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Amy O
Amy O:
I laughed at the "new season coming soon" yeaaah ok. See ya in 9 months....
Adam mo
Adam mo:
Hopefully we don’t see another brother vs brother battle getting bored of that, I do want to see Ivar vs Alfred.
Kaos One
Kaos One:
Writer should change the shows name to "capturing Kattegat."
Seb Becerril
Seb Becerril:
Oh shitt it looks like Hvitserk might be getting his real life historical death of being burnt alive, you can see fire behind him in the background and his eyes are super bloodshot
Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence:
Ivar isn’t going to take Kattegat back.
His destiny is elsewhere.

P.S. Really happy Gunnhild is alive. Thought she was a goner.
By coming soon they mean 10 months...
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
Holy crap that first shot shows a giant beach battle
Jacob Cavanagh
Jacob Cavanagh:
At 0:07 it shows freydis..
El Brocoli
El Brocoli:
RIP Hvitserk
Emilie Jenkins
Emilie Jenkins:
Ivar ♥️♥️♥️gosh alex is amazing
black_ heart
black_ heart:
that's Hivtserk with Ivar 0:00
at 0:07 ubbe looks at that dude from iceland
when does season 6 comes out he says comming soon does it mean next week
Joey Rozic
Joey Rozic:
What about Floki!?
H.S. 4444-Z
H.S. 4444-Z:
Paulo Victor Martins de Oliveira
Paulo Victor Martins de Oliveira:
So expectativa e nada kk é assim q esta a serie p mim, mesmo trailer da 5 temporada
Timo Bas
Timo Bas:
Is Torvi standing in front of the grave of Ubbe?...
Glad I've seen this. I'm done with Vikings
David Badihi
David Badihi:
0:06 Freydis???
Frank Castle
Frank Castle:
Freydis! 0:06 but it's probably her sister or something
0:05 mongols in 10 century?
00:01 Is it a D-day or something?
Grizz Dixon
Grizz Dixon:
You mean coming next November. 😤😭
Antonio Vidović
Antonio Vidović:
Who died for all of us?? Who?! Tell me damn you!!
King Ivar
King Ivar:
Coimg soon 2020
Ⰲⰾⰰⰴⰻⱄⰾⰰⰲ Ⱎⱍⱆⱃⰻⱋ I.
Ⰲⰾⰰⰴⰻⱄⰾⰰⰲ Ⱎⱍⱆⱃⰻⱋ I.:
0:06 Did they use the same actress who played Freydis ??
Coming SOON!:))
Sayat Mano
Sayat Mano:
Ivar said "our brothers" And set near someone look like ubbe😳😳😳😳😳
Wolf Lord Gio
Wolf Lord Gio:
Mihailov Mika
Mihailov Mika:
soooooo cool!!!! We will see Ukraine!!!
Arvin Tipgos
Arvin Tipgos:
0:06 thats the actress who is playing freydis right? so new character or hallucination?
Jorge Henrique
Jorge Henrique:
0:05 Hvitserk?
Serop Stephanian
Serop Stephanian:
Will they fight the same battle again over kattegatt??
Season 5A: Brother vs brothers in a battle of Kattegat where only the minor side characters die.
Season 5B: Brother vs brothers in a battle of Kattegat where only the minor side characters die.

Thank you Hirst. What a complete waste of a season.
Evie Samora
Evie Samora:
I dont understand, theres gonna be a 6 season? 🤔
Peter man
Peter man:
0:05 are those mongols invading russia? And why is lagertha still alive?
Jorge Izar
Jorge Izar:
Ivar goes to Ireland. Remember that the 2 Black Dane kings settled in East Anglia. Ivar will fill the vacuum left there
Pamela Harris-Murphy
Pamela Harris-Murphy:
What happened to lagerthas scar on her face
Prashant Niroula
Prashant Niroula:
how come freydis alive?
Ivar Carmona
Ivar Carmona:
Shit s6 will gonna be lit
Irena Terra
Irena Terra:
Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky will play the Novgorod Prince of Prophetic Oleg (Kievan Rus) The character will be one of the key figures in the new Viking season........Earlier he played a major role in the Russian movie "Viking".
smen sir
smen sir:
I think this is fake. because of this time 0:05 its scene from vikings Russian film.
Fahman Che Hassan
Fahman Che Hassan:
ivar will destroy everything
WTF Fredyys?
Darrick Helgoth
Darrick Helgoth:
What happened to king Harold. Is he alive?
Alexis Togni
Alexis Togni:
Torvi is pregnant?
Lucky Luciano_S
Lucky Luciano_S:
If Michael hirst had followed the real history, this show would be fantastic. especially S5 & S6 now it's became ridiculous starting with the war between the brothers was a waste of time, also Lagertha everyone getting older even her son except her this so ridiculous.we still don't know what's the point of Floki story! also Rollo his story could have been much better they killed his character...
May as well call it Vikings season: cringe
Jerome Valeska
Jerome Valeska:
Uhh Ubba's face look sick
Vinícius Martins
Vinícius Martins:
Kaoutar Islis
Kaoutar Islis:
Where’s Ubbe? 🙄
"He died for all of us"

Lagertha become Christian. While she was in Wessex and after death of bishop, she change herself. Now she is completly diffrent person. I think she will try to convert people of Kattegat into Christianity. Wait and see.
Angel ofIron
Angel ofIron:
Ok so the beach battle looks like D-day lol also why do Ivars men look like they are wearing Byzantine armor?
Julnar Wa. Yass
Julnar Wa. Yass:
Oooooh 😍😍
Glad King Harold Finehair is still alive. He needs to become King of all Norway. Probably Bjorn will see him fit and leave the throne to him while he will go back exploring. Since King Harold has saved Bjorns live twice and he fought so many battles to get closer to his goal.
Matan Barhoom
Matan Barhoom:
Who is this guy with ivar in 0:00
David Kennedy
David Kennedy:
Ubbe needs to kill lagertna and join up with ivar and take torvi and the kids with him
Armin Akuma
Armin Akuma:
Dammit hvitserk Will get killed by burning like in real life...
King Ragnar Lothbrok
King Ragnar Lothbrok:
Hvitserk 0:5
Devon Soccer
Devon Soccer:
When is season 6 coming out?
Secret Login
Secret Login:
black_ heart
black_ heart:
from the leaked pics of this battle on the beach it's between Alfred army and the Alfred going to attack Bjorn ? as we know Ivar will be there too but does that mean He will stand with Bjorn or what ?
Angel ofIron
Angel ofIron:
Mongolian warriors XD
Gui Santana
Gui Santana:
Я Класний!
Я Класний!:
Супер сериал.
Marc Micciola
Marc Micciola:
If you pause on the scene with Ubbe, it's quite apparent the blurred image of the man he is looking at is Flatnose from Floki's settlement.

Also, those horsemen are wearing what appears to be Hun/Byzantine armor. I'm super excited to see where season 6 goes.
Hvisterk is death
Deniz Kenger
Deniz Kenger:
Ivar says " we must attack all OUR brothers". Not my brothers. This means one of his brothers may be on his side. Maybe Magnus is not dead and somehow ends up on Ivar's side.
Andres Villalva
Andres Villalva:
It seems that the sumerians will have an important rol this new season
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
Anyone have spoiler information for season six? I’m very hyped for it, obviously. It looks like the show is expanding in a good way. And does anyone know why there is a brown haired version of Freydis in this trailer?
Biswajit Roy
Biswajit Roy:
Mongol 0:05
Matthew Tang
Matthew Tang:
Seems we are seeing the Rus (Russian) Vikings next season!!! xD
IsugMasuko C2O
IsugMasuko C2O:
The Best of King Ivar the Great is keep on shining on season 6 there will be no careless anymore. Hail King Ivar!!!!
sa11 nn
sa11 nn:
Veronica Ann
Veronica Ann:
Wow Ivar is gunna go to Russia and see Freydis' doppelgänger
kit design
kit design:
Ivar to go to Ukraine which is Kiev Rus?
Rudolph Antler
Rudolph Antler:
FINALLY we get the Russ!! But we also need to see America and Hungarians! Maybe some minor involvement of some friendly French again!
Note, Britain is boring without vikings involved! But the new king is VERY likable!