Utility Company Responds To Bigfoot Sasquatch Power Outage Attack

Trust me. Having an 8 feet tall, 800 pound primate throw trees at your house and knock your power out in the dead of winter is not fun stuff. Our hats are off to the valiant workers of the Central Virginia Electric Coop who came out in subfreezing temperatures and cleaned up the wreckage Bigfoot Sasquatch caused us by way of their latest attack.

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Donna Stokes
Donna Stokes:
Omg your a riot...
Karen Kay
Karen Kay:
The stuff that rolls off your tongue so eloquently just cracks me up! Thank you!
Steve Menke
Steve Menke:
"Collection Of Curiosities" would be an excellent title for your next book!!!! Debby M❤️
Linda Lee
Linda Lee:
Cold temps, high winds, top heavy pine could have caused this too....just saying👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👣
They are NOT your friend they are dangerous! Poor Roger 😢 glad elec company trying to get your power on its to cold this week not to have power thank goodness you have a wood burning stove Iam in South Carolina and my water coming in is soooo cold today don’t have to let it run at all
Rob Burns
Rob Burns:
Haha. You my friend, better call on the name of the Most High. Time is short.
Andrea Lyn in Arkansas
Andrea Lyn in Arkansas:
Glad you got your power back...too cold to be without power!
Ken Holland
Ken Holland:
I think you need to get off that mountain and get some real air because that you're breathing is apparently way to thin 😂😂
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis:
God Bless You, Dearly and Daniel!!! Your Power Back!!!
Paula Bisson
Paula Bisson:
Gm Kevin glad ur getting power back☺️👍
Danielle Deems
Danielle Deems:
It was cold here last night....glad your power is back!!!
Alter Numba1
Alter Numba1:
Get back on your meds dude
Janet King
Janet King:
I love the way you say "Bigfoot/Sasquatch" 🤣🤣🤣❤️
Dirt Diggler Metal Detecting
Dirt Diggler Metal Detecting:
I love the troll voices. I'm crying laughing. Bigfoot Rockingham.
C Bowles
C Bowles:
I'm happy your family is safe !! and grateful for the electric company getting you back power . Temperatures these days aren't looking pretty in many areas, and your family could've been hurt so I'm glad you and dearly and Daniel went into town ,had you been home or walking under a tree that heavy could've done detrimental damage to the point life threatening. Maybe we can find hope in seeing the good side of this that there was a reason you all weren't home sparring you from something or someone from something horrific. You are all so loved and precious to us all you just stay safe. Blessing you and your family❤🙏❤
Jennsy K
Jennsy K:
Stop trying to send them through a portal, they don't want to go through, AND that portal could have brought something through that we and Bigfoot don't want. Portals can go both ways. Another thing to consider is what if something came through the portal and knocked your tree down and Bigfoot had nothing to do with it.
cheryl smith
cheryl smith:
Awesome Kevin. Always keep positive. Stay positive. You reap wa hat you sow. Have a great day and keep on.squatchin!!!!💝
raindrops Fukushima flavored
raindrops Fukushima flavored:
Kevin if they wanted that tree to hit your house, it would be on your house!! It was close, just a warning, for what? I don't know, but it's a strong warning.. Maybe to believe in them.... and to take those power lines down. Stay safe.. Much love ❤
Phil S
Phil S:
Hello Kevin this is my first comment on your channel. I just wanted to say I was thinking about what happened and thought maybe just a maybe could your Sasquatch have known that the tree might have not been in perfect condition and pushed it away from your house. It might not have been a negative intention behind its actions. On another channel I watch the guy was in his cabin he had just built and stones small rocks were being thrown at the cabin. Does this happen to you?
Jag Girl
Jag Girl:
I'm totally Li's without that red circle... :)
Tammy Kriskie
Tammy Kriskie:
In my opinion I think something BIG snapped your tree that broke your power lines.
I doubt very much it was the weather.
Just please be safe and keep Daniel close to the house if he's outside playing.
Big foot ... Sasquatch ... Means business ...
Til next time ...
sue Rea
sue Rea:
From all the videos I’ve seen, if it or they wanted that tree to hit your house it would of. They appear to be very good at hitting there target or getting it very close to there target.
Ivy Ramirez
Ivy Ramirez:
& stuff 😆
Sue Warnes
Sue Warnes:
Sorry Kevin too dark to get your six. 🤨
Lorie Goldsmith
Lorie Goldsmith:
Stay safe and warm.
Sally Spencer
Sally Spencer:
Maybe he knocked the tree down so u could build a bigger structure.....anyway just a thought...
R Blts
R Blts:
Maybe they felt sorry for you for having too chop wood and carry it to the. House, and they wanted to help by putting it closer for you
MeanMama Meanest
MeanMama Meanest:
Kat Hill
Kat Hill:
Kevin ... Bigfoot is an "earth plane" creature ... it (probably more like *they* ) did not come through a portal.
Use your common sense.

Think about this ... you tried to lead it to another place away from your home. So turn about is fair play ... now you get to experience the same mindset ... "NO *YOU* find a new home *I WAS HERE FIRST* "
Is this fun yet? Do you actually think you are going to win a game of "no this is/was my land first" with a group of very intelligent hairy hulks? Co-existence might be a better alternative.

A worse reality ... have you paid attention to what is going on here with your subscribers?
If not do for a bit.
The door has been opened to fear, disbelief, anger etc. ... then check your own reaction to all of this.

Do understand collective *emotional* mindset (is a powerful thing) that causes a negative ripple in our real world (in this case yours).
At the same time that negative ripple is happening all over your whole property. Inviting every shooter onto your property would do the same thing.
Do you get the point?

I have in the past mentioned the *fools* who jack around *with portals* . They mistakenly think there is a portal or portals that open to other dimensions.
*NOT SO!* The multiple dimensions have another purpose entirely.

What opens for these fools is a break in our "protective white light mantle" exposing them and those connected to them with *the evil* that lives in the shadows right here on our own plane.

So now what my friend?
Christina S
Christina S:
"And stuff", LoL 😄. That was a great impression 😁. Stay warm up there!
Kevin, do you know what an extinction burst is? In behavior studies, when you're trying to get a subject (animal or human) to stop using a particular behavior, just before they stop doing it, they'll do it a lot, like one last chance to see if it'll work. Maybe that's what's going on? In an effort to scare you off, or maybe just to stop you from investigating them, maybe they're doing one last BIG thing to see if you'll stop.
I don't know anything about cryptids. Even less than the people who claim to know a lot about them. But if this is something that white mice, dogs and humans all do, maybe it's something that cryptids do, too, and if you just keep doing what you're doing, living there, being happy, doing your thing, they'll stop all this and go back to (hopefully) where they're from or (probably) just ignoring you, not hanging around or causing mayhem.
In military terms? Be vigilant, but don't let this interfere with your prime mission, homesteading. I'm sorry Roger and one of the girls were casualties of this series of events, and I hope Cleopatra is staying close to home during this period, but don't let it sway you from your original objective. (The down side of being both military oriented and a science fiction fan: I believe that invasive species, whether they come from someone letting pet snakes loose in Florida or through a portal from another dimension are a bad thing for the environment and/or native species. That goes for sentient ones, as well as non-sentient. But I know there are also driving motives for that to happen, whether it's loss of habitat or resources, or just curiosity for what's beyond the next horizon. That doesn't mean the native ones shouldn't fight back, though. Don't let yourselves be displaced, but don't start an all out war, either. Just let them know you'll live with them in peace, but they don't get to run the show, YOU are the native species and get to make the rules for the invaders, whether they be few or many. (Now, of course, all this sort of goes down the tubes if THEY are the native species and you're the invader … but that particular patch of ground has been used by humans for a bunch of generations, apparently without major conflict, so there MUST be some way to come to an agreement you both can live with. I think it's possible that you may have been going the right direction, and you just got a sasquatch/bigfoot cranky-immature-troll who doesn't get that s/he/they can't always get their own way about stuff.
Hang in there.
Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening
Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening:
Hello, glad to see that the power company responded quickly, it is to cold to be without power but that is what being off the grid is all about. The channel Doug and Stacy really show us how to be off grid and to make it also. But people need to realize that not everyone can go without power, even though we should practice at least once a week doing things the old ways (without Power) and see we can manage it. Thank you for sharing, yall stay safe and warm and have a great day. ( also i bet those power guys have stories to tell )
Julie Nielsen
Julie Nielsen:
I hate not having my electricity working.
mary jemison
mary jemison:
My prayers🙏♥️🙏🕊💫
Stephen Cartisano
Stephen Cartisano:
If you like living in the 1850s then go right ahead and live off the grid when it’s not necessary. Everyone should prepare to be knocked off the grid, either by an EMP or a solar event, however until that time plan and prepare and do not trust any Sasquatch in your area. They are not “Gentle forest giants” as some foolishly claim. They are wild animals plus something I haven’t been able to yet identify, but its not good.
Dude Bigfoot/Sashsquatch B real!!!!
They play jokes! Lol
Holly Hogan
Holly Hogan:
Lol and stuff. Love your channel 💜💜💜💜.
DJ Govan
DJ Govan:
Hi Kevin I am glad you are getting power back stay safe and warm. Lights back on will help soothe the nerves a bit. I think that Bigfoot Sasquatch isn't making any subtle gestures now hitting hot and heavy. They are expert at felling trees where they want them to go so I am sure it didn't land on the house for a good reason..but it's a pretty big I am here and not going anywhere statement; be respectful ; full blown dominant male type behaviour. Please take care . I am sure that you are all more than a little spooked.
Have your neighbours checked in with you ...they must have heard that tree fall? I wonder what they are experiencing that they can't explain.
I hope you stay safe and warm take lots of photographs as I am sure you will but be vigilant and cautious especially as you are probably still in a state of shock it's hard to think straight then.
I hope you don't lose anymore chickens. Daniel is such a expert at making eggs for breakfast he needs those eggs. I am glad the power company is responding so promptly but I hope it isn't costly for you.
I hope you find some way to coexist maybe a tribal elders advice on how first nation people have coexisted with them would help. I am really not sure which first nation people are resident in your area but there must be some way of respectfully requesting their help with this kind of information about the hairy ones and spiritual matters associated with them. What worries me and no doubt you... is what next? I am white lighting you and your beautiful family and calling on mother nature's spirits to protect you. I hope you manage to get some rest if not sleep tonight. Big hugs to you all DX.
Maybe they knocked out the power to keep you from having another electrical fire
Billy Fields
Billy Fields:
Tell more about how you created the trap or prior experience with using it
Linda Trevino
Linda Trevino:
Glad to see yall are getting your power back. You and Bigfoot sasquach have to come to a compromise. Dont give up. Tell dearly hello for me
L Sutalski
L Sutalski:
Try to Stay safe.
Patrick Noble
Patrick Noble:
Maybe he or she didn’t want to to have to carry your firewood so far
Sherry Armstrong
Sherry Armstrong:
I was just thinking about the tree. If it had just been the wind, the root ball would have been tipped up. Maybe the alpha is upset that you're trying to make contact? You may have other cryptids in your area. BTW, is your salt lick still there?
Very Interesting
Very Interesting:
Hey Kevin
"...And stuff"-once again your facial expressions are so fun to watch. Kevin I really am glad you weren't working outside when that tree came down (regardless of how it happened!) Please tell Daniel and Dearly we miss them and are glad everyone is safe. Stay by your wood stove and keep warm. Luv you guys.
Jay E Jeffries
Jay E Jeffries:
The tree is rotten on the inside and BF stopped it from hitting your house.
Bigfoot Sasquatch doesn't like Phoebe Cates. Maybe you can appease him by saying "Dr. Zira" instead.
Maybe you had good bigfoot but bad ones showed up when you built the ultimate contraption that tore the tree down
Linda Menke
Linda Menke:
Careful. There’s a Bigfoot/Sasquatch SUV parked just over your shoulder. I didn’t even need a red circle to see it. They are very dangerous in 4-wheel drive!
Dev Levine
Dev Levine:
It must be a vegetarian since it hasn't killed your chickens. So Youre safe.
Fiesty Taco
Fiesty Taco:
Be careful i t may of been the The Daddy of the family and is warning you. You possibly of been to close to a baby? Seemed he's warning you maybe.
Dora Melton
Dora Melton:
Hi, PLEASE PLEASE don't hurt them. They were here before we were.
Amy Kelly
Amy Kelly:
I think they gathered all the grown ones to take that tree down. Maybe it’s the WiFi —- or a warning cuz you are addressing them — or both