we all know whats about to come but they didnt
South Philly Mafia Tours
South Philly Mafia Tours:
911 happened 18 years ago...... I was 18 when this happened!
Raul Jimenez
Raul Jimenez:
Todays my favorite holiday 😂
HypeMatt 1256
HypeMatt 1256:
6:07 explosion
Memez Galore
Memez Galore:
The woman at 6:00 is probably dead that is very sad
leo kyrtatas
leo kyrtatas:
That woman talking on the phone when the second plane hit was so on point...she covered the event better than any journalist...
Henry Pido
Henry Pido:
*6:07** thank me later*
7:01 felt like an omg moment bc I saw the plane coming
King of Anvils
King of Anvils:
Love to the victims from Utah ❤
It’s said how u can hear the phone calls ....🤦🏽‍♂️😔
Mini Muffin
Mini Muffin:
My uncle worked at the twin towers. My mom says that he was about to go to work when the first plane hit, and my aunt forced him to stay home because she was terrified. It haunts me that if my uncle had left just a few minutes earlier, he might not be alive
Ar T
Ar T:
I will never forget this sad day😭😭😭😭
this hurts my soul so much 😭
Insane Love
Insane Love:

addi rose
addi rose:
rest in peace to all of your loved ones guys <3
Cody Wright
Cody Wright:
The fact that those towers didn’t collapse immediately upon the planes impacting them is a testament to the phenomenal engineering and workmanship that built those towers. When those towers were built no one could have foreseen the events of 9/11/01 but they were built well enough to allow many of those in and around the twin towers to flee that otherwise would not have been able to.
Rip god bless all who died🙏🙏🙏❤️
Alexanders Alarms
Alexanders Alarms:
3:55 the mariiot hotel fire alarm sounded!
Ohhh i got such good memories of that days
Riiiann W
Riiiann W:
May the beautiful souls of the lost rest in peace❤
Petch Poonpoon
Petch Poonpoon:
Who’s watching it today on 9/11/2019!?!?
Weydson Lima
Weydson Lima:
6:06 Dá pra ouvir a explosão!
Gavin Bergollo
Gavin Bergollo:
❤️🙏r i p
5:50 he cant remember what tower was hit? Seem convenient for the second impact just a little early
#NeverForget ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💕
Marie 722
Marie 722:
I still remember what I was doing, wearing, eating etc. on that TRAGIC day.
The Britts Of delco
The Britts Of delco:
Imagine that you were there watching the plane go through 😢😢
Amiibo Amiibro
Amiibo Amiibro:
This is hard to believe. It’s so heartbreaking. 😢
austin 8693
austin 8693:
I remember my high school teacher cutting TV on and we all saw this and I believe I was in my freshman year
Dang. My uncle travelled all the way to new york to try to fight the fire. He luckily made it out alive🙏🙏🙏
Fastminer 2000
Fastminer 2000:
in remembrance of those thank you
Ethan Griffin
Ethan Griffin:
How lives can just end so quickly.😭