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I loved that Ron and Steve Jobs decided to make the stores “as big as their brand” and not just as big as their product line (which is how it’s usually
Ron Johnson (Geschäftsmann) – Wikipedia

Ron Johnson (Geschäftsmann) – Wikipedia

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[CNN] Texts between aides reveal role Sen. Ron Johnson played in ... .The House select committee on Tuesday unveiled new information showing the role that Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson played in pushing "fake" electors ... View more

[Wisconsin Examiner] Sen. Ron Johnson tried to transmit Wisconsin's fake electoral votes ... .In a text message chain Johnson's staff attempt to arrange for Johnson to give Mike Pence false electoral ballots from Wisconsin and Michigan. ... View more

[Politico] Ron Johnson tried to hand fake elector info to Mike Pence on Jan. 6 ... .A top aide said the Wisconsin Republican senator wanted to give Pence the list of pro-Trump electors as he prepared to certify the 2020 election. ... View more

[Bloomberg] GOP Senator Ron Johnson Wanted to Intervene for Trump on Jan. 6 .Ron Johnson, a staunch ally of Donald Trump and the most vulnerable Senate Republican, attempted to intervene on the former president's behalf just moments ... View more

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