WAIT. I paid $300 for THIS Kingdom Hearts 3 Collector’s Edition?!

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E New
E New:
Those figures retail at about 70 dollars each so that adds up pretty quick
5:37 "I'm just trying to see, where is the value here?" it all disappeared when you ripped those limited edition figures out of the box lol. They're pre-order only so they're collectable.
Ludwig The Accursed
Ludwig The Accursed:
*keemdum hearts*
Zoom R
Zoom R:
Cardboard box is worth 200$ its limited edition, classic brown cardboard color
Man Lamar, you forgot to factor in the stickers. They must be worth a hundred bucks.
Lamar the only Guy that forgets a 300 dollar box lol
DJ Pika
DJ Pika:
Looked up KH3 to see some gameplay and watched this first. You're funny af bro. I'm subbing and definitely watching your content.
MagneForce Gaming
MagneForce Gaming:
"Keema Hearts"
When you got so much money you forget you pre ordered a kingdom hearts collection for 300
JayBee Gaming
JayBee Gaming:
You are being legit. No way was that worth the price.
Golden Kaleo
Golden Kaleo:
7:00 i LOVE how the music cut out and came back in at the right time 🤙🏾
King Kazan
King Kazan:
7:18 that's a stand
Dude you should’ve left them in the box 😂 “Collectors Edition”
I actually greatly appreciate that you were honest! I completely agree with you! No way that is worth 300!!! Helps me with my purchase decision. Thank you!
bob satt
bob satt:
looooool his face when he said '250 DOLLARS'
Kevin Paramo
Kevin Paramo:
*is new to Kingdom Hearts
*buys $300 Kingdom Hearts 3 collectors edition 🙄
Minghua Wang
Minghua Wang:
figure gets expensive when you have all the moving parts and extra parts
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones:
He said kingdom OF hearts, get the hEck out of here!! its Kingdom Hearts!!!
Stuart Holloway
Stuart Holloway:
Maybe the stickers are made of gold.
Keith Garcia
Keith Garcia:
"Message from director... I ain't got time to read that" LMFAOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂
Nani Sore
Nani Sore:
"I'm not buying It, .... I bought it"
Michael Taing
Michael Taing:
You're not overeacting. That's expensive man
Laxis 710
Laxis 710:
"the dlc" lmao
Dylan Prince
Dylan Prince:
Hey Lamarr, they actually dropped the price to $229.99 (via their website). I'd double check to make sure that you weren't over charged and if you were hopefully they'd refund the difference. Either way, the figures aren't worth that much more, but at least it won't sting quite as bad. Hope this helps.
Lmaooo I had this exact reaction when I read what they were putting in the bundle worth $300...oh and Plus an In Game Key Blade which is just another form on the Original Key Blade lmaooooooo The game with the Steel Case and Pin is $80..and the rest is the shitty action figures and sticker book LOLOL
I feel ya Lamarr. I almost ordered this but felt like this was more of a $150 max. And I love Figures like this.
Krystallize is Back
Krystallize is Back:
I just remembered when I bought the Overwatch collectors edition for PS4 for 60 bucks and got a 30cm Soldier figure+artbook...wtf square enix
Anthony Parisi
Anthony Parisi:
"PDP, Yeah you know me... No will get this reference" Well, I got that reference!!! OPP - Naughty By Nature.....
Totally not worth 300 bucks imo
Eric Ratcliffe
Eric Ratcliffe:
You know someone doesn’t collect high end or imported action figures when they don’t recognize a figure stand. Great video other than that man!
King Solitude
King Solitude:
Nah but still my guy, $300 😂 . I woulda bought the razer nari headset and I’d be fine lol. But still I love kingdom hearts so nice vid bro!
Full Time NEET
Full Time NEET:
0:56 the way he rip the box, he rip my heart as well
Dru Owen
Dru Owen:
I swear to you on everything, I subbed just for the Naughty by Nature reference. Respect for even having the courage to use a reference that old on the internet in 2019. Lol Great video brother.
Vita Vegeta
Vita Vegeta:
I feel like he's saying kingmom hearts 3
Jon Gattuso
Jon Gattuso:
0:32 I know the reference. You down with OPP yeah you know me
Isaiah Cox
Isaiah Cox:
The first kingdom hearts came out when I was 10 years old and was transformative for me. I've loved every outing since. I consider myself a huge fan. So let me be the first to tell you that's a bogus collector's edition.those of you in the comments section justifying it are the reason why developers take advantage of consumers.
KH is one of my fave series, even have a KH tattoo. Really thought about buying the 300ver. In the end I got the 80.00 steel case ver and called it a day. After watching your vid I am glad I held back.
Venom x9411
Venom x9411:
I'm still waiting for my package
I love Kingdom Hearts with all my heart, but boyy. I ain't giving 220$ for those three figures.
Saria Alexandria
Saria Alexandria:
I love your energy! ❤️although I'm PlayStation all the way 😂😜 I've been playing KH since middle school 😜
This is exactly why i just got the special edition XD
Also bought the collectors edition and it was quite disappointing and this my first time order from Square. At least I got it a day early before the release.
I love kingdom hearts but when I saw the price differences in the editions. I decided to go with the deluxe. The collectors edition just seemed to be a rip off to me.
How the hell did you pay $300? When I pre-order that same edition from enix store I only payed $250 plus overnight delivery for a extra $10?
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog:
Kingdom hearts always been my childhood memories I played it on the ps2
Naughty by nature!!!!
I'm just now watching him and that intro tho is somehow lit to me
Rayne Shippe
Rayne Shippe:
I mean it's square enix lol, that's is enough in and of it's self for them charging all that amount.
Ito Natsuki
Ito Natsuki:
Those figures cost 215 dollar and with good articulation and details
For me, yeah. worth it
I love kingdom hearts and action figures
Christopher Serrano
Christopher Serrano:
That slow zoom in had me on the floor dead lmao
Sora III
Sora III:
The whole reason I didnt get the deluxe edition was because I wanted the regular case over the steel book. Im officially feeling the salt.
Noah W
Noah W:
Y’all put money in this mans pockets??! 😂 there’s no hope
Emily Jurac
Emily Jurac:
I saw kingdom hearts 3 and clicked so fast man
Chris A.
Chris A.:
Naughty by Nature, some of yall too young to know lol
The hearts are just stands for the characters.
Key Harville
Key Harville:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣......nah....ur reaction to this price made this even funnier....but...they got u 🤦🏾‍♀️
Two Soxs
Two Soxs:
I know that reference, back in the day classic!
Death PaleRidr
Death PaleRidr:
I saw the quality on those figures and thought Hell No!! So glad I bought my Collector's edition of Darksiders 3 those Figures were worth every cent!!
Jose G
Jose G:
The BO3 collections edition was $200 and it included a fridge. They slapping heads here charging $200 for plastic
Daniel Carlin
Daniel Carlin:
For $300 it should have came with "The Story So Far" game too. And that's coming from a KH fanatic
Trust me, those are HIGH in figures they are
Square new line bringing high possibility and detail.
John Downcast
John Downcast:
I feel with you, that's why i always only buy the game, deluxe as most :P
Cameron Oates
Cameron Oates:
You make me laugh cause you just ripped that box in half! For the controller 🤣🤣
Noelle Ewok
Noelle Ewok:
Congratulations when you opened the toy figurines box it just lost like 80% of its value right there. NEVER OPEN THE PACKAGING OF COLLECTIBLES ALWAYS KEEP IT IN THE BOX!!!!
Christop-Sebastian Rosin
Christop-Sebastian Rosin:
Omg!!! The arent even Artworks in the Artbook of the Deluxe Edition! 😂😂😂
Poochucker 007
Poochucker 007:
Who drops $300 on something and don’t know what there getting?
Ik knows that reference. Haha. I listened to that song this morning
Scott Montoya
Scott Montoya:
First time viwer here, right off the back I just wanted to say I LOVE the little theme song into its so catchy 😊
Justin Fife
Justin Fife:
So glad I saw this video, I was totally planning to buy this bundle, but I'll just stick with the Deluxe edition!
Darvy Garcia
Darvy Garcia:
Buy Deluxe version and then buy Kingdom Hearts 3 8.8" Sora figure from play arts Kai. Still comes out to be around the same price, but with better figure imo.
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie:
I almost bought this so glad I didn’t! But I did get the game and I been playing 2 days straight so far lol.
Lol SMD:
When I ordered my deluxe edition they gave me a fabric poster , I wonder why you didn’t get one 🤔 the poster you are supposed to get was of Donald , goofy , and sora and then woody above them, if there’s a way to show u the poster lmk ! I’m pretty sure you were supposed to get one 🤔

(Datchie Pose) 😎
Lol at all the fanboys in the comments trying to defend the price of these happy meal toys.
Reece Donlan
Reece Donlan:
I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes. I keep hearing Kingdon OF hearts and its triggering me too much.
monkey King
monkey King:
Hello dashie 2 😂😂😂😂
He reminds me of him well duh they work together on videos 🖤💖💖💖 silly me
Hoang Luxius
Hoang Luxius:
those figures can cost 50$ each, and they're limited edition, so believe me, some fans will pay even more for them in the future
Steampunk Otaku
Steampunk Otaku:
The collector's edition is $230 but you probably got 1 day shipping which made it substantially more expensive. Also just one of those figures is valued at $60, so all in all they're valued at $180 all together. So combined together the collector's edition and the figure set is valued $260. I mean if Lamar wasn't feeling it then thats fine too, just felt like clarifying.
Shout out to the mini Dashie in the corner <3
It's legit, I don't get why it's so expensive. I've been into kingdom hearts since I was a kid and I still wouldn't pay 300 for those toys lol their other stuff looked a lot better. If you ever want their figures, go with play arts kai
the official Pikachu
the official Pikachu:
This video is simple and clean
U being legit 😂
Not the first time Square Enix has price gouged with their collector editions. For the quality of the figures, you definitely got bent over.
Wow first time watching and really enjoyed the honest reaction and honest review.... all I needed was the deluxe edition of the game and didn’t like the toy story figures and and figured it wasn’t worth the other 200 and so $,,,, unless it was an awesome sora and Riku and sexy kairi maybe? But they would have to be really rare and amazing to even have me consider buying that lol
Leo Ll
Leo Ll:
Those translucent hearts and arms are the bases for staging up the figurines! 😂 but yeah still that was overpriced
Brian DuBose
Brian DuBose:
You got “GOT “
Who else is playing Kingdom Hearts 3 while watching this?🤣
Hassan Sayani
Hassan Sayani:
I love this game 🙀😱 thank you!
gamerz legend
gamerz legend:
You look like my class math teacher he reacted like you when we cannot understand anything
Austin Broyles
Austin Broyles:
Im here for kingdom hearts. I subscribed for the energy.
Volcom Stone
Volcom Stone:
Lamar I love Kingdom Hearts and I brought the Deluxe Edition. I just said the same thing. What is this I don't want the Average looking Steelbook or the baby size art book. That Xbox game case is Fire🔥 though and the Pin is cool. 😂 Please do not get the Deluxe edition or above, I really believe you will be better off with the Standard edition, unless the game comes with some cool Deluxe in game Fun.
Raccoon Network
Raccoon Network:
I can't even spend $300 on myself, good video though
Candy Arrow
Candy Arrow:
I love that he didnt know what the figure stand was
Haha dude you’re hilarious this was great. Subscribed!
Grant Lionheart
Grant Lionheart:
Meh I can see it, each one of those types of figures would normally be bought separately at the $30-$50 dollar range so:
$80 game
$50 Sora
$40 Goofy
$30 Donald
$20 Books, Cases, pin.
I mean, I'm not saying it's worth it unless you really like those designs but it definitely isn't just a gouge.
I know that reference! I swear its from a song that I really like!
S Lo
S Lo:
They could’ve done so much more with the collectors addition, clearly.
Tyrone Gaskins
Tyrone Gaskins:
you playing it on Xbox all respect lost jk enjoy man this game was my childhood been playin since the first game
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper:
Lamarr it's "You down with O.P.P? Yeah you know me!"