Cori Bush on Twitter: "Hey 🌹 Twitter ...

Cori Bush on Twitter:
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[Rolling Stone] A longtime racial-justice activist-turned-politician who was elected to Congress in November, Bush made the most of her allotted 30 seconds in the impeachment ... Cori Bush Denounces White Supremacy. GOP Representatives Boo ... View more

[] During the impeachment debate in the House, Congresswoman Cori Bush said President Donald Trump should be removed from office. St. Louis Rep. Cori Bush calls Trump 'the white supremacist in chief' ... View more

[] Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush delivered her speech on the House of Representatives Floor in support of H. Res. 24 to impeach President Donald Trump. Cori Bush asks Congress to 'root out white supremacy' during ... View more

[The Cut] Cori Bush called Donald Trump the “white supremacist-in-chief” during her comments in Wednesday's impeachment hearings, emphasizing his role in inciting ... Cori Bush Said What We're All Thinking ... View more

[] In her first speech on the U.S. house floor, Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush said Congress must impeach the “while supremacist in chief”. Rep. Cori Bush calls Trump 'White Supremacist-in-Chief' during first ... View more

[Business Insider] Democratic Rep. Cori Bush on Tuesday criticized House Republicans who ignored the new metal detectors that were installed in the US Capitol following the ... Rep. Cori Bush slams GOP metal detector protests at the Capitol ... View more

[] St. Louisan and elected Democratic Representative Cori Bush calls out her colleagues who are refusing to abide by the new security protocols in the U.S. ... Cori Bush tells Republicans to 'Find another job' after metal detector ... View more


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Cori Bush on Twitter:

Cori Bush on Twitter: "Hey 🌹 Twitter ...

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Cori Bush on Twitter: "Hey 🌹 Twitter ....