Death of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen ...

Death of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen ...
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[Daily Mail] The second episode of the gripping three-part ITV drama Des saw Dennis Nilsen, who is believed to have killed as many as 15 men at his London homes in the ... David Tennant's Dennis Nilsen pleads NOT GUILTY to his crimes in ... View more

[Metro] When serial killer Dennis Nilsen was arrested - he candidly admitted to murdering 15 men after he lured them back to his home. Des: How Dennis Nilsen victim Carl Stottor escaped serial killer ... View more

[MyLondon] Serial killer Dennis Nilsen was sentenced to life in prison after confessing to the murder of 15 men and boys, but throughout his time behind bars he wrote ... Des on ITV: The chilling letters Dennis Nilsen sent to police and TV ... View more

[Hertfordshire Mercury] Named as one of the UK's notorious murderers, Dennis Nilsen's horrific crimes have been brought into the light in a new ITV series called 'Des'. The show ... Des ITV: Who was Stephen Sinclair? Dennis Nilsen's last victim who ... View more

[] Serial killer Dennis Nilsen murdered between 12 and 15 victims, but who was the Canadian man that went missing after a visit to Melrose Avenue? Here's more information on Kenneth Ockenden, victim of Dennis ... View more

[The Sun] DENNIS Nilsen, one of the UK's worst ever serial killers, was caged for life in 1983 after murdering up to 15 men when he picked them up from the streets. Nilsen ... Crowds hit the beach for last taste of summer as mercury soars ... View more

[Hertfordshire Mercury] Some say the Border Collie cross was the 'last victim of Britain's notorious serial killer' Des ITV: What happened to Dennis Nilsen's dog? The heartbreaking ... View more

[Daily Mail] One of Dennis Nilsen's flats, in Cricklewood, north London, which was home to the serial killer when he carried out 12 of his estimated 15 murders in the late ... Dennis Nilsen homes are STILL standing today despite grisly past ... View more

[The Sun] DENNIS Nilsen remains one of the UK's worst serial killers, murdering at least 12 young boys and men in North London over a five year period. A new ITV drama ... Pubs face 9pm curfew if 'rule of six' fails to stop rise in coronavirus ... View more

[Radio Times] Everything you need to know about DCI Peter Jay – the leader investigator in Dennis Nilsen's case portrayed by Daniel Mays in ITV's Des. Who is DCI Peter Jay? Where the lead investigator in Dennis Nilsen ... View more

[HELLO!] David Tennant is currently starring in the new ITV drama Des as Dennis Nilsen, one of Britain's most notorious serial killers who killed as many as 15 men before ... Des: what happened to Dennis Nilsen? ... View more


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Death of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen ...

Death of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen ...

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Death of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen ....