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Gina Saephanh
Gina Saephanh:
I don’t understand why she keep having babies when her relationship was on the rocks and low on cash.. yikes.. husband got issues..
Holly Lynn
Holly Lynn:
Ughhh, why doesn't her husband have a job and put food on the table like every other man!? Why don't they ever talk about him??
Your Ignorance is their Power .
Your Ignorance is their Power .:
What did she expect ?
She was sleeping with Dean when he was married.
He left his wife for Tori.
What goes around comes around.😎🤗🤔
Try being poor for real...not fun
Susie Ballard
Susie Ballard:
Broke to these people is having less than $500,000
Its kinda hard to feel sorry for her
Laura Calderon
Laura Calderon:
They need to get their crap together. Stop having kids you can't afford to house and feed.
shakota lake
shakota lake:
Why not downsize and get a job?? It's like she's begging for cash to keep her life style.
Azurie One
Azurie One:
How the "HELL" you blow 18 million and want people to feel sorry for you??? Crazy!!!
Are you kidding
Are you kidding:
Welcome to the real world.
lisa duvalls
lisa duvalls:
It's called budget pretty simple
mulligan's mayhem
mulligan's mayhem:
A girl that was on a and who has written as many books as her is broke maybe it says your husband should get a real job for once and support u keep both making.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
How can she make any money doing this? Why can't he work?
Susan Fudge
Susan Fudge:
Her implants must be worth 50k.
kitty kitty
kitty kitty:
what's wrong with bull frog face tori.
Melanie Paquin
Melanie Paquin:
May get slammed for this but, I don't think it's "sad" at all. It's reality, life, You can't continue to live like that forever, use some self control. Try living like those of us in the "real" world.
Donna Wallace
Donna Wallace:
Tori Spelling you never did know how to manage your money
A.J. Frey
A.J. Frey:
I think it's too bad that her parents didn't provider Tori with the tools and foundation to be self-sufficient. I't's not fair that people judge her as being spoiled; her parents set her up and then tossed her out to fend for herself. Not cool:(
Did I hear you say that this was “sad that she had to stoop to having a garage sale” once having 18 million??? This isn’t sad, it’s pathetic!!! And not in a sympathetic way!!!!! Geez, give me a break and stop insulting our intelligence!
Lady Creole
Lady Creole:
What happened to her inheritance that her father Aaron Spelling left to her? Wasn't that something Shady going on after her father passed between her mother brother and herself or something of that nature?
Why is her mother Living Way Beyond her means with all of her father's money but yet Tori and all her babies are suffering without. I don't give a dag on what the situation was between them I'll be damned if I let anything happened to my grandbabies or them to have to worry about anything when I have so much more than I could ever need. Shame Shame Shame!.
The Working Bee
The Working Bee:
She looks like a man
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
I looked up her net worth one said 500k another 15 mill. Either way she isn't broke. 500k, is NOT broke.
Maybe they should get jobs
Thats the problem. How the hell do you expect a person to be responsible when as a child she received a BMW
Lady V
Lady V:
She was selling her underwear and her wedding photos? Pitiful.
Just Jules
Just Jules:
Her husband is a tool
Lucky Catnip
Lucky Catnip:
I stopped feeling sorry for her the moment she started sleeping with Dean. You don't take someone else's husband. Everything that's happened to her since she's stayed with him she's deserved.
Arneda C
Arneda C:
How is it sad when she had the money to make smart choices and investments to stay rich for the rest of her life. People who save life should have that kind of opportunity.
Frank van der Zijden
Frank van der Zijden:
So today i watched dramatized version of the life of Tori Spelling. I think i've hitted rock bottom.
Sad for Tori to have a garage sale? Welcome to how real people really live in order to survive! Living here in California is a struggle for the other 99% of the people who work hard everyday just to pay rent/ mortgage, put food on the table, & provide the basics. I have no problem with those who are financially
well to do, or started from the bottom & work their way up. It's these spoiled, silver spoon-
fed brats that do not appreciate what they have, and take everything for granted. Definitely a harsh dose of reality!
A M:
This is why you teach your children how to save and be responsible. In a way, it was neglectful of her parents to not to her these simple things.

As for Dean, major loser.
rico suave
rico suave:
Welcome to the 99% club
Susie Ballard
Susie Ballard:
Honestly I don't know why but this woman irritates me for some reason.
Call me whatever you want to call me but I do not think she's attractive she's one of the most unattractive women I've ever seen
I love having garage sales!
Scott Ratliff
Scott Ratliff:
I love tori but sweetie next time marry a man that can provide for you. He is a goldigger and hurt you so you deserve so much better
Steph Miller
Steph Miller:
No pity from me
Wonderful Mom
Wonderful Mom:
Ok but with all this material stuff she never had or felt love from her mom so she was never comfortable there. She moved out young!
P.S. she no longer has a Status.
Linda Stewart
Linda Stewart:
Needs to think of her children and get rid of that husband of hers and take care of them period nothing but a spoiled brat needs to grow up
Tiffany York
Tiffany York:
I know. How about stop having babies if you can't afford the Brady bunch..don't mean to be mean.. live within means.. us hard working mid class worked for every thing in life. Not handed or born into... N we sacrifice a to z.. so pardon me. My patents were white collar professionals n we were not wealthy.. comfortable. But humble. Amd we apprevisted a earned dollar. was a pride thing in my family..not too much of that today. .
Emily Bryyson
Emily Bryyson:
Welcome to our world Tori. Enjoy. Lol
Bo Hunter
Bo Hunter:
Her mommy still pays her bills. Aaahhahahhhahhhaaaa
Boops Scoopz
Boops Scoopz:
They were both married to others ( Dean with children) when their relationship began. Tori didn’t have a problem helping wreck another woman’s home. What a different song she started singing when she found herself on the receiving end of the exact same behavior. When it comes to Karma, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Z list “ celebrity” or not. If you sleep with dogs, you shouldn’t be surprised when you end up with fleas!
marie-elena Waldrip
marie-elena Waldrip:
Tori, contact Wm Doyle Art Galleries in NYC. They are very honorable and you will. E able to get the most $$$ for your treasures. Thinking of all of you.
Juan Da Silva
Juan Da Silva:
This is crazy. I may not know details but can't her mother help her out?
dave m
dave m:
Sold a wedding invitation lol. Loved watching 90210 but she messed up in life after her career was about over with real shows
James Hanley
James Hanley:
How can the mean Grandma let this happen to Grandchildren so sad
Mari Vazquez
Mari Vazquez:
I grew up very poor and was raised very different than her. I cant help but feel bad that her parents never thought her how to be responsible. We are always quick to point the finger but we need to understand that this is how she grew up and probably thinks that's how he own children needed to grow up. She is an adult and that husband of hers thought he hit the lottery with her. I dislike him so much.
Love Tori. Dean not so much
Welcome to real life Tori.
Grants Rants Hollywood Talk
Grants Rants Hollywood Talk:
I'm excited this show is finally up. I'm going to talk about it on my podcast
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez:
Money is great to experience, but by no means does it mean you buy all you desire, big difference in wanting and needing. I'm sorry for her mistakes not cool but she should of auction her stuff at the high end nonetheless she tried. Hopefully she somehow bounces back.
This woman continues to live beyond her means. That is the reason for her situation.
Adrian Collins
Adrian Collins:
I've done this fifty times.
Radha Das333
Radha Das333:
This makes me so sad. I hope she recovers.
Kendall Kaye
Kendall Kaye:
Why would people pity her she brought this soon her self
Patti Mease
Patti Mease:
Karma has a funny way of teaching humility. Daddy is rolling in his grave. Can someone explain why mommy cut her off? Where is her brother? How is he surviving?
maria shorty
maria shorty:
Can't wait to learn details about Tori lost so much money!
Sondra Allen
Sondra Allen:
I do respect rich people that have boundaries and make their kids be responsible this is the case of a overly spoiled rich child and they expect her to automatically be responsible if she turned to be an adult what she failed to realize that was her daddy's money not hers mama got Papa got but God Bless the Child that's got his own
Marc3lina 1969
Marc3lina 1969:
It seems she keeps having children just to be in the spot light 😐
Gigi star
Gigi star:
She needs a lifestyle coach!
Jennifer Shearouse
Jennifer Shearouse:
Tori has said she never actually lived in the manor. It was still being built when she was older
Reese Cups
Reese Cups:
18 million 😮
Talia Price
Talia Price:
I auditioned for this show
Paula Grimek
Paula Grimek:
U know everyone says poor tori ,I am sorry but when ur a full blown adult u learn real quick that u need to pay bills and food and work or figure out how to increase ur money thru real estate or stocks and bonds but u don't blow thru that amount of money and live in this dream world in ur head come on there is no reason to blown a ton of money for the kids bday parties every year that is non sence I don't feel bad for her or him this is ur lives and ur kids ur responsible to teach those kids about life ,and u don't keep popping them out if u can't afford them and having a baby to try and save the marriage is stupid and if he isn't working throw his ass out or he stays home and takes care of the kids and u work u two are adults grow up and act like it close the legs no more kids he needs to get a real job not this crap he has been doing she needs to manage what money she has and get a job too ,get real
lynn Glasow
lynn Glasow:
I love Tori she laid back & acts more normal then other actors do your thing Tori!
Jo Bones
Jo Bones:
Who wants her damn underwear.....
I was curious what happened w/ Tori Spelling?........Can't feel sorry for someone who thinks they NEED millions to survive. That money could have last my family generations & she blew thru $18mill ....yikes!! LOL
North Shore
North Shore:
18 millon in 8 yrs..omg
maria shorty
maria shorty:
The love of money is the root of all evil.
Sell that house Lol
Spilling Tea with Lorin
Spilling Tea with Lorin:
Milagro Arce
Milagro Arce:
everything comes together when you work for it if it is given to you
Godisgood Allthetime
Godisgood Allthetime:
Dave Ramsey can help!
Caitlyn Murphy
Caitlyn Murphy:
So sad she's with Dean...she deserves better
Well they did what they had to do!
18 million? I thought she only received 800 thousand dollars
Nothing wrong with having a yard sale
Judy Berends
Judy Berends:
What a huge mansion. Too much wealth and waste. Why do some people have to live so large?
scrappy mom
scrappy mom:
He's a loser, get a job dude. She's had long enough to figure out how to live on a budget. They are responsible for their problems. And her mom does more than she should for them. She just doesn't pay for the extras. I don't feel sorry for any of them except the kids. Hopefully they will grow up smarter than their parents
Mrs.Comeca Fields
Mrs.Comeca Fields:
her face now what?!
If I had 18 millions dollar save all up and be so cheap and work full time still pay my bills with my money I made form my job
Latina_girl 87
Latina_girl 87:
Try living on 771.00 a mo
fords suck lol
fords suck lol:
I dont even belive this
Barbara Lynch
Barbara Lynch:
Dean needs a new agent.
stella manurung
stella manurung:
she need to learn from nicky hilton by marrying someone rich
Carla Abrams
Carla Abrams:
She had everything but a loving mother
Susan Lalonde
Susan Lalonde:
$18 million my good God what the average person would have done with half that much that’s disgusting how irresponsible someone could be an even had the nerve to run to mommy for more sorry girl you were given a dream life and you know opportunity to continue it $18 million dollars and you have nothing left shame on you
Not even remotely hard to watch. How the wealthy untalented has fallen! But she still doesn't get it and idiots still give her credit, as if she was ever going to pay them back.
Well there is always porn
maria shorty
maria shorty:
For the people tht want to talk about finances, money, and family. I hope all of u have ur life together. Word of the lord he will not leave u nor forsake u. We all make big n small mistakes.
Yeah I'm all broke up.
Tracy's Kitchen and Appalachian Adventures
Tracy's Kitchen and Appalachian Adventures:
bounce back. learn how to work.
frank rizzo
frank rizzo:
Life is a trip man
Thelma Parker
Thelma Parker:
Mommy didn't bail her out?
Sue Andrews
Sue Andrews:
Unfortunately it can happen to us all ,,yes you will do anything to put a roof over your head and feed your kids,she's not to proud I've been in her shoes .
O'bey Me
O'bey Me:
Wtf bought her used cdc tagged draws
C Levy
C Levy:
My four year old has a safe and is quick to stuff any loose change he finds in that thing...his money ....still spends mommies tho!!! Lol but he has the right idea already!!!
Derrick Lopez
Derrick Lopez:
Damn I feel sorry for her.....
Daisy V MErazo
Daisy V MErazo:
She do something im sure of it she does not give up