Lukaku Transfer Blow! Man Utd vs Perth Glory Preview and Transfer News

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Glazers out. The root of every problem. If you actually want change at this club you need to join Glazers out
Sean Tackett
Sean Tackett:
Woodward cannot close a deal...couldn’t get laid in a vegas brothel with a case full of cash
Christoph Ntjathi
Christoph Ntjathi:
So Wan Bissaka and Dan James will be wearing the same shirt number?
Just as I have said before and will say again, we have done our business for the summer.
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel:
im very excited for tomorrows game. i would have been even more excited if bruno fernandes and harry maguire were there to
Mic Wars
Mic Wars:
Disagree on this, if we are being quoted £50m for Longstaff, £80m for Maguire, £50m for Wan Bissaka than 75m for Lukaku is more than fair in the current market.
arka ghosh
arka ghosh:
Hey Mark, because of your personal bias against certain players stop ridiculing people for being rational , after buying a striker for 75 million 2 years back , in this inflated market if you expect the club to sell a 25 year old striker for a loss, then your business or footballing sense is as questionable as who valued Fred at 60 million last season. Agreed that Lukaku didn't perform as good as we wanted him to, but so hasn't rashford or martial, and truth is Lukaku has been more productive in man utd than he was in Everton. Makes zero sense to sell him for below 70mill. And it's not like we have abundance of strikers either.
S J:
Mark open your eyes! Put lukaku in a liverpool or man city team and he is guaranteed to score 30 goals every season. Lukaku is not the problem!!!
Looking at this lineup mark, I can truly say we are doomed!
Swap Lukaku for Lautaro Martínez.
Js Russ
Js Russ:
Moan about lukaku one more time and I comin to find you
No disrespect Mark, this is why I don't want to watch Manchester United anymore, we r holding on to players that is not good enough it's a joke and it's going on for years.
John Landin
John Landin:
Hold on mark we were 2nd under Mourinho
Ronan Sheehy
Ronan Sheehy:
Lukaku is worth 75m mark. He should be let go for less though. You said not that long go you were happy United were digging their heels in looking for 75m 🙄
Kamari DT
Kamari DT:
“Lemme get a lil sip of my appletiseeee”😂😂😂I love dis guy unoo 😂😂😂😂
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist:
🎶Down the drain we go
The glazers have to go!!🎶
Woodward is the problem
Man you can’t stay on topic for nothing, you are all over the place.
Dan Lomax
Dan Lomax:
It's a crap team we have got. I'm not looking forward to pre season
2019 and we can't sign more then one player at a time!!! Can we get out of the stone age please UNITED
Tee Cee
Tee Cee:
Can you imagine Mark's Mrs when he says soz, I am rearranging the wedding love😂🤣😂🤣😂😂
Kenneth Grant
Kenneth Grant:
Woodward is stringing us all along, all these players we are linked with is a smoke screen. We have had our transfers coming in.
Had to go and listen to suicide blonde before i could continue with the rest of the video lol
Hylian Legend
Hylian Legend:
If Lukaku stays in I’m literally speechless.
Jay Jay aries
Jay Jay aries:
Its funny to me how fans constantly slag off lukaku about his first touch
But there's alot of players who cant even keep the ball away from the opposition constantly giving the ball away making sloppy passes and lack creativity
So why constantly put lukaku on the chopping block when the rest of the team are just as bad

I swear the plastic fans are so two faced their happy when lukaku scores goals but dont want to back him when he has bad games . YALL ain't supporters
A real supporter backs the players even on a bad day .
Dean da feen from ballinadreen
Dean da feen from ballinadreen:
"Jim Silverbridge" ❤😜
DJ Sonic
DJ Sonic:
I hope Perth glory give ole a wake up call tomorrow secretly.
Next Machina
Next Machina:
Sporting Lisbon's directors flew into Manchester yesterday and headed straight for the Ethiad to hold talks with City about a 2 player transfer deal. 😤😭😢😣
If you service lukaku he will poach goals for fun
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee:
'This is the decision of a bank!' - well said
Perez Afedu
Perez Afedu:
The Fred marriage story
Epic Gaming21
Epic Gaming21:
3:29 man said riberry and roban 😂😂
22:06 Cardiff + Huddersfield games were bad but u forgot the Everton game
Eric Muscat
Eric Muscat:
This transfer window is already a failure because ole said he wanted the new players in before we went on tour and we only signed 2 young players when we desperately need a cm and a cb. it seems that woodward and the board are not fully backing ole to do this rebuild they are jerking ole around on these transfers.
lee bardsley
lee bardsley:
Watch that Everton game ffs 😂
Iv'e been a subscriber almost from the start & you've always ranted about how United under sell our players & let them go too cheaply & now you're complaining because they're standing their ground & trying to get back at least what they paid for Lukaku to which i say well done Ed it's about time he showed some back bone. Also if he ends up staying, despite not suiting our supposed style of play i bet he still outscores our other strikers Rashford, Martial & Greenwood
idk Y
idk Y:
You say Lukaku isn’t worth 70mil do one mark
John Landin
John Landin:
500,000 x 1000 = 500million I would pay a grand to own a part of utd outright
1:36 Professor Green - I Need You Tonight ???
our transfer policy needs to change, but it won't until the Glazers are gone...
Ashish 007
Ashish 007:
Where can we watch it
Any online streaming??
Rachid Khamlichi
Rachid Khamlichi:
Rumour has it, Lukakus transfer was successful but when his plane landed and he put his foot on Italian tarmac, his touch was so bad he bounced back to Manchester.
I feel sorry for Ole. We knew in march that this squad needed a huge revamp. And if we had owners and a board who knew about football, they would have got a director of football in, spent the significant money that was needed and get rid of the deadwood who have not proved the right to wear the shirt.
James Bortles
James Bortles:
Glazers and Ed are doing the same old crap again, we are going to lose our brand
savage in this bih
savage in this bih:
I can't take it no more another seasons battling with Watford at old Trafford 🤦🏽‍♂️
Thomas Aremo
Thomas Aremo:
As it stands peter crouch could give us some cover for christmas atleast
Great, we stuck with his first touch
Sofir Uddin
Sofir Uddin:
Rio Fernandes was an amazing midfielder for united, absolute legend!
Im scared, i dont want to see this crap midfield again😭😭
Gulam Allie
Gulam Allie:
T Jena
T Jena:
Bankester United, at last you’re talking some sense!
Racton 567
Racton 567:
Terrible transfer window,
Good signings but not enough🔴
Get Berbatov out of retirement
Mike Lees
Mike Lees:
This team I've followed for 45 years is 2 years away from the championship , we deserve it whilst these lazy overpaid players can't be arsed getting match fit
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab:
39:50 United making a crippled player a millionaire, can I work at the popcorn stand for half of it???
Everyday a different "Player X transfer blow" title. Oh boy, this transfer window is tough.
wow only 5.5 subs away from 500k subs
Rawzy Al Pacino
Rawzy Al Pacino:
Aston Villa Made 2 signings in a DAY we make 2 signings in 2 months 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃
John L
John L:
Lmao @ " Don't worry about your fitness, you eat your wedding cake, have a few profiteroles while you at it as well, and have a few beers" love this channel united talk and a laugh. :) thank you. :)
Scotti Kidd
Scotti Kidd:
Mark, another week has finished and no signing. What happened Mark?
Ramses VI
Ramses VI:
Different manager same problems!
Arijit Basu
Arijit Basu:
Barella went to Inter Milan for 50M .
Now if they pay (70+)M ,
Financial Fair Play wants to know your location 😂😂😂😂
Khalik Saidoo
Khalik Saidoo:
Another week and no signing, Woodward please leave
Alan Kennedy
Alan Kennedy:
Bankchester United 🤣🤣
S.A. A
S.A. A:
De Ligt is not ARGUABLY better, he's DEFINiTELY better than McGuire!
michael akpevwe oruohwo marcualay
michael akpevwe oruohwo marcualay:
Love you WORD bank _chester united .
Sebastien Mai
Sebastien Mai:
Never understood the flat track bully comment !!!
Izdihar Ali
Izdihar Ali:
Oh my goodness. None of the deadwood is out
Suwi Sinyangwe
Suwi Sinyangwe:
Quality costs money, especially when you are a rich club that fails to qualify for the Champion's League.
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin:
tis squad will have trouble to even reach 6th next season
John Landin
John Landin:
You know what Mark I would have told him to move his wedding but also family comes first
Noraphon Kaedklung
Noraphon Kaedklung:
Can't wait to see James's speedy run.
Lmao complaining about Fred getting married during pre-season😂😂😂 ffs
W K123
W K123:
cooman and nabry ffs mark😂
I really want us to get beat tomorrow to show ole and everyone how shi* we are and how many players we need
Bjarni Kristjánsson
Bjarni Kristjánsson:
Get Gylfi Sigurdsson over the line!
Yadnik Pitale
Yadnik Pitale:
Just ask for Milan Skrinar in a swap deal !!
On the Lukaku situation : you make a loss on Lukaku by selling him for less, but you use the money to buy Ben Yedder for less and overall make a profit
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins:
where can i watch it for free
Nimit Maheshwari
Nimit Maheshwari:
Remember a few weeks ago you yourself were talking about not selling Lukaku for less than 70 million.
Eric Muscat
Eric Muscat:
i dont know if we really have 200 million to spend it seems like we're waiting to sell a player or two before we go to buy a cb and a cm
Eoin Everard
Eoin Everard:
We bought Lukaku before the crazy money so inflation alone the 75 we bought him for would have been about 100/110 new money.
Jacob Damien
Jacob Damien:
I hope Sanchez goes on loan at the very least. Let me dream.
Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke:
Pogba and Lukaku all dressed up nowhere to go. I keep believing, and the Glazers keep proving I'm correct in my belief.
FFS Lukaku get out, go to Juventus
haaristheg 7
haaristheg 7:
Sell lukaku in the winter if he’s dead for the first 3 months
G4 Gamer
G4 Gamer:
Now at every match at old traffod Chant Ed Woodward out.And then surely he will go out
Mr Smith
Mr Smith:
@nolls14.. Can you see the 4-5-1 now?
Why smalling not bailly
What channel can u watch this match on lads or ladies
Erik Anders
Erik Anders:
You are happy with young and Jones but not with lukaku who offers more then young jones
U put James and awb as no.21
U1- GloryBTW
U1- GloryBTW:
James 21 Wan Bissaka 21 😂
Richard Foord
Richard Foord:
I don't think Inter can afford 60m and his wages upfront so maybe it being in installments is the problem.
andrew tucker
andrew tucker:
United are playing hard ball as inter did the same to Utd haggling on the perisic deal for 5mil.. lukaku will probably still be sold
Chidozie Jeffrey
Chidozie Jeffrey:
Morata was bought 70mil and sold for 50mil sell him!
Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood:
This doing one signing at a time is absolutely farcical. What would happen if Woodward fell ill? Would all business just stop?
Ladzz Flex
Ladzz Flex:
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay:
Denis zakaria best CDM I've seen this season, and he's only 22,they say he's a young Patrick Vieira