Rafael Nadal Semi-Final Press Conference Wimbledon 2019

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Berita Terkait:

100+ Comments:

Those saves during match point were insane. Roger played better than Rafa but what a fight!
i dont get how these tennis players put up with the questions all the time. in this tournament i have heard some of the most stupid questions imaginable. these journalists are just a shame.
Por la democracia Maestro
Por la democracia Maestro:
“Not the day to find excuses at all” wow this guy is amazing
We need to clone these guys as soon as possible. I can’t even imagine tennis without them.
Sammy 5150Eddie
Sammy 5150Eddie:
Kyrgios, want a free lesson on how to behave like a champion without insulting reporters when they ask “silly” questions? Watch THIS. Then watch it 99 more times.
Lena Aslanyan
Lena Aslanyan:
Rafa's face when they ask him about the big 3 rivalry AGAIN
proud to be his fan. big love always , either he lose or win.
but congrats to Roger !
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
As a Federer fan i just want to take my hat off to Rafa, true warrior and never give up attitude,glad that Federer managed to seal the match, the final 2 games were unbelievable the quality of tennis was spectacular, hopefully Roger wins it on Sunday, Nole is the favourite and won’t shock anyone if he wins but I just hope for a Federer win
Altough I´m a Fed fan, I can´t hate Nadal off court.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Great effort Rafa, amazing fighting spirit.
Kasra Razavi
Kasra Razavi:
these journalists are really uneducated, stupid question got asked. unbelievable.
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
I feel like Nadal is going to win the 2019 US Open, just watch
DOMINANCE ! Including this year’s wimbledon, there have been 65 Grand Slams in the last 16 years.
60 have featured at least one of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafa Nadal in the final.
By Sunday, 54 will have been won by one of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal
Ajit Deshpande
Ajit Deshpande:
How can such ruthless players on the court be so humble off it! Absolute legends and champions!
sudharshan b a b
sudharshan b a b:
Win or lose, Rafa forever ♥️ Federer was playing like he was 20 years of age. Unreal Tennis.
not pewdiepie
not pewdiepie:
Same questions every time. Well done to Rafa for remaining calm.
Such an honest competitor, we are witnessing something that provably wont happen again, 50+ grand slams for 3 players.
Debdeep Dhar
Debdeep Dhar:
Why do they keep asking his feelings about Roger! What lazy journalism... ask real questions and move on
Radu Goran
Radu Goran:
Extremely proud of the man Rafa is today, more than of course his game which is fabulous. For me, he'll always be a humble-as-hell guy with a lot of respect for the people around him. Onto Hard-court season, vamos, champ!!!! 😍😍
Cheryn Bieri
Cheryn Bieri:
Hopefully Kyrgios will take note of how champions conduct themselves, on and off court. Instead of being an obnoxious runt, watch and learn
Manonit Jacob
Manonit Jacob:
A true legend of the game. Lucky to see all these great players in the same era
Federer fans who hate Rafa should hear Roger’s answer to Vogue’s 73 Questions re Rafa: “He’s an intense guy on the court, he’s super open and honest off the court, and he has a heart of gold.”
The questions of these journalists have reached a new low this tournament
6:04 I swear this question has been asked in every press conference Rafa has ever had hahah poor guy
Paul Mereb
Paul Mereb:
I'm a 100% Federer-Fan. But Rafa's off-court behaviour and in general his personality is great! Looking forward to some other matches between those 2! Hopefully again this year!
lovely tulip
lovely tulip:
What a classy champ! so disappointed but really gracious.
Jason Yesudhas
Jason Yesudhas:
It is insane, cause from what I see, as Roger ages, he is becoming even more better and unstoppable at tennis and not having his age catch up; as Nadal ages, he has become way more stronger; and as Novak ages, he has become a stamina machine with power. Like, i feel bad for the new comers or even anyone apart from the big 3! These 3 having been battling for over a decade within themselves and no chance for anyone else. I can't imagine the day when someone becomes the World No.1 and it is not the big 3. Definitely history made then and the longest top 3 to be standing strong. Probably the only sport that has 3 Goats which are debatable. Definitely a blessed era.
Quality tennis... When will the quality of questions improve.. when ????
Barbara Mariano
Barbara Mariano:
One of the most respected @ admired tennis players in the world. His analysis of tennis is incredible. Always a WINNER to me.
Elan Abrahams
Elan Abrahams:
Rafa super humble.... Literally says what he done wrong and how Roger beat him
Rafa and Roger are the same level for me, its not important who win or lose, they are the best players of all time
Prem Mohite
Prem Mohite:
Can’t stop loving this man
Aldra Halili
Aldra Halili:
This guy is a role model.
Kupo Stiltzkin
Kupo Stiltzkin:
Rafa nothing but class
Nadal is a good man. Good effort.
He should just say, "NEXT QUESTION" and move on. Rafa's too nice.
Edward Bingley
Edward Bingley:
Can we just say that one match does not define a whole career. Rafa is not simply “claydal” he is one of the greatest ever alongside Novak and roger. People need to stop separating one when they are all unbelievable in different ways and on different days. Today Rafa was 70% in level but against roger or Novak it’s not good enough. Likewise when the others play Rafa and Rafa is on top form
peggy hui
peggy hui:
Nadal is a real sportsman, so honest, precise and technical when he explains the match to the public
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
that was too blatant on the 4th set as rafa had the chance to break Roger and score 5: 5. this is a worthy end of the game between 2 gigantes of sports. Incredibly, rafa wanted to save the match at 40:40 and catch up again. I loved it when rafa's blood was sweating and trying to fend off matchballs. That is just pressure at the highest level, which only a big one can withstand. To fend off Matchballs is a pretty psychological thing and funny also.🔥👀😂👏🤘
The heart of a champion at the end.
Ryan McGuinness
Ryan McGuinness:
A wonderful human being.
Rafa is a GREAT champion we are lucky to be able to watch him!
No excuses, really appreciate this from Rafa, greatest fighter ever.
Drk RE
Drk RE:
I thought Nadal was playing the best at Wimbledon this year, but Federer is a problem for him because his backhand is no longer a real weakness and his aggressive tactics don’t give Nadal time on this surface. Nadal is very polite but clearly he is also p***ed off because he has not found a solution to Federer’s tactics on grass.
The sport of tennis will be poorer when Roger and Rafa retire.
Elnardo Webster
Elnardo Webster:
Has this guy ever lost at the first match point ? Today Federer needed 5 or 6....What a fighter.
Kailash Salaria
Kailash Salaria:
Rafa played so defensively today except the last game. And what is this obsession of staying so far from baseline even on 2nd serve. It only works against other players not against Djokovic & Federer. Coaching team needs to look into it. Can someone get my message to Rafa directly. I'm struggling to reach to Rafa.
dominic spiller
dominic spiller:
I love Rafa..genius..
Johnny Dancer
Johnny Dancer:
Huge fan of Federer but Rafa has got to be the most humble major sportsman of his era. No ego, just pure class. I'd love for him and Roger to tie at the top; it would fitting that they share the same number of record slams.
Meilleur SidMed
Meilleur SidMed:
I am FEDERER fan and for me RAFA is a Great aimble champion
Adriano Marchi
Adriano Marchi:
This was the final. There will be less people watching the actual final than there have been for the Fedal.
Zana satori
Zana satori:
I am a Roger fan but Iove Rafa and respect him so much, such a great honest athlete and pure gentleman.. they are both legends in this game.
Raffka R
Raffka R:
"we are not done" says one of the big three <3
Srikanth Venkat
Srikanth Venkat:
Heart breaking
alexander moonen
alexander moonen:
A big compliment and a big credit to the man he should be proud of his career as success,also an achievement.
He will win the grand Slam and he will be fine he knows how to win good luck Rafa!
Vamos Rafa!!
antony ward
antony ward:
This man is a champion, not that he lost a match, but he can congratulate his adversary, face an indignant press and admit his own shortgivings.
Nadal the king of clay.
Federer the king of grass.
love both players, with some "fan-ing" for Roger
Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore:
Very smart answers, loved hearing his perspective on Rogers play
marchynna syiem
marchynna syiem:
The respect that they have for one another is amazing....
I really wanted Rafa to win Wimbledon this year. DAMMIT!!
book lover
book lover:
Supreme sportsman! As always classy, humble and kind! I have great respect for him, and I am so proud to be his fan forever! For me, he will always be the GOAT! 💖💖👑👑
DinoAldo Syah
DinoAldo Syah:
Nadal already played very well indeed...its just Roger was amazingly good that day.
f cutillas
f cutillas:
Clear ad water, today Nadal did not play as well as he did on the previous rounds
never gave up. respects.
Valter Andrade
Valter Andrade:
Of course u didnt play like in previous rounds coz ur playing a master on grass
Please subtitle the Spanish part in English.
Myra Evans
Myra Evans:
"I just want to finally stop all the excuse making. I SUCK"
moon mouni
moon mouni:
I love his honesty
Joao Antonio
Joao Antonio:
I can't believe how journalists come up with such lame questions in these situations. Like please, hire any of us in the comment section... Amazing match, those last 2 games were fire - like seriously, no questions about the amazing 4 (!!!!) match points he saved
"We are not done!" VAMOS RAFA
I live in Mallorca and Im so heartbroken when both these guys play. Its always bitter sweet...
Nayeem Chowdhury
Nayeem Chowdhury:
Great player...🎾🎾🎾
Barbara Hardwick
Barbara Hardwick:
He is always so relaxed.Just love the MAN always 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕
This match was more like a final! Amazing - two legends
Jameson Pham
Jameson Pham:
They ask him the same questions every match 😂
Thananut Jirapornkul
Thananut Jirapornkul:
He keeps touching his nose before the serve
And he touched his nose before the press conference started too.
Артур Рыбкин
Артур Рыбкин:
Well done - he fought like a tiger! :D
Susan Morales
Susan Morales:
Realize with he and roger coming along at this time, for all of us to see, how blessed we as tennis fans are.
Eudon Hickey
Eudon Hickey:
Rafa is very honest when he reflects, but I really enjoy watching him play/ discuss games
Riddy Haz
Riddy Haz:
This match should have been the final unfortunately Rafa got trolled with the route he was given to the final
Guj Sehambi
Guj Sehambi:
he always thanks the english press before they're going to leave. even in defeat this guy is great
Julian Hansen
Julian Hansen:
Rafa was right, Roger won in four bc Rafa didn´t play quiet as well as the previous rounds, but an even bigger reason to the outcome is that Roger is the best grass court player ever and served and returned extremely well, which was the reason why he could win some fast points and still rally with Rafa. Roger played well, and Rafa a little worse than the previous rounds. Novak will probably challenge Roger more as i do think that Novak will be much more pumped up than in the semi, and the crowd will be much more into it, so i think that Roger will win in five. But it can go either way if both are at their best.
Might B Fire
Might B Fire:
This is a really good interview. Rafa really gracious in defeat, despite the pain of having to answer all these questions right after losing.
His serve was atrocious today
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy:
Delighted Federer won but Rafa is such a fighter with so much passion. These 3 at the top are a different level
Saving 4 match points. Eventually getting beaten after fighting a losing battle. Facing extreme disappointment. Facing dumb questions. Congratulating his opponent. Admitting his mistakes.
This is a crash course in how to handle defeat
Lee Cothern
Lee Cothern:
Such a professional, as gracious and humble as he is a devastating opponent.
akhila pasupuleti
akhila pasupuleti:
J H:
Rada knows he gave that match away couldn't find anything was flat.
I’m a Federer fan but I love & respect Rafa (and even more after reading his book). I treasure any chance to still get to see them compete.
90s Head
90s Head:
"We spoke about that 1000 times..." great reply to those cookie cutter questions.
Random PC-User
Random PC-User:
Right shirt sleeve: loose. Left shirt sleeve: TIGHT!!!
Danik Kutuzov
Danik Kutuzov:
Nadal is a great Champion!!! 💪💪💪 but he lost to Greatness today!!! Respect to both Champions!!!
It breaks my heart
Affordable Appliances
Affordable Appliances:
His attitude off of the court is great, such a humble man, on court, federer 4 life!
Ryan Marinelli
Ryan Marinelli:
Worth staying up until 5 am in Australia to watch ❤️🐐 Fed exceeded expectations and Nadal is a damn stubborn player (in a good way). hopefully they vs again!
I’m a huge Federer honk, but I’m continually impressed with how humble and respectful Rafa is, even in the face of some ridiculous questions. Really geeked for Roger, but I also feel for Rafa. He’s such a great competitor and by all accounts a great guy as well.
I dont like some of his antics, but nobody has the mentality of never giving up like Nadal has, this particularly always impressed me.