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Who's here after 6-0 defeat to man city
Victor Obi
Victor Obi:
Proceeds to get slapped 4-0 by Bournemouth
Well this backfired 😂😂😂 4-0 at Bournemouth
David Fearon
David Fearon:
Did you bottle it with Bournemouth 4-0?
I thought Fulham was the worst team in London😁
Shark Mako
Shark Mako:
Worst team in london and finishes above all teams in london and a bonus fact: Only london team in the UCL
BigTasty ForLife
BigTasty ForLife:
So funny. She said this before the Bournemouth game last night.

They bearly beat a depleted spurs and she said Chelsea won against the odds.

Chelsea are 7 points behind Spurs right now and didn't finish above them last year.

Even the new Chelsea manager has questioned the players mentality.

Her credibility is zero.
Worst team in London? Check the table, Kardashian.
Shibbir Choudhury
Shibbir Choudhury:
She really does talk b#llocks.. loooooooooooool
ManLike Derek
ManLike Derek:
go ahead an lose 4-0 to bourmouth, you rentboy bums.
The Silent Gaming
The Silent Gaming:
4-0 Bournemouth 😂😂😂😂
Jah Rulz
Jah Rulz:
Bournemouth just smashed you 4-0
Daniel E
Daniel E:
This video sums up why this channel will never reach the levels of AFTV or other big Fan channels.
James Skinner
James Skinner:
This video aged well. Enjoy the Europa League and yet another manager next season.
Sonaldo is King
Sonaldo is King:
I'd rather finish in the top 4 than win the league cup or the fa cup. Big players want to play in the champions league not play for teams that win the carabao cup.
Elliot Coulling
Elliot Coulling:
I'm a Norwich fan but really what have spurs bottled? They haven't won a cup in ten years! They have never won the prem and don't spend money...I think your just bias and bitter coz they are higher in the league and are in champions league.

On the ball city!!
No kane Alli or son and the odds were against u??? I don’t think they were mate. If u a lot had no hazard Kante or giroud and we had our main men u lot would of got embarrassed
Chelsea are the worst team in London and England.
Yasser Kassim
Yasser Kassim:
Im an arsenal fan BUT how can we call spurs the worst team in London when at the moment they are above us in the leauge....what does that make US😂😅
krish mathur
krish mathur:
The title should be why the worst team in London is above Chelsea in the league
A Chelsea fan channel making a video about Tottenham. Obsessed
Sonaldo is King
Sonaldo is King:
Ahead of you in the league though😂😂
love ya sophie, but chelski just got touched by the cherries what a shit team and are now below the gooners, bottle jobs lol
Spurs' first team is world class, their squad depth is trash. That's why they don't win anything, they can't play their first team every single game. If they had the money to fill out their depth they'd be winning year in year out.
As much as I hate those homeless cretins, they are still the highest London team in the table right now.
Gegen press
Gegen press:
The hatred she has for Tottenham is hilarious 😂
J W:
Who is here after the 4-0 drubbing by Bournemouth?
Cobi Jones
Cobi Jones:
This tart is clueless and embarrassing.. Spurs were about 7 points behind Leicester when they "bottled the league" to Chelsea 😂 also, Chelsea scraped through against them recently in the semi final despite spurs having injuries to crucial players
Timmo P
Timmo P:
*cough* Bournemouth 4 *cough* Chelscum 0
Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
They are the highest placed London team
TM 1234
TM 1234:
where are u in the league where are u where are u where are u in the league
Kelvin Ali
Kelvin Ali:
This Vid is a result of "Expressions" not laying down a good pipe up.
Chelsea pulling it out of the bag when the odds are against them. How'd that work out for when the odds were against you at the Etihad?
jose's leather jacket
jose's leather jacket:
Are they bottlers? Yes

Are they a better side than us now? Yes
As an Arsenal fan I have to agree with this video. But Chelsea you were milwall or Wimbledon before mafia money entered your club.
there are 70 million + reasons to get into champions league
Eddy Martin
Eddy Martin:
Arsenal fans made a dvd about their world class 1 1 draw at home to Liverpool
Timmo P
Timmo P:
Everyone targets spurs because we're always the underdogs, ten years ago all we got were mid table finishes but now we're in the CL consistently. Don't understand why this annoys clubs, but it does, probably because we developed organically unlike clubs like Chelsea or man city. It just shows how petty they are when they brag about beating a team without any of our key players in it
Noah Baggio
Noah Baggio:
Sophie is bangable. Where Simon at.
13 90
13 90:
I love it how Chelsea fans cling on to this idea that they stopped us winning the league in 16. The 2-2 draw made it a mathematical certainty but realistically the league was already lost. That match was the 3rd last game of the season and going into that match Leicester were on 77 pts (having played an extra game given it was a MN fixture) and we were on 69. Had spurs have held on and got three points at the bridge that day, we would have been on 72 and even then they would have had to turn over a 5 point deficit with 2 games left. Pretty unlikely if you ask me! Plus we were never on top once throughout the course of the season so cant really say we bottled it. I think the defining factors that lost spurs the league that season was A. Drawing too many fixtures particularly at the start of the season B. Not finishing Arsenal off when we were 2-1 up and they were down to ten men as that would have moved us into 1st and in the driving seat. C. Failing to beat West Brom the week before. After the latter I knew (and realistically most fans too) knew the league was lost.
Super Whiscash Charlie
Super Whiscash Charlie:
Who is here after Bournemouth spanked Chelsea 4-0 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Karim Walters
Karim Walters:
why are you wearing a jacket we want to see your nice chest
Nayan Mathur
Nayan Mathur:
Good luck in the Europa league this season and for the seasons to come.
Alex Farrow
Alex Farrow:
To be fair... as I Tottenham I would much rather have no trophy’s then lose 4-0 to Bournemouth. Ya yeet
Andreas Danakas
Andreas Danakas:
Who's here after Spurs reached champions league final xDddd
Jay Ho
Jay Ho:
You had one league title before abrmovich paid off all your debt and personally invested in players. You are the OG financial dopers of the premiere league. Hollow hollow hollow
Nayan Mathur
Nayan Mathur:
Sophie, your IQ level is lower than room temperature. I cant help but laugh at what happened to Chelsea last night.
Lionel Hutz
Lionel Hutz:
So sad that Chelsea don’t have a real rival so their fans have to make videos like this. You lot have won (bought) a lot in the last decade but still are obsessed with Spurs. Strange.
A K:
She’s single look at her ring finger 😂😂💦💦💦💦💦
AB 11
AB 11:
Just title the video “roasting Tottenham for 20 mins”
Chelsea is the most plastic club in London though 🤮
Ethan Gadenne
Ethan Gadenne:
Sophie what’s the score??? 🤫🤫😂
Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea
Tottenham 5-0 Bournemouth
LOL Bournemouth slapped you up, sorry they didn't have half the team injured.
Gideon Swaggart
Gideon Swaggart:
I don't know what arsenal and Chelsea fans would do if they didn't have Tottenham to bash
Robert Elliott
Robert Elliott:
The next DVD will be titled " We nearly won something,honest !"
Shibbir Choudhury
Shibbir Choudhury:
You were saying?? Looooool
*procedes to lose 4-0 to Bournemouth*
Comments full of arsenal fans....but there is only ONE team in london with the european cup. tell 'em Soph
Matt Hill
Matt Hill:
You know what ‘statistically’ means yeah?🤔
Andreas Danakas
Andreas Danakas:
Omg absolutely priceless xD After this video Arsenal lost to Bate, Manu on top of Arsenal and Chelsea, Chelsea got slapped by Bournemouth 4-0 and absolutely embarrased by City 6-0 xD Maybe, just maybe next time worry about your team because i got you a news flash...Spurs is definitely not the worst team in London.
Nat Phillips
Nat Phillips:
Childish video
Congo Dubz
Congo Dubz:
Loss 4 - 0 day after..........
Karma is a b**ch 🤣😭🤣
Spoke 2 soon hun!
Gooner Eagle Eye
Gooner Eagle Eye:
Without even watching the video i already co sign this!
Louis Henderson
Louis Henderson:
5:25 for the 12 yearolds haha
Run along and do the ironing, there's a good love..Top team in London last season, same this season..Yeah Boi
tgoon 90
tgoon 90:
I'm LOVING how we gradually get to see more boob in this video
A K:
They are bby girl there so shit lets do a 10year challenge 🔥🔥🔥
Whatever happened to, "We always win it when there's a 1 in the year"?
Cobi Jones
Cobi Jones:
This tart is clueless.. Spurs we're about 7 points behind Leicester when they lost to Chelsea 😂 also, Chelsea scraped through against them despite spurs having injuries to crucial players
N McIntosh
N McIntosh:
Statistically, West Ham, Fulham... all of the lower league teams... What are you talking about?
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
wheres the bournemouth match reaction
Harrit Chiles
Harrit Chiles:
Lovely posts on twitter they look beautiful 😍💖💖 I love you. When you went to watch mk Dons v Chelsea at the stadium in 2016 I saw you I wanted to give you a hug or kiss and my thoughts on Chelsea's performance. Just there for fun.
I don’t think you know what statistically means.
Caleb Omisore
Caleb Omisore:
Her green tea can stay longer in a cup that spurs😂😂
Beadelf 81
Beadelf 81:
This video is the gift that keeps on giving. 😂😂
Alex Mathews
Alex Mathews:
Are you considering revising this claim after the mulling from last night? :D i mean, i dont remember spurs being humbled like this.
Samuel Lampard #djstylie
Samuel Lampard #djstylie:
You showed your the best team in london last night loooooooool
Make a video about your performance against bournmouth lol
Pinto 6 Times European Champions & World Champion
Pinto 6 Times European Champions & World Champion:
4:0 to bournemouth and you guys are officially the worst team in London
Juuso Salo
Juuso Salo:
Laughin at this after the bournemouth game
James Bruss
James Bruss:
You got slapped by Bournemouth today 4-0. To Bournemouth.
Lads it's Chelsea 👍trashed by Bournemouth 4-0 😂😂😂😂😂
don’t call me lev
don’t call me lev:
The shade in this video omg I love it 😭😭
Good content 👏
Armstrong Kumatsia
Armstrong Kumatsia:
Chelsea went from 4th to 6th

Geometric regression

Harry Stevenson
Harry Stevenson:
Her hoodie gets further down each reasom she hates tottenham 😂😂
Daniel Field
Daniel Field:
Does she really not know that Spurs where the first British club to even win a major European competition and were the winners of the first UEFA cup. But I guess if making stuff up helps get over being smashed 4-0 by Bournemouth last night...
The man from Taured
The man from Taured:
Sophie you are so beautiful and I’m so delighted to having you in our side 💙
I don’t hate that much Tottenham but I do hate a lot Manchester United
claudius iam
claudius iam:
Justin De Vito
Justin De Vito:
Well this is awkward
Chelsea Fc Blue Is The Color Cfc
Chelsea Fc Blue Is The Color Cfc:
I Want To Keep Watching Sophie Even More And More Forever...
Ahkeem Sealy
Ahkeem Sealy:
At least they didnt lose 4-0 to Bournemouth LMFAOOOOOOOO SCRUBS
ian mcdonald
ian mcdonald:
Clueless ..... Rent boys are the only team in London with a European cup history yeah !!!! Someone needs to do check her facts
Look at our injury list just now, clueless 🙄
Sajin S
Sajin S:
Look at what the so called best club in London is doing -
Bournemouth 4 - 0 Chelsea
Man City 6 - 0 Chelsea
Mark thomas brand
Mark thomas brand:
Chelsea found out at half time today against Bournemouth that Spurs were 1-0 down to Watford. They then concede 4 whilst Spurs go on to win. #bottlejobs
Allan Bennett
Allan Bennett:
Old duck lips 4 0 😂😂😂😂
Pull your zip up girl! 🙄
Morning! How did you get on at Bournemouth?
Dawn Smith
Dawn Smith:
Oh and by the way Do your hoody ZIP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ever heard of Fulham??