Paul Keating
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[9News] Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has proposed a radical HECS-style scheme to help pay for the ballooning ... Former Prime Minister Paul Keating proposes HECS-style system to ... View more

[ABC News] Former prime minister Paul Keating says a Federal Government-run post-paid system could reduce wait times for home care packages and ease the financial ... Paul Keating tells royal commission HECS-style loans should fund ... View more

[Herald Sun] Whether Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd, are correct demanding super contributions rise to 12 per cent, they certainly are on the right side of politics because to ... Cutting super is political suicide ... View more

[The New Daily] Former prime minister Paul Keating has accused the government of exploiting the coronavirus crisis to "destroy the superannuation system". Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd slam Coalition for attacking ... View more

[The Guardian] Former Labor PMs say abandoning rise in guarantee to 12% would be 'grand theft' of Australians' retirement savings. Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd 'angry as hell' over signs of delay in ... View more

[The Sydney Morning Herald] The former Labor prime ministers have launched a blistering attack on the Morrison government for considering changes to legislated superannuation ... Keating, Rudd warn government seeking to destroy superannuation ... View more


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Paul Keating

Paul Keating

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Paul Keating.