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[Pedestrian TV] Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull teamed up for a boss interview on Insiders with David Speers to discuss climate change and murdoch press. HUGE: Kevin Rudd & Malcolm Turnbull Teamed Up To Discuss ... View more

[Riverine Herald] Former prime ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd have jointly called for a royal commission into the media, particularly Rupert Murdoch's operations. Turnbull, Rudd warn against Murdoch media - Riverine Herald ... View more

[The Guardian] Turnbull says Joe Biden's victory means the US will again take a leading role on climate change and Australia must get with the program. Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull mark defeat of 'Murdoch's man ... View more

[The Australian] Peta Credlin has fired back at Malcolm Turnbull for absolutely lacking in character, after he alleged she was running the country when she served as ... Peta Credlin hits back at Malcolm Turnbull for 'absolutely lacking in ... View more

[Daily Mail] Jones claimed the former Liberal Party leader was jealous of Mr Abbott - who the radio host said had the 'integrity and experience' to lead the WHO - because of ... Alan Jones launches a scathing attack on Malcolm Turnbull and ... View more

[The Conversation AU] In this episode of Politics with Michelle Grattan, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull gives his assessment of Scott Morrison as a former colleague and as ... Politics with Michelle Grattan: Former Prime Minister Malcolm ... View more

[The Guardian] Turnbull says it was a threat to national security and Abbott's style of government was 'erratic and flaky' Tony Abbott's anti-Muslim rhetoric while PM 'profoundly dangerous ... View more

[The Guardian] Amid publishers' threats to refer matter to federal police, copyright law experts say pursuing a civil case would be more straightforward. Government officials who allegedly distributed Malcolm Turnbull's ... View more

[9News] In the wake of Malcolm Turnbull's tell-all autobiography, late yesterday afternoon Christian Ellis sent an ... Man behind push to expel Malcolm Turnbull from the Liberal Party ... View more

[The Guardian] In this extract from his memoir, the former Australian prime minister recounts his deals and negotiations with the US president. Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull on Donald Trump: 'You don ... View more

[ABC Technology and Games] Malcolm Turnbull says Scott Morrison likely played a double game during the Liberal Party leadership turmoil that saw Mr Turnbull ousted as prime minister. Turnbull says 'political operator' Morrison likely working behind ... View more

[The New Daily] Government staffers and at least one Liberal MP have allegedly gained illegal access to a pirated copy of Malcolm Turnbull's memoir. Piracy claims overshadow the release of Malcolm Turnbull's book ... View more

[The Guardian] In his memoir, former PM writes of his anger over Barnaby Joyce's affair, tells how Credlin 'dominated' Abbott and savages George Christensen's 'hypocrisy' Malcolm Turnbull on sex and trust: 'How could I confirm the deputy ... View more

[The Guardian] The former Liberal leader had a hand in our creation. We still firmly agree on the value of media diversity, if not much else. Guardian Australia owes Malcolm Turnbull thanks – but not favours ... View more

[The Guardian] In his new book the former Australian PM accuses the company of helping to run the country through deferential leaders like Tony Abbott. Malcolm Turnbull: News Corp is like a political party with the ... View more

[ABC Technology and Games] Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull blames his successor Scott Morrison for damaging leaks that put the government on the back foot ahead of the 2016 ... Morrison almost resigned as treasurer over leaks, Turnbull claims ... View more

[The Guardian] Former PM's memoir A Bigger Picture lashes out at political machinations, a leaking treasurer and Morrison's 'double game' 'Scott is a control freak': what Malcolm Turnbull's new book tells us ... View more

Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter:

Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter: "Catching ...

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Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter:

Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter: "With ...

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With @malbrough_mp & David Ranger ...

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Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter:

Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter: "With ...

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