What does Manchester City’s loss to Newcastle mean for the rest of the season? | Premier League

Brian McBride, Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley break down Manchester City’s 2-1 loss to Newcastle and how the defeat will affect the club’s chances at the title. The crew also debate if Manchester City has the ability to catch up to Liverpool who is seven points ahead. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoESPNFC

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Angsty Kylo
Angsty Kylo:
Leicester are not easy opposition when they decide to turn up. Similar to Palace.
The Liverpool Propagandist
The Liverpool Propagandist:
This means nothing. Have to beat Leicester and win every game.
arsenal fan17
arsenal fan17:
What that means is man city will spend an extra 500 million pounds of oil money 💰. In the summer
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
The world might fall away but Pep will still have his team passing the ball around.
ken juan
ken juan:
7pts isn't insurmountable however Liverpool seems more up for the task to "grind" out wins while City has been putting in some dodgy performances lately...it's like having one of their best players back in DeBruyne has unbalanced the team some how.
Brandon Giordano
Brandon Giordano:
As a Liverpool fan I was losing my mind watching this game. Big game for the reds against Leicester tomorrow. 3 points would be massive
Asam Boy
Asam Boy:
That will happened when you thinking oh we can beat lesser teams 9-0, 6-0. New Castle deserve the credit more because they have a strong mentality.
Joe Zy
Joe Zy:
Rafa's a (#lfc) LEGEND!
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
These clowns all said Man City will storm away with league before Christmas. You win league titles in May not before Christmas.
Got to have Martin Tyler on commentary in the last City game this season.
yonis gure
yonis gure:
Liverpool have played 23 games and have 60 points so far out of a possible 69. That means in 23 games this season they’ve dropped 9 points. If they win tomorrow and go up 7pts, City is gonna have to hope that in the remaining 15 league games Liverpool have to drop 7. I don’t see that happening unless VVD or Salah get injured.
RSA Mancunian
RSA Mancunian:
" 2:50 That little diagonal to the mid-back post" only americans🙄
City fan here
CITY need to learn to come back in games.
Rohit Chetri
Rohit Chetri:
Thanks Rafa! YNWA
Jerome Bolton
Jerome Bolton:
man city are a big 💩💩💩!!!!
Gareth Keenan
Gareth Keenan:
Man Shitty had about 50 fans before 2012. Literally 99.9% of their fanbase are foreign bandwagoners.
City needs to concentrate in the UCL and cups now.
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon:
Knocking the ball around without intent?! Where City players possessed by Sarri?
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
man city will beg the sheikh for more funds. he will sell few million barrel of oil, bribe some uefa officials.. repeat
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis:
Why are everyone saying that Liverpool are gonna win the league???
If anything the city loss to Newcastle shows that any team can lose to any team regardless if league position.
I'm a Liverpool supporter and dream of a league title but guys let's not get too arrogant and assume we've already won it. Lets just keep our heads and take each match as it comes coz there's a long way to go.
If pep doesn't win pl this season, which is highly likely. Then he will have same no. Of trophies Pellegrini had after 3 season. And Pellegrini was made to quit his job. Also pep has spent almost the double amount of money. Why he is getting the easy ride? Mournhio said that " attacking football and possession football are used as to execuse for not winning the trophy".
Lendl Alfred
Lendl Alfred:
If rafa had proper investment, you can imagine what he can do with the new castle. Good result for Rafa, but a major set back for city.
Fredy Sagala
Fredy Sagala:
That means city can focus on FA cup and Carabao cup then have treble.
Amjad Rtimi
Amjad Rtimi:
See later city "liverpool liverpool"😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪
It means

Newcastle have 3 points and Man City don’t 😁
Sam Geee
Sam Geee:
Lol, 4 losses in the league already (5 including the ucl) and they're supposed to be ucl favourites? they cant even reach a ucl final. Favourites are definitely barca, madrid, liverpool and juve. (if madrid find some form and if liverpool arent so focused on the league at the end of the season)
Morgan Shaw
Morgan Shaw:
Liverpool just cannot slip this time
George Sands
George Sands:
Expected city to just absolutely marmilise them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
John-ice #Halamadrid
John-ice #Halamadrid:
Congrats to Liverpool for winning the league y'all clearly deserve it...hey now nobody can troll y'all anymore about trophies😂😂I will miss those days..props to liverpool
Just Tim
Just Tim:
this is funny.. i remember when most of these guys praise man city's style of play.. now they are critical of city
Shingai Mu
Shingai Mu:
7:41 - 7:44 Dan Thomas kills me. as soon as Craig opens his mouth, you can tell Dan is ready to go, and he does. Suddenly. Can't wait Newcastle's return to glory.
It means Liverpool have won the league
If anything City's loss makes me more nervous. I've been disappointed a few times too many to start taking anything for granted.
Abu Naser Jaman
Abu Naser Jaman:
As a MC, I would say MC is playing half hearted compared to last season. Liverpool deserve the title. They wont drop many points.
Typical Pep.. keep knocking the ball side to side.
Saw it at bayern. Was so happy when he got out of munich
John Dortwegt
John Dortwegt:
I love that last remark about leicester 😀
Liverpool fc for the league
Robin Cap
Robin Cap:
It’s funny these lot went missing when Man Utd were on that winning streak
A G:
It means congratulations Liverpool.
Liverpool will win this year..... I hop united will make top 4.. But damn premier league is amazing!
Samuel Lloyd-Kelly
Samuel Lloyd-Kelly:
BOTTLE JOBS (Spurs fan)
What will it profit Manchester City if they ended Liverpools unbeaten and then loose to Newcastle United?

This should be the real question. Lol
Just dont freaking jinx liverool
Burley advocating taking a boot to the face, he's taken a few of those in his time
Jordan newby
Jordan newby:
As a liverpool fan I'm never sure what Leicester will bring to the table, will they be good? Will they not? It's so difficult to know and for this reason, the inconsistency of their team I always get a bit nervous when facing them. I can imagine fans of the other big teams feel the same way
Please to upload every day Espn
Moses McCree
Moses McCree:
People need to understand that Man City as a team are mentally weak. Their mental strength is probably one of the weakest in the Premier league that's why they capitulate under pressure so easily. However in terms of ability they are probably top 3 in world football that's they win so many games and kill them off before they even begin but the mental strength is woeful and that's what's really important in order to carry your team through seasons and cup competitions.
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller:
They lost when De Bruyne went off
Toni Toni
Toni Toni:
salomon rondon is a player!!
Gagik Gharagyozyan
Gagik Gharagyozyan:
Pepe is the most overrated manager of all time. Can someone please remind me the last time he won UCL? Despite constantly spending insane amounts
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren:
He quit come back after one year again
City soon will drop PL and focus CL😂😂😂
Y2J4life WWE
Y2J4life WWE:
Rich As F*ck
Rich As F*ck:
Luke Pfeifer
Luke Pfeifer:
G Jeff
G Jeff:
John Davies
John Davies:
burley never got over how he looked before he could afford to have his teeth done.
3 more points will be sweet, we don’t talk the title at this time don’t listen anyone except Mr Klopp YNWA
de bruyne needs step up his form ASAP
Shane Goo
Shane Goo:
Wow excuses for man city.
Dpack *
Dpack *:
As city fan, soo disappointed.
Deserved the result for the way it was played.
Would love to c Sane play full time.
It always annoys me when they say that teams ply beautiful football for the sake of it. Pep will be the first to say that that having a lot of possession serves many purposes, one of which is to move defenders out of positions with quick ball movement, give and go’s. etc

You play “beautiful football” because more often than not, it gives you a better chance to win. It doesn’t mean you will always win, however. Just like creating chances, it doesn’t always mean that the team that creates the most chances always wins. Sometimes a team can absorb pressure and nick a goal late on. However, you’re less likely to win using that strategy.
Mohit Kalro
Mohit Kalro:
Would be majestically hilarious if Salah attempts to dive, gets booked for simulation, and after the final whistle goes he's injured himself and misses a few games
Alex Pena
Alex Pena:
We’re winning the league letttsss go Liverpool
Neil Fitzsimmons
Neil Fitzsimmons:
Man city have assembled the most expensive team ever. Oil money buys you trophies. Buys the best players buys the best manager buys the highest wages. Doesn't buy heart and soul. Man city players are greedy money grappin missionaries who probably didn't know city existed until they got bought out by money no object oil barons. Liverpool have history. Fans have passion. City should be walking every competition the amount of money they spend is obscene.
Ali Bryte
Ali Bryte:
I always get confused when I read some of the comments about City and Pep. Its as if loosing a game is only meant for United, Chelsea and Arsenal. They are fighting to retain a title and it's bit easy. When City wins they are the best but we easily forget that all the other teams have also spent Sims of money including Lpool. There's 13 matches to play, anything can happen, even today . So let's stop attacking Pep.
Let's enjoy the game.
They always have the same indignant, dour tone on this program. Fortunately, I am willing to listen to any old twats talk about football when I am having a beer on a day off.
Бахтияр Алиев
Бахтияр Алиев:
alejandro throughout of the course of the season moreno
Pep the psychopath exposed as a failure/fraud. Good riddance
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy:
It means Liverpool is in front of an open net...they just don't have to blow it away!!!
I heard Leicester city wants to refund their present to Liverpool
Love In The House
Love In The House:
I kept saying this. City as a club/team are not built on that drive, determination, grit, know how to grind out or come from behind to get a result because its a overnight team put together by spending ridiculous amounts. Thats why City can and will never be on the level of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal etc, who have that embedded in their history and DNA. Money can't by class PERIOD!!! #SmallClubMentality
Jonathan Thacker
Jonathan Thacker:
Haven’t been playing that well?
How many goals they scored in January alone ?!
Plenty of football left this season. Even as a Liverpool fan who enjoyed city losing, it counts for nothing if we don’t win our games. Starting with Leicester who have beaten Chelsea and Man City already. So defo not a given.
Louis Ngwa
Louis Ngwa:
City did what they could just that they were unlucky
G -smith
G -smith:
Liverpool would be ass not to win the league this time around💯
Ruben Martinez
Ruben Martinez:
Sterling doesn’t even know how to cross the ball in
gooooo de-fence
Jrad 84
Jrad 84:
Tonight's game is more important than the city game for the pool...I hope klopp doesnt get punished for not bringing in a top CB to replace gomez ...which will be true liverpool form haha
Omoarebu 89
Omoarebu 89:
Wow. After Newcastle did the job. They just had to draw with Leicester. They always lack the killer instinct. #NeutralFan
Salim Huerta
Salim Huerta:
Liverpool would be champions league favorites if not for Messi
Robert Styles
Robert Styles:
Come on Man City ! We don't want the title to go to you know where. You are the better team so keep on believing and win that title or we will all never hear the last of it from them lot. From a United fan with love and respect.
We dont have virgil tonight so im a little nervous, leicester are a dangerous counter attacking team
Lawrence Chengo
Lawrence Chengo:
It only means Newcastle hae to survive and Liverpool have to win the league
Lil Mario
Lil Mario:
When will arsenal win the champions league?? 😕
Meer Said
Meer Said:
Did anyone watch that Barcelona performance though v sevilla? That 6th goal is wonders
dean Quarry
dean Quarry:
Some people should be jailed if the scousers win the league, we'll basically never hear the end of it
Lil Umi Vert
Lil Umi Vert:
It don’t mean shit, Man City gone win it
Typical Procrastinator_13
Typical Procrastinator_13:
Liverpool fans! Jesus!
im a city fan im not giving up hope Liverpool drew today so it only 5 points we come for worse 5 games to go 8 points behind still won
boris Odor
boris Odor:
Wtf are these guys talking about? City has a team to win every game of the season, on the field AND ON THE BENCH.
Let’s go magpies!
berba silk
berba silk:
huge L for Pep, his season is 100% considered a failure if he fails to retain or even a CL, has the squad to, but this guy sets up poorly in the CL, we've seen the 3 at the back trick, wonder what else he'll try to pull - with that said the squad isn't that good talent wise, the players are very system reliant
It means they lost a game.
taku NN
taku NN:
Rafa winning the league for Liverpool. Insane......
Sahabiya Mohamed
Sahabiya Mohamed:
It means 🛑🛑 will win the EPL
M Yazdani
M Yazdani:
Machester City are supported by Qatar living on the OIL,, so no wonder last few years they buying International Players... no wonder they Win nearly Win... but nope Liverpool Win English Premiership.
Fredo Benji
Fredo Benji:
Discjockey Josh
Discjockey Josh:
These asswhipes just gonna gloce over Barcas 6-1 comeback?
Ryan Tomos
Ryan Tomos:
Sky sports will not be talking about City like this 😂😂Oil money for sky sports peoples