WWE Survivor Series 2018 Kickoff

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Jasmine جاسمين
Jasmine جاسمين:
Who is missing Roman Reigns? 😔💔
Edited: yayee 1000 Likes ✅👏😎
Yogesh Mishra
Yogesh Mishra:
The Usos did it for Roman Reigns
Subhan Bin Yousaf
Subhan Bin Yousaf:
Amazed by the kickoff match

For me A+
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
Why did they play the intro like 100 times in the beginning
Takoyia Owens
Takoyia Owens:
It is a little sad that Smackdown only won once but it was for Roman
Atharv vyas
Atharv vyas:
I love roman
Thank you Usos
Who misses Roman Reigns like 👇 here
Edward Torres
Edward Torres:
1 like = love Becky Lynch
Kanan Liira
Kanan Liira:
Why didn't R-Truth pull another R-Truth this year? "At Survivor Series, I'm gonna cut down every one of you superstars; that's what's up!"

Jeff Hardy: "You're not even in the match!"

R: "..."
if you miss roman reigns hit the like button
Yash Tiwari
Yash Tiwari:
Missing roman reigns 😰 😰
I Hope Randy Orton replaces someone like common Wwe he’s the Survivor Series Star!
wrestle Drew ALD
wrestle Drew ALD:
This year Survivor Series is awesome but I am miss Roman Reigns
Milan Khatri
Milan Khatri:
Gona miss you the big dog Roman Empire😶👊👊❤
Anything present in the Universe
Anything present in the Universe:
Who will won
1)broke or daneil
2)Seth or nakamora
3) Raw team or Smackdown team
1:30:59 he leaves then comes back to pull him out lol
Mahaveer 03
Mahaveer 03:
Thanks you usos hit like...
We all miss reigns but Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan that would be insane
Golden Touch 2506
Golden Touch 2506:
We Are Missing Roman Reigns
Survivor Series
This time was good time to take his winning tittle back from lancer
Clash of Entertainment
Clash of Entertainment:
Without Roman and Cena I am not even think about this survivor series 😔😔😔
Atif Naseer
Atif Naseer:
Who miss roman reigns please like here
Pavel Shorab
Pavel Shorab:
Who Miss CM Punk Like Here
Goal Keeper
Goal Keeper:
I’m missing AJ style
Aliyah Wve
Aliyah Wve:
Keion Paris
Keion Paris:
Dam alex bliss is still hot🔥 thx for the likes
Shahab khan Lunatic
Shahab khan Lunatic:
Who likes Alexa bliss😍😍
Patrice producteur de renom valeur
Patrice producteur de renom valeur:
The usos vs the Revival it's a dream match
Arslan Chandio
Arslan Chandio:
Missing Roman Reigns too
Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove
Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove:
WWE Survivor Series 2019 Dream Match Card:

Tagline: It Is Raw vs SmackDown vs NXT vs 205 Live! Who's gonna win the war?!
Date: November 24, 2019
Theme Song: Mike Posner - Move On
Second Theme Song: Rudimental - These Days

Match #1:
Team SmackDown! Live (Xaiver Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston, John Cena & Aj Styles) vs
Team Raw (Akam, Rezar, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar & Baron Corbin) vs
Team NXT (Hideo Itami, Bobby Fish, Adam Cole, Kassius Ohno & Tyler Bate) vs
Team 205 Live (TJP, Kalisto, The Brian Kendrick, Gran Metalik & Noam Dar)
5-On-5-On-5-On-5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Match #2:
Finn Balor (Raw) vs Sami Zayn (SmackDown Live)
One-on-One Falls Count Anywhere Match

Match #3:
Team Raw Women (Nia Jax, Ronda Rousey, Bayley, Sasha Banks & Tamina) vs
Team SD! Women (Carmella, Naomi, Mandy Rose, Becky Lynch & Charlotte) vs
Team NXT Women (Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler, Nikki Cross & Taynara Conti)
5-On-5-On-5 Women's Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match: Winner Take All

Match #4:
Alexander Wolfe (NXT) vs Kevin Owens (SmackDown Live)
One-on-One Single No Manager

Match #5:
Cesaro, Sheamus & Big Show (SmackDown Live) vs
Apollo Crews, Titus O'Neil & Elias (RAW)
Six-Men Elimination Tag Team Match

Match #6:
Team Raw (Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Dolph Zigger & The B-Team) vs
Team SmackDown Live (R-Truth, Luke Gallows, Randy Orton, Shane McMahon & Jeff Hardy)
5-On-5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Match #7:
The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) (SmackDown Live) vs
Bobby Roode & Chad Gable (RAW)
Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match

Main Event:
Kurt Angle (RAW) vs Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live)
If Kurt Angle wins, The Raw brand will take all.
If Rey Mysterio wins, The SD! brand will take all.

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Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera:
The worst Survivor Series in the whole year
꧁༒F. F༒꧂ Gamer Boy༒꧂
꧁༒F. F༒꧂ Gamer Boy༒꧂:
I'm love this Series
Jeremy Fernandez
Jeremy Fernandez:
Results: Raw destroyed smackdown
Klalrinpuia Madingi
Klalrinpuia Madingi:
1:23:27 Xavier:Oh my god😂
My Name Is Mr Fucking confused
My Name Is Mr Fucking confused:
So Beth Phoenix is “suited” female triple h
Carlos a
Carlos a:
Red team or blue team wtf 😆 it's raw and SmackDown
Big show
Big show:
Thank you roman reings'
Kardell Sykes
Kardell Sykes:
59:29 😂😂 this guy just made my day
Eylül Rey•
Eylül Rey•:
Boujee _Z
Boujee _Z:
That man at 59:14 though 🤣🤣
armoor mobile,s
armoor mobile,s:
I miss you roman
Kai BuscusHD
Kai BuscusHD:
Damtri Montgomery
Damtri Montgomery:
And also is nobody gonna ASKED WHY WE NEEDED 2 HOURS OF THIS
Vivek Shrestha
Vivek Shrestha:
Cultaholics review of 2k19 included..
Bragadeesh S
Bragadeesh S:
49:48 " Why you gotta bring science into this " lmao
Just. Altizia
Just. Altizia:
The Usos are very good captains 👍
#Forever Piggy
#Forever Piggy:
Very proud of “The Colons” ✌🏼💪🏼 viva Puerto Rico!
Rovan Ahmed
Rovan Ahmed:
RAW beat SD LIVE by 6--1......with kickoff match...damn SD LIVE this .HUH!
Prithvi mandal. Baby Studay channel
Prithvi mandal. Baby Studay channel:
I love my favourite Roman rings..
Brody Waters
Brody Waters:
Bryan: Positivity spank

Corey: I have no interest of what you do behind close doors”

Me: ☠️☠️☠️
Christianity Support
Christianity Support:
Get ‘em RAW
wrestling time
wrestling time:
I'm so excited I can not wait it.
Nicole Kitchen
Nicole Kitchen:
1:22:14. Just for me to remember when the Match starts.
Kid From 21 Jump Street
Kid From 21 Jump Street:
5 SmackDown Tag Teams
VS 4 RAW Tag Teams + 1 205 Live Tag Team

Shady Blaze
Shady Blaze:
So WWE seems to be against Tag Teams, Raw is somehow up 1-0 even though The Usos won the tag team match, their excuse was that it was during the pre-show. lol
Diogo Santos
Diogo Santos:
The Charlotte "Wow" is so but so bad. Ric the Best!
Nice tribute to Power & Glory by The Revival!
Richardson Celestin
Richardson Celestin:
Who think raw going to win like👇here
Wise Man
Wise Man:
We Survived California fire and we're watching Survivor Series tonight👍
Perez Arthur
Perez Arthur:
am here to read comments

who is here with me
Newby Ton
Newby Ton:
1:30:58 grab your buddy out of the ring
Hussain abbasi
Hussain abbasi:
Really team- raw vs team- smack down live kickoff tag team match is really amazing Xavier in top rope and dash and sctto hit has finisher cool"!!,😍
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar:
who is missing big dog?
Like here.
Alif Najmi
Alif Najmi:
I heard the chorus of "Boo" when The New Day mentioned Monday Night Raw and that's proved Raw is THE F SHOW
So much fun! I had a great time at Survivor Series!💜
Gracie Sullivan
Gracie Sullivan:
I’ve been watching
Cm styles Cm styles
Cm styles Cm styles:
I’m so proud of the usos
tanzil thoughts
tanzil thoughts:
Latest Love Tech
Latest Love Tech:
Who miss John cina plz like...... Miss you John
Corey Graves being the voice of reason, the one always giving logic, so sooooooooooooooooo great to hear. 1st half was a bit off, sloopy but men when it went to just 4 teams (Roode+Gable, New Day, Usos, Revival) it was crisp and made a 2.5 star match to a 3 star match
Bryann Beaudin
Bryann Beaudin:
Karl Anderson made his SmackDown shirt wet?!
Ntobeko Luvuno
Ntobeko Luvuno:
I miss THE BIG DOG😭😭
AJ Styles P1
AJ Styles P1:
I vs Brian vs Lesnar(If you have much like I'll tell Vince to do this fight.)🤘
Javier Murillo
Javier Murillo:
Me encanta amo wwe 😍algún día estaré ahí...cm disen no hay sueños que no se cumplan
Og Re
Og Re:
Tag team traditional match > Whole survivor series
Pellegrino Pisano
Pellegrino Pisano:
19:28 am i disabled?
Sophia Torre
Sophia Torre:
I’m so happy team blue won
KJ Sims
KJ Sims:
Garry Reigns
Garry Reigns:
Who is miss the Roman Reigns?😭😭😭
Sammy Palehart
Sammy Palehart:
Video starts at 3:40

Or 4:00 if you want
Marvel Antonio
Marvel Antonio:
I will never tire of R-Truth's antics xD
Siya Dube
Siya Dube:
Enjoy the rest of the show my humble Wwe fans because I can guarantee it will be 60% bullsh*t
viky King
viky King:
line 6 have a smilling emoji
Madison Halloran
Madison Halloran:
Comment if u wish raw won the first match.

Like if ur glad smack down won the first match.

Honestly I was not on a side. 😐😐
fun time
fun time:
I miss you Roman riengs 😭😭😭😭
TheChronicDocumentary DreGame
TheChronicDocumentary DreGame:
Nia got booed so loudly 😂😂😂😂
Carlota Garcia
Carlota Garcia:
1:44:44 something flew out
I want full show😢
Avocados have Been found
Avocados have Been found:
Cris Delgado
Cris Delgado:
Was one of the LUCHA PARTY member holding A llama in 1:19:32
Mskillz 1
Mskillz 1:
Lashar Cunningham
Lashar Cunningham:
yo i loving listening to booker t he so funny and real
Glamazon saw my youtube post then gave the best speech about Daniel Brian.. her and Lawler are the best on this panel
IGot Stylez
IGot Stylez:
When is miz gonna turn face
kay :c
kay :c:
I can never chose a brand because I both really good so tell me what you think
Comment for smackdown. Like for raw.
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma:
Who want shield to become again like here
Mel Aydin
Mel Aydin:
When can i see charlotte vs ronda.. and where
I give my soul to pro wrestling
I give my soul to pro wrestling:
This was a good match! (***)
Khain Tun
Khain Tun:
I can't wait for the whole show