Why People Are Freaking Out About Chipotle Firing, Tekashi 6ix9ine Racketeering Arrest, & More...

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Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco:
MONDAY! Thanks for tuning in ya Beautiful Bastards. I’m gonna go take all the meds and try to pass outttttt. <3
Chipotle Controversy (00:29), TIA (6:20), Tekashi (8:00), California Wildfires (10:24)
If those screen shots didn't pop up she would've been forever titled a racist manager and have hard time getting a job.
I could have told you that there was something up with this Chipotle story. The fact that the young men were yelling at other customers, shows their lack of integrity. Chipotle needs to give this woman MORE than just her job back.
Really people? I knew he was lying from the video. The staff was as respectfull as you could ask, he seemed to be having fun annoying the other customers, and if you are really confused for someone who didn't pay, you pay beforehand and say "I think you are confusing me with someone" not throw the race card first.
Nice if you are famous you don't get jail time for child pornography. I love how this just perfectly shows everything wrong with our society.
This Chipotle thing is exactly why I'm so tired of "cancel culture". There are definitely times when outrage and further action is justified, but trial by public opinion is an awful way to go.
Joshua Clarke
Joshua Clarke:
Who needs science when you have an opinion amirite?
Styles P'yall
Styles P'yall:
That manager needs to sue Chipotle for wrongful termination. I hope this becomes a deterrent for bending over to outrage culture.
Omar RC
Omar RC:
Well since he self confessed he should get arrested for theft.. for as many times he has stated that he has done it..
Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey:
Whoa woah WOAH hol' up!
Those "two black customers" in Starbucks *REFUSED* to be customers. They were kicked out because they wouldn't buy so much as a cup of coffee.
Donny Jay
Donny Jay:
Being black, this is an on going frustration. I know racism is a real thing but when guys like this abuse the system, and live up to the negative stereotypes. It paints a bad perception on other black people trying to live an honest life (face palm) 🤦
John Mraz
John Mraz:
Chipotle story: Of course a company went into self-preservation mode. These days truth doesn't matter to so many people they followed the tide. Had they put what they knew out and didn't fire her how much do you want to bet that the next day we would have seen a boycottchipotle hashtag going around and many people crying out fakenews. This isn't guaranteed as we see that people are rallying around the manager and the truth a bit here but we have seen the opposite happening a hundred times. They have a brief window to try and read the wave and ride it or face massive backlash. They chose wrong here. When stupid is allowed so much power and truth means little to nothing what more can you expect honestly?
Zachary Babb
Zachary Babb:
You should shout out the man who sacrificed his truck to save many people in the Paradise fire. I don’t know a whole lot about the story, but he should be the next BAMF of the day. He’s @the_pandra on Instagram.
What pisses me off most about the Chipotle is that the company were informed about the guy's history, shown the social media comments of him and his friends, still kept the firing in play, and only considered correcting their "mistake" when it was discovered by the public and said public got pissed off. Now that everyone is mad at you it's wrong? Tim Pool made a video a few days ago. Talking about an article that has a whole host of moments such as this. Ranging from dogs pooping to annoying neighbor stuff. Welcome to the latest moral panic everyone. This is one of it's side effects. People using the outrage hype to try and abuse the system. Neighbors trying to get neighbors into trouble over minor things but using serious accusations. Moral Panic.

Forget getting that job back. Chipotle doesn't deserve her. Also hey look! Another incident where due process matters!

Hey Phil! You kind of skipped over the worst part of those Tweets. The part where he suggests using physical violence? What gives? Okay I'll give it to you if your worried about YouTube's asshat censor system. But you could have mentioned that you couldn't read it and simply suggest people to read it for themselves as it goes further than just stealing food. Problem solved.
Jon Kas
Jon Kas:
Tekesha 69 has lost her way. She just needs to find a good man and settle down
Seductive Butter
Seductive Butter:
I hate “the customer is always right” policy. It’s such BS and always infuriating to the worker.
Does anyone ever like/respect Tekashi 69? He has such a immature outlook.
People like Ali is why people care less and less when actual racist stuff happens. Why should we feel bad for victims of racism if innocent people are going to be victims of false claims of racism more often than victims of actual racism? Like, how we supposed to fight actual racism if literally everything is racists now? How we supposed to stop people from being racist if these false claims are going to be constantly be made.
nemo OEK
nemo OEK:
Sooooo........ This what people are calling black privilege I thing I finally get it
Morgan Turner
Morgan Turner:
I think companies like Chipotle or any other big retail chain, food or otherwise, need to do more research before just tweeting and firing someone. We live in an age where you can whip your phone out and record anything. While sometimes it can portray what actually happened it can also only portray what happened within that small time frame with no facts leading up or following the incident. It's really ridiculous that it has come to this now. When I was at Jersey Mikes and Momma Goldberg's they both respected us as employees to put someone out if we felt they did not belong. Its sad that small employees can be looked at like nothing and just fired for no reason.
Carrie Ness
Carrie Ness:
I dont understand how anyone can be a tekashi69 fan. the 13 year old thing is disturbing.
Jacob Ricks
Jacob Ricks:
In regards to the fires after both living in California and looking into a bunch of the statistics on climate change and forest management no one is innocent. There has been a noticeable 2-3 degree increase in temperature on average across this area of California increasing dryness and fire risks. However the forest management services have not changed their regulations or practices in many years to combat this. Nor have many of the individual residents done their part in keeping a "fire safe" area around their homes. Everyone is to blame, I simply hope that everyone cant come together to make sure that a disaster of this scale never happens again.
Brian M
Brian M:
Maybe Chipotle should run like EVERY fast food i ever been to, you order then pay immediately then wait for your food.
I don't get why places decide paying after you eat is a good idea, just make people pay before they even receive food, then boom basically completely eliminated any possibility of dine and dash.
Unfortunately, this is just the world we live in. When people see a way that they can take advantage of other people, they will jump at it. Ali is standing in the shadow of real incidents where sketchy business was actually taking place. Now he muddied the water and will have everyone looking at legitimate incidents like they are bogus. He was identified by the manager and somehow thinks she can't recognize him as someone who has stolen food before. Chipotle did what any business would do. If you are caught on camera and are portrayed in a racist light, you are gone. You have to actually fight to prove your innocence. I've worked in jobs where there are so many of us that we are just numbers. If you cut up, fired and replaced is your reality.
I'm a simple man. I see Tekashi69, I vomit
Elite Knight Productions
Elite Knight Productions:
These fires are horrible brings back memories of the black Saturday here in Australia where a fire killed 173 and burnt 450,000 hectares (1,100,000 acres) and make things worse your fires have an extra thing eucalyptus trees there extremely flammable and can explode plus it was hitting 50c or (122f) that day with 160kmph or about (100mph) winds. But most fires are in the outback or the middle of Aus and do not threaten buildings or people well maybe drivers like truckies but there very good drivers and know how to avoid them due to an extensive radio system they have but hope the best for the people who been through this and things get better and the fires are out so you's can start cleaning up.
I live and work in St. Paul, MN. I am pretty sure I know which Chipotle this might be, as well. I will say that at my job we have people who have been known to steal or attempt to steal... we recognise them... and we have every right to refuse to serve them if they've been known to be trouble makers. A lot (but not all) of these customers are black. A lot but not all are young (late teens, early 20s) Its not a discrimination thing. You're just an asshole. We have banned people of all races from our store because they were dishonest customers or panhandlers. To try to make it a race thing is so dishonest and a cheap way to garner public sympathy from strangers. And people who dine and dash... go to hell. A lot of people work their ass off and treat themselves to a meal that they pay in full. How about get jobs and be an honest patron?

Well, at least I know what this guy looks like and his name so if he comes to my store I know to keep an eye out for him.
"Privacy.com is all about keeping fraudulent charges away from you."
- Phil DeFranco, proud partner of BetterHelp.
Sam Hale
Sam Hale:
Simple solution:


Any staff member that shows loyalty to the fiduciary responsibility of the company and the feedback from her employees is to be treasured. The Chipotle Board should be having a long and hard look at their own decision makers flippant disregard of their staff and their broader responses to social media claims.
She got her job back. :) sweet.
Alexandria Flowers
Alexandria Flowers:
Ugh. Just ugh.
I hate societal issues, but i love Phil....
doom nipple
doom nipple:
I'm a Forester. Give us funding and we'll manage the Forests. You know nothing Trump, literally nothing. Let the professionals handle it.
Daniel Seraphin
Daniel Seraphin:
I clicked the Secret Link of the Day for the first time today, and I've been watching your show for many years.

Randy Daytona III
Randy Daytona III:
Part of the issue that seems to be missed here is once the food is made, if they don't pay for it, it has to be thrown away. So, if they are grabbing it and running, it is theft. If they are ordering and it is made and then they walk away without it, it is wasted and the restaurant has to write it off as a loss. This manager was trying to prevent both - so she needs to not only have her job back, but an apology and a bonus from Chipotle for trying to make her store profitable.
Mike Gottschau
Mike Gottschau:
I would love to be a fly on the wall the first time 6ixe9ine is "accidently" sent to gen-pop.

"Y'all got a purty mouth, don'tcha Skittles?"
Tim Silveira
Tim Silveira:
From what you describe, Tekashi has had way too many passes.
i hope he goes to jail for a long time all that stuff and only probation???? ok, he deserves jail time now
Miko Niemistö
Miko Niemistö:
Suomi mainittu tiiätte missä tavataan nyt otetaan ämpärit ja haravat mukaa
James Wise Magic
James Wise Magic:
That chipotle story is messed up! It hurts real victims and this also shows how so many big companies just dont give a shit about their employees. Very very rarely do we see companies actually stand by their employees. This is the world we live in people.
Liam Bob
Liam Bob:
Well I suppose she could always demand a pay rise🤷🏻‍♀️
Rahul Siddhartha
Rahul Siddhartha:
"Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you're having a fantastic Monday"
Dear Phillip,
Nobody has a fantastic Monday.
Thank you.
Christine Cardozo
Christine Cardozo:
This was chock full of really interesting topics. Great work!
Coty the Gamer
Coty the Gamer:
Phil I love you but there are a lot of things you get wrong and I'd gladly talk about them with you
Shame on Chipotle and shame on the men who set this whole thing up. People like them are harming people who are actually being discriminated against!
Sleep bag 1 and 2 should be on the show more often. They're very entertaining.
Annie Leonhardt
Annie Leonhardt:
I've seen Hackers but it was at a comedy event riffing on it.
H Orsidus
H Orsidus:
The issue I see with saying "Who'd even want their job back after being treat like that" is basically that sometimes it's not a choice, maybe she's still a fairly inexperienced person and it was one of or her first actual job, there is a lot of factors to consider but if you have obligations and things to pay and no easy way to get another job elsewhere you'd take back the job even if its on temporary basis whilst you look for something else.

It's shitty she has to continue to work for such as disgusting company but at least she did get her job back and isn't left with nothing after being treat like shit and can use the situation and the praise others have said about her to find somewhere else to work if she wants to.
I'm with the manager.
"I'm just too tired for this." As are we all, Phil.
Doug Ferguson
Doug Ferguson:
"I'm just too tired for this"
Probably Phil's most candid moment ever.
You forgot the compliment battle link in the description just doing just saying for the peeps that come after me ;)
"were gonna have the best climate, the greatest climate, and aliens will say wow what a great climate. We're gonna win at climate so much, you're gonna get tired of climate winning." Jesus what is up with this dude
Today in Awesome:
Tekashi 69 is facing potential life in prison
Chipotle absolutely could not win here. Twitter is cancer.
Not a huge fan of Trump but hey... at least he believes what he says... I guess.

I'm just trying to be optimistic
Chill X
Chill X:
If I do see one "torilla tavataan" finnish redneck meme comment, I'll leave and move out from this awesome country 😩

Edit: typo
axl the slacker
axl the slacker:
He wants GREAT climate... I loved your reaction. I can't stop laughing.
Christina Vargas
Christina Vargas:
HACKERS, still so good I watch it at least a couple times a year. Definantly Dated, but in a nostalgic way,
Young Matthew Lillard was prime
To the trash man in the first story: why must you do this?
The Canadian gamer bro
The Canadian gamer bro:
best intro "sup beautiful bastards" thanks for the content
Does 6ix9ine actually talk like that?
Makes sense. Everything makes sense.
Vincent V
Vincent V:
I'm not denying climate change but some of the earlier predictions said we would be underwater by now.
Nsima Inyang
Nsima Inyang:
As an African American man this really does make me sad. There are actual situations of injustice and stereotyping. People like this seriously do make individuals look at us and assume something negative. After the Starbucks incident that was similar to this (where they wouldn’t let a black individual use their restroom and it was caught on camera) a friend of mine that works there has been videotaped on multiple occasions by customers trying to trip her up. People want things like this to happen. This shit really just sucks. Hope she gets her job back.
zoom zoom103
zoom zoom103:
"...we're gonna have forests that are very safe." *half the state is on fire*
Oh god, Phil was one of thos "Chipol-te" people...
Travis Fischer
Travis Fischer:
"I'm just too tired for this."

The last two years in a nutshell.
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher:
I think the biggest thing i got from this is a simple question......

Phil, how did you think Chipotle was pronounced?
Not intending to be condescending, Im genuinely curious.
Randy Daytona III
Randy Daytona III:
Part of the issue that seems to be missed here is once the food is made, if they don't pay for it, it has to be thrown away. So, if they are grabbing it and running, it is theft. If they are ordering and it is made and then they walk away without it, it is wasted and the restaurant has to write it off as a loss. This manager was trying to prevent both - so she needs to not only have her job back, but an apology and a bonus from Chipotle for trying to make her store profitable.
12:35 His face and comment after that cheeto's opinion on climate change is literally my political mood 24/7.
Mia M
Mia M:
Took a break from raking to watch this video, lol. Greetings from Finland 🙋🏼‍♀️
That photoshop of Trump in "Raatajat rahanalaiset" is doubly hilarious since the name roughly translates to "People toiling for their living".
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo:
the problem is forests have been so protected that you cant even do a controlled burn in order to manage potential fires.
Mandycat Cureton
Mandycat Cureton:
I’m still not convinced that Tekashi69 is not a SNL skit.
Jimmy Gonzalez
Jimmy Gonzalez:
Hire the manager and give her a bonus she was protecting Chipotle- SJW are out of control
Chipotle should be sued and fined for wrongful termination
Newton's Third Law
Newton's Third Law:
As soon as I saw that video I knew it was BS. Dude was laughing from the start.
Stiffun Jackman
Stiffun Jackman:
California: let nature take care of the deadfall building up in our forests, we don't want to do anything to disrupt the ecosystems...
Nature: Standby One
So Soulsu
So Soulsu:
A couple of hooligans who don't pay and make a scene for tne other customers
The employees were right to deny service.
Cody South
Cody South:
FINALLY. I've been saying for years we need safer forests
Supa Man
Supa Man:
Someone P L.J EASE gif when Phil says he's too tired for it
Bethany Herman
Bethany Herman:
I go to that exact chipotle a lot, the manager is nice and always just trying to do her job.
Silver Eyeshadow
Silver Eyeshadow:
Lol. I did not know it was CHI-POHT-LAY.
Hend Moustapha
Hend Moustapha:
Chipotle should have temporarily suspended the manager while they investigated before they make a decision on firing her.
Public image lasts longer when you make the difficult but right choice.
White Cerberus
White Cerberus:
"I'm the one that makes the final decision" Show us your degrees that give you the right to say if climate change is a thing or not you absolute sausage.
Thomas Matteo
Thomas Matteo:
The Chipotle Manager was wronged and Masud Ali is an absolute Piece of Garbage.
King Jeff
King Jeff:
This Chipotle situation is somewhat reminiscent of you and Betterhelp
King Jeff
King Jeff:
This Chipotle situation is somewhat reminiscent of you and Betterhelp
Paul Williams
Paul Williams:
Going to be honest here: if you dine and dash and then want to setup a person for a fall because you didn't get to do it again you should have a photo put up of yourself at all dining facilities cash registers to insure that you are not served for a certain amount of time. If you want your food, pay for it. You don't get things given to you especially when you're a known thief and your tweets and your actions ought to violate your parole and put you back behind bars.
Leman Russ
Leman Russ:
I love how people make their own evidence against themselves. Makes it easier
I'm just too tired for this (face palm) :')
Kesh Kumar
Kesh Kumar:
Recently heard that this woman got her job back. Well done Chipotle doing the right thing.
when the situation occurs just try and handle it differently. Good luck lady good luck with your future peace peace
I wanna knw how you use to pronounce chipotle Phil lmao
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez:
I love how fast you speak but yet I can understand perfectly.
Emma Lawson
Emma Lawson:
Thank you for talking about Paradise along with Malibu. 🙏🙏🙏
The Sober King
The Sober King:
"Dine and 💨" Sounds about right.
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds:
First it was “global cooling”
Then it was “global warming”
....now it’s just “climate change”....something that next to NO ONE is disputing is a reality. The problem is exactly how much or how little the human population plays a part in it overall. From what I’ve seen in my research...not too much,and there’s very little we can do to effect it.
Arrogant Wizard
Arrogant Wizard:
That manager got a golden ticket as a blessing in disguise. She’s must be going through a lot, especially having her name dragged through the mud and chipotle knowing the facts from both sides still fire her publicly. That’s enough for a lawsuit, Wrongful termination.
Halcyon Herascarter
Halcyon Herascarter:
all i can say abt 6ix 9ine is "good."