International Men's Day 2019

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Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family:
It will be interesting to see if women can actually give men a break from continual attacks and accusations on Mens Day, whilst always talking about life how it impacts them.
94% of workplace deaths are men.
80% of homeless are men.
81% of suicides are men.
More men are victims of violence than women.
More men are murdered than women.
And yet the whining continues unabated from women about how tough life is for them.
Seems all society wants to talk about is women and what they want. Men matter too.
Willy Kling
Willy Kling:
What I want for International Men's day, is for woman to stop telling me how to be a man.
Whoever you are. I wish you a Really Nice and Happy International Mens Day!
Keep up the Positivity!
Fluid Waves
Fluid Waves:
Even when talking about men it has to be within the feminist framework I guess.
Atul Pusam
Atul Pusam:
Happy International Mens Day...
Thank you. Atlast a video about gender that didnt leave me feeling hated and unworthy just for being a male. Just because the problems women face are put in the spotlight more its like men dont have any problems. Men are human too. We arent aggressive monsters who have no feelings. I genuinely feel like in nowadays society there is much campaigning against hate and to be more loving and open minded. But right now I experience more hate and close mindedness then ever. So thank you for making me feel good for being a man and for leaving me with a smile on my face. For all men around the globe, you matter too!
Joseph Nastasi
Joseph Nastasi:
This was great until they got into their own list of expectations. A laundry list of what we can do for others.
Antonio Arce
Antonio Arce:
Happy International Men's day!
t o
t o:
I just found out about this day...
Odious Acolyte
Odious Acolyte:
No Google Doogle :D
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil:
"It's IMD. Why aren't you having a march or parade? It's your big day?

"We go to work, hence the 'wage gap'."
El Melon
El Melon:
This is actually... Really nice. I live day to day being told that I need to act in a certain role by my parents and close family. My friends aren't like that, but I never really understood how important it is to be open, to be unafraid of lowering your guard to other people, and showing them that I am not tough. I am not brave, I struggle sometimes, and I should really tell the world these things. Mental health is important, and you shouldn't have to hide your current state of mental health. Being tough and strong, is being able to be brave enough to really show who you really are.
Meme Biologist
Meme Biologist:
Ricardo Milos wishes you sexy Kings a Happy Men's day!
JJ the slump god
JJ the slump god:
Happy me and the boys day from yours truly,
Mr Feast
Mr Feast:
Happy men's day to all my fellow male brethren
Planet Thrill
Planet Thrill:
0:22 Isn’t every day international women’s day as well, coming from your logic?
Basically, International Men's Day is a day where men are told they need to be more like women. Interesting concept. Only in a feminist society!
I Like Planes
I Like Planes:
It's depressing how little views this has 😒 who else had a crap international men's day where no one even knew it existed?
JackNorris -
JackNorris -:
Thank you for making a positive video on men’s day
Cool Man
Cool Man:
0:23 I know that's a joke but it's sad to think that because men are always forgotten about
Apparently it is harmful and undesirable to be in control of your emotions...
everyday international mens day? wat
at first I was positively surprised that the ad will genuinely address men issues, but by the end of it they returned to the same old leftist indoctrination of how men should behave - be more sensitive, be more emotion, be more feminine you toxic masculinity pig. Thank you Standard Chartered Bank.
Team Batman137 productions
Team Batman137 productions:
This makes me happy to be a man
Farrell Huff
Farrell Huff:
everyday is MGTOW day
As much as I appreciate the sentiment it still seems that the idea of being a man is still only able to be looked at from a female perspective.Strange since we are told that we live in a tyrannical patriarchy! We have already historically women saying they want men to be more like women. Then after men comply women change their minds and want REAL men!. This was the SNAG debarcle that women created which left many men even more confused about what women want! Women are again saying men are flawed and need to be better and the only way to do this apparently is to become more like women! Fascinating the narcisistic nature that is woman. Strangely, despite the propoganda endorsed superiority of women it has been men who have built cities and civilizations braved oceans, skies and deep holes in the ground to make the world a safer easier place for people, oddly mainly women. It is still a very dangerous place for men. But after the herculean effort what do men get? Thanks? No? We get told we should be more like women. Well if men were more like women we would still be living in caves or straw huts! It takes courage, stoism, bravery, strength and daring do to tame a world that is by nature a dangerous place. Does this mean men can't be better? Of vourse not, everyone can be better we should all be trying to be better. So to that end ladies instead of focusing your deluded, pious, capricous, toxic, narcacistic, privileged and entitled selves on to improving men maybe you should try looking closer to home and maybe we could build a better world together rather than via the devisive, intersectionalised, sexist, group think, thought and speech policing, victim hood mentality world that you are creating!
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear:
I love this day bc now it’s all bout women and I get that but men deserve some kind of credit for what they have done
Raviteja Kuppili
Raviteja Kuppili:
Happy men's day 😊
Bhupender Tanwar
Bhupender Tanwar:
Anthony L Teer
Anthony L Teer:
Don’t forget the men in the United States
We men are the real ones being descriminated against if were not allowed to have even a single day to celebrate who we are
dev0n james
dev0n james:
meh it's like a drop in a rain storm. thx for nothing.
Jackson Orrick
Jackson Orrick:
If you think about it, every day has started to turn into a “women’s day” I think that there shouldn’t be any gender specific holidays and this stuff wouldn’t have to happen
Stone Reaper
Stone Reaper:
You forgot a lot of important facts but not surprising coming from feminazis
80% of homeless are men
75% of sucides are men
97% of deaths in war are men
40% of domestic violence happens to men
80% of divorces are filed by females
To name a few we men are done being hated and belittled by this gynocintric society we men are going our own way we men have value and are not disposable we men have built our society society will fall without us men keep that in mind when you try to enslave us and make us third rate citizens who's only value is our resources because we will take them with us when we go our own way
Random Elvis
Random Elvis:
Look up Patrice O’neill ....Happy Mens day ya’ll 👍
Chris F
Chris F:
This really isn't about promoting mens' right in any way. It's yet another veiled attack on men and male characteristics. "A world in which men are allowed to be gentle and supportive... has got to be better for all of us". The idea that men aren't already both these things (and a hell of a lot more) is offensive. You complete and utter corporate whores. Take your "diverse" cast of minimum-wage autocue readers and stuff them up your collective coke-snorting asses. You have lost my business forever.
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You guys do okay until you try to diagnose the problem through the leftist narrative. It's not that people think men or boys don't need care. It's that they don't care about men or boys as much. Also, gender is not a social construct.
Beto Ortiz
Beto Ortiz:
Happy international day gents!
Leon 47DD
Leon 47DD:
Nobody is celebrating men's day but women's?
Sentinel of Fortune
Sentinel of Fortune:
vincenzo scannella
vincenzo scannella:
Be nice
Banksim -Tech, News, Current affair
Banksim -Tech, News, Current affair:
Andrea Rossini
Andrea Rossini:
"isn't every day man's day" no, that's why we also have a woman's day too
Ordinary Sessel
Ordinary Sessel:
Typical Femunist propaganda about how men should behave as women expect them too! No women get zero say in how men choose to live their lives!
Men are #1
xjamira krystalx
xjamira krystalx:
this ad is trash btw.
Ted Brodhead
Ted Brodhead:
Isn’t everyday international men’s day my god the level of ignorance is over 9000
Kyle Rook
Kyle Rook:
This video is Bull Sh*t. Sorry Standard Chartered Bank. You FAILED.
Sabhyujai Vinodansh
Sabhyujai Vinodansh:
Happy International Mens Day boys, remember
#theresonly2genders #feministshatemen #climatechangeisamyth #abolishthespermbank
Boooo 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 we don’t want men’s day. We like simplicity not BS like a day for everything.