Top 10 Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals

Walmart is the ULTIMATE Black Friday destination. I have scoured through 1000's of Walmart Black Friday deals and have narrowed it down to a top 10. Watch this video and DON'T miss out! ↓↓ Click "show more" for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓ WALMART PRE-BLACK FRIDAY 2018 DEALS: MY DEAL LINKS FROM TODAY'S VIDEO: - HK1 Streaming Box: - True Wireless Headphones: - iDea USA Over The Ear Headphones: Free 30 Day Amazon Prime Membership: In this video The Deal Guy has found the best Black Friday Walmart Deals for 2018. This top 10 Walmart Black Friday list is one of the best i've ever done. This Walmart Black Friday 2018 list of products is a product of hours of research. Both retail and online are equal in terms of shopping destinations. I hope you enjoy this Top 10 Walmart deals video! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.

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Toastybread Cherryspread
Toastybread Cherryspread:
When the black friday deals are still too expensive for you...😭
Sebastian v.
Sebastian v.:
Been saving for a ps4 and I missed out on Black Friday :(
Latia Cutright
Latia Cutright:
Hi, I really would love to have any of the electronics that you have shown in "top 10 Walmart black Friday 2018 deals" video because I have 6 younger sisters that have broke any, and I mean any electronic that has went to me throught the last 8 years as I might say so myself and I did watch your videos about the deals you have. and if you said that the hover board had a weight limit of 160 pounds that means that you are under 160 pounds i must have to estimate that you are either 137 or 156 pounds .bye bye
Kolbey Graham
Kolbey Graham:
When you can’t afford black Friday deals😭
Jivan Ramirez
Jivan Ramirez:
When the headphones falls down you remind me the TV guy with many animal on a table biting each other and falling to the floor 🤣
Nawaf Almohaileb
Nawaf Almohaileb:
Bruh this guy makes 20 videos about 10 best Black Friday deals, which deals are the best then.
Brandi Nicole
Brandi Nicole:
Ugh thank you so much - too many ads too little time! I can listen while I clean or get ready in the AM (to shop 😁 yasss) Quality audio too - great video!
the ps4 ohmYGHOD one of the things on my wishlist *IM CRYING* lmao
PhantomHam Plays
PhantomHam Plays:
I would really love to get the Nintendo switch, looks amazing and would love to have one.
Joshua Cortez
Joshua Cortez:

You can get both Xbox and PS4 deals at Kohl's for the same price but with $60 Kohl's cash for free. No brainier much better deal.
I would absolutely love to get hooked up with the free streaming device! I'm a tv junkie on a supper tight budget. It would take me 3 months to save up for the black Friday deal
Nichelle S
Nichelle S:
I would love to win a Nintendo Switch for my daughter.
Sushi Trash
Sushi Trash:
I’ve been subscribed since last Black Friday, I want either the Xbox one or the Nintendo switch please🙏
Jordany Echavarria
Jordany Echavarria:
when you're tired of black Friday lmaooo
Lisandro Lares
Lisandro Lares:
Don't foget to hit the like button because who does not like a YouTube channel that gives you great deals and giveaways.
Chris Moreno
Chris Moreno:
Well let’s just hope it looks at my comment I’m loving this channel though ya know a rouk doesn’t sound bad
Ana Guzman
Ana Guzman:
I’m new here and if possible then I would like to receive an Nintendo Switch
Benjamin Denk
Benjamin Denk:
Tech deals seems to continue to have a huge draw year after year.
Samio 1024
Samio 1024:
Hi I’m new here! I would love the x box 1x for my husband to get he redemption 2 game;) good videos helpful thank you!
Thanks for the great deal ideas! I would really like an xbox one x for my friend! I have an xbox currently and I am really enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2, and when the online mode comes out I would love to play with him, but he doesn't have the money for an xbox, so I think giving one to him would be a great gift
Mike T
Mike T:
This guy is a good businessman!
He got me subscribed even though i know my chance of winning is almost 0 lol
Roni Gonzales
Roni Gonzales:
Love😍 Love 😘 Love 💕
saving money and time! Worth watching... Congrats on the new addition to your family 🤗 I have six children eldest son 33 years old youngest Identical twins 21 years old... 3 boys 3 girls...7 grandchildren...
marc migas
marc migas:
Sweet ; love the savings !!
Estela Matias
Estela Matias:
Thank u for informing me I would like to win the ps4 for my sister because she never played a x box or a ps4 and I don't want to make my parents pay for our chrismas gifts I am earning money so I can buy my family stuff and I know other people need it too
Imogen DeBoo
Imogen DeBoo:
I just discovered your channel! Sweet 😊 I have been trying to procure a laptop deal that is a real deal. So many look good but once I look at the specs they are wimpy. Please post some real deals for 2 in 1 Laptops 14" screen or larger that have an i7, at least 1 TB of storage, 8GB or more of memory and pen capable with the usual built in stuff ie wifi, bluetooth, touchscreen, webcam, full size backlit keyboard, etc. I'm totally cool with refurbished if it has a warranty or that I can purchase a warranty.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
I just subscribed
Turned on all post notifications
And I want to say thank you for letting me know the information based on the best deals I hope I win 😊
MYTHO Eco Living
MYTHO Eco Living:
We like Amazon this year :-)
Curtis Romeo
Curtis Romeo:
First time watcher here. Looking forward to the giveaway and hearing about upcoming deals throughout the year!
arthur K
arthur K:
can someone pliz fix his tie... Congrats on the baby though
Jessica fowler
Jessica fowler:
Great video! Love the number 1 deal. And the click on my head at the end 😂 I'm gonna guess 157.3
Hamidullah Sikander
Hamidullah Sikander:
Heyyy I would really love the iPhone x if you do you are the best thank you like the great work your doing and thanks for informing me about these drals
Braden Sanchez
Braden Sanchez:
And turned my notifications on😂
I want that PS4 in my life! 🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Alan Corp
Alan Corp:
You forgot to show us the deals on the butter that you put on your hand that makes you drop those items you got there.
When THE DEAL GUY does a GIVEAWAY you get excited 😊🙏🏼🙋🏻‍♀️💯🙌🏽
Angel Amavizca
Angel Amavizca:
this helped me a lot to know what they had this Black Friday thank you!
Jennifer Sanspree
Jennifer Sanspree:
Just found your Channel...Great Video, Thanks for the Deals!
I'm guessing your 150lbs :)
The Roku TV or Bose Earbuds Would Greatly Be Appreciated, Thanks
Good list! I need the switch, Smash Bros Ultimate is calling my name.
Robert Ogburn Jr.
Robert Ogburn Jr.:
Thanks for listing the best deals Matt. I'm guessing you are 151.6 lbs.
Joe Scot Schroeder
Joe Scot Schroeder:
I ran this at the highest speed. You REALLY need to chill dude! Hahaha!
Dillon Gast
Dillon Gast:
148 maybe and dude I’ve been wanting the switch since it came out
Candice Menard
Candice Menard:
Thank you for your help with finding the deals!! My fingers are crossed to win something from your amazing giveaways!!
malley mals
malley mals:
Brand new here. Awesome videos and I like the quick run down. I would love to win the new Nintendo Switch for my son. :)
Monica gonzalez
Monica gonzalez:
Thank you!
I’m getting my teen a iPhone for Christmas, I love Black Friday deals
Julian Berkowitz
Julian Berkowitz:
I’ve just started checking out your YouTube channel & I just subscribed. Lots of great information here! Thanks for making these videos & offering these giveaways!! I would love the new iPhone XS Max, or the iPhone XR, or the Nintendo Switch!
Vikings Fan
Vikings Fan:
Dude just imagine how much time he looks at deals
Diana Elhaj
Diana Elhaj:
I’ve been wanting a PS4 for the longest time! Please choose me for that giveaway!
Brenda Yankoski
Brenda Yankoski:
Thank you for all the information. Again, I am impressed.
Ms Brenda Dee
Ms Brenda Dee:
"Happy Thanksgiving" I just subscribed and hit the notification bell. I would love the iphone. Many Blessings to you and your family.
Janayah's Creation
Janayah's Creation:
I would love a new iPhone please it would make my Christmas amazing👍🏾💗
Jhonny Sport
Jhonny Sport:
Hi I'm a New subscriber, and I just wish I could of gotten my hands on some great black Friday deals 😭😞
Thank you for all your research. Makes my shopping easier.
Mimi Mejame
Mimi Mejame:
So glad to found this channel! Great deals. You look about 152 lbs to me 🤷🏿‍♀️
Visiouse Vipe
Visiouse Vipe:
Keep up with all your passativity and creativity I know I cant spell but you're doing amazing
Keep it up
Connie Pope
Connie Pope:
Thanks for the Black Friday deals. I’ve been watching your videos for the last year and I would love to win one of your giveaway items! 😊
Wow I needed this a week ago.😂🤗
Evan Carter
Evan Carter:
Love the enthusiasm man!
Denny's Plant Based Journey
Denny's Plant Based Journey:
subscribed and turned on notifications... love to have a chance to win one of the items... thanks for sharing the prices. Great tips.
Pretty cool, glad I saw this one.. Walmart it is 💅🏾
Christina Ellerbe
Christina Ellerbe:
I never new about this channel and I love tech stuff. Thanks YouTube for the recommendation. 😊
Ben Stephens
Ben Stephens:
Thanks for the information, now that I’m subscribed I’ll see next years before Black Friday lol
nick laros
nick laros:
I hope that you give one of the Electronics to someone Who really deserves it great video btw.
Timmothy Lashley
Timmothy Lashley:
Thanks for doing all the hard work so we can make our decisions on what is the best deal for our money. Love your videos.
Gerardo Tinajero
Gerardo Tinajero:
I love Bose over any audio brand! Also I think you weight 140 lbs, and if by any chance I win 🤞I'd take the new I phone :)
Amaya Yovanovich
Amaya Yovanovich:
I love your channel! I used to search for the deals myself and it took forever.
Twin Forks Technology
Twin Forks Technology:
thank for all the great work getting the deal s for us to see! You've been a huge help!
Dana Desimone
Dana Desimone:
I would put that hk1 streaming box to some REAL good use!!!!! Thank you sir hope you and your family have a great holiday!!!!!
Tyler Osborn
Tyler Osborn:
Pick me to put a gift In my first new house 🙏🏼
Bob Jake
Bob Jake:
Nintendo Switch please 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chengzhi Li
Chengzhi Li:
anyone help me to find the Walmart iphone deal😭
Tracy Mason
Tracy Mason:
I would love the tv or the iPhone X for my son, thank you.
sassy shawna
sassy shawna:
This is why your awesome, thanks for giving us something to hope and look forward to. I am going to guess that you weigh 159
Pam Pinese
Pam Pinese:
My guess is 156 pounds, great video , my son would love the ps4, the Bose, he's 17 so anything tech thrills him, tfs
Just wanted to clarify one thing for fellow lard butts like myself. The Hoverboards max. weight is listed as 160lbs. HOWEVER, if you get the Kart bundle which basically takes your stand up Hoverboard and converts it to a sitdown go kart style hoverboard, the maximum weight increases to 220lbs. and its only $50. more ($149.) Not sure how being closer to the ground increases the weight limit by THAT much, but that's what it says and according to friends who have tried it, it actually works. Plus, if you have a kid who's accident prone like mine, honestly, it's probably safer as well. Just keep in mind, added weight equals slower speeds and less actual ride time due to a need to recharge it more often. Hope this info helps. Keep up the great work. Cheers!!
Nydia Ballesteros
Nydia Ballesteros:
Been watching you for years you and I have been thru many phones within those years! Memories
Sunshine 02126
Sunshine 02126:
Thank you for sharing, very helpful and appreciated. Where can I get a great deal on the wireless beats by Dre?
LovelyUnic0rn Gameplays
LovelyUnic0rn Gameplays:
I’m here lol if anything I would just like the 300 $ gift card to Walmart or the Nintendo switch
Lena Richee
Lena Richee:
Always so helpful, thank you!!
Joshua Apathy Miller
Joshua Apathy Miller:
I would absolutely love a gaming console, dont have one
Theater Clips
Theater Clips:
Great video. I wish we had great deals like these in Jamaica. I also just subscribed. Have yourself a nice one ☝🏼
I would love a new phone, I havent received a christmas or b-day present since I got married 14 yrs ago my hubby is a year-round grinch and not into holidays :{
Elizabeth Ramsey
Elizabeth Ramsey:
Love the Deal Guy and his Deals
It was great listening to your reveal of the deals. Have a great night!
Samuel Andrades
Samuel Andrades:
I believe you weigh 143 pounds exactly!!!
Love the content man!
Darie DaGypsy
Darie DaGypsy:
Hi, I just subscribed!! Usually watch Clark Howard for deals but now I'm watching you also!! Happy holidays!!
Cassandra’s was Villegas
Cassandra’s was Villegas:
Cyber Monday-I want to win Something!!! yay!! I am a new subscriber :)
Duc Vu
Duc Vu:
😭 a switch would be a dream
Love this content keep it up!
Monica Carrizales
Monica Carrizales:
I nerd a new phone 😭😭
I would love to have one of those new phones! But literally anything on that wall I’d be happy with. The Apple Watch looks REALLY nice too since I do a lot fitness things since I’m on my schools XC and Track team and it’d make me life a lot easier in that regard. But again, I’d be happy with anything :)
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards:
First giveaway I’ve entered on YouTube maybe I’ll get lucky this year!!
Wow. I wish I'd stumbled onto this channel earlier!
Dat lambo
Dat lambo:
That iPhone is calling my name been watching for 4 years
Sarah Ritter
Sarah Ritter:
I just subscribed
Black Friday is like the perfect 👌🏻 day for a channel like this😜
Daniel Ortiz-Garcia
Daniel Ortiz-Garcia:
I hope I'm chosen for the giveaway :)
Cuevas Family
Cuevas Family:
Need a playstation in my life
Jimmy Duong
Jimmy Duong:
I subscribed and turn on notifications, these are the best deals at Walmart, the savings are saving me.