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[INSIDER] Michelle Obama fans compare her stunning inauguration outfit to the modest look she wore to the same event for Trump · Michelle Obama wore a suit designed by ... Michelle Obama's glamorous inauguration outfit compared to 2017 ... View more

[] Michelle Obama Chose a Symbolic Outfit for Inauguration Day. The former First Lady dressed for the historical importance of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's ... Michelle Obama Chose a Symbolic Outfit for Inauguration Day ... View more

[The Tennessean] Former first lady Michelle Obama arrived with former President Barack Obama to the U.S. Capitol ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration. Michelle Obama's outfit wows inauguration viewers. See the Sergio ... View more

[10TV] Twitter couldn't get enough of former first lady Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day outfit, which was from emerging Black designer Sergio Hudson. Michelle Obama's inauguration outfit lights up social media ... View more

[] The former first lady celebrated her 57th birthday on Sunday. Michelle Obama Greets 57 with a Fiercely Natural Birthday Photo ... View more

[Entertainment Tonight] The former first lady also shared a makeup-free selfie, thanking everyone for their "lovely birthday wishes" in the caption. Barack Obama Celebrates Wife Michelle Obama's Birthday With ... View more

[New York Daily News] “Happy birthday to my love, my partner, and my best friend,” tweeted her husband, who just happens to be former President Barack Obama. “Every moment with ... Michelle Obama turns 57, Barack tweets tribute ... View more

[NBC Chicago] Former First Lady Michelle Obama called attention on Twitter Thursday to the racial disparities she said were present during the U.S. Capitol riot Wednesday... 'I Hurt For Our Country,' Michelle Obama Draws Attention to Racial ... View more

[NBC News] Michelle Obama on Thursday chastised President Donald Trump over Wednesday's riots at the Capitol, calling him "infantile and unpatriotic" before delivering ... Michelle Obama chastises 'infantile and unpatriotic' Trump over ... View more

[Glamour] Former First Lady Michelle Obama just posted a thread celebrating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the presidential election, but cautioned supporters that ... Read Michelle Obama's Powerful Response to the Biden-Harris Win ... View more

[Fox News] Democrats have "a lot of work to do" to "connect" with Trump voters, Michelle Obama said. Michelle Obama congratulates Biden and Harris, adds dig at Trump ... View more

[ABC News] Former first lady Michelle Obama slammed President Donald Trump in a video while urging Americans to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden. Michelle Obama slams Trump's coronavirus response in 'closing ... View more

[CNN] Former first lady Michelle Obama made her closing message to Americans in a campaign video released less than a month before Election Day, saying ... Michelle Obama releases closing campaign message calling ... View more

[9News] Michelle Obama called on Americans to vote during her keynote address at the Democratic National Convention... Michelle Obama sends a message with her necklace: VOTE ... View more

[SBS] US President Donald Trump has described comments about him by former First Lady Michelle Obama as "very divisive" and says she is the one "in over her ... Donald Trump lashes out at 'extremely divisive' Michelle Obama ... View more

[The Guardian] Former first lady shows support for Democrats and little-known African American jeweller. Chain reaction: Michelle Obama's 'vote' necklace goes viral ... View more

[CNN] At an event aimed at highlighting the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote, President Donald Trump disparaged the country's most admired woman, ... Trump celebrates women's rights -- and attacks Michelle Obama ... View more

[CNBC] Over the last four years, former first lady Michelle Obama says people always ask her if her now-famous catchphrase, "When they go low, we go high" still works ... Michelle Obama on what going 'high' means today ... View more

[CNN] Former first lady Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention was not just a powerful condemnation of President Donald Trump's record ... Michelle Obama makes a moral case against Donald Trump ... View more

[NPR] The former first lady used her prime-time speech during the opening night of the Democratic convention to rebuke President Trump and urge Americans to vote ... Michelle Obama Rips Trump As 'Clearly In Over His Head' ... View more

[The Guardian] Obama delivered the climactic speech on the first night of the Democratic convention, and Trump responded with snark. Michelle Obama's speech draws few Republican responses – but ... View more

[The New Daily] Michelle Obama has told the Democratic National Convention, with a powerful declaration that Donald Trump is the "wrong president for our country". Michelle Obama urges vote for Biden 'like our lives depend on it' ... View more

[The Sydney Morning Herald] The former first lady's strikingly critical speech capped off the first night of an unprecedented political convention. 'In over his head': Michelle Obama's scorching attack on Trump ... View more

[The Guardian] The former first lady's speech sharply contrasted Joe Biden's competency and character with that of the president. 'It is what it is': Michelle Obama picks Trump apart in gripping DNC ... View more

[CNN] Former First Lady Michelle Obama says she's suffering from a "low-grade depression." The reasons? The pandemic, race relations in the US and the political ... Michelle Obama reveals she is suffering from 'low-grade depression ... View more

[The New York Times] In her new podcast, the former first lady connected her experience with the effects of quarantine and news about civil unrest and politics. Michelle Obama Says She Is Dealing With 'Low-Grade Depression' ... View more

[Vanity Fair] The first-time feature director tells “Vanity Fair” about joining Michelle Obama behind the scenes of her book tour to make Netflix's “Becoming” documentary. Michelle Obama's 'Becoming': The Intimate Moment That Surprised ... View more

[The Hill] Former First Lady Michelle Obama did extensive touring to promote her 2018 memoir "Becoming," visiting schools and auditoriums across the country. Her new ... Michelle Obama opens up like never before in new Netflix ... View more

[NPR] Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks candidly in this compelling Netflix documentary based on her memoir. But it's produced by the Obamas' Higher Ground ... 'Becoming' Offers A Revealing But Selective View Of Michelle Obama ... View more

[The New York Times] This Netflix documentary shows a familiar, albeit more carefree, former first lady. 'Becoming' Review: Michelle Obama's Lesson in Staying on Script ... View more

[CNN] Michelle Obama has been away from the White House for more than three years, a period long enough to write a memoir and release an accompanying ... 'Becoming': Michelle Obama opens up in revealing new ... View more

[Vulture] Former First Lady Michelle Obama announces her new children's book read-along series “Mondays With Michelle Obama” with PBS. 'Mondays With Michelle Obama' Joins the Children's Story Time ... View more

[The Hill (blog)] Former first lady Michele Obama will be hosting a live-streamed story time session every week for children over the next month as schools across the country ... Michelle Obama to lead weekly online story time series for kids amid ... View more

[INSIDER] The former first lady will read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle, among other popular stories, every Monday through May 11. Michelle Obama to read children's books in free weekly livestreams ... View more

[] Michelle Obama made a special appearance during One World: Together at Home. Obama delivered a message with fellow First Lady Laura Bush. Michelle Obama Reveals "Overwhelming Gratitude" for Global ... View more

[TheGrio (blog)] The Obama Administration may have ended in 2017, but Michelle Obama continues to serve her country at a high level to this day. Michelle Obama to host online children's book reading series amid ... View more

[Variety] In “Mondays With Michelle Obama,” the former First Lady reads aloud from a different classic children's book from April 20-May 11. Michelle Obama Will Read Popular Kids' Picture Books in Free Live ... View more

[The Independent] Michelle Obama is hosting weekly story-time sessions online for children while they remain at home in lockdown. As part of a collaboration with PBS Kids and ... Michelle Obama hosting weekly story time sessions for children ... View more

Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Laura ...

Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Laura ...

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Michelle Obama and Laura Bush together ...

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush together ...

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Michelle Obama and Laura Bush Share ...

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush Share ...

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In a tense election year, Laura Bush ...

In a tense election year, Laura Bush ...

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Michelle Obama and Laura Bush together ...

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush together ...

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Coronavirus: Laura Bush, Michelle Obama ...

Coronavirus: Laura Bush, Michelle Obama ...

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