Tyga HOOKING Up With Kylie Jenner’s Ex BFF Tammy Hembrow!

Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga is hooking up with ANOTHER Kardashian wannabe... Tammy Hembrow BACKSTAGE at a festival in Sydney .. is it true?! is it false? you’ll have to keep on watching to find out! #tyga Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS #hollyscoop Get the scoop - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/entertainment Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyscooptv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyscoop Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyscoop Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over! Ship Jelena? We have the coverage! Want to know more about the Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony feud? We've got the inside scoop! We will give you all the deets on Millie Bobby Brown, Gigi Hadid, and more! We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.

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KENNEDY the Cosmetologist
KENNEDY the Cosmetologist:
How is she a “Kardashian wannabe”? She’s blonde and she’s a fitness guru. Not to mention she’s Australian
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes:
Kylie's bff??? Y'all are reaching.
Janie Corbitt
Janie Corbitt:
Kardashian wannabe lmao 😂💀 these people need to get there facts straight
Noora Queen
Noora Queen:
She’s not a Kardashian wanna be lol 😂 she’s a fitness guru and she’s had this look and body before Kylie was even their I watched Tammy for so long and she had the curves before Kylie
Leslie Reyes
Leslie Reyes:
Tammy works hard for her body! How is she a Kardashian wanna be??
lysette Ortiz
lysette Ortiz:
I’m gonna need y’all to stop hating on Tammy, she’s single she can do what she wants. Y’all just mad 😝
Anthony Segree
Anthony Segree:
Hell no, she’s no wannabe she's in a league of her own 💯
Andrea Aviles
Andrea Aviles:
You did a terrible job with this video.
1. Get your facts straight
2. Stop trying to ruin someone’s reputation when they don’t deserve it
kiz2y 89
kiz2y 89:
kylie copied her .. she wanted kids like tammy.. she wanted a body like tammy ... get it right
Marivel Luevano
Marivel Luevano:
Kardashian wanna be? Do you even know who she is? She’s far from a Kardashian wanna be 🙄
vesa sanaj
vesa sanaj:
she downgraded like really bad 🙄
Khloe unfollowed Tammy. I meaaannn ... ☕️
UPDATE: Kylie unfollowed Tammy as well looool.
Jen G
Jen G:
She don’t even look like a Kardashian ?
Hugo Costa
Hugo Costa:
I don't get it she doesn't look like kylie if, so she look more like tana mougea if we wanna compare.
Maddie P.
Maddie P.:
2:25 your logic worries me😔
Lana S
Lana S:
Lol “ Kylie’s ex BFF “ pretty sure they barely know each other and tammy was simply just a model for Khloes Jean company cause she has a big butt hence being invited to events by the family .
Nika Anastasia
Nika Anastasia:
They are both single.. let her be !
Kathy Schmitt
Kathy Schmitt:
Tammy is waaay out of his league!
Mike Ken
Mike Ken:
Tammy looks better than Kylie
Tammy is a boss. Don’t play her please 🙄
Fresh boi ant
Fresh boi ant:
The boy is still hurt, let him be😂
Melissa Van Rooyen
Melissa Van Rooyen:
First of all she's not a Kardashian wannabe she's completely different to all of them?! and second of all I don't think she's their BFF?? she's a model for khloe's line😂😂 and lastly she can date or do whatever she wants with whoever she wants she's a free human being!! also we've all been drunk at some point and done something embarrassing stop trying to make her seem like a bad person
Who am i
Who am i:
Kardashian wannabe be sis no she’s a fitness guru she’s nothing like the Kardashian’s plus kylies bff has always been Jordan soooo yeah
michelle frank
michelle frank:
she's so desperate its annoying
Tammy hembrow living her best life now the snake.
Giselle S
Giselle S:
Tammy hembrow is not a “Kardashian wanna be!” So is her own beautiful person🙂
Honey Nissy
Honey Nissy:
Please get your facts straight
Princess Isis Amelie Wilson
Princess Isis Amelie Wilson:
Bruh she can date who she wants she’s a grown woman what’s wrong with y’all
Jade Mier
Jade Mier:
Why would they even go crazy with Tyga? I don’t understand 😑
Gee Jay
Gee Jay:
Kardashian "wannabe" lmao...... how? and the Kardashians are "wannabe" black. #blackfishing
Kardashian wanna be 🙄 NOT
They all share each other
TheProgressive conservative
TheProgressive conservative:
Those chicks are never loyal.. It doesnt matter who it is. Theyd cut their nose to spite their face
Žana Bašelj
Žana Bašelj:
“Multiple people had said so” you are sooo freaking naive, and she is definitely not a Kardashian wannabe!
Sena Tuifua
Sena Tuifua:
STOP REACHING!!! Your "facts" are so off. 😴
saima cookie
saima cookie:
Lol at the caption hollyscoop still need to Kylie ...can anyone explain what’s kar-Jenner drama ..Kylie has move on with her life ...what’s wrong if tyga this stupid channel only got kar-Jenner and cardio stories because cardio is good with kris
shah flawless
shah flawless:
She’s a tragic thot anyway
Tiara Smith
Tiara Smith:
Geise Novais
Geise Novais:
Shes not Kylie's best friend 🤷🏽‍♀️
Charlie Bailey
Charlie Bailey:
Lol ‘Kardashian wannabe’ 😂😂 my a$$!
How is everyone doing today?!?❤️
Ada Aguilar
Ada Aguilar:
Faaaaaar from being a wanna be
I have scoliosis
I have scoliosis:
89% kardashian wanna be??
10% "talking about how good of a mother she is"
1%Talking about Tammy and tyga together
This is a beautiful real stuff
Dina. Alameddine
Dina. Alameddine:
How is she a kardastion wannabe ? Lol
Kaja Florek
Kaja Florek:
"Kardashian wannabe" erm no I don't think so sis😑👏
Marysa G
Marysa G:
Not a wannabe & not Kylie’s BFF 😂
BTW, who cares they’re both single y’all pressing lol
Mariah Medina
Mariah Medina:
Y’all really low for making the dumbest titles for views 🙄
Vivi Malone
Vivi Malone:
Tammy is NOT A WANNA BE KARDASHIAN. I hate this girl who does the news on this one ☝️
Why was there “drama” just caus she collapsed? I’m confused
Benita Schuh
Benita Schuh:
WOOOW they reached so hard for a story in this so many facts are wrong SMH
That is so wrong
Vanessa Licea
Vanessa Licea:
Tyga slept with some other youtuber,
Amanda Villatoro
Amanda Villatoro:
Does anyone want to give my lame channel a chance?🥰
Jami Marie
Jami Marie:
How many BFF's does Kylie have?
Bethany Xxx
Bethany Xxx:
Kardashian wannabe???? Nahhh! Atleast Tammys body is natural ! Hmmmmm 🤞🏼👌🏼
also, tammy hembrow works hard for her body and keeps it natural, so i don't get 'kardashian wanna be' reference.
Jess Ann
Jess Ann:
Wouldn’t really say that collapsing at a party is drama
Richan Gassar
Richan Gassar:
Hey man I like Ur style man'
Kelham mozley
Kelham mozley:
Kardashian wannabe? Pffft 👋
Not cool if Kylie truly is her close friend
Mario Khan
Mario Khan:
The way she said *Kardashian wannabe* made me wanna kick her head in
Psychic Beauty
Psychic Beauty:
I wouldn’t say they were “Friends” Tammy’s relationship with The Kardashians was all down to BUSINESS at the end of the day- it’s not like Tammy was ever on Kylie’s social media’s nor having BFFF sleepovers at Kylie’s LA pad ect.
Khloe yes a little more time was spent with Tammy .... but like I said BUSINE$$.
If she has hooked up with Kylie’s Ex- In saying that/ I personally wouldn’t do what Tammy has done. WHY????? Because
Girllllllllllll....your making $$$ & Fame with them and their brand GoodAmerica (not many people can say that they get pay checks from the Kardashians! -the world pays them! )

I really hope Tammy finds a happiness in a relationship but, one with no shady past with ex’s that have families that have power to bring you down.

Kardashian WANNABE- far from not!
-Tammy has always been herself and built her own brand!-Khloe Reached our to Tammy!!

Do your job right WRITERS and HOST

Angela Desire
Angela Desire:
Tammy Hembrow looks likes the type of girl who would sell her soul for some fame.
Sarah Sayed
Sarah Sayed:
Tbh... YES!
Marlee Washington
Marlee Washington:
first Odell then tyga
Lakota Williams
Lakota Williams:
This makes me so sad if this is true
KBS Magazine
KBS Magazine:
Since when are they friends?! And tyga? What?
Your talking trash about this girl that you don’t even know and how do you even know she sleep with tugs and also you shouldn’t just assume some thing
꧁Miss Marquise꧂
꧁Miss Marquise꧂:
That's not how you say her last name
Kelli Kocha
Kelli Kocha:
Kylie has a daughter with Travis Scott why would she care?
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez:
I hate accents🙄🙄🙄🤷🏽‍♀️
“ex bff” wtf no?
Chef Da Gülle
Chef Da Gülle:
Girl ? Shut Up. Thx:)
Lindsey Hernandez
Lindsey Hernandez:
Tammy is actually pretty !
Maira Chidly
Maira Chidly:
Please inform yourself Okay

She is more than "Kardashian wanna be",she is a gorgeous woman okayyyyyyyyy
Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson:
She doesn’t want to be a Kardashian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Demilade Adetan
Demilade Adetan:
Why does everything have to be about Kylie,ugh let the man breathe
S K:
thought tammy is married?
Detta Gyal
Detta Gyal:
Why every girl he messes with got to be a kardashian wannabe like shut tf up😒 let the dude live
chicago Chiraq
chicago Chiraq:
Good for him u go boy
haha fish
haha fish:
she's a mother herself, smh
Sigurds Niedre
Sigurds Niedre:
Tammy not HOOKING up whit this dude, Tammy
does not like such ugly mens!!!
Courtney Renouf
Courtney Renouf:
U guys love hating on the successful get a real story 🤫🙄
Venessa Trujillo
Venessa Trujillo:
He hooks up with anybody, such as Daisy Marquez
Jasmin Poletti
Jasmin Poletti:
damn as soon as she dates its okay but if reece dates its the end of the f world. even tho it was her breaking up... makes no sense
I don’t like her a lot 🙄
A H:
So you have no proof you’re just chatting for views. You fooled me
Hannah Sharitz
Hannah Sharitz:
No pictures or real proof? You all are shady
Žeža 1
Žeža 1:
They both single so....
I love Tammy! A kardashian wannabe? She is NATURALLY pretty and her butt is real? No comparison
The lips are soo bad
NunyaBizzness M
NunyaBizzness M:
Wtf is this?! 🤦‍♀️ Get ur facts right.
Mario Khan
Mario Khan:
They have no proof of them *all over each other* but apparently they’re hooking up because everybody said so
critic for the uploader
critic for the uploader:
Anything to be tied to the Kardashians and Kylie... #MOVEON
kai h.
kai h.:
did you just say kardashian wannab-
Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson:
She wants some black 🍆🍆🍆🍆 LMAO
Jennifer Channels
Jennifer Channels:
And why mention Kylie, she’s happy with Travis and her baby