‘What are we doing, Charlotte?!’ – Jay Williams reacts to Kemba to the Celtics reports | First Take

Jay Williams questions when the Hornets will make a move to become relevant because Charlotte will likely not keep Kemba Walker amid reports that the Boston Celtics are front-runners to sign Kemba. #FirstTake ✔ Subscribe to ESPN+ https://plus.espn.com/ ✔ Get the ESPN App: http://www.espn.com/espn/apps/espn ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: http://es.pn/SUBSCRIBEtoYOUTUBE ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoESPNFC ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoNBAonESPN ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: http://es.pn/YouTubeTV Exclusive interviews with Rachel Nichols https://urlzs.com/jNURe Stephen A. Smith on ESPN https://urlzs.com/W19Tz ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/espn ► Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/espn ► Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/f/espn Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on ESPN.com: http://www.espn.com

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leaf ys
leaf ys:
Honestly got the feeling that Stephen A is more chilled without Molly
Andrew Silva
Andrew Silva:
“KEMBER WALKER” - Stephen A Smith
ESPN switched gears on Molly.

edit: this is my most liked social media comment of all time!
The validation i'm feeling is overwhelming, and now i feel as though I truly have a purpose in this universe! thanks internet!
Molly’s remplacement look better than her and do a good job 💯
I would switch gears with Molly's replacement.
Edward Davis
Edward Davis:
Don't go past the 7 min mark if you don't want to see Molly.
Aaron Alaniz
Aaron Alaniz:
There’s a pretty lady around and suddenly Max is a comedian...
“Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of bad owners” things like this are why Max Kellerman is the best
Eric Doan
Eric Doan:
Everything was fine till Molly showed up at the end...
Hes said he can’t criticize Jordan because he’s black 😭
monti miller
monti miller:
Michael Jordan was a great player, but being an owner is a whole other story!!! Max said he's the M.J. of Bad Owners, ohhhhh!!!
M Jojo
M Jojo:
It seems like Stephen A is blaming everybody but Kyrie
Molly 2.0 is a wifey
Armondo Ortiz
Armondo Ortiz:
The moderator is great but they had to stick Molly on at the end just to annoy you.
Onion Man
Onion Man:
I really enjoyed this segment and then wondered why and the reason for that is because Molly’s annoying ass isn’t there
Yessss molly gotta go she dont even kno sports...they be telling her what to say in her ear piece
Miller Time
Miller Time:
"We don't have enough Black owner in the league" So we can't criticize for being a bad owner because he's Black????
Garry Lacking-Quinn
Garry Lacking-Quinn:
It was SoOoOo nice NOT to hear Molly interrupting...GREAT SHOW today 💯
Ben Hagos
Ben Hagos:
Who the hell is "Kember" SAS? 😂😂
Boski Gwalla
Boski Gwalla:
Nobody in the world:

Stephen: Well first of all, you’re wrong and here’s why. You have to pronounce his name wrong and call him “Kember”, so when you look at it from that perspective....
Crypto Villain Thoughts
Crypto Villain Thoughts:
Kemba will fit fantastic in the Celtics. Is Isaiah Thomas all over once again but better!
Goosfraba Goosfraba
Goosfraba Goosfraba:
3 Things I want to say:
1. Max covering up a fart at 0:34 (he's doing it on regular basis)
2. Moderator looks like Adriana Chechik and I love it
3. The show is much more enjoyable when they are not yelling at each other
Drem m
Drem m:
Da fuqq does race gotta do with this Black or White MJ is one of the worst owners in the league lmao
Rich Harrow
Rich Harrow:
MJ is running a business... He knows maxing Kemba out wont make them a contender in the ACC let alone the Eastern conference...
Tracy Morgan's Belly
Tracy Morgan's Belly:
3 minutes in and I haven't heard the moderator once. AMAZING
I really like Molly replacement. She speaks when spoken 2🤔😂
All of a sudden Al Horford is "A tough loss" and the MVP of the league to the media

He's 33 with rickedy knees. I'm happy Danny Ainge didn't give him a 4 year contract
biff tannen
biff tannen:
Kyrie was not the problem, Molly was the problem
"Think of the irony that Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of bad owners." Whoa, that was savage af but sooo true.
Julez John
Julez John:
It sucks being a Hornets fan. SMH Going on 30 years 🤦‍♂️
Losing kyrie and Horford, getting Kemba and Capela? That's not bad of an offseason if we make it happen.
Mark Nellons Jr.
Mark Nellons Jr.:
Jayyyy, Kemba usage rate was high because he played with bums!
Heeeellooooo no-Molly... You look better and don't speak. I already love you.
Eddy King
Eddy King:
“Kemba is Kobe to Kyrie’s Michael Jordan”... Mad Max is at it again 🤦🏾‍♂️
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion:
“We don’t have enough black owners” um ok doesn’t change the fact that Jordan is probably the worst owner in the NBA
Kawhi On The Way
Kawhi On The Way:
Had to give this video a like since Molly ain't here
tony turk
tony turk:
"We don't have enough black owners"...wtf do you have to say that for ?!
Chandler Tingle
Chandler Tingle:
ESPN switched gears on Molly
Alabaster Pringles
Alabaster Pringles:
MJ might have been the GOAT playing basketball but he's the WOAT running a team 😂
Albert Gary
Albert Gary:
Lol😂😂😂 molly had about 2 seconds of facetime and people are still commenting on her LMAO this is funny. Keep it up guys. She is almost gone.😉
Justin Truong
Justin Truong:
I think espn just switched gears with Molly😂
BattleEgo TV
BattleEgo TV:
Who the hell is Kember, Stephen A...? Time to clean up your multisyllabic wording bruh
Is Molly “Switch Gears” Rose gone for good?
D 416
D 416:
Hornets are a badly run franchise. When you overpay Batum and Marvin Williams but won't commit to Kemba you are completely foolish! Jordan should step down!
Stephen A: It's all Gordon Hayward's fault guys
Edwin Castelan
Edwin Castelan:
Everything Jay Williams said about the East.😂 Boston is looking Great in My Eyes and still have Assets to Trade Watch!
thank you for replacing molly!!!
TheFightJournal Boxing
TheFightJournal Boxing:
Hard to go there because we don’t have enough black owners??? I’m lost there Jay.

When we talk about the best players in NBA history we don’t say we don’t have enough data on Bird because he’s white while the majority are black.

We look at Bird and Stockton and West etc as great players.

A bad owner is a bad owner.
Van Ranque
Van Ranque:
ESPN banned a Man not working in them ( LaVar Ball)...
Not a Woman who imagine things not related to First Take...
Joey Sparks
Joey Sparks:
Kemba could average 40 points a game and they'll still say Kyrie is better... We'll see what happens next season.

It's all noise right now...
Darren Hawkins
Darren Hawkins:
Jordan and NY Knicks the absolute worst of Owners n GM'S in the sport business. Dead FACTS
Roxy Cotton
Roxy Cotton:
Now hornets won’t see the playoffs at all for another 5 plus years
Duyan Tso
Duyan Tso:
Is it Kember?

I thought it's Kemba.
If they sign Kemba you can't really say where the Celtics will place next year. Jay Williams is saying they'll be the fourth or fifth best, but that is a lowball estimate. There's no reason to believe Tatum and Brown won't be better next year, that Hayward won't be better next year. There are so many x-factors on the Celtics that all you can really do is watch how it unfolds and make your judgements as the season progresses.
Lestus Mitchell
Lestus Mitchell:
Terry will never have his moment thaaaat’s tough
does this mean Lakers might get Scary Terry?? Oh shitttt
Tristan Storms
Tristan Storms:
Just a heads up the only reason Kemba has such a high usage rate cause we don't have another ball handler for him to play with. Kemba can playoff the ball.
Master Of Disguise
Master Of Disguise:
I got 99 problems but Molly ain't one
Jay Moo
Jay Moo:
I don’t know how Jalen lives with that....besides the obvious 🍑💦🍆
Zachary no
Zachary no:
haha jay williams wants to hold danny and brad accountable in a discussion centered on Boston and Charlotte ..
Guy King
Guy King:
Someone gotta tell Jay their ain’t enough black governors not owners
Dylan haight
Dylan haight:
Kemba is better, he has almost identical stats with no one to pass to. The conversation shouldn’t be “his stats are slightly worse so he’s slightly worse.” when he’s doubled almost every possession.
Manny Manhattan Music
Manny Manhattan Music:
ESPN finally banned Molly for her comments towards Lavar Ball
Devin Jenkins
Devin Jenkins:
No one:
Jason Young
Jason Young:
7:03 God you were doing so good, did you really ahve to squeeze her in at the end
Valid S
Valid S:
Lmao at Stephen A. constantly blaming Danny Ainge, as if it's Ainge's fault that Hayward broke his leg in half on national TV and Kyrie had knee surgery last year. If those things don't happen, the Celtics are in back-to-back finals and have a championship. Also, Stephen A. keeps bringing up this Hayward narrative (hmm...I wonder why), but what were the Celtics supposed to do? HAYWARD IS AN ALL-STAR ON A MAX DEAL. Yes, he was still recovering last year, but the only way for him to get better is to PLAY HIM. To suggest otherwise is nonsense and it should be blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain what Stephen A.'s agenda is in defending Kyrie (who destroyed the locker room) and trashing Hayward.
Nicholas Dunlap
Nicholas Dunlap:
They act like al Harford is Tim Duncan
Malik Shuler
Malik Shuler:

SAS: Kember Walker.
Jay Keyz
Jay Keyz:
"This is the one plus if your Boston, about KEMBER" lmao whos kember 🤣🤣
Kemba really just wanted to be closer to home without actually being in Ny 🤷🏾‍♂️
Andy Zanabria
Andy Zanabria:
Kemba just joined
RJ Macready
RJ Macready:
It's hard for you to say Michael's a bad owner because he's black? What?
first name
first name:
Michael Jordan playing poker with his point guard. Gonna gamble his whole team away
Is it me or is jay Williams just annoying
Wallace Is Easy
Wallace Is Easy:
On that guys point are we getting to a point where in everything their must be a quota of every type of people to seem diverse cause thats what it feels like
Joel Smith
Joel Smith:
I crack up every single time Stephen A calls him Kember
God Of Blackness
God Of Blackness:
If the man doesn't wanna trigger the Luxury tax... then respect it. He's the owner.
Gackt Kun
Gackt Kun:
Start of the video : Happy that Molly is not on set today
End of Video: Blood Pressure goes up!
Ryan Hastie
Ryan Hastie:
Kemba > Kyrie all day every day
In my opinion the Celtics are the same team without the locker room issues but with a lot less depth
Ton Ash
Ton Ash:

Anjelo DeVito
Anjelo DeVito:
Even though the Celtics didn’t give Kemba a jersey yet, this is the best roster Kenna’s been on.
Stephen A was definitely talkin to molly on the low before Jalen Rose she come bring awkward vibes 🤦🏾‍♂️
Charlotte what are you doing??? Charlotte???? CHAAAARRRRLOOOTTTEEE
The reason why kemba is different than kyrie on the Celtics is cuz he never deferred to jayson Tatum which kemba would do
L V:
Take a shot of Hen Dogg every time SAS says Kember.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee:
Celtics will be the 2 seed. Book it.
Coach Dreadhead
Coach Dreadhead:
Kemba/Jaylen/Gordan/Tatum/Clint 👀🔥
This is the reality of alot of teams...just mediocre effort to put teams together
Thank you Max. Don't jinx my mans like dat SAS 🙄
Israel De Leon
Israel De Leon:
who is this Molly replacement??
Jack man
Jack man:
Lowkey Celtics would be in discussion for Top Team in East with Kemba y’all sleepin
And what the hell MJ will give a max contract to kemba walker because if he does that their best chance will be an every year 1st round exit. MJ don’t give kemba the max and next season hopefully Charlotte will be terrible and so will have good draft pick.
Espn switched up Molly for Charly.... ayeeeeee.
Turtle Luvin
Turtle Luvin:
This is so dumb, you sign kemba and trade for steven adams since OKC doesnt want to pay luxury tax. Boom your in the hunt as a top 3 team in the east. Moving on
Kevin Mairena
Kevin Mairena:
Jay Williams, Black owner = Good Owner until there are more black owners 🙄
Outta here with that race protection/affirmative action BS. Michael got to his spot because he’s a mogul and a basketball figure. Nobody thought he of all people would misevaluate talent. Don’t make this about race.
MJ smart, I wouldn’t pay somebody 200 mil and we gone be in the lottery still.
Celtics HAD a stacked roster...but they also had a bunch of guys who all did the same thing and all needed the ball to be productive
Tanner Rienbolt
Tanner Rienbolt:
They should go after DLo first. He’s younger and cheaper
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas:
Celtics should sign Ricky Rubio or Rondo to complete jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum growth

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