Welcome to Arsenal, Denis Suarez!! #HolaDenis

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Denis Torriera Guedouzi That midfield😍 🔥
abdalla duale
abdalla duale:
Finally the pending transfer is over since 2014. Suarez is ours
Imagination Machine
Imagination Machine:
No ones going to talk about these iconic endings on this channel... auba stands awkwardly for 10 seconds and they dont edit it😂 best team ever
Lance D
Lance D:
he looks like a mix of ramsey and holding
Mickael Loe-A-Fook
Mickael Loe-A-Fook:
Denis + torreira + laca auba = wow !!!
Wivas Poudel
Wivas Poudel:
A combo of DENNIS Bergkamp and Luis SUAREZ = DENIS SUAREZ!!!
Hope that he becomes our new Santi Cazorla.
Best wishes!!!
M Nur Hassan
M Nur Hassan:
sarri: sorry guys

chelsea: for what

sarri: 4 nothing
Welcome to Arsenal Denis Suarez
Riyam Moidu
Riyam Moidu:
Instead of calling him “The next Santi Cazorla” or The next Fabregas etc, don’t give pressure, and just call him The next Denis 😊
COYG! 🔴⚪️
Edit: Thanks for the likes❤️
Оскар Токтогулов
Оскар Токтогулов:
Good luck Denis!!! From Barca fans
Kassim Rajabu
Kassim Rajabu:
Much love from Tanzania here....Arsenal in blood
Seth Matigimu
Seth Matigimu:
It’s time for top 4 boys!! COYG!!!
Ur marge
Ur marge:
He looks like Aaron Ramsey
Barca fan here...Nice to see Denis being able to have an opportunity to be play and develop to become better,he will do wonders at Arsenal against other teams im sure of it.
Jonas filberg
Jonas filberg:
Bringing that cazorla flavor. 🇪🇸
Can't wait to see him on pitch
Pending masterclass against city ⏱
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus:
Auba at the end like “excuse me arsenal channel where’s my one year anniversary celebrations” 😂❤️
La Frog
La Frog:
His best quality is his final ball 😍 Sorry Iwobi.. lol
abhijai singh
abhijai singh:
The Randy Ortan post from Aubameyang 🔥😍
Carlos Collado
Carlos Collado:
Picked the NO.22, he’s got a more Isco familiarity
Axdan 8
Axdan 8:
He didn't have a chance with Barcelona, but I'm sure that in Arsenal he will become a good player
Vikram Iyer
Vikram Iyer:
Finally . Seems to have gone on forever
Mohamed Mouliom
Mohamed Mouliom:
😮 Is that Ramsey resigning for us? Great to have u back. When I heard about the Juve story I taught I will never see you again in arsenal colors.
Koyas Uddin
Koyas Uddin:
Welcome, Now do some dirt!
Amin Naim
Amin Naim:
we replaced rambo with a kid that looks just like him
You know he truly understands football when instead of talking about messi and ronaldo he's talking about iniesta and xavi
Roy cohen
Roy cohen:
Mark my words.
This is the start of a new TALENT
Unknown Person
Unknown Person:
“My football philosophy is having fun, enjoying myself and most importantly, winning”

Sorry we don’t do that here.
Al Bukhori Gymastiar
Al Bukhori Gymastiar:
The next Fabregas
Oooo santi cazorla :)
I'm actually excited for the top 4
We still can get it
Mr R
Mr R:
Arsenal in the transfer department / market are absolutely useless, defence is the Priority and weakness
lâm vũ nguyễn
lâm vũ nguyễn:
YEAH Denis Suarez !!!!
ake arsenal
ake arsenal:
Welcome to arsenal home😍😍
Éternel fumier
Éternel fumier:
Denis is a great player
He need to play
I hope the best for him and I hope he's come back to barca
M Ullet
M Ullet:
Hopefully he is as good as the last player we signed from Barcelona
Oyeniyi Kenneth
Oyeniyi Kenneth:
I hope He turns out as great as we expect!
Unknown Person
Unknown Person:
They got my man on some interview. I beg someone remind him he’s on loan.
Vasav Chaturvedi
Vasav Chaturvedi:
ENjoy your luck....denis ...love from Barcelona
Omar Yakhle
Omar Yakhle:
New Santi Cazorla
Wellcom To The Best Culb In England💪💪💪
John Blessed
John Blessed:
So happy for Arsenal and Denis Suarez who is a talented player and once given a chance I know he will do well in the EPL. As a Barça supporter I am excited to see him playing for Arsenal. 😃💙❤
Antonio Bank
Antonio Bank:
We are 4th. We have to keep this place. COYG!!!!! Welcome 2 Arsenal Denis Suarez!
Michael Farojoye
Michael Farojoye:
How come we ended up with a "him" alone instead of "them" all....Arsenal board painful somehow😏🤔🤔.
ashraff danial
ashraff danial:
Some defenders please asap !!
christian george
christian george:
0:10 iwobi shaking in his boots.
Hafiz Hummels
Hafiz Hummels:
Lower table team said “WOW” and TOP 5 table just laugh at this ! We need winger !
Edward Elachi
Edward Elachi:
Denis, lace, auba, torreira, ozil .🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang:
Welcome to Arsenal from Taiwan!!!
David Price
David Price:
Welcome to the Arsenal 🙏🙌
metro shady
metro shady:
Wonder where would unai deploy him.
Johnnar Smith
Johnnar Smith:
Finally....we was waiting how long but wonder y it did affi be on the last day thou
Badoskie 1
Badoskie 1:
Welcome Denis... COYG 🍾🍾🍾
Matt s
Matt s:
We've finally replaced Santi.
abhishek gooner
abhishek gooner:
Buy him in the summer!!
Muniir Yare
Muniir Yare:
welcome Deniz good luck 👊👊
Ahmed Moha
Ahmed Moha:
Welcome denis "everything is iniesta" suerez
Emery: I can’t keep Ramsey, so I’ll get someone that looks like him instead, the fans will never know! I see you unai😉
Finally Denis will have time
Simon Tiliyano
Simon Tiliyano:
2nd Fabregas back
Was Iniesta an idol for him cos he played in a similar position?
Doudou Mouri
Doudou Mouri:
1:32 Tennis Suarez (ok I'll go now)
Yoh Fr33zy
Yoh Fr33zy:
I love how Auber makes those moves!
Next time put a talent show for the players! We want to really know our players!!
Salim Price
Salim Price:
Someone get this guy a piano😂 with this boring Welcome video haha
Man Child
Man Child:
I've always liked this guy but his interview made me love him. He said Iniesta plays in a similar position to his and not vice versa. If that's not confidence I don't know what is
King Pin
King Pin:
Was expecting a goosebumping intro like Auba...
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer:
Best quality is his final ball lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
asdf ghjk
asdf ghjk:
spanish aaron ramsey
Good Luck On Arsenal! ❤
We love you Arsenal♡
Chris Chleopa
Chris Chleopa:
I'm extremely happy to see this player at the club I have been following him since he was at sevilla he is a such best player when it comes to ball control and flexibility
Jan Gaming
Jan Gaming:
Oh yeah yeah instead of calling him “The next Santi Cazorla” or The next Fabregas etc, just call him The next Denis 😊
COYG! 🔴⚪️
Nymah Begum
Nymah Begum:
I feel like he’ll be a good addition to the midfield🔥🙌
Mandaar Kumar
Mandaar Kumar:
And welcome to Arsenal denis Suarez!! 🔥
kabeer mirza
kabeer mirza:
Everything in this video just increases my joy at the moment but I would like to say that auba must stop playing too much fortnite
Sayunti Napit
Sayunti Napit:
I am literally wearing the jersey
G6ix Reaper
G6ix Reaper:
Welcome Denis Suarez to where you belong, you will do great bruh💯
Raunak Das
Raunak Das:
He looks like Ramsey had a love child with Chambers
30 days to get a bench warmer on LOAN!!
This is why i love Arsenal <3
"Tranquilo" is definitely the type of players we need
Welcome,be the next Ozil but mabye even better
Reece Prior
Reece Prior:
I can't wait to see his talent! So satisfying ❤️
watchara lertwittayakorn
watchara lertwittayakorn:
Young players like Holding, Bellerin, Iwobi,
Unai can improve their performances.

I trust Dennis can show his best performance at Arsenal.
MMG - Moon Man Guitar
MMG - Moon Man Guitar:
And I thought it was THE Suarez. 😂😂😂😂
Bring Wenger back!!!
Baller 88
Baller 88:
Waiting for carrasco and manolas next summer
Gusti Untung Karna Adil
Gusti Untung Karna Adil:
Welcome to the club Dennis!
Sumayya F. Syed
Sumayya F. Syed:
Oh my God i so hoped this was a rumor taht would stay just a rumor. We needed guy in defense not another middie 🤦🏽‍♀️😭😭
Ruby Harwood
Ruby Harwood:
He's so handsome! We love you already Denis Suarez! ❤️
I miss you 💔❤
Gaming With Sakib
Gaming With Sakib:
Next Santi Cazorla?? Maybe....!!
Poker Face
Poker Face:
You watch Bergkamp and Henry I’ll watch you
Lennox playa
Lennox playa:
We will finish fourth with this signing , remember I said it , COYG
gg yya
gg yya:
Welcome to Arsenal,Denis😍we'll win together...
Love from Armenia❤💙💛
lowkey looks like ramsey
Tomáš Cepek
Tomáš Cepek:
Good luck CHAMP!❤
You'll always be a part of our Barça family💛Once a Blaugrana,always a Blaugrana!💞
Fair enough but what about our defence... 😂
My Xbox password was arsenal it said it was too week 😂
What a signing he is, perfect to fix the instability at the back.... Oh wait