Unboxing Kingdom Hearts 3 Deluxe Edition PS4

Hey guys, STK here back with a new early unboxing of the new Kingdom Hearts 3 Deluxe Edition. This is the full game on the PS4. Please like, comment and subscribe!. This is the full game on the PS4. Please like, comment and subscribe!

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Big Meech!
Big Meech!:
long time fan since about 5 years ago
this is a special unboxing! thanks for always doing these. felt i should tell you.
if there's a giveawy for kh3 for ps4 i'm in i'd love to play the game with you
I hate when they don't take care handling the products , it's really annoying !! Handle the disc with care , geee...
Was thinking about cancelling my deluxe order if it didn't came with the normal case. Thanks!
Manuel Gil
Manuel Gil:
Thank you so much! Now that i know that it brings the original case I'm definitely getting this version
Kinda disappointed they didn't keep up with the first copies covers having a shine effect like how kh1,2 and birth by sleep had
Not only am I tilted by the way you pronounced Kairi’s name but the way you handle some of the stuff this came with had me screaming
Don’t be tossing stuff bro!
When he called kairi, “Carey”
Jordan Harper
Jordan Harper:
He said carry instead of kairi
Roy Dragon
Roy Dragon:
I really wanted a steelbook that had the great artwork of the standard edition! Tetsuya Nomura's art is so amazing!
I hope this runs good on the normal ps4 too
Chris Paredes
Chris Paredes:
"Sor-AH" and "Care-ee"
This makes me even more excited that I'll be getting the Deluxe Edition. Going to be the charm of my PS4 Collection :)
Bryan D
Bryan D:
The booklet looks like there’s gonna be no FF characters reprising :(
The Unboxing Show
The Unboxing Show:
I already hit puberty twice waiting for this game.
Chris Pope
Chris Pope:
You’re awesome dude. I will keep my deluxe preorder since it comes with the fucking BOXART yesssss.
Austin Koren
Austin Koren:
Omg this makes me so happy I didnt know the regular case was coming with it too I like the steal book case but as a collector I really wanted that beautiful regular case
Chris Verde
Chris Verde:
can’t wait to pick mine up on Tuesday!!! 🤘🏼
Jaden _X1
Jaden _X1:
Got my deluxe edition on lockdown and will get mines soon. This video is well posted and appreciated now that I don’t know what’s in the Deluxe Edition I’m even more excited to get mines so with that said thank you for posting this video you’ve been a big help 😎
Jose Coll
Jose Coll:
I ordered the Deluxe Edition + BringArts Toy Story figures and when I opened my Deluxe Edition it did not come with a pin. Anyone else encounter this?
Josiah Stormrage
Josiah Stormrage:
Thank you for this. I know other people said it already, knowing the deluxe edition still comes with the standard case is amazing. And what's the code for?
Syvannah Lopez
Syvannah Lopez:
Getting mine tomorrow I’m so beyond excited 😭😭❤️
"Sora, riku and Kairi, alot of disney characters" Dafuq lol
I kind of dodged a bullet there.... this artbook is a joke for 20 additional euros... I go with the basic version and spend the saved money on DLC if it will have some
Was kinda hoping the steel cover would cover the game case :L
Prima Aditya
Prima Aditya:
In Indonesia, we need to wait longer :( I'm pre ordered, and still can't get it today..
TigerTony 77
TigerTony 77:
I’ll stick with the standard addition switch my pre-order
Henry Santana
Henry Santana:
I already bought the All in One edition, I want that original case so much though...
I just preordered a regular copy of the game and I’m so excited to play it! The long wait for this game will be so worth it!
jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira
jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira:
True rating:Everyone: for ages 3 and up or more the game.
I was wondering that , if they would include the standard case or an art card with the cover art . Now I know can’t wait for my copy of this edition of KH 3 to ship .
Geneviève Laplace
Geneviève Laplace:
Omg the speech of Tetsuya in the art book is very meaningfull. I almost cried. My gosh.
Angelique Geiss
Angelique Geiss:
Thanks! Made my decision making easier. :)
Stian klippe
Stian klippe:
i dont care if i die in 3 weeks. as long as i complete kingdom hearts 3, everything will be alright!
Are the incredibles in kingdom hearts 3 ? 🙂
Zack Angel
Zack Angel:
thanks i can wait one more day XD
Bubble Teaდ
Bubble Teaდ:
Thank you for showing this! Getting my set tomorrow😍😍
Did you order from Amazon? If so, did you get the exclusive keyblade?
Minino Is hΞrΞ
Minino Is hΞrΞ:
Omg both boxes, this is great!
The random gamer
The random gamer:
Is that the 80$ one with the necklace and keychains
Akira 1
Akira 1:
Did anybody else receive this edition without the pin? I'm gonna have to go to the store and ask for an exchange
Man I wish I had a ps4, too bad there are no decent part time jobs where I live.
“Simply just pin” bro that pin going cost more than yo rent lmao
If you know how much the other kingdom hearts pins cost
you’ll see
Gamer Clown
Gamer Clown:
My deluxe kingdom hearts came with all plus it came with these cards of some characters
chad finzel
chad finzel:
Wow steel book and standard case! That’s great!
George Stoubos
George Stoubos:
Damn the boxart isnt shinny :(
Lexter Cortez
Lexter Cortez:
during the first start up of the game, was there any language options?
Nikko PBG
Nikko PBG:
Damn how you get it !!
Sho Brown
Sho Brown:
I ore ordered this and am really glad it comes with the original box too. I love the box art and would love to add that to my KH collection
I cant pre order the deluxe edition anymore ;-;
K9 Unit 420
K9 Unit 420:
They should’ve done a deluxe with an action figure or something like dragon ball video game did look plain and simple for 80 dollars
You can upload all the cutscenes thank you
Silent Mochi
Silent Mochi:
I'm so glad that u still get the original case, I was worried that u wouldn't get it
Sarah W
Sarah W:
Mine came with everything plus a monster Inc yoyo. :)
Steven Riggins
Steven Riggins:
So glad i got a deluxe edition that steelbook
Micheal Serry
Micheal Serry:
I thought the artbook was suppose to be huge lol.
Wayne Hoxit
Wayne Hoxit:
How much gb is on kingdom hearts 3 just asking
Cole Svatba
Cole Svatba:
What’s the activation code for?
DADE J's 23
DADE J's 23:
Hey man did you get a theme wallpaper on the ps4 for it ? All my homies have it and I dont not sure what's up
SomethingThatMake YouSayAwesome
SomethingThatMake YouSayAwesome:
So this morning, I wake up to a email from Square Enix. And in this e-mail, it says.
Your Bring Arts edition has been shipped. And will be arriving tomorrow.
I got the tracking number and seen that it is in my state as of today and
will be arriving tomorrow...
( clears throat )
Yasssssssss!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

No more days Just 1 left!!!
Thanks you God!!!

Its finally so, so, soooo close...

My dreams, our dream are here!!!


🎶 I'm almost here.. 🎶
Benjamin Boudet
Benjamin Boudet:
Why they changed the back of the boxart 😭
Damn,.. I wish I can throw games like that.
Way to scratch the disc from get go....it’s a special edition! Treat it with respect!
Shenron The dragon
Shenron The dragon:
i preordered the deluxe edition totally sad that someone else got it before all of us (jk I aint a jerk )
Eh, I got normal and it's enough for me. Artbook in limited editions are just sampler than proper book later and the pin would just collect dust. I'm interested in the steel case, but then again, when I'm done with the game, it'll be on shelf never be seen again.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson:
Ur so lucky I won’t be able to get this for a few months
Beautiful first unboxing
Troy Wong
Troy Wong:
Why you deleted kingdom hearts 3 part 1 I not done yet
Chris Pope
Chris Pope:
Wait a min .... HOL UP .. now you got me wondering if the NA deluxe has the boxart 😰
how did you manage to get the deluxe edition early?
Do you get the PlayStation key blade with this edition or is it strictly digital cooy
hachbei maeda
hachbei maeda:
Does the game have Japanese voice option?
XD thank you I know it's not worth buying now
Craigslist? Booster?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m actually curious

Edit: oh yeah you’re first in the world too, congrats!!!
360p club
Da disc art cover is flames thx to dis video now i see how everything looks in person
Chris Salinas
Chris Salinas:
Awesome that it comes with the standard case as well because that cover art on the regular case is very good and I would have been disappointed to just get a steelbook.
winedineand 69
winedineand 69:
Can't see anything on 360p 😂
Do I have to pre-order the Deluxe Edition or does it get a normal release like the standards?
Kawaii Pyromancer
Kawaii Pyromancer:
In case everyone is wondering what’s in what, here is a full list so far.

Standard Edition - KH3 Game.
Deluxe Edition - Steelbook case, art book, exclusive pin. (Monsters INC styled YoYo if you preorder from GAME UK)
PS4 Pro Edition (GameStop) - Kingdom Hearts 3 Styled PS4 Pro with Standard Edition (Not sure if it includes the digital exclusives)
PS4 Pro Edition (GAME UK) - Kingdom Hearts 3 Styled PS4 Pro with Deluxe Edition (Got my copy, it does not include the YoYo nor Digital Exclusives)
Digital Version (PS4) - Exclusive PS4 theme “Impossible Odds” and Midnight Blue Keyblade.
Digital Version (XBOX) - Phantom Green Keyblade (Not sure if it does the exclusive theme)

Those are the current versions as far as I’m aware of, if there is any information I missed, please let me know.
Cesar Burgos
Cesar Burgos:
I wish we could play it right now 1 more day
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper:
serious question someone how do they get games early
SSG Arj:
Does it run at 60fps on pro?
Wasn't there going to be co-op
Blair Thandi
Blair Thandi:
Are the Tangled characters in the book? I got so excited to see the toy story characters, including the aliens when you flipped the pages.
I didnt want it because I though it just had the steal case but now I know it has the original cover it's too late ;-;
Slattitouie Manz
Slattitouie Manz:
How did he get it this early
What does the spine look like though
Wolverine Scratch
Wolverine Scratch:
I only had money for one so chose RE2
Thanks for the video,wanted fo see the unboxing of this game. Already preordered for 29th! 👍
Joshua Burns
Joshua Burns:
Definately wouldnt pay extra for that crap
Jeremy Parker
Jeremy Parker:
Dude you are rough as hell on this collectors stuff
Lumify | Gil
Lumify | Gil:
Yeah, I stopped after "Karie".
Matthew Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez:
Can someone help explain the paper work in the box? Whats the activation code for?
Sooo beautiful !!! Sad that Super Smash Bros Ultimate didn't do this instead of just give us the steelcase without anything on it
Waise Shah
Waise Shah:
I just bought this for $30 at GameStop lol,much more acceptable than the original $80 price tag.Thanks for uploading this video,it was very helpful and informative
Sora is just as unimpressed by that pin as I am.

A pin of the logo on the Steelbook or pin set of the shapes on the Steelbook would've been a lot more impressive.
Raul Tuber
Raul Tuber:
Do the better full walkthrough of kingdom hearts 3 Ps4 Ok👍
Had the standard and the deluxe edition preordered originally. Preordered standard 2 years ago. Was going to grab two copies, hearing that the case is included in the deluxe edition saved me money
Almighty_ Zordon
Almighty_ Zordon:
Believe it or not I was one of the first people to get this game in his deluxe form in the US