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Kumail Nanjiani went from playing nerds in shows like Silicon Valley to a ripped Marvel movie star with his role in the upcoming Eternals. Here are some of h...
Kumail Nanjiani Shows the Workout That ...

Kumail Nanjiani Shows the Workout That ...

Kumail Nanjiani's buff body sparks ...

Kumail Nanjiani's buff body sparks ...

Kumail Nanjiani – Wikipedia

Kumail Nanjiani – Wikipedia

Kumail Nanjiani Explains How Hard It ...

Kumail Nanjiani Explains How Hard It ...

Kumail Nanjiani on Creating 'Eternals ...

Kumail Nanjiani on Creating 'Eternals ...

Kumail Nanjiani shows off bulging biceps

Kumail Nanjiani shows off bulging biceps

Kumail Nanjiani 'very uncomfortable ...

Kumail Nanjiani 'very uncomfortable ...

Kumail Nanjiani revealed his incredible ...

Kumail Nanjiani revealed his incredible ...

Kumail Nanjiani becomes Wolverine ...

Kumail Nanjiani becomes Wolverine ...

Kumail Nanjiani shows off shredded ...

Kumail Nanjiani shows off shredded ...

Kumail Nanjiani (*1978) · Portrait ...

Kumail Nanjiani (*1978) · Portrait ...

Kumail Nanjiani Upset 'Silicon Valley ...

Kumail Nanjiani Upset 'Silicon Valley ...

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