Why International Men's Day has feminists freaked!

November 19th was International Men's Day; a day to celebrate and appreciate men and boys. However, unlike International Women's Day, almost nobody knew about it, because of the distinct lack of attention it gets in the mainstream media. Feminists, funnily enough, are particularly freaked out by IMD...and I've finally worked out why! ===== Support Me ===== Support me via Subscribe Star: https://www.subscribestar.com/daisy-cousens PAYPAL: https://paypal.me/DaisyCousens STREAMLABS: https://streamlabs.com/daisycousensofficial BITCOIN WALLET: 1Jp9a46LDJ3tc52ADtS1hHsfprbXjGQAk6 ===== Social Media ===== Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaisyCousens Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daisycousenswriter Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missdaisycousens/?hl=en Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DaisyCousens/ ===== Sources and Links ===== SOURCES https://press.rebus.community/introwgss/chapter/gender-and-the-us-welfare-state/ https://www.hudexchange.info/resources/documents/2017-AHAR-Part-1.pdf http://www.oneinthree.com.au/infographic https://www.nationalreview.com/2016/08/pay-gap-studies-disprove-myth-sexism-responsible/

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I'll bet most men, like me, didn't even know about international men's day let alone know it was yesterday. We have things to do,
feminists: we support *equality*

Thank you to all the wonderful men in my life and outside of it, you're amazing and us real women appreciate you ♥♥♥♥♥
Sheridan Archbold
Sheridan Archbold:
I had no idea we had our own day lmao
opium extract
opium extract:
As a man, I don't like when women take away from father's day. While I do respect any woman raising a child, married or whatever the situation is, father's day is not mothers day part 2.
Aarohunter _
Aarohunter _:
Wait, if women say men are more privileged, can’t they just say “I identify as a man”? Problem solved
Yeah male privilege. I wish I could take a picture of my cleavage and instantly get thousands of dollars thrown at me by the sad white knights of the internet. Women living life on recruit difficulty.
Grant Dunaway
Grant Dunaway:
Finally a woman with a brain!
*Girl in my English class:* Gives speech on women’s issues & my teacher compliments her on all aspects of the speech & said she likes her stance.

*Me in that same English class:* Just so happens to be giving a speech on men’s issues & that same teacher tries to start debating with me on how men have no issues & that my speech was not credible. She also sent me to the office for making “sexist remarks.”

Yeah, that teacher got punished the next day.
I didn’t even know there was an international men’s day...
Thank you fancy lady with an accent that I never knew heard of until now! :D
Feminists are just Nazis waiting for enough power to enslave or kill men
Average Barbarian
Average Barbarian:
You have a really fancy and classic dress. Respect.
Samantha vialpando
Samantha vialpando:
Feminism has become less of equally for women and more men hating. This saddens me
It's No Longer November
It's No Longer November:
I like this lady's mind set, which is backed up by well researched and understood facts 👌
I'll never Tell
I'll never Tell:
Damn girl. All that's missing is a mic drop
and people wonder why I don't agree with feminism in 2018
Joe Black
Joe Black:
Today is international women’s day. 😂 how do I know? I couldn’t stop hearing about it lol
just wait a moment... There is man's day??
my whole life i knew "ohh woman's day is coming" and i find out about this now?
David Kerkenes
David Kerkenes:
Arguing with most feminists is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyways.
ollie Woodhead
ollie Woodhead:
mad. At my school we had a woman's month and I didn't even realise there was a men's day until late I saw this video
Mike Pratt
Mike Pratt:
It is a sad state of affairs in the world when I have to say thank you for standing up for basic existence as a man.
Love this vidio <3

My experience as a straight white male has resulted in the educational system failing me (dyslexic and have multiple eye issues that where like being short sighted and having a issues with bright coulors (white and yellow) giving me terrible migraines, non of which was discovered till I got to collage (in the UK).. the result of this found me working as a laighboror at a building sight for minimum wage, which found me injured multiple times, and after 2 years of hard work was let go. Now I'm 22, unemployed and unqualified and not on benefits as that don't sit right with me, I wanna earn my money not be given it.

After that breef summery of my life I'm sure you can see why I'm perplexed by this mythical privilege I'm supposed to have.

Really appreciated this vidio x
And thank God for spell check XD
Eleanor Dae
Eleanor Dae:
'we live in a patriarchy'
then why do we have a queen
VictoriumStudios 78
VictoriumStudios 78:
Feminists: 1910's Right to vote
Feminists: 2018 You are OPRESSING ME by holding a MIC!!!
Anthony Joyce
Anthony Joyce:
Didn't know there was an international Men's day. Probably because Men aren't whinging about it.
Feminists claim that all they want is "equality" and "fairness", but Daisy describes it correctly as a pack/tribal mentality out to get all it can get from men. How is this fair or equal? Thus Feminists lose all moral legitimacy and are shown as what they are: a bunch of selfish women who are manipulating the system for their own person gain. And they delight in the victimization of men in the process. Thank you for exposing it for what it is.
Jeff Brinkerhoff
Jeff Brinkerhoff:
Impressive articulate comprehensive analysis not to mention tasteful, beautiful presentation. Great job.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen:
*_I have never heard of men's day once. Meanwhile I recieve commercials about women's day about a month before it happens every year. I had to learn about it in school. And it's the talk of the entire town I'm in when it's happening. HMMMMM_*
Jakob Dober
Jakob Dober:
I didn’t even know that there was an international men’s day
David Reynolds
David Reynolds:
The problem with modern day feminism is that they have confused with legal and political equality with equality of outcomes.
glad to see other womans that think like my wife are on the media
JJ du Plessis
JJ du Plessis:
Thank you for being so objective about everything, it's a breath of fresh air hearing someone who treats both genders equally.
As a single father of a beautiful 5 year old daughter. Thank you.
Marii Divine
Marii Divine:
I love my Man so so much 💗
Man Of Beard
Man Of Beard:
As a man, I dont really feel a need for an international men’s day. Don’t see what all the fuss is myself, and I certainly don’t feel the need for recognition either.
Guerilla Tv Channel
Guerilla Tv Channel:
There is also a proportion that are lesbian misanderists
Darren Driver
Darren Driver:
“Intellectually subpar” I love this, I’m going to use this myself 😂
"I need a girl like you" plays in the background
I love your look.
billy mathews
billy mathews:
Finally someone who knows the facts
We die faster because we live with women. Lol
Spencer Meunier
Spencer Meunier:
Wait we have an international men's day?
RoseIsDreaming :3
RoseIsDreaming :3:
Now you know how to do life
william white
william white:
2 minutes in and I'm suddenly rethinking this whole 101 genders thing.
James Pagous
James Pagous:
Omg I’ve just subscribed I love you!
John Beidleman
John Beidleman:
Finally someone who thinks exactly the way I think
James R
James R:
6:54 Damn he roasted her. Being a man is difficult, women should try it sometime.
Guerilla Tv Channel
Guerilla Tv Channel:
Brilliant and completely correct
The great Feaster
The great Feaster:
Wait there was a men’s day? And I missed it?
Don’t mind me just commenting
Don’t mind me just commenting:
I swear if I hear one more “everyday is men’s day”

I’ve heard it so many times
William Cutting
William Cutting:
On international Men's Day I.....
Made my kids lunches
Painted a house
Did laundry
Fixed dinner
Did the dishes
Put my kids to bed
Worked out
Fell asleep on the floor and for a good 4 hours
A lot like every other day
Kevin Meixner
Kevin Meixner:
Thank you for letting me know that this "International Mens Day" actually exists!
"After a lot of thinking about it, so you don't have to. . ."
*Stop your mansplaining!*
Geoff Shaw
Geoff Shaw:
Shining a light on Int'l Men's Day?!?! I guess no one in media could find batteries.
Anthony Saunders
Anthony Saunders:
I must say you've done yourself up for this video in a memorable way! Are you wanting to appear as feminine as possible to send a message? It's a shame text conveys so little nuance, because this comment is not intended to be cynical or sarcastic, it's just innocent curiosity and a genuinely posed query.
Al Kirk
Al Kirk:
Thank god I got out of the military when I did, since they are now allowing women in combat units
Francis Smith
Francis Smith:
"Sources in description" gave me an internal cheer!
The Southern Pirate
The Southern Pirate:
I asked my HR department if they were going to send an email out about Men's Day like they did for Womens Day. I got a bunch of sexist comments and derision back from them. I'd report them to HR but.......well they are HR :(
Arwen Bernard
Arwen Bernard:
I love men! I enjoy practicing making babies with men, cuddle time, watching them working on my truck with me and getting stuff of higher shelves I can't reach (I'm 5'6) men are awesome. Yea I can handle myself but I like to let my guard down and let my girly side out. That's why I used to date only Marines then I met one that didn't handle business and now I look forward to find a real man. Good luck to me. The damn feminist are turning men in to beta male (spinless things) gotta be alpha males only
matt connolly
matt connolly:
I don’t need international men’s day I got Veterans Day
Wazit Tuyoo
Wazit Tuyoo:
I'd like to make a graf too. Where did you find the Ms. Piggy imogy?
"Intellectually subpar" < That has class.
Iris Lsu
Iris Lsu:
How dare you use facts, you oppress me.
Shawn Arthur
Shawn Arthur:
Holy $#!+ there's an "International Men's Day"?! I had no idea (although, to be completely fair, I was probably working my 52+ hour a week job).
Allan Branaman
Allan Branaman:
Dear Dairy; It's Jan.10, 2019 and I just found out there's a International men's day. Great another holiday I have to work on. The only privilege I get is to be a ploy horse for the government and the job that pays me minimum wage to do everything that the women at work won't do. Oh yes the last three jobs I had I was replaced by black women who got better pay and help to do it. Ya that's men's privilege.
Eric Collins
Eric Collins:
I’ve never even heard of international men’s day! My wife an I always said if it happened it would trigger feminists instantly! I will definitely celebrate it and it’ll trim my friends list on Facebook fast lol
Bob Allan
Bob Allan:
I am soooo damn thankful your messages! I have already lost a brother to suicide! I too love women. But only a woman (like yourself) could stand up for men!
Thanks for your work!
Ikemi Zyn
Ikemi Zyn:
I still remember the day I became an egalitarian and an anti-feminist. This quickly happened when I went to a feminist get together and was insulted and laughed at when I spoke about the problems and inequalities among men. I was told feminism is fighting for the equality of all people only to find out it is inherently sexist. I guess that makes sense when you consider that part of feminism is derived from feminine.
David Blocklinger
David Blocklinger:
I love it when you have "Shoe on head" guest star......
nicol RB
nicol RB:
Being male doesn’t give you privilege, being rich does
jono on YouTube
jono on YouTube:
Thank you so much for your voice. With content like yours we all can start a better conversation where facts matter and bs gets seen for what it is.
Анонімний Коментатор
Анонімний Коментатор:
Daisy, thank you so much for this video and for your channel in general!
Just wanted to thank.
kaye hughes
kaye hughes:
My husband had no idea it was international men's day until I said "happy men's day hunni." Apparently next year he wants a card, balloons and breakfast in bed, this could actually become a thing in our house 😂
Firewater Forge of Arizona
Firewater Forge of Arizona:
Amazingly, half way through, youtube says "there was an error, check back later". B.S.!
Linus Kvarndal
Linus Kvarndal:
keep giving me those words love! You are my favorit woman in the world atm (exept for those in my family ofc). you just clearifieed so mush its mad. keep it up and spread the facts and knowlage!
Danger Bear
Danger Bear:
I've never heard of Mens day. Must be pretty lowkey
Jason Hitchcock
Jason Hitchcock:
Thank you again Daisy for sticking up for us men. You're awesome1
Shouts out to all the good dads fighting for cusoty of there babies
Thank you for your clear words, i can only shake my head about these leftwing reality deniers. Much love from gemany.
Fearless Leader
Fearless Leader:
Never heard of this. Too busy making a living for me and my family I guess.
Margaret Griffith
Margaret Griffith:
Hi love the message , but y bash men when it took a man to help get them in the world ? From a fan in Barbados
Thank you for this video, it's good to know that there are some good women out there. I was honestly starting to wonder about that but this video convinced me there are some. I appreciate this video a lot.
OMG I'm in love with Joan Collin here !!! Daisy I could listen to you all day !!! You are just so awesome! Your "as a matter of fact" tone is just perfect! You Be Well !!!
Kathy Borthwick
Kathy Borthwick:
Beautiful flowers🙋🏽‍♀️🦅❤️
I'm a good bloke? I never knew there was such a day. I'm going to the March for Men.
Quality Content
Quality Content:
Finally youtube recommended me some good quality content
Da Meglomaniac
Da Meglomaniac:
I am in a class full of girls and yes on men's day I got heavily bullied by my class just because I mentioned men's issues and everyone was really really mean to me
The MulToyVerse
The MulToyVerse:
Now I know that most SJWs do not beleve in God, so where do they think this "Privilage" comes from?
God Damn biological programing! I spent the whole damn video staring at your lips. I heard everything you said but no matter how hard I tried, my eyes would automatically go back to your lips.
Taeil's high notes in chain
Taeil's high notes in chain:
wait, there's an international men's day
Charles Farmer
Charles Farmer:
I love you Daisy as in how you make an argument.....outstanding!
Did you know that male + female is a pretty cool concept where if they mate instead of hate so they can just repopulate? 🤔
sea kow
sea kow:
That clip of june is beautiful 😂
The American Raven
The American Raven:
I just discovered this video out of nowhere, and now you've got a new sub! You have my deep thanks for acknowledging the reality of men's importance and the hypocrisy of many feminists.
Rayhaan Hussein
Rayhaan Hussein:
Thank you for this video and just being amazing In general!
Robyro Nz
Robyro Nz:
7:15 someone please buy this man a cold beer 👏👏
Anarchist Atheist
Anarchist Atheist:
My girlfriend treated me very well on international men's day.