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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation on Thursday is expected to have no effect on the steady supply of weapons and other aid into Ukraine, according to a top White House aide.  “Every leader at NATO and every leader at the G-7 [Group of Seven] said they were going to continue to support Ukraine for…
Boris Johnson as he resigns over Brexit ...

Boris Johnson as he resigns over Brexit ...

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[CNN] Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid resign from UK government in blow to Boris ... .British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was dealt a huge blow on Tuesday when two of his top ministers announced their resignations, saying they could no ... View more

[NPR] 2 key U.K. senior ministers quit Boris Johnson's government .The two ministers resigned after a day in which the prime minister acknowledged he had changed his story on how he handled sexual misconduct allegations ... View more

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[The New York Times] Boris Johnson Still Shaky After No-Confidence Vote: Live Updates .Britain's prime minister, facing a battered economy and a potentially damaging Parliamentary by-election this month, could also still face a rebellion by ... View more

[CNBC] Boris Johnson hangs on as UK prime minister — just — but his days ... .Monday's vote saw Johnson win the backing of most of his Conservative lawmakers, but by a much slimmer margin than his supporters had hoped. ... View more

[West Virginia Public Broadcasting] Boris Johnson faces a no-confidence vote over lockdown parties .Earlier today, a secret ballot was triggered by scores of British lawmakers writing to party bosses calling on the PM to quit. ... View more

[CNN] Analysis: Boris Johnson survives, but with his position badly bruised ... .Boris Johnson has survived a vote of confidence held by his own party. Conservative MPs voted Monday in a secret ballot by 211 to 148 to allow Johnson to ... View more

[The New York Times] Boris Johnson No-Confidence Vote: Live News Updates .Conservative lawmakers have triggered the internal party vote after several months of simmering scandal about lockdown-breaking parties held at Downing ... View more

[NPR] Boris Johnson faces a no-confidence vote. His exit may be a matter ... .The vote follows revelations that Johnson and his staff repeatedly flouted restrictions they imposed on Britain in 2020 and 2021, which stirred public ... View more

[The Washington Post] Britain's Boris Johnson to face no-confidence vote from his party .LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday evening will face a punishing vote of no confidence by his fellow Conservative Party lawmakers, ... View more

[Jacobin magazine] Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal Has Plunged Ulster Unionism Into Crisis .The Democratic Unionist Party supported the Leave campaign, but they've been the big losers from Boris Johnson's Brexit. The union with Britain isn't in ... View more

[The Guardian] Boris Johnson announces 'largest ever' set of sanctions against ... .Boris Johnson has said it is time to “squeeze Russia from the global economy, piece by piece,” as he announced a wide-ranging sanctions package against ... View more

[CNN] Analysis: Boris Johnson engulfed in turmoil as scandals mount at ... .Even the joyful news of a healthy, new-born baby can't distract from the fact that Boris Johnson's bad week isn't getting any better, politically speaking. ... View more

[The New York Times] Boris Johnson and Wife, Carrie Johnson, Announce Birth of Second ... .The birth comes as the British prime minister faces a political scandal over Covid rules. ... View more

[CNN] Boris and Carrie Johnson announce birth of baby daughter - CNN .UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson have announced the birth of a "healthy baby girl," according to the UK's Press Association. ... View more

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