Was Jussie Smollett Cruising At 2am?

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Terry Francona
Terry Francona:
Even black people don’t believe this dude! 😂 there’s hope for us still!!!
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee:
So the racist homophobes watch Empire and recognized him? Lol
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa:
Hold up, he's a millionaire, he's out at 2 a.m. looking to buy a 12" (sandwich) in subzero Chicago weather 🤔, yeah okay 😒, sounds to me like someone went "cruising" and caught a bruising. 😏 #ThugHunter
His story has more holes in it than swiss cheese.
Christy Monroe
Christy Monroe:
2 white supremacists just happen to be hanging around in black neighborhood wearing ski masks & MAGA hats at 2 AM on one of the coldest nights in Chicago's history, holding ropes & bleach, waiting for a minor celeb to coincidentally walk out in a snow storm for a Subway Sandwhich....yeah, ain't buyin it.
Kharlah Batyah
Kharlah Batyah:
Who gets attacked by two Full grown men and only ends up with just a scratch on his cheek? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jay Reed
Jay Reed:
He was out looking for foot long at 2 AM and got robbed. Streets gotta eat.
Sounds like a Grindr hook up gone wrong 🤔 people make fake profiles on Grindr to rob guys that show up.
Kai john
Kai john:
Wait....ski masks AND MAGA hats?! Was the hat on top of the mask? Or the brim sticking out the eye holes😂😂😂😂
Todd Goode
Todd Goode:
Trump said it best ....Fake News....
Cinex Barbarian
Cinex Barbarian:
54 years old?!! Man you look great!
Jabril Muhammad
Jabril Muhammad:
This story smelled fishy from the beginning
Twin Taurus
Twin Taurus:
Just subbed. This story is Embarrassingly FAKE!
Queen Dee
Queen Dee:
"Something ,something, something ,something just ain't right "(in my Keith Sweat voice). A bunch of bs. GTFOH.
Fake... publicity stunt... I don't believe it... this show had me dying laughing tho. 😂😂😂
Randy Savage
Randy Savage:
Yea he was out looking for footlong alright.......pause
As soon as I heard about this from TMZ of course I thought something sounds funny. The extreme far left are going to try to push their feminist, LGBTQ agendas to the extreme leading up to the 2020 election for president. Don't be brainwashed.
The Sportsman
The Sportsman:
Mister Old Skool Ryder
Mister Old Skool Ryder:
Cruising for a bruising....too early.... That male was trying to get some strange in these streets.
Dawndusk T.
Dawndusk T.:
😂😂😂😂 Stars listeners are savages 😂😂
Marcus J. Chess
Marcus J. Chess:
All these fake stories make it seem like political drama to stir up more Drama and division honestly
Funny thing about it, Chicago is everything _but_ "MAGA country"...even Trump is scared to step foot in the CHI! This story raises a lot of questions..🤔
The "lifestyle" is highly dangerous. #highrisk
Caller: "Alright, brother."

Star:"I'm not your brother, but thank you for the call." LOL
Big Greg
Big Greg:
Definitely lied he got set up by some Grindr dudes looking to rob someone. He could tarnish his image so he threw the race card & added MAGA Hats in the mix 😂
Elizabeth Cummins
Elizabeth Cummins:
Damn.....It was prbly his rope.....smdh,wtf???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣yall heartless...🤣🤣🤣
Pinhead Larry On The Block
Pinhead Larry On The Block:
Its obvious what happened here: Jussie went hunting for someone to do some slave bed buck role playing with. He then either forgot the safe word (like the caller said) or he forgot the money and shit just went left from there. Next thing you know hes telling the police this elaborate story so Lee Daniels doesn't find out he cheated on him and kill his dumbass off the show.
ChicagoCabbie Rick
ChicagoCabbie Rick:
Yes, you DID see "Rev Al" up on TMZ ALREADY. Fool. Race-baiter.
Gloria Thegoddess
Gloria Thegoddess:
Star is too damn funny and straight up real. He got time for the bull shit! Love it!
Dayz of Noah
Dayz of Noah:
Agitation Propaganda. 2020 election bout to be bananas. Get your popcorn. The psyops will continue by the week. 2020 blood sports. Wait for it...
Miranda Smith
Miranda Smith:
Why am I just discovering @thestarreport ??? I really enjoyed this show!!!
eyeJUSTkill Fuck how you feel
eyeJUSTkill Fuck how you feel:
He was Sexaully assaulted by two Men, who Choked him mercilessly and left him soiled in D.N.A.?
Now i aint saying he's a bull-shitter, but this is sounding kind of fake Ni**a! (Kanye- West) voice!
Megan Lewis
Megan Lewis:
Hook up went wrong. Remember Tevin Campbell got caught out there in the park smoking weed cruising for trade and got picked up by undercovers. LOL! They put a noose around him but didn't beat him he only has a scratch.
He whop his on azz at 2am...when i first heard this STORY i was like huh this can't be real...ski mask....Chicago 20degrees...white men with rope with Mega hats on and Chicago.... Subway opening a
2am....i was weak hollering
trey trey
trey trey:
Cameras are every where. If Chicago is like NYC this incident should've been caught on one of the street cams or someones smartphone camera.
R jam
R jam:
He's lying, It was just a "Grinder" Date gone Wrong that included Bleach & Rope. 2am in Chicago that night had a wind chill of -37 degrees below zero with a major snow storm on the horizon.
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom:
"Was it bleach or hot urine?!" KMSL! 💀💀💀
I'm from Chicago, dude's story sounds sketchy as hell. It happened in an affluent area, some Subway shops stay open 24 hours here so his sandwich story sounds like a good cover up but nah, The Subway he supposedly went to is in an underground area that homeless people sleep around at night. Plus theres many food delivery apps people use to keep from going out unnecessarily. That area is right on the lakefront where it's colder than normal in the winter so I doubt somebody would just wanna take a Subway stroll at 2am underground around homeless people just because. And the racists here typically aren't that bold. I wouldn't know who that dude was if he asked me the time BUT 2 racists in MAGA hats knew who he was and what character he played on his show?

Far fetched.
If it happened, that's fucked up but as a Chicagoan who knows the city pretty well...it sounds fake.
shampoos Living Relative_1
shampoos Living Relative_1:
"How long have you been biting the pillow sir respectfully" 😂😂😂😂
Deborah Hardaway
Deborah Hardaway:
Never happened.Hes looking for attention.The most happened is he was with lee at the orgy.Lee got rough an the other boys.Jessie felt picked on.forgot his safe word.ran out with the S an M rope on.Then made up this dam story .45 minutes later still had the rope on when police came.Hes lying.What 2 white dudes crusing at2 am with mask an trump hats in Chicago.Chiraq.They would of got robbed an beat themselves.hes lying.
Master Pierce
Master Pierce:
Do you bite the pillow! Lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣
Staceyann Millan
Staceyann Millan:
Thanks Star 🤩When you sit and think 🤔 logically and pay attention..... New details are coming out about this story which makes my first initial comments on another video non and void!! I didn’t vote for Trump but everything can’t be his fault or the ones who voted for Trump🤦🏽‍♀️😒🤨... Politics!! This seems to be a LIE I’m disgusted !!!! I was Bamboozled, & Lead Astray...
Damonica Jones
Damonica Jones:
Hilarious, when he said your mood is killing me, when said that😂😂😂
Jussie you better run girl!!!!!! They’re coming for you!😂
Keoni Page
Keoni Page:
Yes unfortunately y'all are that gullible. Not all, but most.
I died laughing at 6:36 and 7:28-7:34 star with the gay hand gestures pay attention 😂😂😂
So there are a lot of white people in that neighborhood. This is a very affluent area of Chicago. that is well protected by the police department and videos on every street corner. I'm just not understanding why someone has bleach in the middle of the night in sub zero temperatures.
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa:
Stop playing, you know dam well Subway is NOT open at 2 a.m., that [email protected]@a was out cruising, ran into democratic donor Ed Buck's cousin, had a rough session of erotic asphyxiation, got beat up while auditioning for #ThugHunter
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom:
Glad I gotta chance to watch this before YouTube takes it down. RS!
Damn this episode is just missing dj aliaz laughing in the background. Classic.
Thanks for getting Dana outta here!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
Rage zilla585
Rage zilla585:
No doubt he was out cruisin and shit went bad ..(He forgot the safe word) lol a perfect time for Lee daniels to let this script loose because Empire is sinking slowly and now all eyes on Empire 🤔
Terrell Music
Terrell Music:
HIDDEN AGENDA...... Black history month is here now and this story will be used and dragged out
RT Bell
RT Bell:
1:11:06 "They didn't respect his safe word" 😭🤣😭🤣
Orlando Small
Orlando Small:
YESSSS!! Star, you the man!!
He got Dana the frock OUTTA HERE early!!
Shes almost as annoying as Shea
Jameka Nicole
Jameka Nicole:
I do know about the George Michael stories.
Death Dealer
Death Dealer:
"It's cold out here"-Patrice O'Neal.
Second Take
Second Take:
Star can't expect everybody to have his same energy tho. People gonna be themselves, damn! 😂
Davon Gordon-White
Davon Gordon-White:
Yeah what subway is open at 2:00 am.
Osito Kintsugi
Osito Kintsugi:
*I thought I was the only one who's "Spider Sense" was tingling when I heard he was in Chicago out at 2AM in -10 below zero cold weather!!!! I wasn't there, but as my professor from Indiana used to say, "Something in the warsh, ain't clean!" There are men who have all sorts of kinks, some like to be choked, some like it rough, my thoughts are he picked up some guys who wanted it rough as hell! Yes, David Carradine's sexual asphyxiation fetish, came to mind, you covered the incident in this video! The world is full of all kinds! The truth is somewhere in the wind...*
Andro Libre
Andro Libre:
I want to see Jussie's knuckles.........because they better be swollen and broken....cause if he fought off two lynchers that went through ALL that to give up and leave him in a condition where he could get in his car and drive himself to the hospital and be able to check out a few hours later.
Frankie A
Frankie A:
He was looking for a 12" pipe not a 12" sammich
Boscolegendtm Cleveland
Boscolegendtm Cleveland:
When I first heard this story it sounded sketchy to #metoo I'm glad someone else realizes that too I'm not political or religious but if the Liberals keep this propaganda thing going they're going to make this Pro black man get a Maga hat ..... I think it's a diversion to get people off the real topics like how they stole all that gold from Venezuela
This might have been a B.Y.O.D.R. event.. ( Bring Your Own Dam Rope).... Everytime I go to BURGER KING they give out Woppers with cheese & a side order NOOSE hold the milkshake (PAUSE)
Lord Jezus
Lord Jezus:
Yooooooo Star hanging up on folks is absolute comedy.
A. Morris
A. Morris:
South side of Chicago! Soulja Boy voice!
Nasty Nate
Nasty Nate:
Man this episode got me in tears😭🤣🤣
DMX welcome home
The most important QUESTION of the day IS ... WHAT DID HE GET ON HIS SANDWICH ??????
Tryfe life
Tryfe life:
I don't understand why he didn't come out and told the truth... I got horney went looking for a date and it went bad... Simple 💯
G R A H A M:
You should have had Hassan on as your co-host, Star.
He was trolling for hairy bunghole that morning.
Dorsey Hairston
Dorsey Hairston:
Bro...the Jussie story is sketchy. No video ("dense area of cameras") suspects or witnesses NYT: "he went to an apt after attack, police found him w rope still around neck" "manager took him to hospital" & was "released" CBS Chi: "he took himself to hospital" CNN: he's in "good condition"?
TiffyTiff TV
TiffyTiff TV:
Right.... and he just so happen to receive hate mail and then this happened. What a coincidence.
Diandra Jameson
Diandra Jameson:
It's a hoax.
Jussie needed a $5 footlong
Dennis Marshall
Dennis Marshall:
Lol I knew this story was fake as soon as I read it, star talking bout George Michael I remember that shit, and tevin Campbell , and td Jake's son as well....this was a gay date gone wrong end of story
"I don't think you have your third eye on"!! That's hilarious. Should have hung up on Dana! She don't get it!!
TheDon B
TheDon B:
Star ⭐️ you are hitting the nail on the head ✊🏾
Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation...SMH...
angelique giusino
angelique giusino:
Jussie has serious Trump Derangement Syndrome and goes all out on twitter about Trump.
A.R. Overstreet
A.R. Overstreet:
Respectfully, respectfully... Are you a pillow biter Sir? Im ☠💀☠💀💀
Bitcoin Master
Bitcoin Master:
9:40 "dirty poultry and refried rice." I was telling my wife about fried chicken and bbq ribs are killing black people at a rate higher than gun violence and other illnesses and she didn't believe me.
Jeremy Dresnick
Jeremy Dresnick:
I heard he wore the noose to the hospital and still had it on at his house when they interviewed him 😂😂 come on bro
Perry C
Perry C:
Star:I'm charged up this gonna be a 3 hour podcast

Star: 1:37:58

Avalon Park
Avalon Park:
Subway he went too is 24 hours open. Forget about the rope, what happened to the Subway sandwich???? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤕🤕🤕🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Omg these callers are boring me to sleep
Kharlah Batyah
Kharlah Batyah:
Waymint. . .do they have Grub hub or Uber Eats in Chicago?
This nye star is soo knowledgeable about what happen to the guy, low key he a booty snatcher ol head aaa 😂
lisa thomas
lisa thomas:
Sexual Asphyxiation with the rope?🤔
Grace McKinley
Grace McKinley:
Saw that Movie with Pacino. White guys carrying bleach and ropes at 2am in the morning? Yeah sure😏
Rakheem Allah
Rakheem Allah:
LMFAO AYO why terrycrews want to SMACK dl hugley and not the little white duud who VIOLATED him
Ramón Baeza
Ramón Baeza:
This episode had me dying lmao 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jonny Jeremiah
Jonny Jeremiah:
Yes. Cruising or buying drugs.
Sho Zoe
Sho Zoe:
I swear Star needs a tv show! #GotDamn 🤣🤣🤣
Tuff Enuff
Tuff Enuff:
Who wears a mask with a hat?