I experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum when i was pregnant and these were a few of the things that helped slightly! If just one of these tips helps somebody then i'll be so happy. If you're suffering with Hyperemesis or severe pregnancy sickness I really hope some of these tips help you. Thank you for watching. Lots of love xx TOP TIPS PLAYLIST WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME? Instagram: Facebook: Music: epidemic sound Interested in working with us? please contact me: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Haylee and i'm a disabled mummy to our 3 year old daughter, Isabella and fiance to Wayne of 13 years. After being YouTube mad for more years than i care to remember i finally decided to give it a go myself in 2016. I upload two videos a week on a Tuesday and Friday at 7pm. On this channel you will find hauls, parenting tips, food, lifestyle, fashion and beauty! If you are new to my channel, i'd love you to please subscribe and join my little YouTube family xx


I felt just like you. Ginger candies, peppermint gum, fresh black iced tea, following my cravings, acupressure bands, and acupuncture worked best for me! B6 and unisom didn’t hurt, but ginger was more effective. Not that anything really helps the nausea stay away, but any edge off is lovely.
Jade Lewis
Jade Lewis:
I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd hyperemesis pregnancy. Wouldn't wish it on my worst nightmare
BabyLove Tuitupou
BabyLove Tuitupou:
HG is DEATH! ugh I'm literally DEAD while being alive😭😔fml
Lawren Lovely
Lawren Lovely:
How am I not dead yet.. this is the worst. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have HG.
gabby estrada
gabby estrada:
With my 2nd pregnancy(had a girl) i had HG, it is the worst, growing up in a Mexican family, women are supossed to "buck up" i was hospitalized more than a couple times, besides not even being able to eat or drink even water..i could not stand toothpaste, fabric softener my husbands smell, i couldnt bare to look at an was bad and no one believes you thats the worst, luckly my husband is a saint, he helped so much and grear at understanding
Tas S
Tas S:
I really feel for anyone suffering from hg people don't realise how severe it is not even doctors really understand only people going through it or went through it know you get really judgemental people making you feel bad about not eating and sleeping all day saying baby needs exercise baby needs foods but don't understand you physically can't. I had it for full 9 months and won't wish it on my worst enemy I was hospitalized and bed ridden I thought I was dieing for me nothing worked expect for a medicine called cyclizine I highly recommend it ask your doc to prescribe you some
Starr Andrews-Strong HGactivist
Starr Andrews-Strong HGactivist:
Almost all Hyperemesis Gravidarum cant drink water

Coke is very common safe drink
Sparkles And Stretchmarks
Sparkles And Stretchmarks:
Oh that's weird, the downstairs Of my house was a trigger for me too! I couldn't stand the smell. In fact that's how I knew I wasPregnant again with Sailor -When I walked downstairs one day and I could smell that stomach churning smell again! X
Tessa Victoria
Tessa Victoria:
Water sucks because it increases the acid in the stomach. Sours help because eating acidic foods decrease the production. What killed me is food after its cooked. I could sometimes cook but once everone was eating it killed me. I took a million baths its the only time I could eat was in the tub
Currently 7 weeks and I’m dying. Taking anti nausea medication every 6 hr, was hospitalized because I couldn’t keep anything down for over 24 hrs. ): thankful for this video! I’m able to actually eat and drink things but the unfeeling/ unsettling feeling in my stomach is miserable
Starr Andrews-Strong HGactivist
Starr Andrews-Strong HGactivist:
I love seeing awareness thank you for sharing your tips
Powell Couple
Powell Couple:
Thank you for this video! Very encouraging. Finally seeing a doctor tomorrow at 10 weeks... I have felt like death since week 6 and have only been able to tolerate toast and iced ginger ale and occasionally some fruits. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a water aversion 🤢 I'm not sure if I will be diagnosed with HG officially, but this severe sickness is so debilitating. Good on you and others for working while suffering! I've been too afraid to even apply for jobs while I'm like this.

I will have to try jolly ranchers per your suggestion. :)
Jade Jones
Jade Jones:
Peppermint capsules and fanta have been helping me so far. Only nine weeks in ☹
Allaboutisla X
Allaboutisla X:
I definitely felt depressed I suffered from 6 weeks all the way through whilst working full time it was very hard defo worth it in the end wouldn’t change my daughter for the world but not sure I could go through it again! I found lucozade and ready salted crisps helped me xx
I will be posting a video on hyperemesis.. I was literally dying with this found no relief ever until, i did so much research and experiments that I figured out what causes and how to cure it naturally and safely !!! Will post two days! I can’t explain it all here it’s to much to explain and steps to take! Stay tuned !!
Nina K
Nina K:
Great call on the salt and vinegar crisp it helped so much!! Thanks for sharing
Midnight Kitchen
Midnight Kitchen:
:( thanks for sharing anything helps to know feeling miserable 😭
Ruthie Zielinski
Ruthie Zielinski:
Hey this is so encouraging to know someone has gone through this😫
I appreciate your options to try. I have tried the bands that usually helps now to the vomiting every 2-3 days but it beats throwing up everyday and not being able to eat.
You are just amazing for this video thank you again!!!
Starr Andrews-Strong HGactivist
Starr Andrews-Strong HGactivist:
Hyper Emeis so Hyperemesis
HG for short ! The Gravidarum
Grav A darn um
I tried to sound it out for you lol
Shanda daniels
Shanda daniels:
I dealing with HG 11 weeks right now. Can keep down water spit nothing every 2-3 days in the ER for IV fluids. Nothing seems to work I hope this video helps
Chelsea Bowling
Chelsea Bowling:
I know this sounds weird.. but sour things. Tart fruits and tart drinks. Idk why but it helped me.
Rainbow Bean
Rainbow Bean:
Currently suffering through this, I can't even keep my anti-psychotics down so I have no idea what to do or where to go from here. Definitely lost and I feel dead while being alive.
Shonte Ramirez
Shonte Ramirez:
Love you thanks honey
Georgia kate x
Georgia kate x:
i had this with both pregnacys it is the worst ! multiple hospital admissions . nothing ever seemed to help me costantly sick from 5 weeks 😑 actually sleeping helped alot!
I totally get the disconnected feeling and the struggle to bond. I’ve only started feeling bonded with my baby now I can feel kicks at 17 weeks. And I am struggling with my mood - I can’t work or go out much at all, so since 5 weeks I’ve basically been confined to my house - a trip to hospital for IV fluids was a treat because at least I was out the house. Videos like this really help me feel less alone.
Clarke Family Adventures
Clarke Family Adventures:
This is brill video and brilliant tips 😊
Chanel Lucas
Chanel Lucas:
Excellent video thank you for the tips xx
ayesha abdullatif
ayesha abdullatif:
The only thing that trigger me is my daughter poopie diaper and my husband garlic smell if he ate something that has garlic
Rachel Campbell
Rachel Campbell:
I just found your channel over from Emily Norris- let me tell you thank you for this video! I am on my second HG pregnancy right now and it's more severe because it's twins this time. I'm 14 weeks and not any better off than I was 5-6 weeks ago. Your tips are spot on and so encouraging. I can't drink much water either but Coke is a lifesaver for me.
Aimee-leigh x
Aimee-leigh x:
I think it’s great that you’ve taken the time to prepare these tips Hayley! So happy you are back go uploading again and that you are well!
Will we be getting the videos from your trip to Haven?xx
Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks:
Suffering horrendously right now and this has been so helpful! Thankyouuuu! Xx
Blessy Bugas
Blessy Bugas:
Im 21 weeks with HG since week 6
Helen Grant
Helen Grant:
I've had HG with both baby's, my second is now 6 months. I totally agree with the smells in the house! For me, it was the tumble dryer, the blue Lanor fabric conditioner and the oven after it had been used! Even now, I'm only starting to accept the blue Lanor! Eugh
Neoysha Scott
Neoysha Scott:
Frozen fruit popsicles really helped me, and trying to be busy to keep your mind off the nausea is helpful. The wrist bands actually work too!
Danielle Bach
Danielle Bach:
Thank you for your tips. I'm 3 months pregnant and am quite nauseous! I'll definitely try some of these. Love the Callipo idea.. my ice block of choice these days is Frosty Fruit (not sure if they're Australian or known world wide) :)
ayesha abdullatif
ayesha abdullatif:
Mana Green
Mana Green:
it keeps me up at night.. waking up in the wee hours of the morning/night... to vomit, to rehydrate, and pee...then repeat... ugh its sucks right now =( it never goes away during pregnancy... only after the baby is born... im so drained x(
Tried all these and none of it worked. The bands did not one thing, sick 24/7 couldn’t take prenatals I would throw it back up. Any fizzy drink , throwing that back up was not easy. Chips/crisps was DEFINITELY not fun hacking back up, same goes for crackers. It would scratch my throat so bad it would bleed and pushing it out my throat was so hard I would piss and shit myself doing it because my body was trying to get rid of it using every muscle in my body. Ice pops was ok because throwing that up was like throwing up a smoothie so that tasted better than anything else coming back up. Trying to get myself to even stand up was hard. Thought I would collapse and just die. I wish everything you mentioned would help for a moment of me sitting up to grab the remote to the tv lol
Kirstin Elizabeth
Kirstin Elizabeth:
I have this right now and it’s absolutely terrible! I get so nervous my baby is hurt because I can’t keep anything down
I’m suffering with HG, absolutely nothing worked expect for strong anti sickness tablets, I’m just really worried because I’m very thin anyway from stress and depression before, I only weigh 44 kg and I’m super worried that HG could really affect my health. I’ve been hospitalised 3 times in less than a week. Can HG kill the mother or the baby? I haven’t been throwing up since being on strong anti sickness but I can’t stay on them so I’m scared when I come off them that it will all come back :( I’ve tried ginger, plain foods, bands, mints, literally everything.
Mummy in the Know
Mummy in the Know:
I didn’t have HG but did have hideous sickness with my last pregnancy these were great tips x
Lemon Ade
Lemon Ade:
Just got out of hopsital and they sent me home with the wrong meds which they won't give me again unless I'm admitted another time. It took 9 litres of fluids IV to get me near ok over 5 days. I feel like I'll be ok but at the moment work is impossible since I can't move or stand for that long. I've been so depress and suicidal(I have depression anyway before the pregnancy) so it's hit me like a tonne of bricks with the extra hormones. I'm only 6 weeks but I just hope it eases off at some point. Currently on avomine as an alternative to the ondansetron I was supposed to bring home. Had to come out the shower 6 times to crouch on the floor cus I was going to faint it's been so bad. Only had this for 2 weeks don't know how you guys cope can't see me going to work any time soon even without a drug that works
Darcey Getty
Darcey Getty:
I am currently suffering Hyperemesis Gravidarum and what makes it even worse is I’m only 7 weeks pregnant 😩constantly been in the hospital on drips for 4 hours at a time they found ketones in my urine I couldn’t eat or drink at all got home last night and I’ve woke up today struggling again 😥
Annette Yang
Annette Yang:
I’m a wreck right now and literally crying while watching this and reading the comments. I feel like death, so depressed and can’t even keep anything down. I am so drained and lethargic and dehydrated. I’ve been bedridden for weeks now and hardly can step out of my room. My stomach and throat hurts from throwing up so much. I have nothing to throw up but bitter bile and it’s horrible. Nothing works for me at all.... might head to the hospital in a day or two.... feel like I’m dying. I think it’s even harder and more depressing when no one can relate or understand how HG is and Is like.... makes it even more harder. I’m praying it’ll stop soon I don’t know how I’m going to keep going like this.