Zombieland 2 Title REVEALED, PLOT, & NEW Zombies?!

Zombieland 2 Is on it's way with a title reveal. The Zombieland Sequel will be called Zombieland Double Tap. Emma Stone Abigail Breslin Zoey Deutch Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson & Bill Murray. Zombieland 2 Poster & Plot Details For The Zombie Horror Movie CHANNEL MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/3cfilms ------------------------SOCIAL MEDIA ------------------------ Twitter: https://twitter.com/3CFilmReview Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204561206458090/ ------------------------EQUIPMENT I USE IN MY VIDEOS---------------------- Camera: https://amzn.to/2BLWqT2 Microphone: https://amzn.to/2StTzW0 Microphone #2: https://amzn.to/2ViQ5HK Lights: https://amzn.to/2rZ9qjG Computer: https://amzn.to/2BXsgMX Business Inquiries: [email protected] Thank You For Any Support! DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this.


3C Films
3C Films:
Thank You Guys For Watching!
10 Years too late or Nah I Need THIS!?
Seleste Wiggins
Seleste Wiggins:
"They all look the same age!" *Abigail ages 10 years*
ZombiE Dad
ZombiE Dad:
Hard to believe it's been 10 years since the first one came out wow...someone get me a twinkie
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson:
ZombieLand2.......Tallahassee gets a Twinkie....
Special Infected?
Nice, this will be the closest to a Left 4 Dead movie we are gonna get
mostly everything
mostly everything:

YT Gamer Pro XL
YT Gamer Pro XL:
Can't wait for Zombieland 2 : Double Tap this October it's going to be awesome and about the Zombies are they actually going to be like really big and fight like Ninjas if this is true then That would be cool

Also for one of the rules for Zombieland 2 as you say that they might be Updating them for this film this should be one Fast Reflexes because you need to be quick at punching and kicking the Ninja Zombies and any other Zombies.
Mr. Rager
Mr. Rager:
I still wanna see the TV series.

Also, left 4 dead: Zombie Land edition.
Wolfie 3267
Wolfie 3267:
Thank you for all the news recently
James Mark
James Mark:
Homers like homer simpson! So fat one
Hawkings like Stephen Hawkins! So smart ones
Ninja like well NINJAS! Just cool ones

James Patterson
James Patterson:
Zombieland Double Tap.. Emma Stone!
Matthew moon
Matthew moon:
Chris I have to point out something that really bugged me when you said no one aged a bit what about little Rock she has definitely aged
GingerGirl Destiny
GingerGirl Destiny:
You should discuss the news on Zack Snyder making a Netflix Original Zombie Heist flick!! 🤗🤗 takes place in Las Vegas where I live anddd it'll be a heist inside a quarantine zone!
TabularJoker :Random Videos
TabularJoker :Random Videos:
Plot twist.The “hunter” is Tallahassee’s Ex.I swear though legit the first Tallahassee twist made me cry.
John Andrews
John Andrews:
This movie sounds fun and interesting I can't wait to see it 🙂
the first zombieland was amazing, can't wait for this to get a release date
Hi 3c Films ZombieLand 2 will be one of the most BadAss Sequel Of All Time.
Charley J
Charley J:
I literally JUST found out about this! I'm so excited!
Josh Strosnider
Josh Strosnider:
When I saw the I about lost it love zombie movies especially this one it's gonna be awesome.
Big Mac-11
Big Mac-11:
A day before they announced Double Tap actually happening I was watching the first one wishing a part two would come out.
The Fruit Man Show
The Fruit Man Show:
I was always praying for a sequel for this movie and now BOOM! I hope its worth the wait!
OBE’S Planet films
OBE’S Planet films:
I loved the first one also your my favorite YouTuber
H.D. Nimbus07
H.D. Nimbus07:
Wow, Columbus wasn't kidding when he said "until next time" in the ending of the first movie. How...foreshadowing. Time to nut up or shut up.
Alpha vermen
Alpha vermen:
I love the first movie so much i can’t wait for the sequel
Ok Buddy
Ok Buddy:
Touble tap, a rule in zombie land and my favorite perk in cod zombies (it has the best jingle imo, don't @ me)
Elijah Range
Elijah Range:
Chris you gotta watch the childs play dvd extras they talk about hpw they are gonna be remaking the elevator scene from the original!!!! They also talk more about the remake
Lex The Bull
Lex The Bull:
I just said yesterday I wish they made a part two!!!!!
Zorro Sappier
Zorro Sappier:
Hi I’m the first haha
I saw "Trance." Yeah, Rosario can do sexy (ie full frontal/shaved).
Ash Nasi
Ash Nasi:
ive been watching this on repeat for years. so ready.
Billy Murray was shot in the first one he can’t be in the second one
Jennifer Head
Jennifer Head:
Zombieland is awesome, and my favorite movie!!❤❤ Thanks for the video dude!🍺❤😎 Love the title!
I'm down with backflipping zombies😂😂
ElectronicFox Gabe Jeffers
ElectronicFox Gabe Jeffers:
How the hell is Bill Murray gonna be in Zombieland: Double Tap if he died in Zombieland?
El Doge
El Doge:
I cant wait for this movie zombieland was the best movie I’ve ever seen!
Aiden Duchscher
Aiden Duchscher:
Hey 3C films you have no idea how excited I am for this movie😍 this movie was awesome
Nick Ducharme
Nick Ducharme:
Can't wait and been waiting for this
Marita BTS
Marita BTS:
Big fan!! You deserve more subscribers!
Ryan Oseguera
Ryan Oseguera:
Everyone listen up:

Buy yourself a twinkie and take it with you to the movies when Double Tap comes out
Steffanie Moore
Steffanie Moore:
God I hope it's out soon awesome movie. Great casting as expected.
Aaron Stockton
Aaron Stockton:
I love that film I found it very funny (Twinkie).
I am gonna be eatin twinkies at the theater showing!
Can Not wait for zombie Kill of the week from Tallahasee!
Jordyn Aguilar
Jordyn Aguilar:
You deserve way more subscribers!
Xavier Garza
Xavier Garza:
I would love to see Dan Aykroyd. throw Crystal Head Vodka at zombies, 😅 that would be badass
Shaine White
Shaine White:
Yes, they should do a time jump into the future.
geno animations
geno animations:
I can't wait 😀
I loved the first one
diego sanchez
diego sanchez:
Pin me brotha!
diego sanchez
diego sanchez:
Pin me brotha!
I’m so excited I hope it’s really good
Angel Scarlett
Angel Scarlett:
YESSS all these awesome movie releases thanks for posting
Tim Lazaro
Tim Lazaro:
look well fed highlighted hair make up.
Janine Walters
Janine Walters:
a new fast and ferest 9 hobs and shaw
Shawn Feldt
Shawn Feldt:
Zombieland was really good movie and zombieland 2 is going being really like to see
Aaron Stockton
Aaron Stockton:
Keep up the good work.
Death Central
Death Central:
I'm not a zombie fan, but it could be really fun!
Kevin Aebischer
Kevin Aebischer:
C3 flims and I like the title for the zombie land 2 movie
Thank you 😊 again
CALI 420
CALI 420:
So glad they all came back 😳
Kyla De la Cruz
Kyla De la Cruz:
1:46 avan jogia??
Shaine White
Shaine White:
Thank God it was worth the wait! 😁😁😁😁😁
Ryan from wii sports Resort
Ryan from wii sports Resort:
Left 4 dead the movie
Mrz Flores
Mrz Flores:
I was thinking if there are zombie tanks in the movie.
Left 4 Dead 3???
Nicole Dardar
Nicole Dardar:
This movie must happen!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻😊
Paul Lemieux
Paul Lemieux:
This guy has no clue and they do look they got older
this movie is gonna be hyyyype
thomas bregoli
thomas bregoli:
Anna A.
Anna A.:
they look older actors are human relax lol
Thatonerandomboi 69
Thatonerandomboi 69:
Wait they made a cod zombies movies because double tap
Žijeme Filmem
Žijeme Filmem:
I love your news
Can’t wait for this
Papa Hades
Papa Hades:
So they are having mutants zombies
The Isiais Channel 69
The Isiais Channel 69:
Anyone got a twinkie?
Bonnie gamer 39
Bonnie gamer 39:
I feel creeped out on the movie because of the zombies but rule #2 is double tap so I was thinking that if there was a rule #3 movie of zombieland
They can’t get all the Ghostbusters
:] Jdoggproductions
:] Jdoggproductions:
So exited
jose Vazquez
jose Vazquez:
Love your video
Quexer 38
Quexer 38:
Bill Murray dies in zombieland
Johnathan King
Johnathan King:
I'm kinda over zombieland anyway.twinkies...ughhh
Steve Birks
Steve Birks:
Hope Bill Murray turns up some where in this doudle tap - You always hope the 2nd movie will be better than the first -But Woody Harrelson would not have signed up for a rubbish screenplay - Jessie Eicenburg - I can't say much about him ? He was in the gambling movies - Now you see me now you don't - not my cup of tea so I didn't ? - Abigail Breslin was good in dirty dancing - Played the part of Babe perfectly - little chubby girl - Cant dance - But all comes out well in the end ! & Emma Stone she had to be invited back after all the Hoo Ha - about lala land - Which seemed very much like the 1981 movie - One from the heart ? To me ? - So I really am looking forwards to Doubletap ! & I really do hope Bill Murray turns up again in some sort of Ground hog type of way !!!
Focus chase
Focus chase:
Nice video give us more chunky updates pls
Man Why Didn’t put the number for the sequel?,(is Hollywood Have sometimes against putting numbers in sequels?) but Double tap for the subtitle is very clever for the sequel title and I’m really ready for this to come out this October alongside the 2019 joker film!
Angel Lara
Angel Lara:
Español alguien me dise si van a sacar la 2 de zombie LANDIA o comentario
mark coleman
mark coleman:
Jesse looks a little more manly atleast
Alex Lee
Alex Lee:
Still sad that David Fincher’s World War Z sequel was cancelled
bob soci
bob soci:
I'm hoping they have zombies that can spit acid, or used their tongues to wrapped their victims, or jump on their backs and ride them
Pokemon Gamer The 3rd
Pokemon Gamer The 3rd:
Zombie land 2 hits theaters October
Aiden Duchscher
Aiden Duchscher:
Btw love the video
Carlo Gimena
Carlo Gimena:
Make a Walking Dead Cameo!!
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez:
if you don’t think Rosario Dawson can be sexy, watch the Out Tonight video form Rent. 😏
Harry Nutsac
Harry Nutsac:
Agenda 21 says Force race mixing, SO, as per the usual, Hollywood and media will push adding a "Minority" to this all "White" cast. That is what Zionist Hollywood/US does. They have also Programmed their victims to believe that pointing this fact out is somehow "Racist". That their way to shut down any discussion of what they are doing and why and make sure You never learn the facts.