What caused the death of a million fish in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin?

Up to a million fish, including 100-year-old Murray cod, have died in one of the biggest environmental catastrophes to hit the river. Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin river system is the life blood of much of Australia's agriculture industry and supports thousands of communities through Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and South Australia. An outbreak of blue-green algae, a severe drought and allegations of water theft are some of the factors believed to have left the river with very little oxygen.

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Shane Von Harten
Shane Von Harten:
The drought is the obvious part of the scenario and has been in effect for years and is a standard part of life in Australia but the simple facts are there are too many users of a very limited and unreliable source and some of these users are nothing better than common thieves. I've seen massive water theft fisrt hand on multiple farms, They see it as their right and have no fear of the fines as they are rare and insignificant in comparison to the profit available from the crops grown with the stolen water.
The government is currently subsidising earthworks to supposedly increase water use efficiency but in my first hand experience it is being used to more efficiently steal water.
Cath Stuart
Cath Stuart:
Blame Barnaby Joyce, who crowed about water being given to irrigators at the expense of the environment. The buck stops with the Special Envoy for Water.
Leanne Blake
Leanne Blake:
And bloody mining
Speak Up Campaign
Speak Up Campaign:
Can you please let me know where along the Darling rice is grown?
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas:
The fight between environmental benefits and so called economic imperatives will continue until everyone realises that they are the same damn thing. I reckon the river will die before we wake up to our childish beliefs that there is somehow a difference between protecting our natural resources and the economy.
*Now this is an Avengers level threat*
Roger Rarebit
Roger Rarebit:
Duck shoving and finger pointing is what all politicians of any political persuasion have been doing for the last fifty years, they all cry that they have a plan and the answer but then do sweet fanny adams about it, other than to blame the previous bunch of incompetents. Number one priority should be to stop growing rice and cotton in the Murray-Darling system and that includes the MIA.
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days:
Almost a year already....gee time flies.
ABU Tii:
Farmer's need to drown politicians.
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru:
They should create a lakes connected to river and start oxydazing it...by bubbling air.
Fish Killl
Fish Killl:
Fertilizer and runoff is what fuels your algal blooms. More farming = more fertilizer = more algae. simple really.
Skye Yates
Skye Yates:
Who doesn’t love fish
This Afternoons interview with the Minster was up to the usual standard of gum flapping banta . To send fisheries to the location and monitor the situation means what .The Government seem to find money to provide millions for useless causes and public servants like themselves but struggle to identify the problems in Aus .
I spend some time out central west slopes and have seen the Macquarie marsh wetland turn to dust, since the introduction of Cotton farms . The licenses all sold and granted by big talking politicians, these idiot's have sat on their wallets while the inland rivers are raped of water . The next in line is the Murrumbidgee around Hay and Griffith , the river will soon bare an even larger scar from cotton .
Rest assure another study/ enquiry sponsored by us will be done in the hope this all sinks to the bottom as it cant go with the flow the pricks sold that
Cotton farmers are grubs full stop
"Look at this, burrrrt”
Thomas Willis
Thomas Willis:
Bass and trout fish in usa have a variance of just a few ° temperature any more than that kills them. Learned that in middle school on field trip to fish farm
Every fish I can see clearly seems to be the same species. To me that looks a lot more like an outbreak of some kind of disease. Yes it might be more likely because of conditions but there's no way to know which specific conditions aggravated the problem.
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days:
Hi Hi
Hi Hi:
Why not eat them it’s a waste to kill them
Joaquin Gonzalo
Joaquin Gonzalo:
Is not that hard to understand the problem....
too much water from the river is diverted to irrigators so the river has not enough water to sustain a healthy river... also add the poisonous water back from the farmers into the river
Lana Gaskell
Lana Gaskell:
Have you seen the big Transaqua Program being implemented in Africa that is going to be built by China. They plan to build a Channel from The Congo Basin to Lake Chad to fill it as Lake Chad has dried out to 4% capacity. It will cost 30 billion dollars. I wish our monsoonal rains in Australia up North could be some how done the same , right down the center of Queensland channeled into locks and dams and be able to be released into river systems when needed.
irish327 Rose
irish327 Rose:
Check their stomachs for plastics
Wade Whaitiri
Wade Whaitiri:
If money is spent on fixing things there will be no money for the pollies and their friends.
Why don’t you mention the fact people like Eddie McGuire, Penny Wong, Sam Newman, Steve Bracks, Malcom Turnbull own more water rights that all the farmers combined yet don’t own land?? 🤔🤔
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever:
So sad. Something like this happened last year down on the gulf coast in southwest FL. Dead fish, turtles, manatees, and other marine life showed up in the thousands (if not millions). They said it was due to a toxic algae called "red tide." People started experiencing breathing problems, nausea, coughing, etc. The tourism industry was also hit hard. Bad situation all around.
Ron Fili
Ron Fili:
Over expansion of desert farms, drought years, money, and irresponsible will to want to developers water storage tanks when you know damn well that deserts at times can have droughts just as much as ever non desert places. Take all these point and you will see what’s going on. Just as mentioned in the video.
The lord heard your prayers for more water. Say thank you for that flood you prayed for.
Christine Schreiber
Christine Schreiber:
This is what happens when money and votes means more than a sustainable ecology and farming future. Cotton producers need to grow sometthing else that uses less water, broad acre irrigators have got to find another way, or there will be NO future for anyone in the region period. Those who contribute to their own demise earn what they get, no foresight no future
K M Miller
K M Miller:
Liberals and Nationals , Party of big business , this is the result , money over environment . wake up Australia ! They are doing what Trump is doing to the USA
Random Man
Random Man:
So? What else have we learned? Can any farmer grow hemp? No... Our government and our people have our priorities all right . While HEMP was our best answer to the overuse of farming water for clothes food and fodder. You didnt listen and 27 people just died, so those its man slaughter. You get what you deserve. People of the "wrong characters" are making laws in and running Australia.
This I Know
This I Know:
Revelation 8:9 third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.
Aust First
Aust First:
Who gave State or Federal Government the right to sell water?  Water falls from the sky as precipitation free of charge to all Citizens. How have the Government assumed the right to sell a free Resource?. This resource must be regulated, but, because you have the most money to buy more water than others, how is this Regulation?. This is another blatant process of EXTORTION created by Government. Wealthy Landholders prosper above Smaller Landholders because they can buy more Water. How on earth can you ever describe that as Regulation?.
Thomas Henson
Thomas Henson:
Our rivers dry up and our suburbs roast due to climate change, yet the Liberal Government is next week welcoming to our shores climate skeptic, war criminal and world renowned human rights violator John Bolton (US National Security Adviser). If people like him get their way they will turn Aus into the DMZ of the Pacific, to be used as cannon fodder against China and Russia. Then dead fish will be the least of our worries...
filet the fish and ship it to vietnam... make some profits.
Dee Lee
Dee Lee:
cotton is not a food crop so there is less restriction as far as pesticides/fungicides etc.... irrigation depletes the water source and also introduces fertilizer intoo the streams which feeds the algae .. the depleted water levels will flows less and become less aerated as a result.... and as many fish begin to occupy less water they begin to overcrowd and breathe all the air in..... a quick fix would be too aerate the water much like a pump does in a fish tank. you could in theory pump air through a hose into the water, or you could even disturb the water with a boat propeller to do the trick.... this generally would only be for your most "ideal" fishing holes and not for the river as a whole, although any stability you can give too any given part of the ecosystem would be viable at this point...... hope all goes well for you all over there >;/ >;/ give my regards......good luck
Steven Chiverton
Steven Chiverton:
well if the government bothers to look at china and america how they can create there own rain its all on youtube then australia could do the same seed the air and get some rain to much needed areas of australia even nasa dose good it can create its own clouds to shelter them from the sun and cool the climate with rain
Lord Samich
Lord Samich:
Blame the left for fighting Nuclear Power. We could have just desalinated all the water we could ever need.