Tottenham 2-1 Watford | Pochettino: My players deserve so much respect!

Mauricio Pochettino was full of praise for Fernando Llorente as the big striker scored an 87th minute winner to beat Watford and move Tottenham closer to Manchester City and Liverpool at the top of the Premier League. The Spanish striker missed a sitter but headed home the winning goal after Heung Min Son had equalised Craig Cathcart's first-half goal for Watford. Tottenham are now just two points behind Manchester City in 2nd place SUBSCRIBE ► CLICK THE BELL

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Sonny is back ! Llorente, Rose fantastic too 👍👍👍
Daddy Dom
Daddy Dom:
Sonny delight tonight 👅😍
shanti shanti
shanti shanti:
SON!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE! he seriously needs rest though
Alan Tinker
Alan Tinker:
Thank you Sonny! Good work Llorente. It was about time. COYS
Oh and thanks to Bournemouth for embarrassing Chelsea like that.
Timmo P
Timmo P:
He's magic, you know...
Rodrigo Alex
Rodrigo Alex:
Son proved his class
My Son
My Son:
This guy possesses some of that stuff youll find in Hogwartz
5:45 sonny
A beautiful and massive win. Big in the race for top 4. Was much more important than the Carabao cup.
panamera Turbo 4S
panamera Turbo 4S:
Son has come back!!!! A saviour of Spurs!!
sydneyside 61
sydneyside 61:
Massive result. Great to see Sonny back. 2 points off 2nd, 7th off top. All too play for. COYSsssssss.
Tottenham needs you sony
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins:
100% behind Poch
chris fricker
chris fricker:
Nice one sonny!!!, and well done lorrente also lol
Craig Rose
Craig Rose:
7:50 "The ballboy played a blinder at the end, didn't he?" Ask a rubbish question, get a rubbish answer.
vikas shukla
vikas shukla:
We've got heart. Poch is the man.
Beast Titan
Beast Titan:
Some how you managed to cheat death...
Shibbir Choudhury
Shibbir Choudhury:
Poch is a legend.. coys
colin miller
colin miller:
Wish I could hear the questions!!
John Cooper - Art of Social
John Cooper - Art of Social:
give poch some bloody money!
DarkNate Lo
DarkNate Lo:
imagine where they would be if levy gave him even 50M
Ed smith
Ed smith:
For the love of God don't pass to his feet
It's got to be on his head !!!
KT Kee
KT Kee:
7:51 Does that clown from Sky really think that an Argentinian would know what played a blinder means? What an ignoramous.
top top gm
top top gm:
CHELSEA dooooooooom
Thu Hoàng
Thu Hoàng:
sonny is back❤❤
Ed smith
Ed smith:
It was something in the air that night the stars were bright
James Jarrett
James Jarrett:
get out you have low aspirations
Huge credit to Sonny. He has played 18 games in 2 months i bet he was hella tired as hell but mann he still showed great mentality and world class performance today. This shows that Son is an important player in Tottenham.
Vuyo Nongcawula
Vuyo Nongcawula:
Just give Poch a budget
Stephen Worsley
Stephen Worsley:
On trophies: if we win the League and or Champions League in the next 5 years or so, will anyone be saying: Ah but you didn't win any domestic cups!!? Of course they won't. If we win a couple of domestic cups, all the people saying we needed them will be asking: What exactly have Spurs won in the last 15 years except for a couple of measly domestic cups? The point, especially given Poch's lengthy contract, is that we don't need to be overly worried about domestic cups because if you win one but never go on to win a League or Champions League, eventually you'll be seen as a failure anyway. Nor does Poch accept the point that winning a domestic cup will help you win a League or Champions League. Only finding a couple of players who have unbelievable seasons will help with that. I suppose the problem comes when you don't win anything at all after say 10-12 years. But considering Poch has 4 more years left (plus he's been saying more forcefully that he wants to stay), we don't actually need to win anything right this minute. Poch's point is that there's no point crying about domestic cups because you can just come back and compete again the following year with a better team. He is constantly saying we need to improve and within this statement he is understanding that if you continually have a team to fight the top two, then trophies should, in the end, take care of themselves.
kasper hansen
kasper hansen:
29.000 fans at a home game for Tottenham, in a very difficult situation where the team needs all the support it can get??????????
What are the Tottenham fans thinking about. Why not support your team.
Are there only 29.000 real fans, why didn't the club just keep the old White Heart Lane.
And what are the feelings the fans have for their club??
I am just curious...
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
People who say lamela is better than son is either delusional or racist.
The Realist
The Realist:
Pochettino why are you playing 5 defencive players against Watford? This 3-4-2-1 formation doesn't work the team doesn't seem to offer anything going forward, where as the 4-2-3-1 formation we dismantle teams. Soon as Lucas came on who should be starting, we looked more attack minded, his runs forward is what the team need. If you're going to persist on playing Llorente, then play Son, Eriksen and Lucas behind, me personally I would play Son up top with Lamela, Eriksen, Lucas behind. We can't be waiting for Rose or Trippier or Aurier to deliver a ball into the box for Llorente to head home. It took Rose until the 87th minute to deliver a decent cross for Llorente to score, I wanna see this team attacking we have a good enough back 4 so just stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation and stop tinkering because this isn't the time for that.
Aaa AAA:
banares hussain
banares hussain:
Pochettino and Spurs were absolutely a full they got out of jail Watford deserved 3 points it's paramount importance Pochettino and Levy bring in reinforcements ASAP
Djms&capo DeMorais
Djms&capo DeMorais:
No CUPS....only prima Donnas playing for pride💰...😂!
tgoon 90
tgoon 90:
Zero ambition
golovin press
golovin press:
Poch always leaving out Lamela, he's better than Son and the line up was super defensive and lucky