Andy Ruiz Jr - FULL POST PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Anthony Joshua 2

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Andy's acting like he didn't know he had a fight coming.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
"Why didn't you train harder?"
"There was a lot on my plate"

clint fowler
clint fowler:
AJ didn’t make excuses after he lost... he went and worked his butt off
michael morales
michael morales:
“ I ate his punches, there was a lot on my plate”.
Erasmo Moreno
Erasmo Moreno:
Did you realize you waste everybody's money and time by not training with discipline !!!
Amadia TNA
Amadia TNA:
Lesson to AJ: don’t judge a book by its cover
Lesson to Andy: don’t let the money and fame get into your head....and listen to your coaches
That Guy
That Guy:
He won’t get a sniff of a rematch. Hope he enjoyed his 5 minutes.
FoxSin BAN
FoxSin BAN:
“I don’t want to give no excuses “ continues to give excuses....
Joe Higashi
Joe Higashi:
He didnt know how to throw his combos, but he knows how to order them 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Bring that same energy
Bring that same energy:
I guess I will hold off on canceling that gym membership
Adam Polselli
Adam Polselli:
"I don't want to have any excuses, but here's a few excuses..."
Ish M
Ish M:
Who said there’s going to be a next one? After the disappointing performance I surely don’t want to see a 3rd. AJ put on a boxing clinic as expected.
Brett Murray
Brett Murray:
Feel for Manny, such a good coach, this guy doesn’t deserve him, he has zero discipline.
Andy “a lot on my plate” Ruiz
Dan Day
Dan Day:
"Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you!"
“I had a lot on my plate, there was a lot at steak 🥩 “ 😂
Tom Yates
Tom Yates:
“I’m not making excuses”
But *makes excuse*
This guys a fool, he could have been humble and accepted defeat, he would have been in with a better shot at a trilogy, see you in 3 years 🤣
Hes talking like theres going to be a 3rd fight 😂😂
Ade Eager
Ade Eager:
I think he's fooling himself on the trilogy if he couldn't be bothered to train for the biggest fight of his life
Ghost Wind
Ghost Wind:
This guys "humble" persona seems a total sham. Blatant disregard for trainers and camp, and underestimating AJs boxing ability and will to win. He got what he deserved and got served up.
JaxFlGuy 337
JaxFlGuy 337:
It’s a disgrace he showed up 20 pounds heavier to his first title defense.
okow tina
okow tina:
Did you realize you waste everybody's money and time by not training with discipline !!!
monika laosi
monika laosi:
Feel for Manny, such a good coach, this guy doesn’t deserve him, he has zero discipline.
Fernando L
Fernando L:
Andy: my plan was to look like butter bean
Kelvin Gallon
Kelvin Gallon:
AJ's critics:

*"he runs"*

Meanwhile Ruiz:

*eyes bleeding from a running man* 🤣😂😯🤐🤫
Architect Sporkslede
Architect Sporkslede:
1:37 Interviewer: ''Andy why didn't you train harder??''
1:45 Andy: I don't know. there was alot of things going on, on my plates.
Samuel C Okanume
Samuel C Okanume:
This guy is just full of excuses, yet he said: "there is no excuse".
He looks like "cheesecake" with a "strawberry eye!!!"
🍰 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
James Udoh
James Udoh:
You didn’t take the World Heavy Weight Championship seriously. You not serious bro
Trigga Tre
Trigga Tre:
"Lots of things was on my plate" - Yeah mf we know.....
Public Demand Records
Public Demand Records:
no body wants to see a third fight mate
*05:58** 3 MONTHS OF PARTYING !!*
You don’t deserve a rematch
LDN Crisis
LDN Crisis:
He’s begging for that 3rd fight. He wants one more big pay day badly
Chuks Ogbonna
Chuks Ogbonna:
Why does he keep saying "I won one, he won one, let's go to the next one?" Does he not know there might not be a third fight?
it's a shame because I liked the dude but i really dislike the lack of discipline in such sports.
"I had a lot on my plate" literally.
Ishmael Cato
Ishmael Cato:
"A lot of things going on my plate" Yeah... Like to much God Damn FOOD. 😂😂😂 How are you a FAT fighter missing training sessions. #CONDITIONINGWINSFIGHTS
francis mcguane
francis mcguane:
he dosnt deserve another fight he might weigh in over 300
Shahid Ullah
Shahid Ullah:
There ain't no trilogy fight man.
Joshua straight out beat you and you got lucky in the 1st fight
Don’t wanna make any excuses but here’s my excuse
Rob E.
Rob E.:
Dude, there is no trilogy, nobody can trust u to fight. Nobody wants an out of shape marshmallow man for a champion.
william benedict
william benedict:
reporter: So andy what’s your dogs name?
Andy: You guys just wait till the 3rd fight
Mans talkin about a 3rd fight like he deserves it. Typical one hit wonder. He's not a champion at heart. This proves he won the 1st one by pure luck and when it really mattered, he failed
Calum Barton
Calum Barton:
I like how he says there’s no excuses and then goes to make several 😂
Set this man up having a fight after Thanksgiving! Eddie Hearn u slick bastard
batteries required
batteries required:
"There's no excuses,"... then I should of.... I wasn't..... third fight.... prepare better....
2019: You-tube fighter response vs Pro Fighter response
Logan: "I sneezed 3 times that day."
Andy: "There was a lot on my plate."
Us: 😆😅😂🤣
Diesel Knows
Diesel Knows:
This man is a bag of excuses...actually like the guy but he has had the opportunity of a life time and his excuses are poor for an elite fighter. 🤦🏾‍♂️
No need. Third will be a repeat of second fight.
Respect for Ruiz man blocked a lot of shots WITH HIS FACE
you can see the desperation in his eyes for the third fight
Every answer was the same, I miss when they were all "I'm just blessed man"
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete:
Augustus ruiz ...
Oliver ruiz ... " more"
Hes a big lad ...

"When you do won one
You do won one"
Rico & Pine
Rico & Pine:
Why didn't he train harder? Dude let the $ get to his head & belly real quick.
Beloved Ruby
Beloved Ruby:
2:19 It affected you because AJ busted your eye wide open !!!! LOL 😂😂😂
1:47 a heavy guy should never say I had alot on my plate. Why's he think he's guaranteed a 3rd fight
UnBiased Media101
UnBiased Media101:
"I came in too over weight"
"I trained my Self"
But no excuses he Won
He was the better man!
'' why didn't you train harder?''
''there was a lot om my plate.''

''what like?''
''snickers,mars bars,fudge and alot of chocolate....''
''what about your 5 a day and your greens.''
''can't afford it.''
AK 100K
AK 100K:
AJ underestimated Andy in the 1st fight and Andy underestimated AJ in the 2nd fight. Both paid the price
Brotha2danite Lovehall
Brotha2danite Lovehall:
LMAO this dude isn't getting a 3rd fight. C'mon who would watch that crap? I did not even know there was a fight. lol
"Victory as defeated you!"

Alexander Reyes
Alexander Reyes:
He thinks he's going to have a rematch Joshua's not going to give him a rematch he's done with him
Chester Lester456
Chester Lester456:
He kinda looks like that kid called Russel from UP as an adult 😂
Joshua's plan to send Ruiz daily desserts paid off big time.
Rankin 'Arris
Rankin 'Arris:
You don't know what you've got til it's gone
Steven Ayala - EAR Ayala
Steven Ayala - EAR Ayala:
“There was a lot of things on my plate.”

We believe you Andy, your physical showed us.
1.54 Ruiz says "I had a lot of things going on my plate" LMAO, you're so right!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
There will be no trilogy. Doesn’t deserve it
sammy orta
sammy orta:
He said he did not train hard wtf dude ur defending ur title
Marcin Smarz
Marcin Smarz:
HAHAHAHA “no excuses on me … except that I didn’t train… “ – dude listen to yourself
A A:
Excuses don’t suit Ruiz, neither does him catting for a trilogy he knows better than to not prepare for this fight :/
You dont deserve a rematch Gordito
Geeez man. He just keeps repeating that he didn't care enough to keep his head in this title defense. Ruiz is extremely immature here and people BLASTED AJ for taking the L with real sportsmanship. I don't want to see a third fight. The 2nd is typically a brawl something of a rivalry....
Andy: Makes an excuse
Andy: But there are no excuses
Andy: Makes another excuse
Andy: But like i said there are no excuses
On everything I love I knew, he was gonna lose when Andy was wearing sun glasses on the Mike Tyson podcast!!! Tyson was like WTF Regardless I think Andy has a good heart he just needs to drop his friends!!
Lawrence Whelan
Lawrence Whelan:
Looked like Joshua punched a chunk out his fringe😂
joe specia
joe specia:
Enter the pie eating contest there will be no 3rd fight he blew it
AJ exposed you! Now every fighter knows how to beat you! You said you worked on CUTTING THE RING so why didnt you do it in the fight? There wont be a third fight foo!
Tim Barto
Tim Barto:
”It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas”
Chere Kwa
Chere Kwa:
Literally, a lot on ur plate- like a lot of food 🥘, drinks and enjoyments!
0 1
0 1:
The right side of his forehead looks like a crater on the moon😳🤣
Trevor Cheekinew
Trevor Cheekinew:
5:20 to late, one time champ, eat three more meals and dream on
JK 88
JK 88:
We have no doubt you’ll “bounce back”, bro.
Andy ‘I wish I’d trained harder for the most important fight of my life’ Ruiz.
Jose Hernandes
Jose Hernandes:
So your telling me i was paying for his partying tacos burgers and burritos well ill be dam 🎊🎉🍔🍟🍺
Aaron Lyon
Aaron Lyon:
“Bomb Squad” goodnight to all u heavywannab’s
Loqa Loqa
Loqa Loqa:
Everyone in the comments is stupid. When he says “no excuses” he means no one to blame but himself. It’s his fault not any external factors, and he knows it
physic Fitness5000
physic Fitness5000:
It’s even now Bro🔥🔥
Jac Hanmer
Jac Hanmer:
‘’I’m not gonna make any excuses’’ then says every excuse in the book 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
checho hermandez
checho hermandez:
Y’all really hating on the man
George Kolotouros
George Kolotouros:
He needs to train on Mt Everest !!!
Magma Playz
Magma Playz:
Fighters always talk about being hungry, I think ruiz misunderstood
Amir Pleasants
Amir Pleasants:
wonderful lesson on 15 minutes of fame.. i appreciate his honesty though.
Ruiz look like his mom hit him with a sandal for burning the chimichangas
we probably never gonna have a 3rd fight lol anthony like nope yall good lol
*ANTHONY "👟marathon runner🏃‍♂️" JOSHUA*
*ANDY needs to stay active no matter the opponent, but not active in terms of 🌮eating🤣*
M Gill
M Gill:
I have no excuses.....and then piles up a tonne of them.😂😂😂
King Worldwide
King Worldwide:
Dude seemed unfocused during the fight and he still has room to become the greatest.
say what
say what:
Ruiz: no excuses.
20 excuses later
Also Ruiz:like I said no excuses.
Sharavana Visvanathan
Sharavana Visvanathan:
Ruiz: no excuse for me.... but i was heavier and he was lighter... XD