Yumi Stynes & Kerri-Anne Clash AGAIN Over Racism | KIIS1065, Kyle & Jackie O

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Maicon Nicoletto
Maicon Nicoletto:
Yumi didn't have a strong argument and lost her mind. The points raised by Kerri were fair and accusing her of racist was a dirty strategy to try to destabilize Kerri's narrative and hide her lack of argument... my humble opinion...
Richard Piercy
Richard Piercy:
She reckons she'll get away with it because it's fashionable to call people racist.
jim bob
jim bob:
Hate to break this to u yumi but u are far from professional ...
Yumi Stynes has got the IQ of a fridge magnet .
Jacques James
Jacques James:
Yumi is a fool. Good on Kerri for bringing up these uncomfortable truths.
Lee Cowley
Lee Cowley:
Yumi Stynes made a complete fool of her self !
So why did Yumi not go back on 10 and debate Jacinta ? because she a clueless snowflake
Missy Moo
Missy Moo:
I don't think Yumi knows the definition of racist.
Yumi's such an idiot and exactly what's wrong with the world! If you haven't a clue shout "Racists"!
Jack Inderbockz
Jack Inderbockz:
How did this silly girl Yumi Stynes get a job
Leigh Dogg
Leigh Dogg:
YUMI you rat.. go back to talking about music. Your haircut does'nt give you the right to talk about my people.
'White people telling me about racism'... inferring that the colour of one's skin dictates their capacity to research, observe and formulate an opinion? That racism is an unpleasant experience reserved only for non-caucasians? Sadly, it's not. Kerri Anne was actually advocating FOR the aboriginal community - the ones who don't have the spotlight on them and don't have a voice. This is why the abuse continues, a smoke screen and 'racist' tag any time someone tries to draw attention to the issues.
Rambling R1
Rambling R1:
Yumi is trying to do anything to actually become relevant because she never actually has been
Laurence Nash
Laurence Nash:
Get back under ya ROCK Stynes
Monika Bones
Monika Bones:
The word racist has become a weapon for idiots who don't like the facts.
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson:
Yumi - we are both professionals Haha that's a good one.
Tony Bloomfield
Tony Bloomfield:
Yumi is a vile, pathetic individual who must live another plane than the rest of us.
jon giessler
jon giessler:
Hookers are more honest then Yumi Styles
roger scott
roger scott:
Yumi obviously doesn't know what racism is and that anyone can be racist despite thier ethnicity!
Pommie bears
Pommie bears:
Why the MSM still invites this Yumi onto our television screens is beyond me. She had no answer, so pulled out the racist card. Not for a minute was that the context of what she was saying, yet Yumi jumped on it so quickly. Right wing station? A racist station, I suppose.....oh, please.
Peter Lohan
Peter Lohan:
Well that was 8 minutes wasted
Sarah Ali
Sarah Ali:
Was gonna watch until you got Yumi on
"Hey Kyle do you know what I love. White people telling me about racism" - How absolutely cringey is it hearing that from someone who is literally half white. Just because you look like some dystopic autocrat from a 1984 esque book, doesn't hide the fact your basically white, Yumi.
Lou K
Lou K:
O my gosh. Yumi is so uneducated. KK is right.
Yumi Who, you fool
who says
who says:
Yumi is one of those women that i detest..A feminist who needs to be put down.
Rock Dog
Rock Dog:
Leftard standard autopilot response "RACIST"
Gennady Loves Me
Gennady Loves Me:
More like she's been told don't come in today 😁
You made it personal Yumi! She was highlighting a valid point but you calling her a racist was to sensationalise & bring attention to yourself all over again . Short memory how that went down previously & show some respect.
For Sure
For Sure:
I have never really liked Kerri however Kerri is 100% correct on this topic.
jordan chapaculo
jordan chapaculo:
Yumi - " you know what I REALLY like, white people lecturing Me about racism!"... what the.......... thats a racist thing to say. why is Yumi allowed to be racist? please excuse me for this, but who the... is Yumi. I've never heard of her until 2 days ago, Yassmin 2.0?
Mere Farr
Mere Farr:
Fk the sensor is almost as annoying as Yumi 😒😒
jess s
jess s:
Whether you agree or disagree with kerri anne is not the issue,the issue is the R word. Can we honestly as a nation put a moritorium on anyone calling someone else that word. That's the kind of mud that sticks and could damage someone's career. Yumi instead of picking up the phone to kyle and jackie o could have gone on studio ten and said i'm sorry kerri anne i know your not a racist and i apologise for calling you that in the heat of the moment but no couldn't even do that.
Catherine Louise
Catherine Louise:
Oh of COURRRSE the leftist brainwashing machine of our media has YUMI on!!! Ugh - vomitous.
Yumi , read these comments and drop dead.
Racist is a term used by the progressive left and minorities for whites being 100% accurate. It no longer has any meaning beyond this, so being called one actually shows how correct you are!
Darren Baker
Darren Baker:
This must be one of the left wing stations! Same as most FM stations and MSM
Cheyenne Vujevic
Cheyenne Vujevic:
I cant stand Yumi, dont give her air time
Hermy yeah baby
Hermy yeah baby:
The weak n clueless will use add hominems to attack instead of using logic and reason to counter an argument or statement...
Trousersnake Pliskin
Trousersnake Pliskin:
Didn't they get rid of that Bangkok harlot years ago? These Bolsheviks must really hate us to bring this cheap bint back onto our TV screens.
Garry Sarre
Garry Sarre:
The racist card is brought out when you're too lazy to come up with a logical argument. A self congratulatory attempt to gain the moral high ground
have a look back on what yumi said about ben roberts smith its on  youtube a few years ago, why do we tolerate people like her on tv etc, what is her claim to fame,
jim bob
jim bob:
Keep digging that hole Yumi
carbonite1999 now freezing a loved one near you!
carbonite1999 now freezing a loved one near you!:
Yumi has a face for radio! Triggered by facts!
Dom Lipski
Dom Lipski:
Earlier this year I spent 2 weeks on the road between remote communities in central and western Queensland... its borderline 3rd world. Yumi needs a reality check.
Bec SocSci
Bec SocSci:
Kak was 💯 that’s correct!!!!
Fred Fungus
Fred Fungus:
All paid too much for old rope. I am sick to my back teeth with with the whole debate that's all die and start again 🤓
Ben McGarity
Ben McGarity:
OUTRAGE! Feel the OUTRAGE! OUTRAGE here! OUTRAGE there! OUTRAGE everywhere!
Scrambo 1
Scrambo 1:
Has KKKAK said anything about the subject being protested, I guess it's time for KKKAK to do a photo OP in an outback community
Tony Bloomfield
Tony Bloomfield:
The funniest line is "we are BOTH professional". Yumi, Yumi, Yumi????
Stynes go away and reasses your media life and limit it to listen/watching yourself because you are the only one interested in yourself...you anti-white person of asian mix!
seaworld socialartslecturer
seaworld socialartslecturer:
Yumi just has a few phobias ,whiteaphobia and menaphobia ;)
Rice Crash
Rice Crash:
I agree 100% with Kerrie Ann. The selective outrage on Australia day when the mistreatment in the aboriginal communities is horrific 52 weeks of the year. I don’t see any protests in the streets protesting these FACTS. By the way I was born and raised in and around these communities and I don’t need Yumi Clueless Styles telling me about racism nor discounting Kerri Annes at the end because of Kerrie Annes skin colour. That would be racist Yumi, you moron.
Willz Tal
Willz Tal:
Jack what's up with the hat
I love it..
Kimbo 74
Kimbo 74:
Yumi ? Professional ?
Who is she anyway ?
David Cormack
David Cormack:
Yumi needs to "recharge" her batteries
Trumplovin Wigga
Trumplovin Wigga:
Kerri Anne is correct. Uncle is raping Aunty and the children
Michael J
Michael J:
Let’s say it’s time yumi, time to leave tv and return to the sandwich bar
Coke Man
Coke Man:
What was the argument
Helen Staines
Helen Staines:
What are the long beeps saying that we can't hear?
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner:
This Yuma is a complete clown!
John Huo
John Huo:
How does stating a fact deemed a person being racist?
Yumi full of hot air.
Tiger Stylez
Tiger Stylez:
How do you expect to have an honest debate when you are censoring important details?
Ric Flair
Ric Flair:
Yumi best work was on channel v
Justin Jones
Justin Jones:
Yumi you need to deal with facts
Jo Maher
Jo Maher:
I admire both these amazing women for their firm stand, as I think both make a valid point. This is an emotionally changed issue, and KA seems to have a firmer stand. I admire Yumi as a person, but her viewpoint is equally as valid. I believe she is saying that the issues Kerianne highlights are potential issues we must face as a wider community, and that, while we all have a responsibility to be aware, we can not all act. Being a heated and passionate discussion, I also admire the host for maintaining the panel presentation at hand. I think that this argument merely skims the surface of a broader dialogue. Racism is a loaded term, and one which might have been used negatively to influence this particular situation. But, Yumi does not want to focus unfair negative attention on just one segment of Australian society here. A bigger, controlled forum like ABC INSIGHT is needed
Yumi headline grabber
Kevin Wheatley
Kevin Wheatley:
yumi that's got a be a slap head name I bet
Alexis Newell
Alexis Newell:
Good one Kerry Ann just reading Sydney Telegragh and Andrew Bold said you made an": obvious point"" and so you did i agree with you ❤👱
I heard hou on Kyle n Jacqui O......i was confused with Yumi snd I'll never forget the comment she and George Nrgus made on air re our return solder...
❤❤❤❤ fab girl KAK
Ahh the old you're white so you have no moral compass line.
Guy Bloom
Guy Bloom:
Yumi is an oxygen thief
john smith
john smith:
Yet again Stynes displays and confirms her pea brain mentality
shes offended I don't think so you want to do something shut the mouth and go and action in the outback go out there and perform...lol cockroach been around forever ....they both are apparent professionals neither really are with this act .......
Yumi = NPC
Jack Inderbockz
Jack Inderbockz:
Japanese to the core.
Simon Gabb
Simon Gabb:
If the protesters are so offended of the 26th January, shouldn't they protest by going to work and refusing the day off
Oliver M
Oliver M:
Good on you Kerri Anne. Yumi, you're a nobody.
Jamie Nelson
Jamie Nelson:
People have such short memories I believe the gentleman talking said the most hideous things to people in his career I was surprised he still has a job
Why did they bleep out the crux of the argument?
Brad Wicenciak
Brad Wicenciak:
Yumi needs to put her latte down and head west
Tony Bloomfield
Tony Bloomfield:
The thing to do is to swap stations every time you see or hear her. She has a toxic attitude that deserves zero audience. Listen too KIIS except when she is on.
Curtiz McIntyre
Curtiz McIntyre:
Deport yumi.
Yumi = Yucky
Fd Schuler
Fd Schuler:
Yumi is part of the confusion not the solution.
Christian Johns
Christian Johns:
Yumi is a fool
And now adding to her lying zipperhead qualities.
all i will say actions speak louder than words and neither of them have done what kerri-anne is proposing people should do. you can vomit verbal shit to gain ratings but it aint putting out the fire you just lit.
blue eyes white dragon
blue eyes white dragon:
Yumi I'll kill u if I ever come across u in public
Rival Tackle Company
Rival Tackle Company:
Shit blood yumi shiiit blood
George Wee
George Wee:
Cookie 7
Cookie 7:
Love to see kerri anne and yumi in those communities hugging those children and women be an advocate .we are here and they are not forgotten.Australia heard you.
Toby Rescue
Toby Rescue:
Kerri-Anne have you ever considered to get into politics, maybe as an independent? Think about it.
eye light
eye light:
Puny Yumi.
Glenn Brooksby
Glenn Brooksby:
What everyone is failing to see is that Kerrianne and Yumi both get to go home to big comfortable beds and the perks of their choice. The people they are discussing dont
Luca D
Luca D:
Comments in this section are sounding quite racist now ha!
drama to get people to talk about irrelevant people on irrelevant show. Wise up people.
Tiger Masters
Tiger Masters:
Yumi obviously a toxic person, so full of herself