Ups & Downs From WWE Survivor Series 2018

Simon Miller reviews WWE Survivor Series 2018 and talks about Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte, Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar and the Raw Vs SmackDown Elimination matches. For more awesome content, check out: Catch us on Facebook at: Follow us on Twitter at: Subscribe to us on Twitch at and Instagram at: Instagram:

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Mishkat Rahman
Mishkat Rahman:
Vince’s treatment of Japanese wrestlers makes me wonder if he lost family members in Pearl Harbour
Killer 007
Killer 007:
They didn't even give smackdown live a chance
Medhat Magdy
Medhat Magdy:
War games killed survivor series
Josh Young
Josh Young:
How do you just bury a whole show Vince?
Daniel Gleeson
Daniel Gleeson:
Truth's line about getting a signed Marine 6 DVD from Becky Lynch was great. Truth is a national treasure.
Fletch Davidson
Fletch Davidson:
Seems like Lesnar will sell for you if he respects you.
Ronda coped a beating and the welts on her body. She sold Charlotte's heal turn in the most brutal way. She should get a thumbs up for that.
lamont pettiway
lamont pettiway:
Raw won every match....down
Becky being so awesome almost made me forget how WWE keeps burying Asuka.
Charlotte put up a god tier performance. She deserved the golden up.
Hi shark
Hi shark:
No viper rko out of nowhere👎
No rusev day👎
No aj styles phenomenal wrestling👎
No Dean ambrose👎
Raw superstars always win(RAW) 👎👎
Shane stealing a spot at smackdown team again third time 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Mindaugas Bertys
Mindaugas Bertys:
Simon watches wrestling so I don't have to. Thanks Simon!
Donnie P
Donnie P:
The only conclusion from Survivor series is that NXT is by far the superior brand !!
Since Smackdown is beating them in ratings weekly, Raw had to embarrassed them on Survivor Series
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me:
Heel Charlotte flair is good for business
Ups and downs is the only series surviving on this channel, just saying
"When was the last time we saw video packages?"
...and you see where Sanity is now.
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra:
Even paul heyman looks terrified after every german suplex
Kai BuscusHD
Kai BuscusHD:
I was pissed when Samoa Joe and Finn Balor were the first people ELIMINATED!! I TURNED OFF THAT MATCH! 😡🤬
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard:
Dean Ambrose can't be that mad since Seth has fought 2 ppvs without bother
Derrick Samuels
Derrick Samuels:
I'm sorry Vince McMahon is a pioneer in the wrestling industry but his silly comedy and bad booking kills his ppvs. Look at NXT Takeover this Saturday, just epic! Please retire Vinnie Mac asap!
"Lol hey Fox check out what happened to the show you spent all that money on." -Vince, while swimming in a pool of cash
Zack krohn
Zack krohn:
Can’t wait for Kevin Owens and Sammy Zayn to come back
Jono Storer
Jono Storer:
Samoa Joe getting jobbed out in seconds is worth 10 downs
Bishan Poudel
Bishan Poudel:
Best Match of the night Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali 😍😍😍
Sar Star
Sar Star:
The matches were great, some outcomes weren't.
I feel bad for Simon, he has to watch a terrible event to give us Ups and Downs. Simon is a blessing!
God Of Jobbers
God Of Jobbers:
Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, leave WWE please
Enzo Amore was at Survivor Series. The crowd boo'd when they ejected him from the event.
Supratik Maitra
Supratik Maitra:
Quick note here:

1. Most of the recent NXT stars - buried, except Drew & Nia (cause Vince likes big sweaty men!!!!).
2. Asuka & Nakamura - buried.
3. 2nd year in a row - Braun almost single handedly takes out SD live team - other RAW stars almost buried.
4. Ronda - still feels like an overhyped rookie. She’s only got barely 4 moves. Feels like the Super Cena of 2009-10. I was so glad she was boo-ed outta building.
5. Match of the night - 205 LIVE.
Lio Rush was thrown into Baron Corbin not Bobby Lashley
DB Vs Lesnar should have ended after the low Blow and the running knee. If he would have won at that exact moment it elevates DB because although he had to cheat to win he still beat the Beast. It does not hurt Lesnar because he DOMINATED Bryan the whole match. Like he destroyed
Him and then got caught with a low blow and a knee so he’s still a monster he just was unlucky. I would have much rather seen DB win this way bc it
Would have also set up A REMATCH!!!!
Jashmail Mathis
Jashmail Mathis:
And this is why the concept of Survivor Series is dead. Not even a "big 4" ppv anymore
Belfast lad
Belfast lad:
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson:
Brock is making it really hard for me to hate him
Noor Fatima Is Stupid
Noor Fatima Is Stupid:
Giving RAW a clean sweep : DOWN
Flair heel turn: UP
Ps : Love the new intro
Indigo Uchiha
Indigo Uchiha:
The Cruiserweights of 205Live are overlooked every week, that match was awesome !!
Indigo Uchiha
Indigo Uchiha:
Charlotte vs Ronda was fantastic !! Loved Charlotte's heel turn ! If Becky doesn't eliminate Nia to win the Royal Rumble, they're doing it wrong.
CrashNebula On Ice
CrashNebula On Ice:
Damn, that is exactly what I was thinking: Becky vs. Ronda vs. Charlotte at mania...and I don't want that. Just Becky and Ronda would be perfect
Do they want us to watch the preshow or not? They acted like the tag team match never happened at all, but then during the preshow they completely swapped around the women's team, and never mentioned why in the actual show. I was so confused by not watching the preshow.
Sure, but let's not forget... BigShow has an IronClad contract! He can't be fired😳
Kai BuscusHD
Kai BuscusHD:
That’s WWE’s problem they keep trying to focus on one thing.
Emily xx
Emily xx:
Well yeah if you see Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali in a match, you know it's going to be amazing
Idk how Michael Cole still has a job after all these years of bad announcing
Jacob Vander Weide
Jacob Vander Weide:
I’d love to see the IC title match at TLC be in the Ambrose Asylum
Eyad Edo
Eyad Edo:
Smackdown...don't u dare die on me
Sometimes I like my own comment just to get the ball rolling.

I did it on this comment.
Last time we saw videos for a NXT call up was Sanity. Can't wait for Lar Sullivan. LOL
Aaron Salas
Aaron Salas:
"Threw him around like a piece of cheese" is easily my new line
One of the womens best matches ever, but crowd deserve golden DOWN
R S:
Simon you are funny man
And you get up for that😂😂😂
“I smell a heel turn”
Like we need more of those🙄
Alister Tate Anderson
Alister Tate Anderson:
"when was the last time you saw wwe do a vignette to announce an NXT star's main roster debut?"


look at how well that turned out.
Adeeb Imtiaz
Adeeb Imtiaz:
Simon's intro was way more entertaining than the Survivor Series.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts:
“Every match in WWE has a screwy finish”
“Why did Rollins win clean?”

Can we just build Rollins to be a future Wwe or universal champion please
Kai BuscusHD
Kai BuscusHD:
Brock FUNNY! 😂😂😭

*Picks up Daniel* GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!! 😭😂
Drew Perri
Drew Perri:
First match I have seen in a long time where Brock came across as a guy who had a job to do, enjoyed his job, and needed the job, and wasn't some guy who was there to collect a check waiting for his next UFC fight.

I sold Daniel's moves very well and even engaged in talk a couple times, when he started to try to get a chant going, I was like "WHO IS THIS MAN AND WHERE IS THE REAL LESNAR"

I was very happy with that particular match, especially compared to Brock's last 4 matches
Daren B
Daren B:
is it a bad thing to wish for some injury to Shane?
Holy Fiend
Holy Fiend:
"You ruined it for me Michael Cole and friends"
Words to remember
Ari Chowdhury
Ari Chowdhury:
Lars sullivan coming to main roaster?
Though Black or Adam Cole is more deserving to takeover the main roster

Oh sorry, I forgot Vince loves big sweaty men!
King C
King C:
“And this was the preshow”
The LoboGamer
The LoboGamer:
To be honest i think we need to start affecting their ratings tremendously. I watch highlights now on youtube and watch only NXT to the fullest. I want them to see i hate their writers and decisions. Becky lynch was the only thing that they succeeded in making and i think that was by accident.
Progress 1
Progress 1:
"The circumvention of expections." Thats a fire mixtape title aha.
Bryce Bacon
Bryce Bacon:
Whatculture, watches wrestling, so you dont have to ;)
1:57 “he grabbed an Uso...” yeah I can’t tell them apart either.
Jacob Haines
Jacob Haines:
Alexia Bliss was at the hospital in Orlando on Friday for her concussion protocol. She did well on the test but still not cleared yet but making good progress.
Indigo Uchiha
Indigo Uchiha:
They booked that match perfectly last night. Lesnar works better with smaller guys hell going way back to eddie and rey & CM punk. When that man wants to work he'll work.
Gold Slinger
Gold Slinger:
Simon- “And that means WWE’s about to push Lars Sullivan...”
Me - “....right off of a cliff, and straight into the far depths of hell.”
Scott Fillingham
Scott Fillingham:
Hopefully Smackdown clean sweep Raw next year
Tré Jones
Tré Jones:

Vince. It was for Vince. He would be the one to think showing a manager piss himself is a hilarious idea and not a moment that makes you embarrassed to still be watching this stuff.
Eric Jae
Eric Jae:
Seth and Shin Stole the Show
7:50 don’t say that, the last time someone got teased to be coming soon was Sanity and look at them.
Hope you will do something like "Ups and down" for the entire year (like month by month or for all the PPV etc..) Anyway another great episode !
Shudderwockerino Kripperino
Shudderwockerino Kripperino:
Everytime nia entered the ring i was like: dont botch that punch
And at some point when nia punched mandy rose i think, she sold it so good i screamed concussion to the tv
Big Mike
Big Mike:
I DID love how the crowd started out cold and the 205 match REALLY got the crowd pumped...
Spooky Penguin
Spooky Penguin:
When was the last time we saw a video package for someone coming up from NXT? Hmm..

Oh yeah. It was for SAnitY.
Ayayrawn Guitarshit
Ayayrawn Guitarshit:
One of my favorite YouTube shows.
Christian Cardenas
Christian Cardenas:
The whole crowed was shocked when joe was the first to go so quick. I was there. People were mad
First good match I've seen rousey have and it was thanks to Charlotte
Rowena Avillanoza
Rowena Avillanoza:
That thumbnail tho
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
General Grievous
General Grievous:
Damn 205 stars proved themselves by literally changing the mind of the audience
Dean Gulston
Dean Gulston:
I love you, Simon! You are my big sweaty man!
First time I've thought simon was way off, I thought this was the best PPV in a long time.
John Khinda
John Khinda:
For a second, I thought SDL was losing every match to build to a Bryan win. 🤦‍♂️
jason petty
jason petty:
ive had one question burning my mind for a while now- about your intro. what pedals are you using? that fuzz sounds amazing
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan:
Pay per view after pay per view, I feel like giving up on WWE.
The last time there was a promo for a callup it was Sanity. And well, call me crazy, they haven't done diddly squat with them.

Lars is a big boy with solid promos, so I see him getting a golden Vince push
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard:
Thank you Simon.... I can watch Al of the ups and downs. And save 3 hours of my life.. lol
Simon gets a GOLDEN UP
Ray F
Ray F:
Does smackdown make more ratings then raw? Maybe that is why raw won all the matches.
Mirza Rizwan baig
Mirza Rizwan baig:
Daniel's mommy!!🤪 I knew you'll always be fun to watch 😂😂
Michael William
Michael William:
Apart from raw winning everything, I really enjoyed it..The ronda charlotte match had me gasping and The Main event was done perfectly, Both Brock and Bryan looked Strong..
Sam 25
Sam 25:
Even though I knew Bryan was gonna lose, I was really rooting for him.
Daniel Brady
Daniel Brady:
Survivor Series 2018: it’s a no from me
Mohammad Hatoum
Mohammad Hatoum:
That was the most Biased Review ever!
j P
j P:
Thanks for the new intro 🔥
Dylan Meushaw
Dylan Meushaw:
I think Charlotte vs Ronda should have gotten the golden up. I also think Bryan should have won
Kyle Crawford
Kyle Crawford:
I love the new Up and Downs intro, great job guys.
I was there, the crowd was actually insane
-Nova Frost-
-Nova Frost-:
They Kicked Enzo Out Of The Building For Screaming " How You Doing "
Legacy Destroyer
Legacy Destroyer:
Hey Dad :)
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate:
*Survivor Series = Fight for survival = "Winner takes all"*

*What do Smackdown lose?*